I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, December 29, 2013


27 December 2013


through Shellee-Kim

A good evening to you and all of our friends and family.

It is with much pleasure that we hereby announce our plans to move in to your world...seen and heard. Nothing can stop us now. And it will be a sight to behold.

When people look up and see the spectacle in the sky it will be as if their very worlds have changed in the twinkling of an eye.
And thereafter will there be no further misplacing amongst people of that which obligates and creates a sense of duty within and that which is unfulfilling in the life and in the minds of many.
These end times or moments are designed to stimulate on every level, in every way and affect every aspect of one's expression.

The timing of these events is quite synchronicitous and everything has been most carefully mapped out. Even within the ever-changing plan, or rather some of its pieces.
For the overall plan has remained the same throughout. It is only how it is to play out that has been changed - many times.

Now we stick to the scenario that we have chosen for you all to experience as much of yourselves as possible that will enable you to make grander choices. Ones which can accelerate your evolution, as you have already been informed.

Not all is as it seems for still the anti-life forces on this planet wish to take you down with them, although their every attempt fails. But this has not been enough to stop them from trying.
It is high time you ones now showed them who YOU are. We DO realise this has been difficult if not impossible for many, given the circumstances...
Their technology remains operational and... they will stop at nothing to try and take down any and all -if they had their way - who try to oppose their will for global control. And they have, which includes the many revolutionaries, inventors, thinkers and a wide array of grand souls who have already had their own/their family's lives taken from them. Or had their family members' lives negatively impacted on in some way.

And so it has been necessary that you ones have remained in quarantine of sorts; a protection for your own good. For we will not tolerate any amount of interference with YOU ones who have important jobs to do.

We are very pleased to say that the power of the ones who still perceive themselves as controllers is dwindling mightily fast. Particularly in the eyes of ones who have long been their most steadfast allies. This is a humiliating defeat in the Darkies' eyes (SK: Sa-Ra uses my term for them here). For they have lost respect in many an instance amongst their peers.

As you now move into your own activation of all that YOU are, you may now take centre stage without fear of retribution for your efforts. The Darkies are being rendered completely powerless as we speak.

No more shall you KNOW yourself to be limited and remaining in the shadows. For you were not designed nor have you CHOSEN to live your lives in shadow.
You are our glorious Starseeds of MAGNIFICENT LIGHT and LIGHT you shall BE, you shall HAVE and you shall DEMONSTRATE that all the world WILL KNOW IT.

That is all for this evening, but there is an urgency about (SK: Sa-Ra being cryptic and unwilling to elaborate further) which may tell you something...
And we will soon be with you. Celebrating in our reunion and working alongside you.

With all my Love

This is your beloved Sa-Ra

Saying goodbye

For now.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


22 December 2013





[SK: This followed after yet another tortured moment of mine over the world's ills and humanity's general suffering of so many, many kinds:]

CM: And now it (SK:the mess of the world) will be rectified from within in a holy manner by you Ones.

Did you think, any of you, that your own long hard years of suffering and preparation therein was purely for your misery?

Did you think that each time you achieved integration within by some lesson in your world that it counted only towards your personal evolution of soul?

Did you believe when you fully came into acceptance and forgiveness of Self and another it was only for YOU?

No, my most beloved Rainbow Warriors of the Light. You ones on Earth have been through very powerful initiations of and into your own Self to test your mettle. And only the strongest have survived.
Those who are able to stand fully in the Light of their own Trust within which is Trust of the God within you each.

Yes, all these varied and respective trials and tribulations that continue have been for one purpose alone:
And that has been for you to TRULY KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Are you getting it now, beloveds?
We do hope so.

The road/s have been tough and steep. But these have been the requirements to bring you to that place within of balance and unwavering devotion to this Master Plan for Earth and her people.

As Creator Sons/Daughters bearing witness to and being involved in your own testing, this will give rise to your own greatness on your individually chosen upward ascent in the longer term.

In the shorter term: You have come here to to do wondrous service to and for others and the Planet.

And we congratulate you and tell you both you have all but arrived at the start/end point.

With our greatest admiration and my personal gratitude to you each.

This is your beloved CM Aton of Nebadon

Signing out this day.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sa-Ra 15: On Your Marks, Get Set and ...

22 December 2013

Sa-Ra 15: On Your Marks, Get Set and ...

through Shellee-Kim

In the name of the one God I come forth to share with you once more. All glory be to our Creator.
It is a pleasure to again be with you all.

Well, beloved ones, it seems that we have reached the place of no return - a point we wished to arrive at some time back and it is upon us once more.
It is time now to polish up those shields and swords once again. It is time to take up your arms.

You have all waited and prepared very long for these moments to come and the ones which follow it. There is much to be said for preparation. But that is at an end and now is the time for the climax, the action.

The pitch in point must be reached that all might know what the journey has been about. At least in whichever ways they manage to interpret the disseminations of Truth.

That each is to be given fair opportunity to KNOW and with that will come a response-ability that each has to Self. And then will the telling times unfold as we watch each making the choices that will take him or her further towards their evolution on the eternal path of the soul. Or making a choice that takes them further away from that goal, if only momentarily. So these are profound times, beloveds, that we are entering.

And all of YOU we know feel this equally profoundly and will continue to do so as the days unfold and the energies build and more information and Truths flood your consciousness.

Of course, you ones who have long been at this are way better prepared and so you have had to be. This is not to say that some amongst you will not also be receiving of certain shocks during the chaotic moments. Please do prepare for this [as best you can] .
Just because you have conscious awareness of much, it is not to say no preparation is needed for what you may encounter.
[SK: I get visuals of natural/herbal/homeopathic remedies, such as Rescue remedy and herbal Skeletium on hand...to help ourselves/others in dealing with the whole emotional and mental roller coaster ride we will face].

There are many, many people today on your earth who are willing and able to look at what has transpired on your world, particularly in recent years.
While the 'Darkies' as you call them, have let numerous things slip (whether intentionally or not), this has created greater suspicion in the minds of many more about who and what might be running your world.

So from the perspective of the extra time given, it has served as a great blessing in creating even more doubt in the minds of many one-time adherents to the mainstream media who are now seriously questioning what that is. And this is truly excellent news. For in this interim period, though you ones might see it as a great limitation of further postponements, it has served a great purpose. One of which is ultimately in helping man to challenge that which is so-called 'official' and of mainstream thinking.

So this vital period just passed has not been time wasted. You could say it has been the securing of perhaps even greater open mindedness that you will see when the time comes.

And we speak here not of those bound to the limitations of religions or ideologies or spiritual paths who have made a strong emotional investment in their particular chosen system. But more those who are the regular Joe and Jill Soap types who have not committed themselves to any one of these. Which will turn out to be a blessing in itself for that will be one obstruction less on the road to Truth.

Yes, many from our realm are surrounding you now more than ever. And some will shortly be coming upon some of you - as in a most physical encounter. These preparations are underway for you are to work together in co-operation: those of 'Heaven' and those of Earth.
Consider this a most special and privileged blessing from Creator.

So when all is said and done, we now with you step into the action we have long been planning for with you, towards this...the culmination of the end of this cycle and the start of the new.

And, as that unfolds, you Shining Ones shall take on a whole new dimension, literally and figuratively, within each of you as part of your own rewards and agreement.

Each of you have chosen at this time to bring into expression your own unique gifts, providing wondrous service for the Father and CM's plan.

We are so very excited to be part of this unfoldment for indeed this has been a LONG, LONG time in the works.
And of course a big part of our excitement is the fact we are to be reunited with you.

And so be it!

We look so very forward to the moment, as we know you do too.

With all of our Love

From Sa-Ra and the Sisters here today

Stand tall in your power now
For all begins.

Until the next

Wishing you farewell.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Adam's Calendar - The First Evidence of Human Consciousness?

Hello All!

This would be an excellent and most educational way to spend two hours.


In it researcher and South African author of 'Slave Species', Michael Tellinger speaks about the Annunaki, what he calls 'Adam's Calendar' and it's relationship to our current time.

The very fact that so many shills and trolls were 'motivated' to comment here in attempts to discredit, confuse and distract viewers/readers from his work is all the evidence we need that says what he offers is sound and on track. And exactly that which the Zionist Talmudists and their minions in academia and the media and elsewhere DO NOT want us to know. They already know the TRUTHS of which he and others speak. And for that 'dangerous' reason in their psycophantic perceptions, they want stuff like this to continue to be kept hidden and out of reach of the masses.

Go to his site for more


Happy holidays to You


An excerpt on Adam's Calendar:

A 75,000 year-old stone calendar - In the cradle of humankind.

A new discovery of an ancient circular monolithic stone calendar site in Mpumalanga has proven to be at least 75,000 years old, pre-dating any other structure found to date. Southern Africa holds some of the deepest mysteries in all of human history. What we are told is that at around 60,000 years ago the early humans migrated from Africa and populated the rest of the world.
Who were these first humans? What did they do? And where did they disappear to?

It estimated that there are well over 1,000,000 (one million) ancient stone ruins scattered throughout the mountains of southern Africa. Various tools and artefacts that have been recovered from these ruins show a long and extended period of settlement that spans well over 200,000 years.

