I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, April 12, 2014


by Shellee-Kim

Something mighty significant happened this past week in the global war on souls. Or it could have been several things.
And I'm of the notion that it had a great deal to do with the switching off of one of the psychopathic Khazarian Zionists' techno toys. More completely, I mean. Like the final death throes of their 'beast' machinery and it's many-tentacled influence.

Immediately after this dismantling it felt like there was an instant attempt to counteract this loss. But not by the on-planet psychos. This time their off-planet bosses seemed to intervene with some large-scale 'attempted' attacks, as well as etheric ones. I say 'attempt', as, pitifully for our vampiric, almost-ex rulers and their non-human bosses, that's all it's going to be now...until their final demise.

And a whole lot of activity happens before then, anyway, with the KZ's taking centre stage and finally getting to feel what being on the receiving of their creations feels like - whether they like the spotlight and attention or not. Minus all the usual adulation and exultation, of course.

Yes, I feel this move has definitely upped the stakes.

Even if you're NOT a natural remote viewer, clairvoyant or energy reader of some kind, all you really need at this time is to be particularly observant to the world around you. And how the sinking of their technology and its influence on mass minds takes effect now. On that count alone, I think being on earth now, after all these millenia of numbing matrix control, is about to become the most exciting time and place to witness and participate in the liberation of a civilisation.

Here's some of Valiant's posts: someone who appears to know just HOW the criminally-insane KZ's tick. Or tock. He's written a range of cryptic posts about them, for them, with a kind of 'insider's' knowledge. And informing us, in the process, about where the KZ's are at with warnings as he sees fit. Perhaps he's one gifted with some or all of the above. An excerpt from the most recent and two links for you to Valiant's work:


There’s something there, but it’s like
Trying to think about it scatters my
My thoughts on that “Machine”
That Big Brother has been using
To manipulate things is on the verge of
Breaking...and at some point in March
It will break, whic
h will reveal something
They’ve been hiding in the skies...
Whatever it is, all I know is that it has
Not changed other events to come...
The Mississippi will still flood...
The Earth will still shake with quakes after..

and from another post of his...

One person can make a difference.
Time to take the blindfolds off people.
I should go. You still have a lot of stupid
Things to do…

That’s all for now.

PS: Blood moon, red moon…was in my book…it was and is a sign you know.


While much that kept their ship afloat now sinks more fatally for the powers-that-were, one of the functions of their mind-control machinery was to transmit fake New Age 'messages' through telepathic means. And by this I mean 'messages' purportedly containing higher dimensional wisdom for the public.

Popular with gurus in the New Age movement and on conspiracy websites and forums in particular, some of these seemed convinced they were receiving information from entities of the Light. When, in fact, these were being 'channelled' directly by the CIA, using particular frequencies.

And it will be interesting from now on to observe who's channelling stops rather suddenly. And who's changes tack, tone, flavour. With or without explanation. Especially to note the big, influential names, or absence thereof - all a good further lesson in discernment for us.

Such as the equally-popular Kathryn May who officially gave her 'last' channelled message last Sunday 7 April. Apparently, because there were no more coming through her to share as we, humanity, are now considered 'ready' and prepared for the event or changes or however she referred to the coming time. Her website claims she was asked by Spirit to serve as the official "Voice of Mother/Father God". http://www.whoneedslight.net/

Or you could more easily interpret this as: no more messages coming through due to the Death Of The Machine!
And no, I'm not singling her out here, as there are many popular channellers who unknowingly have been used to help control the direction and limit would-be authentic seekers of spiritual freedom. And for me that's a crime against humanity as potent as any government/leader found guilty of violent war crimes against people in this world.

Not to mention the ones who knowingly soul-ed themselves out. Purported to work directly for the CIA her/himself, Cobra http://2012portal.blogspot.com
refers to 8 April last week in another context.
Source: http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/about/

Windows XP support has ended
As of April 8, 2014, support and updates for Windows XP are no longer available. Don’t let your PC go unprotected.

Microsoft provided support for Windows XP for the past 12 years. But the time came for us, along with our hardware and software partners, to invest our resources toward supporting more recent technologies so that we can continue to deliver great new experiences.

As a result, technical assistance for Windows XP is no longer available, including automatic updates that help protect your PC. Microsoft has also stopped providing Microsoft Security Essentials for download on Windows XP…

April 8, 2014… that’s today… the same date as the latest Cobra post!!

Now, here is what Ivan messaged to me just a few minutes ago:

WRT Cobra’s Chi Rho news: Now you also know why “Windows Chi Rho” was called “Windows XP”… and synchronistically too: support for “Windows XP” is now officially over, as is the rule of “Chi Rho” on earth.

