I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, November 29, 2014


24 November 2014


through Shellee-Kim

Ah Shellee I am overjoyed. It HAS been such a long time since we last had contact, dearest one. And how I have missed it and you.
Well, no mind, for here I AM once more. Come to greet all upon your plane again and with more wisdom to share with you.

We are all very close to the edge and end as we choose our final moves. And until the moment when we can interact with all of you, our beloved friends and family.There is much work ahead of you – please do prepare for that. And no one is to sit idle.

But let's move on to our topic of the evening, shall we?Tonight, my friends, I would like to speak on betrayal.

The pain of betrayal is a common theme amongst all people everywhere. Many upon your plane and elsewhere have experienced this.We have covered some aspects of this previously in other messages and as it related to those themes/subjects.Here we will elaborate on it.

It is of great concern when a loved one whom you love and respect and are deeply bonded with, appears to turn against you. Particularly if it is for reasons (or no reason, to your mind) that makes little or no sense to you.
Or when seemingly out of the blue these same loved ones, including dear friends, appear to respond negatively in the extreme towards you quite suddenly.

Behaviour changes and somehow you know and feel the walls going up. Though usually nothing is said. Perhaps eventually there may be a confrontation to clarify reasons behind the walls which have not been aired to date. When this happens it may come as a shock to to learn of the others' perspective or their take on affairs between you.

And if you believe all is unjustified in the blame being levelled against you, you may well perceive what is occuring as a betrayal.

Betrayal – or the sense of it- comes in many forms; unique to each and every situation. However, the common thread all share is the emotional content: the disbelief, shock, sometimes horror and the sheer incredulity of having perceived a person or situation one way, only to have the betrayer reveal it quite differently.

Having an experience involving betrayal is amongst the most potent of lessons you can learn on your plane. Should you decide to tackle the lesson head on and resolve it within with a measure of grace. For, in truth, there is no place else to resolve it.

Take, for example, an instance where two long-time friends have disagreed again on a contentious issue between them. The one side may become so enraged, forgetting him/herself and the high regard he/she usually holds the friend in. Including all that has passed between them over the years and shared, hurtful family secrets entrusted to the enraged one. In a fit of anger all comes tumbling out. And finally truths are told, though they may not be connected to the issue at hand.

What has really motivated the enraged one/the betrayer here is a moment of complete frustration with the other in not 'getting it', not understanding the point being made. In turn, this led to a desire to lash out in anger, which then ensues the spilled beans of the past being brought up.

Now from that very moment the receiver of the betrayal begins seeing his/her friend through entirely new eyes. And after the initial shock wonders why nothing was said earlier. [SK: Sa-Ra's avoiding the use of the word 'victim' deliberately, as no one is a victim].
I will tell you why this is, beloveds.

You live in a world where from the time you learn to walk and talk and through your parental and societal conditioning in those early years that speaking openly and honestly - saying what is on your mind and in your heart about and to the person you are addressing – is highly unacceptable social behaviour.
This is the way your world and family and culture have raised you, have taught you societal 'norms'.
So much so that when both truths and manipulated lies are spoken of to you and concerning you, it hits you as a complete shock. These thoughts and feelings are no longer in disguise or exist in the sub-text between you and your friend. It is up, out and in the open. And this hurts like hell, to use your vernacular, does it not beloveds?

Your world has taught that reasons for keeping authentic feelings hidden is they act as both a self-protective mechanism and one which prevents the unnecessary hurt of others. This is also a part of your dark matrix programming on earth. And serves only as a great limitation in self expression, healing and honesty of and with self, and thus the ability to be honest and transparent with others comfortably. The positive impact that being transparent with yourselves and each other could have within your society is immeasurable.

And so many of you have chosen to undergo various forms, levels and types of betrayal in life circumstances and in your personal relationships. For many of you, betrayal is a theme you share in common as ascension initiates. And for a slightly smaller group this has happened repeatedly during the course of your lifetime.
As mentioned earlier, betrayal provides a very poignant learning if you can master it, beloveds. You will know that you are successful when you are still able to remain open of heart post the experience.

Ultimately, feeling betrayed produces issues of mistrust and suspicion of others. And can also affect your ability later to surrender yourself fully to God.
Should you have had a childhood issue of betrayal by one or both of your parents/caregivers, for instance, this can later even translate to mistrust of the God within. And so the influence of unhealed betrayal has some impact, as you can see.

Perhaps the most beneficial and speedy manner in which to both recover and transmute the energy of feeling betrayed is to embrace all the painful feelings you are feeling. Simultaneously, intend total forgiveness towards the person perceived as the betrayer.
Allow and encourage and even tease your hurt feelings up to the surface that you may bathe in them, even if momentarily. The idea here being to thoroughly FEEL them that you may further know the truth of yourself.

Request your HS and celestial team assists here and intend and command all these emotions and related past ones regarding betrayal up to your conscious awareness. Being conscious of your feelings is the single-most important thing, beloveds, as you cannot free yourselves of that which you don't know exists within. Or which you don't want to know about.
The latter being more dangerous, as this choice does little in helping you advance yourselves.

The more open to the TRUTH OF YOURSELF AND EXPRESSING YOUR AUTHENTICITY you are, the easier it is to elevate yourself vibrationally and to connect more easily with us.
It serves nothing or no one, most particularly you and your journey to further stuff more pain within, submerging it yet further . This will only create a greater requirement for more energy to be expended on it at a later date.

Of course best of all is to be able to identify and heal yourself of your childhood feelings of betrayal, which will help clear the way for all the following experiences. Do remember that all such themes could also energetically have their source in other lifetimes.

Beloveds, this is deep inner work that requires a good measure of courage to face. Seeing yourself objectively/as others see you is perhaps the most difficult thing to do in a world constructed of illusions and delusions. With emphasis on self-delusion.

You are all most brave and courageous souls who stop at nothing to advance yourselves. And it is in this we take particular pride, doing all we can to aid your progress and development.

You are all so very loved.

This is your beloved Sa-Ra

Hoping you are supplied with adequate food for thought.

And saying Adieu for now.