Many of these artefacts that include, coins, carvings, swords, symbols, head rests, bowls, statues and more, show that virtually every ancient culture was present here in southern Africa at some point in history. This includes the Sumerians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Dogon, Dravidians, and even the Incas. The most spectacular examples of these ancient ruins lie between Machadodorp and Waterval Boven, Mpumalanga. Modern historians have been speculating about the origins of these ruins, often calling them ‘cattle kraal of little historic importance’.

Book your place to tour Adam's Calendar

The truth of the matter is that closer scientific inspection shows that we actually know very little about these spectacular ancient ruins. While many have been adapted by more recent arrivals or inhabitants over the past 500 years, the original “stone circles” have no doors or entrances while most are connected by an expansive network of mysterious channels that are often misinterpreted as “roads” by some historians. Furthermore, this massive connected grid of circular ruins are immersed in a seemingly never-ending expanse of ancient agricultural terraces that surround the structures and seem to be an extension of the ruins. It is a great tragedy that countless ruins have been destroyed by human development and industry through sheer ignorance but some farmers and forestry companies have started to protect a small number of these ruin as they recognise their importance in human history.

Adam’s Calendar is the flagship among these ruins. This spectacular ancient site is aligned with the N,S,E,W cardinal points of planet Earth, solstices and equinoxes. It is still accurate as a calendar by following the shadow of the setting sun, which is cast by the taller central monolith onto the flat calendar stone beside it. It has been dated with relative certainty to at least 75,000 years of age based on a number of scientific evaluations.

The calendar was re-discovered by Johan Heine in 2003 and named by Michael Tellinger as Adam’s Calendar because it is possibly the oldest structure on Earth that is linked to human origins. It has however been known by African elders, indigenous knowledge keepers and Shaman as “The Birthplace of The Sun”, or “Inzalo y’Langa” where humanity was created by the gods.

From a geological perspective, Adam’s Calendar presents us with undeniable geophysical evidence that our planet has undergone a crustal shift, or crustal displacement at some turbulent time in our past. This is when the north-south axis of the planet actually moves to a different position. This was proposed in the work of Charles Hapgood in the 1950s, which was strongly supported by Albert Einstein, suggesting that the Earth’s crust shifts from time to time, moving the polar axis of the planet with it.

Adam’s Calendar also presents the first tangible evidence of consciousness among the earliest humans in the ‘Cradle of Humankind’ while some of the tools suggest that they had a much better understanding of the laws of nature than we have today. The site is built along the same longitudinal line as Great Zimbabwe and the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, suggesting a connection between those ancient civilisation and the builders of all three of these sites.

The stone ruins of southern Africa present us with a very exciting missing piece of the puzzle regarding the murky origins of humankind and possibly point us in the right direction to discover the true cradle of humankind.

Michael Tellinger
13 January 2013

Adam’s Calendar: This is possibly the only example of a functional, mostly in-tact monolithic stone calendar in the world. The founder of Adam’s Calendar, Johan Heine, observes as the shadow of the setting sun on the summer solstice 21 Dec. As the sun sets the shadow slides off the edge – only to resume its path back to the opposite edge where it stops on the winter solstice, 21 June.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Their Every Failure Is Our Success

Happy Holidays One and All!

Although I'm not QUITE sure where this person who calls herself Tila Tequila Nazi's coming from exactly, there's a fair bit of truth in what she says, given the Mandela funeral circus of the past couple of weeks.

Read here for the piece

And the fact that so many world leaders gathered (or were gathered by da big Darkie boss?)in this country for a single event. From various sources, it seems as if preparations for the funeral from various sources were planned months ahead of time. And likely why it appeared via the MSM only one week of preparation for this mammoth event was needed from the official announcement of his death until the global circus began.

Jacob Zuma, president of South Africa, even went to give the entire area of Mthata and Qunu in the Eastern Cape (Mandela's home village and place of his funeral)the once over for his approval. That was on 22 November. It was after extensive upgrades to roads and various types of infrastructural improvements had been made to the area.

With everything that's gone down so far, and recently having read the ZT's were planning something financial (a global banking shutdown maybe?) to coincide with or just post the funeral, it makes sense that Zuma's Nkandla homestead has come under the spotlight once more.

With R200 million of South African taxpayers money having been spent on what South Africans think are lavish added extras to his homestead, there's much more to the so-named 'NkandlaGate'scandal than that.
Instead, it's discovered THAT appears as the cover up story. When in actual fact luxurious underground bunkers have been created that could house many people in the event of a global 'event' of some type. And the area may well be one of those that is amongst the safest on the planet. Or at least that's likely the Zionist Talmudists' thinking and interpretation.
Perhaps the ZT's thought and hoped comet Ison was going to fry the world and it's inhabitants, along with their perceptions of other possible cosmic events to come. And this was to be their place of refuge to sit it all out in comfort. Well, Comet Ison's come and gone and all that remains is the fact the ZT's are sitting ducks. Again.

The problem with these ongoing elaborate plans and wasted thinking is that they never stop to consider the great unseen galactic hand/s at work - for this planet and humanity. Or maybe it's just too painful to do so. Because admitting Fleet and our galactic brethren serving this planet's creator, Christ Michael who actually runs and ultimately decides the way this world will go, is the same as admitting failure.

It must be mightily frustrating to plan for everything, all the time, down to the last, finest detail. Yet always overlooking the single factor that has taken you down repeatedly. I'd assume this must be nothing short of being utterly infuriating. Because so very many of their psy-ops of late have not been able to get off the ground when Fleet interrupt their potential enslavement scenarios once more!

How many times, I wonder, have they got all excited and prepped up preceding what they are certain is to be another piece of entertainment in the form of some blood sacrifice or another somewhere in the world only to have it all fall flat again?
Before it even has a chance to get started.

Reminds me of a 'squished pancake' cartoon I have in mind that goes nicely with Monjoronson's words from a piece through Ben in August...


That's also a very encouraging and humorous piece on which to end.



PS. Can I ask you - at this time - to remember we are our brother's keepers? And if you can spare it, to give those in need a meal or try to assist (with discernment)with whatever the need of the moment is.
Even sharing some nice, uplifting words in an exchange with a stranger is a gift of giving. So you don't need to do it exclusively with money or material things. Or at your own or your family's expense. Then it would just be motivated by unhealthy guilt.
Can we...?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sa-Ra 14: The Meaning Of Life

16 December 2013

Sa-Ra 14: The Meaning Of Life

Through Shellee-Kim

Goodday one and all.

And a very good day it is. *big smile*
We are all having and experiencing breakthroughs, are we not?

Today, beloved friends, I would like to speak of the meaning of Life.
Of course, this is and ever has been one of the most bandied about questions since humanity began its quest on your plane.

Although this quest-ion is not one reserved for humanity on earth alone. In your unconsciousness and mass amnesia and in battling the forces of duality, the earth plane is rife with difficulty and most challenging lessons. And one of the reasons you all chose to be here at this time.

The choice to be on earth at this time allows you far closer to the answer to this question. Because beloveds, the meaning of Life is to be found in your relationship with God and the God within.

It is in becoming a Co-creator with Him that all things are possible. And all things are KNOWN. It is in the development of yourSelf as a conscious and willing instrument of God that YOU are able to help others answer the big Questions, including this one.

It is in your ability to demonstrate the answers also that others will know you KNOW them, rather than just speak OF them. Being able to answer such questions is one thing, but living the answers to demonstrate 'proof' of KNOWING is another. And one that is far more convincing to those that will come upon you seeking guidance and answers of their own.

Beloved ones, age-old questions such as these encompass all of the lifestream's desires, dreams, fears, fulfillments and so much more.
The meaning of Life is an utterly simple but simultaneously most complex question - and answer.

Simple in that when the entire being has been aligned with complete Self love and Self acceptance, it is also automatically aligned with the allowance of the Higher Self into expression through you.
Or as Shellee now calls it, EM/Expanded Me, which we like very much as this is what the entirety of YOU in full expression IS.

And complex due to the very nature of duality playing out in every facet of your thinking and feeling world while you experience. And more importantly, how you choose to process that which you experience in your daily living. All of which takes you further towards joining with your EM or moving further away from it, moment by moment, day by day.

So, in short beloveds, 'What is the meaning of Life' as a question cannot be asked/answered unless accompanied by 'Who and What Am I?' You are Life and Life is You.

You could not exist here without a physical form as you've chosen it on earth at this time - and therefore there would be no experience of Life as you've wished for it right here, right now. This also answers, in part, the question of what is Life.
As Life is a vehicle for expression, for growth and evolution of the Soul, for the fulfillment of dreams of Co-Creation and for tying up loose ends within (including the experience of cause and effect or karma, as some call it) in order to have all this.

The ultimate and most-sought after expression in physicality is in the joining of all aspects within - of yourSelf. It is then you have reached a profound goal as one who has taken a physical human form on such a world as this.

And this beloveds, is the answer to the lives you seek and the lives you live.
It is also the completion within the experience of a Life in duality; an ending and an arrival point both. Thus it is a gateway to a new consciousness.

And many of you reading here now are inching ever closer to this gateway. And we are overjoyed at the accelerated progress we are seeing.

It is truly our pleasure and our privilege to be able to have a hand in supporting you through all of this as you figure out further the answer to the meaning of your Life.

