I AM Present

I AM Present

Monday, December 18, 2017



Quite a few months ago I wrote to someone in a mail that we were about to hit a phase where we were going to ‘reveal ourselves to ourselves’. I was a bit early in that feeling. I believe that time is now.

Actually, I remember feeling so frustrated for a good few years prior to that, that I often begged for the contents of my subconscious to be given to me ‘in my face’. Where I couldn’t make any mistake about it. It seems these deeper mind/feeling mysteries of ourselves are now en route.

I feel like I did when I was sitting the exam for my tour guide certificate. I’d done the theory exam and was waiting to be called on for the practical test. That was something you could only prepare for in a limited fashion. Things would come up on each person’s issued segment of the journey and you would spontaneously need to adapt and adjust and answer unexpected questions. Though you may have tried to mentally and emotionally prepare for the expected ones you hoped you’d receive.

I’m waiting in…anticipation. But really can’t wait for it all to be over - to go out and celebrate a pass. Finally!

Some of us may already have begun this phase a short time ago, others are starting now and yet for others this is around the next corner.

In one way or another, these self revelations are designed to blow our minds, quite literally. We are supposed to have identity shifts by having an identity crisis first. Of sorts. Or at the very least, a severe jiggling or feel turned upside-down, inside-out in some way or another in our interior worlds. Then we are better equipped to bring more authentic offerings to our outer world.

For some, this could be realising we are not the truth bringers we thought we were, as we’d been infiltrated/hypnotised at a level we weren’t aware of by impersonating darkies within. I know all-too-well about that. For others, it may be an ancient, antagonistic defensive response in our behaviour we projected erroneously onto others, so we never have to take ownership of that. Or it may be being brought to a place of being able to let go easily. For me? I could fall into the latter as I’ve been in bouts of unexpected tears and feeling sad out of the blue these past few days ( along with a strange kind of flu/throat, crown, third eye chakra meddling). But I don’t really know as I’m still waiting for my turn.

This may not be a comfortable ride at all for most of us. But even in the midst of our respective emotional turmoil, can we please (on an in breath) remember to be grateful to God/Higher Selves for bringing ‘this’ to our attention?
The gift may well come packaged as a curse, or so we think, but in fact it is yet another chance to move through unwanted stuff within. First, though, we have to know and see what that comes packaged to us as.

Sometimes I go overboard and make a mountain out of molehill. I’m not going to do that this time. I’ve efforted too many times in the past, jumped to all sorts of conclusions and only discovered later that I’d efforted in the wrong manner entirely.

But despite the trepidation, I’m actually quite excited to be able to see and know what fears, et al lurks beneath and hides away? And more importantly, to meet and greet it - no matter what – and then let it go.

Whatever we do, the best we can do is embrace whatever the feelings our situations present. The worst: push it down, tell ourselves we'll deal with it another time. Or numb out.
These self revelations are in all of our best and highest interests in helping God to help ourselves to help and serve others. That’s how I see it, anyway.

Read Lisa’s latest blog here on same:

Stay breathing, in objective witnessing mode and allow everything...

Blessed be, one and all.

p.s. I also have a couple more Pale Ibongi praise-prose songs done, but I’ve yet to be given a tune for one. Will post the other in a couple of days.

p.p.s The darkies appear to have moved a notch lower into desperation-fear: they’ve now locked in a code at the top of every page of this doc and which I can’t remove. This happened sometime in the past 5-7 days. This doc is for inspirational, blog writing, prose, quotes and such. The code’s purpose may be an attempt to trigger something self-destructive/limiting/fearful in me. Additionally, even when I’m writing offline like now, my keyboard is permanently messed with. The cursor’s ‘programmed’ to constantly jump to other places on the page as I’m typing, auto delete tracts of content and plenty of other offline games of theirs. It’s gotten worse also.

p.p.p.s. …which must mean that again and right now, they’re exceedingly AFRAID of what we can do in the current consciousness climate. Or could it be something to do with my Ibongi stuff of late? Hmmm. Either way, you gotta hand it to them: their clues are no longer clues, but screeching declarations of freaking out - to spur us all on much more.