I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, March 22, 2019


From the book: The Energy Of Life[Anastasia series]

[Anastasia’s grandfather speaks to the seeming ‘powers’ or priests that have controlled this planet for millennia]

“…Although outward simplicity and the ability to conceal one’s abilities and possibilities is one of the important components of their power. There’s no way they’re going to brag about the weapons in their arsenal the way the leaders of the world’s great powers do.The priests are capable of aiming these weapons wherever they like by directing the leaders’ thoughts, by bringing about corresponding situations. And they never had any thought of bragging about themselves in public. Their major, secret goal over the millennia has been to achieve a dialogue with God. No matter how they’ve acted, they have never feared Divine revenge, knowing that God has given full freedom to each Man, and He will not break His promise.

They have been controlling mankind, torturing it even, thereby showing God that they are more capable than anyone else, that the fate of the Earth’s civilisation depends on them. This kind of situation, they figured, ought to compel God to enter into a dialogue with them…Only there hasn’t been any dialogue. And now it’s become clear why it has been totally out of the question for the priests to have a dialogue with God”.

I’ve been dwelling on this since reading the related book that this excerpt is taken from. It befuddled me that these entities [in human form] even entertained the possible reality of a dialogue with God as a real one for themselves.

Yes, it’s clear that what they see as the ultimate power is power OVER God. As if power over God could ever be anything but a psychopath’s fantasy! But then severing yourself from God can only breed the psychopathic mind…and all ITS attributes. Including that false sense of personal power and attempts at manipulating the Creator Himself. 

For them, there is no power if it doesn’t consist of power OVER something/someone in their external environment. Hence, their lust for mass control of this planet’s populace.
But actually be-lie-ving you could conquer that which gave you life in the first instance, your Creator, would be laughable if it weren’t pretty sad. 

They live in human bodies, these entitites, yet do they still possess that spark of God life within them? Or have they, by their own consistent efforts at self-destruction, snuffed that possibility out altogether? Have they - by energetically feeding off others in parasitic fashion to stay alive and giving themselves over to a bio-robotic/satanic existence - killed the spark of God within them? 
I don’t know. Because God says that every ENSOULED being has the spark of God within it, if I recall right. So the question is: are they still ensouled? Even those that are cloned have the chance through choice to obtain their God within, if I remember right.

My sense, though, is that our current gang of planetary marauders have gone too far. And they’ll probably opt to have their souls uncreated/the second death [after the physical one] instead of being rehabilitated, in the main.
 After millennia that were relatively-unobstructed in reaching some of their ill-fated deeds, they have come within a hair's breadth…of their ultimate goal. Widespread transhumanism and humanity’s subsequent enslavement! But they were faced with the unthinkable – a blocking of their plans. Man proposes and God disposes, so it’s said.

And its God’s power that makes itself felt now. Perhaps they thought God was no match for them previously because they’d never been actively thwarted.
This planet has never been their Creation. But they were ALLOWED to hijack it, and us. Consciously, the playing fields were never level for the mass of humanity. Yet, we chose to be placed here to real—eyes and live our true power in God. Even and especially when feelings of powerlessness were constantly up in our faces.

Feelings of powerlessness/powerfulness in the world is exactly how the ego works: inclining us if we let it to false ‘highs’ and false ‘lows’ in feeling both.
 As an example, you could have the very worst of material conditions present in your life. You may be penniless, without food or/and electricity. Or even be homeless. You may be without the use of body parts or without those parts altogether. Or any one of a multitude of other limiting external circumstances.

 Yet, through it all, you still have your greater Self; your I AM. It and all its Godly attributes are ever available to you, should you choose to call on this presence. Or perhaps better put – lose yourself in it totally. 

Knowing you are power-less in the external world is very helpful then. Though far from comfortable. Knowing you have nothing and effectively are nothing in your little self [which is full of diversionary trickery, courtesy the implanted ego] and all its expression is a pretty good place to be in internally.

Living your true Self is living your God self and your true power. Which is nothing but His power. Then everything that I AM can fly free…Anything less than this is moving backwards into your little self. 

God’s attributes within us are many: love, harmony, joy, peace, amongst many others. We access this by entering the inner sanctuary, the golden palace, the golden sea [whatever you like to call it], etc, and bowing down our intellect before holy Father/Mother God within. 

God, May  your true Godly power called love be a gift we hold and live exclusively for the upliftment of every woman, man, child and animal that comes upon our path. May your power guide us as to its wisest use and may we be used purposefully by it…always in the name of Your glory.

Power can be quiet; it can be calm
True Godly power is a healing balm
God’s power is glorious to see
When it emanates from you and me
It can move mountains, arouse the hearts
Of all people, even the upstarts
Who come to incite change
Or even to hold it back
Blissfully unaware that there are no traps
When God declares His love
As the one true power
In existence here and above
All will know there is no other.

True power in living God’s life is of eternal kindness, love, compassion and understanding. It’s in every person out there, including amongst the known and unknown parasites that walk amongst us. So be kind in acknowledging the grains of sand under your feet on your next beach walk and the blades of grass that surround you.
You never know who that blade or grain may have once been or what it’s journey was when it was in human form.

Judith Sephuma's 'A Cry, A Smile, A Dance [can't bring the link in, for some reason]