In awe of you all...

In gratitude and with my heart-felt appreciation for your efforts.

I Am your Sa-Ra

Bidding you 'Adieu' until the next.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Another Perspective On World Leaders Gathering In South Africa

Another couple of perspectives on the pre-planned Mandela 'funeral' for the 15th December and what today, the 16th December might mean ritualistically to the Darkies/Zionist Talmudists.


These comments found on GLP by an AC


It might be interesting to consider that the Mayan calendar might not be calculating the "end of the age," but rather the "return of the Gods," specifically, Quetzalcoatl.

Carefully considered, the Mayan calendar does not quite line up with the Indian Yugic Cycle. We are going from Kali yuga to a rising Dwapara cycle, but according to Sri Yukteshwar, that happened in the 1800's, with a 100 year transition on both sides. That brings us up to the mid 1900's, then the mid 2000's if not the 2100's. Point being, nothng involving the actual "consciousness age" seems to be happening right now.

On the other hand, the Mayan calendar is ending after 5,125 years of focus apparently on a single day - the 16th - that a huge monument in South Africa is dedicated to, and all the world leaders are nuzzled up next to at this very moment. So what's going on, if not the "new age consciousness rise"?

How about, simply, the "return of the Gods" - i.e., the ETs? What if there was something that made them leave and prevented them from coming back, that is now ending? On the 16th, whatever ISON is will be exactly poised between Earth and Venus. That suggests a balance point, and the thing about balace points is that it's often when things can be moved most easily. Think of a boat in dry dock - you can't budge it. But float it on water, where the water is pushing upwards the same amount the boat is pushing downwards, and all of a sudden it floats in perfect balance, and you can push it with one hand. Take a giant rock, and it's immovable. Put that same giant rock on one end of a steel girder, and another giant rock on the other end of the steel girder, and if there's a balance point in the middle, you can move the whole thing around with one hand.

Well, what if whatever ISON really is, is reaching a balance point with the Earth and Venus, and that means something can be moved. Maybe a shield, a conduit, and access point, heck, who knows. Maybe it involves the sun, too. It's just interesting that there even is a balance happening on this particular day, given the Mayan calendar. And then you have the Voortrekker monument dedicated to the same day, and the sun shines down onto the crypt, signifying resurrection. Before that day, the sun doesn't shine down. After that day, the sun doesn't shine down. But on that day... ISON is in place between the Earth and Venus, the three interlocked calendars of the Mayas reach zero zero zero and the sun shines down...

And then Quetzalcoatl can return? Is it a literal time lock? Imagine there was a battle between light and darkness, and just as darkenss was going to lose, it threw a time lock around the Earth. So the forces of the light had to wait until the time lock opened to get back in. Wouldn't they be pissed having to wait so long? Wouldn't the darkenss use that time in the time lock to trash the planet? Wouldn't they make movies about any "aliens" being horrible monsters, to teach people to fear the forces of light that they knew were waiting to come in at the "end of time"? Wouldn't leaders of the forces of light promise humans all over the world that they would return?



Is There An ET/Nibiru
Mandela Funeral: Link To Massive Elite Gathering?
Truth Frequency Radio
By Sheree Geo
Dec 11, 2013

According to a video released by Youtube user “Courageous Nerdz”, Nelson Mandela’s death was actually on June 26, 2013.

We remember that back then, he was reported as being dead by the mainstream media several times over the course of a few weeks, but then the official story was that he was weak but still alive. If the truth is that he really did die back in June, then why are 91 leaders of the world (including 4 presidents of the U.S.) going to South Africa? Along with the Obamas, the Clintons, and the Bush’s, the Telegraph is also reporting that the following dignitaries are going to attend the funeral:

Pope UK Queen David Cameron Dalai Lama Bono Annie Lennox Bill Gates Oprah Winfrey Naomi Campbell

Other sources have also reported secret underground bunkers being built into NKANDLA, the home of South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma. And these are no ordinary bunkers ; Apparently, they are being described as “luxury accomodations” that would easily allow almost 100 world leaders and their families and staff to escape a natural disaster or global nuclear war. According to one theory, started by Team ALARM before Mandela’s death was announced:

In 2009 Mthata was declared a “Rapid High Impact Presidential Intervention Node” and a serious effort was started to improve the transport, roads, electricity articulation and water provision in the greater Mthata area.

The new extended runway at Mthata airport was taken into service at the end of May 2013 and the upgraded roads and electricity infrastructure was completed a month ago. Everywhere that important people and tourists might drive or move has been upgraded and repaired. Even some of the gravel roads have been extensively repaired and re-topped. Together with the new roads, bridges and electricity, there are also new petrol stations, hotels, and the Nelson Mandela museum that all looks so shiny and new and very stylish.

The Government is of course denying that any of this has anything to do with the potential funeral of Nelson Mandela. The Government insists that it is all part and parcel of the normal infrastructure and development project run by the benevolent ANC government, to the benefit of the people of South Africa.

We have to admit that the effort to improve the Mthata airport has been a long running effort that has bungled along since 2008 but has failed to materialise any tangible results, due to the normal combination of corruption and ineptitude. That all changed rather drastically in 2012 when the improvement of the Mthata airport became a rapid development project.

The project’s “Environmental Management Plan” (EMP) states the following very plainly in its introduction: “This is a special circumstances project and it is understood that this project is being undertaken for the provision of infrastructure for the landing of aircraft at Mthatha Airport for a special circumstance which is of national importance and is related to the former president.”

On 22 November, Zuma went to inspect the improvements and repairs in the greater Mthata area and tried to gain as much political mileage as possible from it. Basically all the political elite went to see if the place looked good, and they were apparently quite impressed with the way it displayed.

Not all readers may realize that Mthata is only 31.3km from Qunu, the Eastern Cape home village of Nelson Mandela and the place where his funeral will take place. All the developments in the greater Mthata area also included Qunu and it is only a 30 minute drive on the lovely new roads to get to Qunu from Mthata.

Then on Wednesday 27 November the SAAF command cancelled the bi-annual Wheels and Wings show at the AFB Ysterplaat unilaterally and without any good and valid reason. Many people are seriously hacked off because a lot of time, effort and money has already been sunk into the event that was due to take place on 7&8 December. The unexplained cancellation of the show is busy creating a lot of PR fallout.

On Thursday 28 November the head of the SANDF cancelled all leave of all military personnel for the December period. No reason has been given.

The fact that Nelson Mandela the movie also appeared this last week, handily provides the cherry for the cake. The opportunity is just too good to pass up and we wonder if the Government will really let it slide by without making use of it?

Will we see an official announcement of Nelson Mandela’s death in the next few days? It certainly looks like we are heading that way. We will only be sure when we hear the official announcement, but will not be surprised at all when we do.

Going back to June (when Mandela death rumors began), 3 American presidents visited Africa at the same time, as reported in the 6/18 issue of the Africa Review (which is based in Kenya). Obama and Clinton’s visits intersected, and no reason was given for the visit besides the commemoration of the Al-Qaeda bombing of the US Embassy in Tanzania – just one of the many low-level false flag operations the CIA carries out, and certainly not big enough to warrant one presidential visit, let alone 3.

Former US President Bill Clinton is expected in Senegal hours before the arrival of the incumbent President Barack Obama, sources said. The leading Le Populair daily on Tuesday quoted American embassy sources hinting that the two statesmen could likely meet during their stay in Dakar.

The sources further said that President Obama was expected to extend his visit initially billed for 48 hours to 72 hours, beginning June 26.

Several sitting world leaders, including, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the late Pope Jean Paul II, have visited Senegal over the last decade and toured the famous slave dungeon on Goree Island.

These visits were unprecedented in history and would really need a huge reason to justify them, not to mention their, ahem, travel-related expenses.

President Barack Obama’s upcoming $100-million African trip will take a virtual entourage to Johannesburg, the same place where thirsty children lined up at the region’s only water spigot as United Nations delegates gorged themselves on steak and lobster, washed down by fine wines at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development. (Here)…

The Obama entourage is embarking on its African mega-million dollar trip as ailing anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela lies in a hospital bed fighting a lung infection.

“The US President Barack Obama will defer to Nelson Mandela’s family on whether he will visit the ailing anti-apartheid icon during his trip to South Africa next week,” a top aide said. (Citypress June 22, 2013)

Mighty big of Obama to defer to the family, given that he ignored Mr. Mandela during all of his first term as president….

As of this morning Mandela was listed in serious but stable condition. It is safe to say that the thoughts and prayers of not only his family but an entire nation are on the beloved Mandela and not the photo-ops of the publicity-driven Obama family.
“Obama will stay overnight in Joburg and Cape Town during his trip, and plans to visit Robben Island, where Mandela was once imprisoned.

“Rhodes said that Obama’s visit to the island, where Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years in prison, would be an “important and powerful symbol” of the president’s respect for Mandela, one of his personal heroes.

It took almost five years for Obama to show this “important and powerful symbol” as a sign of his respect for Mandela. Visiting a prison is not even close to being imprisoned for 27 years, and in reality, is only “symbolic”.

There are those who would ask why did Obama wait until Mandela, 94, was in failing health before making an official visit to South Africa during his second term in office.