Recall from the Cobra post, speaking of the Chimera group, and the airport… X = χ = chi and P = ρ = rho

Also related to that same date 8 April is this comment by Cliff High wwwhalfpasthuman.com
He reeks of being a double-agent and I don't trust him overall and don't follow him, but this comment may be related to the above, thus somehow tied in to KZ doom days in general.


...head politicians have done it again and doubled down on stupid. We expect BTC, gold, and then silver to start reacting to [shocking] geo-political events on Tuesday, April 8, 2014, late in day Pacific Coast Time.

I've mentioned these last two references to the 8 April as it seems to have been a big week or two, in general. And what with their abuse and manipulations of time to buy more of it, the KZ's tech toys being removed from them and the general desperate tantrums that must result, the heat has radically been turned up on them.

And they usually lash out with their vengeful hatred and blood lust in response. Like a small 'terrorist insurgency' that kills a few hundred in some powerless African country or another murderous attack on the beloved innocent children of Palestine or...or...or...

So shields, swords, armour and the protection of your invisible friends' help nicely in place now please. As they always should be.
It's incredibly encouraging to know that as more of the KZ's control devices are removed and defunct blinkers fall away that previously blinded an unsuspecting public, now is the time when people can and will see all the more clearly.

Nontheless and until then and the time for action, remain ever vigilant.

Love Of The One

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sa-Ra 25: Time For Truth

6 April 2014

Sa-Ra 25: Time For Truth

Through Shellee-Kim

Here I am, Shellee. Are you well, beloved sister?

SK: Kind of spaced out...are you well?

S: Aah, we are always well, and of course extra productive at the current time with preparations of our own. May I continue Shellee? I’m all fired up and raring to go…

SK: Yes...[*distracted with exhaustion and yawning*]

S:Indeed it is wonderful to again be with you, beloved friends and family.
We have all come a very far way - together and separately. And all is to change in the twinkling of an eye. As it must.This final chapter in this cycle separates us and you completely from some, and joins us with others. What a time awaits, beloveds.[SK: said very excitedly; positively anticipating]

So many of your (galactic)family come together in preparation now - to be reunited with you through forthcoming celebrations, the like of which hasn’t been seen for many an eon. What a time it is to be!

But first comes the necessary bridge work that allows others to cross; those who are desiring of this. And we are hoping the numbers may swell, once the evidence and reasons for trusting galactic friends and those representing them on the ground (SK: us!) is apparent. And it WILL become apparent as many will see how deceived they have been for so long.

The house of Truth is to speak/sing through many Voices and instruments, each singing different notes, as it were, of a single song. Each will bring to the orchestra his or her special skills, talents and gifts with which to contribute to the music, as a whole.What joy we can already feel in the hearts and minds of the musicians/singers, as well as in humankind’s.

Discerning Truth has never been as easy to discern as it will now become upon your Earth. Even as your world has sunk ever deeper into the quicksand of lie upon lie.

The coming period serves as a grand opportunity that will be graced with the ease of recognition; the ease of discernment for the many. Very little effort, beyond being of an open minded and hearted disposition, will be required to grasp these Truths as they anchor into your reality, confronting the mass mind. Oh, what days are ahead of us! [*she says with exuberance*]

Libraries of knowledge [SK: just heard these are earth libraries of knowledge where proof/evidence of true world events will be available to all] will make themselves available to the many. Which will be particularly useful to those of a skeptical bent.

Then there will be presentations brought forward in specific ways depicting an entirely different version of your world history and the accurate manner in which events played out. And the true villains and heroes, past and present of your societies, will be made known to the public.

All these and many other endeavours are designed to bring forth the Truth in our joint [*SK: heaven and earth*] and co-ordinated efforts.
These are just a few ways mentioned that will contribute to the great revolution of spirit that comes upon you all. And it will be our pleasure and privilege to work with you in bringing as much success to these operations and their outcome as possible.

For all this and more there is much planning and preparation that has been and continues to be underway. And many of you have been extremely busy at night, in this regard.

As you continue on in these final moments to countdown where your world will never look or be the same again afterwards, it is sobering to see that many on your world are very lost now – to themselves and each other. Which is a gift of sorts.
For it is said on your world that to find yourself you first need to lose yourself. And the coming times are to provide the perfect opportunity for this.

This is all we have for you tonight, beloveds.

Ponder these words deeply and allow them to penetrate. For yours will be no ordinary tasks. But then you all are no ordinary Light warriors. And why you were chosen for your specific jobs.

Fulfilling upon these is to be your privilege.

With that I take my leave

I AM your beloved Sa-Ra