I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, December 8, 2018


8 December 2018

You know that saying ‘Life happens while you're making other plans’. This really does succinctly explain the fact that while we're purportedly living our lives, the real choices we make remain hidden from most of us.  This, while we're  mostly skirting around on the surface of life in an ongoing series of thinking, acting, reacting and doing. And that, we may think, is the current extent of our living and learning. Though it happens in as many ways as there are people - through situations, other people and ourselves.

That's the one level. But from the perspective of our Higher/God Selves we are on earth as these fragments of God (personality/God/ego all mish-mashed together) to learn, grow and expand to our respective next rung on our personal stairway to heaven/God consciousness. This is part of our eternal journey.

Which could be vastly different from how we, our little selves, perceive the challenges of our life lessons and its answers to be. The sense of this grows daily for me. I'm becoming more aware of the unreality; the top or conscious layer of active life. And how insignificant it is, though necessary.

 That the real life is like the beautiful scent of a fragrant flower that you catch when you turn your head in a particular direction and angle. As if you  can almost catch it and pin it down, but not quite. But if you could do this all the time, you'd be in a state of living the 'real life', as I call it.
 A lot like a dream you wake up from who’s few fragments might haunt you during the day, but try as you might you can’t remember the entire dream for greater clarity  and context.

Trying. To. Remember. MySelf. Four words that pack a powerful punch for me.  Or have in the past. Now I’m perceiving  such efforting or striving as exceedingly limiting. As opposed to re-member-ing to just be! To merely relax, unfold, immerse into…disappear into…that which I (and you) already are.
I say ‘disappear’ as that’s always been the greater dream for me. Actually, disappearing entirely as a personality-ego into the awesome God being that I AM is the only real dream I have that remains for me. There is nothing else I have to do or be here; nothing or very little of interest to me. Mainly because that’s His will for my life.

That I was once filled with all manner of dreams and ambitions seems so far away from my consciousness now. Even though every single dream I’ve ever had possessed one thing in common, no matter how diverse the dreams were – to serve and uplift my fellow sisters and brothers on this planet.

I just had no idea this seemingly-simple desire and intent would have so much against its manifestation – from inside me! How ironic! 

But how grateful I AM to start anew each day; to have new, healthier perspectives on this art of living. Actually, what I've found more recently is the successful moments come in the having of less attachments to people/situations/the past.  This, I believe, is the real ‘access card’ to greater freedom within.

And that, for me, is and always has been the goal. Because this can only mean freedom for everyone else I (we) touch daily.

9/12/18 ADDENDUM: As always, a perfect fit for my current ponderings  and what I drew from the HL generator today


[The rest expressed below  in rhyme after watching the real poetic deal, Harry Baker.]


We’re from the future
Trying to find our feet
 Returned from wholeness
Oh!  what a feat
It is to live as One
In this realm -not always fun
Distracted by weapons
Of the consciousness war
How easily we forgot
We’re mighty love’s spawn
Joy’s where we’re from
And we’ve never left
But in [these] illusory conditions
We feel bereft
Of that which is
So hard to know and flow
Is that or this the way to go?
What does it take
To naturally emanate
The life supreme
So we can live His dream
Of spreading our wings
His heart, good things
Love, joy and peace
Unobstructed by dis-eased
Fears and inconsistencies

Here and now do I pledge
To feel, see and know
The inner vastness aglow
That when expressed
Can help the rest
Hmm, let’s put it to the test…

My inspiration, Harry Baker. What a beautiful child of God spreading his inspirational poetic gift through tongue-in-cheek humour, insight and universal Truths. These are my 3 favourites - all pretty short. 
Enjoy and bless every heart!

Sunshine Kid
[superimposed music-free version; a couple of minutes intro in German]

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