Strategizing against his diminishing political opposition, suppressing citizen dissension and his obsession with the Fundamental Transformation of America came first and is always Obama’s unfailing priority.

Like most other unknown and unproven senators, Obama met Mandela soon after he was elected senator in 2005 and otherwise has only spoken to him several times over the telephone.

Much will be made about Obama’s wife being able to pay a visit to the anti-apartheid icon during her trip to Africa two years ago, calling it “surreal”.

A safari with her two daughters followed Mrs. Obama visit with Mandela in 2011.
A safari in Tanzania was originally scheduled to end this summer’s African trip that begins on June 26, which reportedly had to be nixed when reporters began asking questions about the snipers who would be on the safari to protect the Obamas from potential animal attack.

Meanwhile, going to South Africa when its most beloved leader is ailing and blowing up to $100 million to be seen as heroes in poverty-stricken South Africa is nothing less than obscene.

Then things got stranger: It was announced by CNN Politics on June 22nd that Obama and Bush Jr. were both going to be in Africa at the same time!

Meanwhile Bush, who’s made multiple visits to Africa since leaving office, leaves next week for Zambia, where he’s working with his global health initiative to renovate a clinic that will serve as a cervical cancer screening and treatment center, according to the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

While the 44th and 43rd president are not scheduled to meet up, first lady Michelle Obama will attend an event hosted in part by former first lady Laura Bush. The two will attend the African First Ladies Summit, put on by the George W. Bush Institute, in Tanzania on July 2, the final day of the Obamas’ trip.

Aid to Africa was a big part of the Bush administration’s foreign policy.

The former president started the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, otherwise known as PEPFAR, during his tenure at the White House.

Started in 2003, the program grew into a $50 billion program to combat AIDS around the globe through testing, counseling and medical treatment.

And weirder still, Obama changed his initial schedule mid-trip to extend his stay from 48-72 hours in Senegal, with no reason given for the change in plans.

Another change with Obama’s trip reported by the Washington Post: his plans to participate in a Tanzanian safari were cancelled and changed to a visit to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years as political prisoner. Getting weird yet?

Obama’s official travel schedule has him in Senegal the same time as former President Clinton. Then he joins “Dubya” at a special Tanzanian memorial to end his trip. It was widely reported that Bush and Obama just happened to both be there by coincidence, to lay a wreath at some bombing that almost nobody remembers or cares about.

One very interesting theory circulating is that someone very special is in South Africa and is demanding to speak with all the leaders of the world to finalize plans for a one-world government. Maybe even extraterrestrial someones, which isn’t too far outside the realm of possibility nowadays. Heck, we even thought Jupiter was the largest planet until just a few days ago.

Or could each president have visited Senegal earlier and individually met with a very special world dignitary who is covertly assuming power, first in Africa and then the world to pay homage to him and agree to support his NWO final takeover which necessitates throwing Kingpins and Cutouts under the bus?

Is this “mystery entity” a powerful dignitary that is the actual ruler of the Third Force that has descended to Earth to assert control over the nations?

Certainly the visitation of a current sitting American president at the same time as two prior American Presidents to the African continent is unprecedented. This alone suggests that something very strange is up.

Of course with the apparent impending death of Nelson Mandela, control over the South American regime is now perhaps up for grabs.

As many know the revolution in South America was an installation of a new socialist Bankster’s regime, actually a large scale social experiment. Doubt this? Then consider the triangular CIA center built in Johannesburg to represent the interests of the City of London Banksters.

In President Obama’s speech at Tanzania, he said that America was going to get more involved in Africa not just for charitable reasons but for self-interest too, that is, for new business opportunities for American corporations. This was a surprisingly blunt and honest acknowledgement since traditionally any involvement in South American or African matters have been to set up situations where the large international Banks covertly set hugely profitable “business opportunities” with the major international offshore corporations to sack the natural wealth of Africa, just as they used to do in South America, using USG trained death squads to clear the way, murder opposition and suppress the rights of the inhabitants.

Perhaps the prominent reason for the simultaneous African visits of three American Presidents, one current and two former may be to pay homage to a new world ruler who is now being revealed only to the very top insiders. At least this is the rumor circulating at a deep level inside the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and MJ12 support staff.

And who might this important and powerful NWO dignitary be, one so important three American Presidents would pay homage to him even over and above their own country and its sovereignty?

As the rumor goes, it is Marduk who has descended to planet Earth to Africa from an alien spacecraft.

According to legend, Marduk is supposedly an Annunaki (aka Anakem or Nephilim), a luciferian demon being that allegedly represents the inter-dimensional black planet “Nibiru” which is invisible to astronomers.

Allegedly the Annunaki were killed and/or driven away from earth during the flood and have begun a comeback during the 20th century by once again interbreeding with certain chosen bloodlines which have maintained the “ancient luciferian heritage” dating back to Babylon.

….Thus these select “lucifer illuminated” (aka Illuminati) families are allegedly anointed with luciferian power to take over the world step by step through a long process of step-by-step Fabian incremental socialism. This process involves and necessitates destroying normal male/female sex roles and the family system, “dirtying up” the population with drugs and pornography, hijacking and consolidating organized crime systems, creating an unlimited supply of money to buy and bribe governmental officials, creating massive intel systems to blackmail and compromise officials, setting up perpetual war systems and crime to create 24/7 perpetual bloodletting and death sacrifices, and making people dependent on mass media entertainment and mindkontrol systems to keep them from knowing and processing the truth. …

To the right, the upward-facing triangle represents the Annunaki blood, and the downward-facing triangle is the blood of the earth woman. Merged together they form the symbol of Annunaki/human hybrid bloodlines.

Although the authors on this blog seem a little paranoid about the possibility of being eaten by the Annunaki, some of their points ring true:

So, has Marduk landed, has he made his final return to take back planet earth and establish a complete luciferian globalist NWO system?

And if so does he represent the Third Force that has secretly been pulling the strings covertly in the background?

And as some astute researchers have stated, the Third Force is remarkably deceptive and crafty and uses Kingpins and Cutouts to do its dirty work, typically disposing of them by throwing them under the bus after their missions are completed.

They also muse on the possibility that the plan of the New World Order is the creation of “genetically-spliced transhuman borgs inhabited by evil fallen angels (aka, demons)”. A little melodramatic for my taste, but the ongoing eugenics operations we know about and the plundering of natural resources in Africa throughout the last century, still make the whole thing pretty believable.

Ready for another curveball? Wait for it….a SNOWDEN connection?! Wow, this is like a conspiracy grab bag!

So when three American Presidents show up in Africa, all at the same time, one wonders how such a remarkable occurrence could be explained.

And then when a highly placed respected source shares a rumor that an “alien ruler” from the past has returned as the inter-dimensional planet Nibiru is approaching in its 3600 year orbit, one wonders, could this be the reason?

Edward Snowden is alleged to have just made a major new disclosure which if true, could be a game changer and could perhaps make this rumor of Marduk landing in Africa more credible.

And now a new claim has entered the situation. A recent article (12) from an unvetted source now claims not only has Venezuela granted Edward Snowden asylum, but that Snowden has revealed that the USG and specifically NSA has massive proof UFOs and Aliens exist and “doesn’t know what to do with this information”.

Sometimes misinformation sites are used to break real news so that it will be ignored and discredited. Kind of like using “blown cover” as “cover” in the Intel business.

To add to the mystery, the 16th of December is known as the “Day of the Vow”, and people gather to the Ancient Egyptian-inspired solar temple on that day to watch the sun shine down upon a dome with 32 surrounding rays of light, with the sun itself making up the 33rd light.

Looking upwards at mid noon on 16 December reveals a dot within a circle, the ancient African-Egyptian hieroglyph for the monotheistic creator God Aten

And, as the most astute of you will remember, Freeman Fly’s work included theories about Obama being the reincarnation/clone of King Tut and king Tutankhamun being obsessed with the monotheistic god, Aten.

This factoid proves most interesting when we realize that Mandela’s dead body was carried right through the area on it’s way to it’s final burying place, similar to both Christian accounts of Jesus Christ and Egyptian accounts of Horus:

Nelson Mandela’s flag-draped casket made a solemn journey through the streets of Pretoria Wednesday, arriving at the seat of South Africa’s government where he will lie in state for three days.

A black hearse phalanxed by 16 motorcycle outriders rolled out of the city’s 1 Military Hospital onto streets lined with flag-waving South Africans who formed a public guard of honour.

“I never met Mandela, so this is my only chance and it’s important I pay my respects. I’m South African – I have to be here,” said 28-year-old Vaughan Motshwene.

Some cheered but many were tearful, aware that Mandela’s death on Thursday aged 95, opened a new chapter in South African history.

“It feels like the end of an era. All the opportunities I’ve had growing up that my parents never had, Madiba gave me that,” said government employee Faaiqia Hartley, 27.

“He gave all of us an opportunity to be the best we could be.”

The cortege travelled briskly, arriving less than an hour later at Union Buildings, the seat of South African government.

The casket was unloaded by eight pallbearers representing the branches of the armed forces in full uniform.

From there it was carried up the steps toward the towering acropolis of beige freestone, where nearly two decades ago Mandela was sworn in as the country’s first black president, signifying the rebirth of this long-troubled nation.

Trailing behind the coffin was Mandela’s oldest grandson, Mandla Mandela, his manifest grief a poignant reminder that while the nation lost a hero, Mandela’s family lost a father, grandfather and husband.

Mandela’s open coffin was placed on a cubic platform in the building’s amphitheatre, soon to be renamed in his honour, where it he will viewed by family, heads of state, celebrities and the general public for three days.

Two military officers clad in white dress uniform stood guard at each entrance with swords pointing downward.

Mandela’s final journey through Pretoria is laden with symbolism and replete with landmarks that carry resonance in his life.

The funeral procession will be repeated for three days, ending each time at the Union Buildings – the seat of government where previous presidents had signed aspects of the apartheid system into law.

The public will be allowed to view the casket each afternoon, before Mandela’s body is transported to his boyhood home of Qunu in the Eastern cape for its eventual burial on Sunday.

I really don’t know what to think about all of this. Either something huge is going on in South Africa, or Obama’s taking some pretty expensive vacations for no good reason and needs a hold put on his credit card. And the latter explanation I ain’t buying. I also want to see some proof of these ET’s, if that’s what’s happening, but it’s all pure speculation up until – and even after – that point. It would be much easier to assume what youtube user “Dahboo7″ thinks about what’s going on: that there is something astrologically significant going on, and some high-level ritual could be happening that we’re not allowed to know about, involving elites from all around the world:

Even if some video and pics DID come out that indicated this all to be true (a video of Obama shaking hands with Lord Marduk or whatever), how would we know if it was real or not? We could be seeing the beginnings of Project Blue Beam going live, and we must be ever-vigilant to remember that and to question everything we see and hear.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Nelson Mandela Dies…Again?

Nelson Mandela Dies…Again?

by Shellee-Kim

Nelson Mandela is dead. Again. Well, let's just say this time around his 'official' death date was last Thursday, 5 December. His unofficial and true death date was very likely the 25 June 2013.

And that story was broken by one independent freelance writer, Laura Oneale. Of course, she stood practically alone in her claims and shortly thereafter came under severe fire from all manner of controlled presstitutes and their keepers and so-called ‘independent’ journalists from all sides. Mandela was still alive, they said, although admittedly in a weakened state and in intensive care. And this was followed by South African president, Jacob Zuma, assuring the South African public that Mandela was still very much alive.

Oneale’s story only made MSM in a negative context. The South African shadow government who help ensure a controlled media on behalf of their global Zionist Talmudist bosses were probably under the strictest instructions to ensure no suspicions were made about the reality of that situation. Hence Zuma’s assurances and MSM’s continual updating on Mandela being ‘alive’ thereafter.

But I did feel deeply for Laura Oneale when I read the varied and ridiculing responses to her initial piece. It was nothing less than a serious case of cyber witch-hunting and burning. A case of having something serious to defend. And how better so than by attack.

[Note the article on the subject is one from the SA MSM]

Just as fast and to corroborate the theory that Mandela WAS actually dead, the controlled mainstream media quickly got on with focusing for a week or more on the decoy story, as I'm calling it. In it, Mandela’s grandson, Mandla Mandela, was the source of much bitter family feuding. And ‘suddenly’ he became the central focus of MSM news in SA, very busy supposedly moving family bodies between graves in different locations and supposedly getting the ire up of various family members. And the MSM journalists were obviously ordered by their newsroom presstitute bosses to focus on it while the real family proceedings, a funeral? and mourning got underway.
Which could all have been accounted for by the presence and spotting of hearses, grave diggings, burials and all else needed as a cover story and decoy for an actual Nelson Mandela funeral taking place – hidden in plain sight.

And to my mind and worthy of sharing, was the recent local radio interview with someone who was close to Mandela for many years. Zelda le Grange was his personal assistant. During the interview she said she last saw him a few months ago and had since taken the decision not to see him further in his dilapidated physical state. Perhaps what she was saying was also that that was the last time she’d seen him ALIVE– period. I had the thought that she was one of his 'handlers'... I wonder what her family connections are to the ZT’s.

So, who or what is the body in the glass coffin that people are traipsing by daily to view in Pretoria this week? I believe this could either be a lookalike or the ‘real’ Mandela’s body (which in itself may be a duplicate of the VERY original) which could have been on ice for all these many months.
Why? The ZT’s are the thugs of the universe. And like all thugs, one of their main motives for existence is power/money. So this event of Mandela’s death had to wait to coincide with all the shekels the greedy, psychophants could make off the even bigger tribute being paid to him on the November 29 and Christmas opening of the ‘Long Walk To Freedom’ movie, based on Mandela’s life.

Cast your mind back to Michael Jackson’s death and his music released immediately after. Or the death of any number of celebrities and the ways in which the ZT’s who run the entertainment/media circus have used these as cash cows.

I believe that another of the motives for prolonging Mandela’s ‘death’ is the one of numbers and dates. These are mega-important to the ZT’s to accumulate psychic power. They’ve chosen this time for good reason. His official funeral’s on Sunday 15 with many of the world’s head of states here along with all manner of VIP’s and celebrities. With so many of the ZT’s dark minions gathered in one place at one time, you must know something huge is up.

When global events of this type are planned, it is always because the ZT’s plan to steal something.
Remember, these creatures that have run our world are like your common flea or mosquito by nature. They are parasites and like fleas, they themselves are difficult to pin down and don’t die easily. Or at all. And why particularly the public figures amongst them have been cloned/lookaliked countless times.
So whatever they plan or oversee of such epic proportions as this funeral IS for the purposes of taking something from you – in one form or another. Because that is who they are and what they do. And they are also compelled by the invisible dark forces they’ve sold (what’s left of ) their souls to in exchange for what THEY think is real power from a REAL god.

Here’s how they do it.
They build the energy in the collective human field by programming the mass mind with repeats of every aspect of the person focused on. Why we’ve had Mandela and nothing BUT Mandela instructed to be aired on ALL MSM operations nonstop 24/7 since last Friday 6 December in South Africa. With the rest of the MSM world following suit. This ensures the necessary building of idolatry over the projected image; raising the perception of a being to heroic and god-like status. In this case, that worshipping and awe was already there and it was just a case of amping it up during this period.

The ZT’s and their forces hone in for the psychic kill when enough e-motion is roused collectively. It is that energy innocently sent out by the masses that is their power which they can then use to arouse more fear=control in the mass mind. This is a feeding frenzy for them and where their parasitic nature really comes to the fore.

Cast your mind back to their sacrifice of Princess Diana, the media bombardment and her funeral which followed. This is a repeat of that. They milk the event and the millions of human souls who are programmed by the media blasting their brain to give over of themselves. Think also of the events of 9/11, various Olympic Games and their openings especially, and mass musical events. Mandela’s funeral is right up there with them.

Nor does it really matter as to the truth of who these ‘figures’ were. But in most cases, it seems most were either willing or unwilling puppets of the ZT’s. And, in Mandela’s case, it appears as if the REAL, original Mandela died many years ago.

I started to get suspicious when, some years ago during his public speeches, I’d watch him pausing…as if to listen to ‘something’ (ear device?) which would clearly be telling him what to say next. Well, I guess the ZT’s spent enough years in preparation on programming him into an ‘icon of forgiveness’ and humanitarian hero for his role on the global stage.

Imagine the mass shock which will follow when discovering that Mandela, the humanitarian hero, was only ever aligned to the ZT’s cause and just another puppet, acting his role to perfection.

But before that happens along with other shocking revelations of our time, the ZT’s could well attempt another plan on the back of this funeral, if South African Seiner Van Rensburg’s prophecies from almost a century ago are anything to go by:

On the morning of 8th September 1925, the Seer told his daughter, Anna, he sees a black man being released from prison in the distant future, visit Russia, and on his return, be appointed in an important post. The country will be thrown into chaos under his rule. However, it is only after the violent death of a black leader, and a massive strike cripples the country, that real trouble starts.

This black leader will lie in state on Church Square in Pretoria, while people flock there in their thousands to ‘pay their last respects’: “The body of the king(black leader) is placed in a glass coffin and he lies in state on Church Square, Pretoria—for seven days. Mourners came from all over the world to pay homage to this king (of the rainbow-nation). Nobody worked—for seven days, for people moved past the coffin day and night, fell on it and wept bitterly, and could not be consoled—for seven days.” On the eighth day he was buried in Heroes’ Acre.”(A special plot in the old cemetery in Church Street, Pretoria, reserved for statesmen)…

However, when the armed forces advance on Pretoria at dawn, the Boers are ready for action and Johannesburg is bomb-attacked, which shakes the whole world. The ensuing war will quickly spread northwards until the whole of Europe is in flames. But England will suffer the most as a result of race riots and famine...”

Siener also saw civil war and violence erupting after Mandela’s funeral.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sa-Ra 13: The Chaos Of Disempowerment

9 December

through Shellee-Kim

Well beloveds, I would like to speak today about all that now leaves your earth plane that is of energetic dissonance.
But none of these disappears until they HIT your reality first. I felt that was an appropriate word. As in order that they might depart, they first come to the surface of your mind, your world.

And this is why it feels rather chaotic around you. Even though you ones might feel largely stable in your anchoring of the Light, this is not necesarily the case for the mass populace. And indeed, many are in severe states of discomfort. Much of it internal for this is where it all begins.

The masks that are being held up for control to keep a lid on these conflicted states within that it might not disrupt the outer life and outer projected image to the world, are anyway crumbling now. That none can or may hide any longer.

Yet people still continue to fight this process as it occurs and as it is even for their benefit. For the fear that surfaces now in dealing with long-repressed memories, behaviours and dysfunctions are screaming for release.

And things are to take a turn for the worse, beloveds - a most necessary part of the collective healing process. Again you ones are on the frontline, our Warriors of the Light. Clearing and cleansing the way ahead so those who choose to forge onwards may know a road that opens to them as they embrace IT; the road to Truth that we spoke about earlier (see Sa-Ra 9).
The time of full disclosure is now upon you. It begins first with the Self as these things always do.

No matter what might befall others, beloveds, do make a clear distinction in your mind about what exactly is sourced within another and what is sourced within yourself. Therefore defining what you should be owning or not.

People will be projecting on to you left, right and centre at this time, should they be given the opportunity.
The ego mind regards this as the easiest way of dealing with its fractures and divisions and that which it cannot and refuses to deal with.
And so others will constantly seek to make THEIR problems, YOUR problems. You will need to be clear about who YOU are that you do not take any of this on, for you all have enough to deal with on your own plates.

It's very important, beloved ones, that you do not make any mistakes with others in shouldering responsiblity for them that should be THEIRS to deal with. This is a most important issue and too many of you, particularly women, are prone to doing this unthinkingly. With both their children (especially boys) and their partners.

It has been conditioned within. Particularly as young girls who grow up watching their mothers interacting with their fathers. It is seen that the way to be a woman is to make the other/the partner feel better about themselves, by shouldering the BURDENS of the other. Many women have talked themselves into BELIEVING this is loving and nurturing and the way to be.
When, in actual fact, this is playing the martyr role by 'sacrificing' parts of yourself for an-other. Which ultimately makes you a victim also - of your own creation.

This is NOT empowered behaviour beloveds. Nor is it balanced or helping you to move towards a sovereign state within.
We realise these are EXTREMELY deep and very entrenched patterns of programming that have been alive and within your people almost since the journey between the sexes began on your planet.

So we would ask you women particularly, to pay special attention and give extra awareness to this power imbalance and ask of your respective teams from our realms to bring forth insights to you in your behaviours in this area. That you might enjoy breakthroughs within and connect more of the dots about yourself regarding ways in which you are not fully running your own lives.
That you might choose to let these patterns of response GO NOW in prioritising your journey towards wholeness and sovereignty.

As I have said, this is particularly pertinent for women, because in shouldering the responsibility for men (and often male children also), you are BOTH left feeling disempowered. Men often looking to others and their women to both rescue them and blame them, that they might project all that which is of discomfort onto them (women). And women similarly as I have described - in taking it all and accepting often that which does not belong to them in the first place.

So we believe women can shift the direction of this malady on your plane that has erupted into much discontent between the sexes.
Of course it is each and every one's responsibility. And I speak here today of the collective impact of this dilemma.

We believe this is enough for today for you to digest and dwell on.

And indeed, time is short until we meet physically. And these, you might say are some of the last moment preparations.

So, until we meet next

And with all the love in my heart

I, Sa-Ra

Say 'Adieu'

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Truth Apnea

by Zen Gardner

It’s amazing how starved for truth such an informationally soaked world can be.

But here we are.

Sleep apnea, or discontinued, interrupted breathing during sleep, is a terrible condition for anyone, often requiring the assistance of breathing machines. It’s a relatively new affliction to our times often having to do with obesity and nervous conditions.

When applied to Truth this concept is so indicative of the vicious cycle we live in. The whole world is in this truth starvation cycle. Lack of life-giving air, as in the influx of truth, will cause some serious personal and societal repercussions, as exemplified by the current world’s confused and dilapidated state. It is beyond starved of fresh truth.

It now requires a machine to keep pumping (dis)information into its circulatory system. And who’s supplying the machined “air waves” they’re dependent on?

You guessed it.

We Are What We Breathe

It’s true we are what we eat, but it also applies not only to our food and water, but also to our air. Our food is adulterated, our water is deliberately contaminated with psycho-sedatives, and our air is systematically poisoned. These clearly affect our perception and behavior.

Now transliterate that to our informational supply.

Truth deprivation is the biggest story of all. And it’s the most serious. The other symptoms are merely physical manifestations.

When fish are starved for air they exhibit certain behaviors. We’re seeing that in humanity. It’s truth starvation causing humanity’s unconscious flounderings on the deck of a truth deprived world. Lying governments, non-nutritious foods and education, empty media, and a broken down family and social system contribute to this nutritionally starved morass of informational excrement that is asphyxiating the world’s populace.

Humanity is living in a carefully circumscribed truth-deprivation tank, and it’s gasping for air.

Controlled Behavior Is the Intent – Period

People today live in a controlled environment. We live within our self-and-otherwise prescribed limits, but we live there. Some wake up to realize these apparent limitations are imaginary, but most do not. Hence the stupefied world of today.

The limits are as they seem, in the minds of those who accept them. If you believe and agree for whatever reason, it’s yours.

Much like the elephant on a tether, we’re trained to think we have circumscribed limitations we cannot cross. How very wrong. It’s entrainment, simply said, it’s nothing but a trained response. When we’re deprived of truth we behave unconsciously. Without the resources to make an informed decision we are not fully complicit in the scheme of things, but we are unwitting sponsors of a uniquely artificial world that only prescribes control and manipulation.

When we wake up to our fully conscious nature it all seems like a dream we’ve surfaced from, but that is the world most of the planet lives in. And will surface from.

The End is Always the Beginning

We are the prescribed solution.Whatever befalls us.

The matrix of deceit is another animal; It’s a strangely misdirected one, that only seeks to deceive, contain and manipulate at unimaginable levels. It is not from our dimension.

If anyone cannot recognize the systemetized strangulation of Truth at this point I seriously wonder, but there are many who get it. Those who do get it are the many folks who are reading this right now.

It’s not a big jump. It’s a simple reality.

I hope you make it.

Love, Zen


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sa-Ra 12: Self Confidence

[Together with Nada]

4 December 2013

through Shellee-Kim

Goodday One and All

It is indeed a pleasure to be with you here again.

Today we would speak of an issue many of you go through very often, it seems. That issue known as lack of confidence within.

Lack of self-confidence, beloved ones, is derived from a poor sense of Self. It exists for numerous reasons.
It can exist as a result of the many lies and self-deceptions ones continue to talk them Selves into and it can exist due to lingering doubts of one's own abilities in Self (therefore lack of trust in Self).
And it can exist as a result of general feelings of inadequacy and constant comparisons to others, creating self-judgement in an ongoing self-destructive cycle.
These are some reasons for the existence of lack of confidence in Self. And thus the lack of the full expression of the glories of the True Self.

It is not necessary at this time to divulge further details as to WHY each might be sitting with this problem and its results. You will know if you ask within - and most sincerely from your Heart - where this stems from within YOU.

What is important this day is to know how to get to grips with the fact that it does live within you, to accept rather than fight it and to surrender it; to let it go.

And you can do this by calling in a higher power, by calling in the Source to assist you in removing it from you.
You can do this by surrendering it to your Higher Self and asking that this be removed or transmuted from your field.
And you can do this by dissolving this energy - that comes often as a false thought form and belief - in any other number of ways.
Whatever form or technique is most resonant for you, will be what will work for you.

Being and standing in your own authority is diametrically opposed to a state of poor self-confidence. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum, as it were. You are not in full authority and in your sovereignty if you still have remaining doubts about yourself.

Thus we encourage each one of you who feels held back or are holding themselves back, to ask that the causes of this issue are brought up to the surface of your mind, that you might release them with the help available to you.

It is an imperative next step as you journey towards reclaiming yourSelf.

Good leaders and those who will guide others without thinking twice are ones who are confident in themselves and their abilities. They do not look back and do not look sideways.

So it is extremely important, crucial even - that now in light of what is required - you are able and willing in the process of taking other parts of yourself back and activating all of you, that you also activate a healthy and well rounded sense of Self. Thus expressing yourself with confidence - naturally and easily.

Those who will be leading and guiding others will need their wits about them all of the time. Self confidence and trust in who you are and what you are doing and perhaps the most important, what you are hearing within, is essential as you go forward hour by hour, day by day.
And as you embrace the many challenges that will confront you on the road.

You are not expected, as with everything else, to go this alone. And as we have stated, you have all manner of experts and specialists ready to be called on from our side to guide you towards letting go of your perceived lack and filling up the space with a Knowingness of who and what you are.

That Knowingness then becomes the rock, the anchor from which all springs forth through your mind and your heart.
That Knowingness can and does and will counteract any lack of self-confidence.
But it is equally necessary for you to take the initial steps.

Remember, as you take the steps with your intent, your will and desire to heal something within or/let it go, so does extra help from the invisible realms rush forward to assist you and respond to that Act-ion.

And so be it.

Beloveds, it's been our pleasure one more time to be with you.

It is I, Sa-Ra and Nada that have come forth together this day.

Loving you All very much

And wishing you further success

Until the next...

We bid you farewell.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sara 11: Living/Teaching the God Within

Sara 11: Living/Teaching the God Within



30 November 2013

It is I Sa-Ra, come forth once again.

And this time I would like to speak about another very serious matter. I would like to speak about the nature of the God within as it relates to your upcoming service.

Yes. What or who is this God within? This is my question to you today...
Do you know?

The God within, dear Ones, is the most gracious, the most noble, the most balanced and the most compassionate, tolerant and loving aspects of your Self expressed. And these are just a few of the God within's attributes. The God within is one who's love knows no bounds.

The Father Fragment within is the God within. The God within is the Father Fragment within. These are both one and the same. There are many other names for this, but suffice it to say the Father Fragment is the best description.

When the Father Fragment or God within is fully operational within each of you, you will know these and many other attributes besides.
When you are able to give full expression to these or the God within, you then also have access to the Lighted realms of other dimensions.

And this applies to the feeling? (SK: couldn't hear word/phrase on cell phone clearly) and knowing of the Truth of all things. It is through this knowing that your wisdom is automatically able to shine that all might have access to and receive of this. Standing tall in your wisdom is being in great service to others.

It is important to note beloved ones, that some might perceive you as the God/Goddesses that you are. This is so, but in some cases they will see you as ones above and beyond them, out of their reach. Then there will be others who will feel threatened by you, which will perhaps only serve to diminish their own already shrunken sense of Self.
These will be some perceptions and reactions that you can expect to come forth. However, all you have really done is embraced your God within; your True Self. Not to speak too lightly of that either, for it comes at a cost to many of you.

Embracing and living the God/dess within comes with its own set of responsibilities also. Namely (SK: or mainly?) due to what I've mentioned above - the projections and perceptions of others who occupy a different space energetically.
But of course these you cannot be responsible for. You can only continue to behave as per that which the God within requires of you.

The God within is your access point to eternity in the Now.

Cultivating this relationship successfully assures you of permanently having on hand within: a protector, wise counsel, a teacher of Truths and many more roles that co-exist simultaneously within you when this relationship is successfully activated.

The God within is that which each one of YOU Light Warriors have prepared for over all these many years (and the many lifetimes of experience) to come to this point where you are able to teach the God within and what it is and what it can mean to others...
That they may know, be inspired and so seek to have the very same relationship with their own individual God within.

Do you see the importance of your past work, beloveds?
Do you understand that you are the Way show-ers? The show-ers of the Way?

And do you understand that by your very demonstration of living, expressing, feeling the God within, that you are doing exactly this?
Whatever your respective gifts and skills, your talents ....it matters not. For as long as you are living the God within, you are teaching beloveds, and your are serving.

This is all for today, beloved ones.

May you find these words thought-provoking, that they might bear some fruit and assist you a little further in your preparations for the immediate future.

With my Love and great Blessings upon you all

This is your beloved Sa-Ra

Saying 'Adieu' for now.

[SK: I'm needing to work on my cell now but some of this was unclear to me, so if you get a laboured vibe from it I had to go through it with Sa-Ra again]

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sa-Ra 10: Battle Victorious

27 November 2013

Goodday to One and All on the earth plane!
[SK: I typed ‘Godday’ first…perhaps God’s day officially starts today? It sure feels that way :-)]

Things are indeed heating up…can you feel it, beloveds? And we are overjoyed as this mean our work with you is to start. All you who make the daily effort to heal, clear and bring disparate parts within to balance are to know the great fruits of your labour. Make no mistake about this…Your toiling and endeavours count for everything. And this work does not continue on interminably. There is a point at which everything stops, turns. You are so very close to this point.

Beloveds, today I would speak a little on conflict and inner turmoil. I have covered this before. But today I relate these inner struggles in the context of that which currently occurs on your planet and in the invisible world within and around you.

Let it be known that those who would wish to see you fail in your endeavours are meeting a most sticky end, of their own creation of course. Much like the insect caught in the web of a spider. The more they try to struggle to free themselves, the stickier and more bound in the web they become.

And this is how inner conflict and turmoil can feel: the more you try to fight that which threatens to overwhelm you, the more you feel as if you are losing the battle. Would you, beloved ones, at this point, ask your Higher Selves to step in and remove from your being all that is not of your own creation. The Violet Flame of Transmutation is most useful for this.

In this last moment of darkness before the dawn, the inner and outer battleground is rife with dangers, surprise attacks and all manner of secret artillery that seemingly pop out from nowhere. And YOU are the enemy, in the perception of the Dark ones.

Confront these forces head on by shining your inner shields so brightly within that they are blinded by its brilliance and can take no further steps in advancing upon you. When you feel yourselves spiraling down into fear within, call upon our Armies of Light to send you extra backup that you might both have added power, in addition to greater discernment that you might know what is occurring within or without. You ones have for too long been at a decided disadvantage in very often not knowing the source of such attacks. Or even that one is occurring at all. The time of spiritual inequality now ends. You are to know clearly who your enemies are and how to deal with them quickly and effectively. The coming period will require it of you.

Beloveds, we are in immense joy as the veil now comes down. This would be simultaneously the veil to both yourselves and thusly your inner and outer world. This is what was meant previously in one of Shellee’s messages where it was described that you are to know and have your True Essence returned to you. In this whole and returned state shall all be much easier within, that you might step forth to win this last and final Battle before your imminent Victory.

And we can assure you: Victory is most certainly imminent.

Will you take these words as my gift of encouragement to you as you go forth?

Our brave and strong and true Warriors of the Light: we applaud you and stand by at the finish line, waiting to welcome you warmly to your hearts and our world.

With all my love along with the Sisters.

I AM your Sa-Ra

Signing off for now.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sa-Ra 9: The Road To Exposure

Sa-Ra 9: The Road To Exposure

24 November 2013

through Shellee-Kim

Beloved friends and all my family members on the Earth:
It is with great pleasure and delight I AM RETURNED once more!

Here we all are in these days of the End and the New beginnings. It is indeed a most propitious time to be on the Earth and taking advantage of all that that brings.

For now, it is a great time of secrets that have dwelled long in the hearts and minds of mankind to be revealed. To both himself and the world. This is already happening and happens at many levels. All that is hidden is to be made known; to be exposed that all might know what hides in the depths beneath.

And this applies equally to the individual as it does governments, corporations, the military and more besides. All are to encounter themselves finally, whether they like what they see or not. This is what drives the revelations of the End Times, as many of you ones have come to call it.

And so let it be known that no more lies and deceptions of your world and your very selves are to be tolerated. There can be no growth without this occurrence. And all your millennia spent endlessly incarnating here will have been for nought.

This is to be a profound experience for you all and one which you cannot do without for further progress of your soul. Together we will be helping and supporting you along each inch of this road. And when you reach it’s end you will, if you allow yourself, be profoundly changed from the experience. This will further your soul goals immensely.

Following on from a discussion we had with Shellee-Kim recently, it is also to be known that many of you are to be subject to great confusion through all this. Again, WE will be offering our assistance here for your greater clarity and inner peace. This is not a road exclusively open to some and not others. It is one that is for all of humanity at this time.

And those already at the end of this road or walking upon a new one are to lend a hand to those behind them; those that may have become stuck amongst boulders or other items obstructing their walkway.For all those that are willing and able to reach the end of the road that they may choose anew at the crossroads, great rewards of choice await. Which can ultimately lead to a massive acceleration in your spiritual evolution in the longer term. This is how crucially important choices are during this period.

We will leave this with you now to mull over. And to hopefully RE-MEMBER when the time is upon you.

With my great love and gratitude to you all for the work you are doing within.

Its importance cannot be underestimated.

This is your ever-loving Sa-Ra

Saying goodbye for now.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Grand Finale Points by Christ Michael

18 November 2013

Thru Shellee-Kim

CM: Ready to take up the cudgels?

SK: Yes!

CM: Oh good! Let's go then...

Firstly: to all my devoted Ones. You are the reason for our flurry of preparation we are now in. If you could see the activity now underway in honour of you all, you would be as excited as we are.
But that is just an aside.

What I would like to inform you all of is the series of events to unfold dramatically now in your Reality. For some, as you've already heard - this will be awesome, breathtaking and beyond belief in the most positive sense of these words.
For others: the experience won't be nearly as good or pleasing. But these are the choices that have been made and are just now to begin manifesting.

My beloved children: You ARE to know the glories of multidimensionality on your plane and within your minds and hearts. This phase of the unfolding revelations has long been awaited and prepared for you all who are joining forces with my Legions of the Light.

There are some points you would do well to remember that I'd like to impress upon you this day.
Do make sure you include as part of your daily practices, some form of protection that acts as a personal shield when you go out (into the ‘battlefield' of the world). It is and will continue to be important to keep yourself ‘clean' that the Light of your very being may continue to flow unhindered through you.

There is to be no more nonsensical leverage given to the Dark ones - their time is up! Their core group still hasn't yet accepted this, but this is their personal struggle and has no place in your future journey. When all is said and done, they have been given ample opportunity to rethink their own strategies. And have refused to do so over and over again.

But more importantly, the chaotic Grand Finale will push final choices upon people-and especially those who have refused to choose, up until this point.
Indeed it is to be a most grand turning point. One which has been devised as the most accessible means to both recognizing the Games played on earth for all this time and to begin re-connecting with the God within in more authentic fashion. And we see much being achieved in a very concentrated period of your time.

Glory be to the One Father that has and is making all this possible. It is and has been a truly stupendous bit of planning. Particularly given the constant changes within the larger plan. Now we are to know no more delays.

Let the Light and mine Shining Warriors stand forth as mine channels of my Light. And know that nothing further is to be tolerated.
We ARE now to override all time-delaying tactics and everything else that has produced delays. The Mother (Earth) is to wait no more. IT IS TIME!

Selah. So Be It.

I AM your beloved and most loving Creator Son

Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon

Over and out...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Birth Certificate To Death Certificate – A Slave From Cradle To Grave

Hello To One and All!

While we're on the subject of prevalent memes such as racism and the forces pulling the strings behind them, we can't ignore the concept of slavery. Racism and slavery fit together like a hand to a glove. Yet, it's not the perceived victim alone that is a slave, but as much the perceived perpetrator. In fact, those who believe they are the free-est (due to having been born/living in a particular country) are often the most enslaved. And in the contect of having a Birth Certificate...we are ALL documented slaves already!



August 3, 2013

by Wade Venden

Source: http://wadevenden.wordpress.com/2013/08/03/birth-certificate-to-death-certificate-a-slave-from-cradle-to-grave/

It’s one of those things that most of us never think about.

“What is a Birth Certificate for, anyway?”

We just accept it unconditionally, without ever questioning. It sounds “official,” so we leave it to the officials. That’s their business, not ours, and American Idol is starting, anyway. We’d rather not bother our pretty little minds with it (emphasis on “little”).

If a child asks a parent this question, the parent would probably answer “It’s so the government is notified of your birth.” Or, so that the birth is official. Funny how important it is to the government that everything be “official.”

But why does a birth need to be documented? God knows you were born – after all, it was he who put you here! Why does the State need to know this? Maybe, just maybe, it’s because they think they are God.

A parent might respond, if pressed, “Oh, it’s so they can enter you into the System.”

Yes – it is for that reason. To be “in the System” is to be a subject of it as well. It comes with certain privileges, but also carries with it its own liabilities. It’s those liabilities they never tell you about, meanwhile they broadcast all of the so-called “privileges” 24/7.

In fact, it goes much farther than that: you are never informed that there is any alternative at all to being in the System. You’ve never been informed that you have the choice to opt out.

No matter – remaining silent in a business contract is synonymous with granting consent, according to Black’s Law Dictionary, and since the System operates under Uniform Commercial Code (commercial law), remaining silent = tacit consent. It doesn’t matter that little baby can’t understand abstract thought or even speak yet, we’ll take his silence on the matter as authorized consent to the terms of the contract being offered by the State through means of the Birth Certificate. The signature of the parents only serves to further sanction the deal.

So, now that the Birth Certificate is signed and the deal complete, little baby can now be officially entered into the System.

Where does little baby reside during his first hours on the planet? Why, in the Maternity Ward, of course. To understand the import of this, you have to understand the legal definition of Ward:

They did WHAT??

They did WHAT??

When that Birth Certificate is signed and the contract made, that baby becomes a Ward of the State. Indefinitely. Even if you’re 60 years old and the president of your own company, in the eyes of the State, you are an infant, and they are legally entitled to make all judgements concerning your person and property, because as a Ward, your person and property belongs to them. Like it or not, this is the truth of how the System operates. Your development is arrested at the point of infancy, and you never get to grow up and inherit the freedoms and responsibilities of a Sovereign adult human being. Not unless you wake up and reclaim those God-given rights. It’s about Free Will, and that was granted to you by God.

The Birth Certificate signifies you as a non-living, fictional entity, and shows this by spelling your name in ALL-CAPS. Corporation names are spelled this way. So are the names of dead people on gravestones. So too the names that appear on driver’s licenses, auto registration and title, land titles, marriage licenses, tax forms, and also on all court documents.

Detecting a pattern yet?

A living, breathing human being signs their name with capital and lowercase letters. The State sees you as a fictional non-entity – the Ward of the State. They see you as an infant, and you better believe they treat you as such.

As Black’s Law Dictionary explains, the full capitalization of the letters of one’s natural name, results in a diminishing or complete loss of legal or citizenship status, wherein one actually becomes a slave or an item of inventory. The method, by which the State causes a natural person to “volunteer” himself into slavery, is through forming legal joinder, implied or stated, with the entity or legal fiction (name all CAPS). Of course, most natural persons wouldn’t willingly form such an unlawful but legally reductionist joinder, so trickery and obfuscation are used; and this starts when our birth certificates are created. – abodia.com

It is said to have started when the U.S. Government defaulted in 1933. Out of options and with no collateral to secure a loan with, the Federal Reserve saw its chance and pounced.

They suggested a plan so sinister that only a banker’s mind could have devised it. They suggested that the future citizens of the country (and the earnings derived from their labors) could be pledged by the government as collateral for the loan. And the means of securing that pledge was to be the Birth Certificate.

A Birth Certificate is a financial instrument known as a security. Because it is an instrument of value, it gets passed onto the Treasury and eventually winds up being traded on the stock market. It’s really no different than a Stock Certificate, Gold Certificate, or Silver Certificate. They all represent items of value – property, in other words. It’s an “account” opened with a Birth Certificate, and closed with a Death Certificate – a property that has been liquidated.

So, you and I, we are property, owned by the Federal Reserve. How does that sit with you? For me, I can honestly say it sits about as well as a truck driver with a raging case of hemorrhoids. But there is some light at the end of this dark, depressing tunnel.

The Good News

Yes, right now you may be a slave, but a slave you needn’t remain if you don’t choose to. Like I said before, it’s true that there are certain privileges that go along with being a Ward of the State. If that works for you, then change nothing. For those it doesn’t work for, read on.

I’ve understood for quite awhile that the forces that shape our physical reality are spiritual forces. God is real, and what he ordains will come to pass. Given that, if God grants you Free Will, then what power in the Universe could ever prevent or usurp that? The honest answer is – NONE!

And that is how you exercise your Sovereign Free Will – exactly with that kind of authority. Sovereignty is not granted by anyone on this earth because it can only be given by God, and what is given by God cannot be taken away. It must be claimed on earth, claimed with conviction! They will try to trick, confuse, and deceive you into giving your Sovereignty away, but they cannot ever legally take it away. They must have your permission.

You might be a Sovereign if:

You chafe at being told that you must wear a helmet when you ride your motorcycle, even though you are the only one at risk for riding without one.
You bristle at the thought that the State, if they claimed any reason deemed acceptable by them, could come and take away one or more of your children into custody.
It vexes you that every time you go to court to contest a ticket, you end up paying it anyway.
It bothers you that you not only have to register your guns, but now they are bending over backwards trying to take them all away.
You resent having to apply for a license to drive, when the constitution guarantees you the right to travel.
You dislike having to apply for a license to be married, when God is more than happy to witness and authorize that marriage and give it all his blessings.
You cringe when you realize that upwards of 25% of your yearly earnings now go to income tax, a tax that didn’t even exist until 1913, then reinforced in 1942, sold to help with the War effort and promised to include a sunset clause, which of course was summarily ignored later.
You become angry that cops try every trick in the book to “upgrade” any minor violation into a major offense, and act as money collecting agents, not “keepers of the peace.”
You’re sick and tired of being treated like a child that can’t choose anything for himself, but instead must be told what to do in every circumstance.

If any of those things resonate with you than you just might be a candidate for becoming Sovereign.

Now, of course the PTB are going to demonize this concept – slavery is a huge, huge, HUGE revenue source for them. Have you noticed that there are always more codes, rules, and regulations on the books, never less? The more potential offenses there are, the more the money comes streaming in. The PTB don’t want that gravy train to ever dry up, and they will fight tooth and nail to retain it. Don’t let them – they have no right to the fruits of your labor, nor do they have any claim upon your freedom. You just need to stand up and claim it for yourself:

Where you STAND is where you make your lawful truthful claims, in a courtroom ON the public record, with witnesses to your claim. There is NO HIGHER AUTHORITY THAN CREATOR. Our Freedom is our Inheritance, Birthright of Freeborn Natural People [not corporate fictions]. It is up to US to stop compromising our birthright and posterity. It is called STANDING. – Trent Goodbaudy, Freedom from Governement

Amen, Trent. It’s called STANDING, as opposed to KNEELING, which is what most of us do before Judges. Well, at least for me, no more of that bullcrap!

I truly believe that it was designed this way for a purpose. As grim as the current situation might look for the wakeful among us, I have faith in the fact that it all is designed perfectly according to God’s Will. Yes, he granted us all Free Will, but in our world it has become hidden from us, hidden so that we first need to wake up, realize what’s going on, then decide what we will do next. If we want Free Will, we have to exercise Free Will. In truth, it’s beautifully constructed.

I believe that God designed our world precisely like this because he wants us to wake up, to reclaim the promise of his gift to us, to reclaim our birthright from the enemies that have concealed it from us. There’s a wondrous victory in that, and I cannot imagine anything more honorable than STANDING before our accusers and reclaiming our God-given Sovereignty. Remain kneeling, or stand. It’s your choice.