I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Knock Knock...In Dreams, and Prophecy...Soulmates...Ascension...Alien Contact by Valiant

These past few week have been...gruelling...and cruel on the human form. Or on this particular form, at any rate. I've been waking up almost choking to death the past few nights. As if I've had my airways blocked or been practising how to stop my breath elsewhere. Playing the 'holding your breath' game we used to do as children comes to mind.
It's happened many times in the past few years. And waking up feeling like you cannot breathe and gasping to get breathe again doesn't exactly inspire confidence in sleep. But it must inspire confidence in trust. Trusting that all you and I are ignorant about right now (including choking awake)has some purpose. Bizarre and obscure though it may seem to us for now. Just before sleep, there's been a few times where I've experienced sharp painful stabs at my throat and neck glands. Anyone else? I feel we're moving out of this latest phase now though. Whatever this phase was all about this time.

Just to say, I don't necessarily agree with all Valiant says, in many instances. However, there's usually more I do resonate with and feel aligned to than not. So here's his latest:

Love and hugs

by Valiant


In dreams and prophecy I've spoken of
September, as the Month to watch…
To behold, wait for…now here it is.
How it goes, no one knows…
But don’t expect bells and whistles of warnings
To go off…warnings will only come by
Your own instincts, your own senses…
Just pay attention, be careful and as always
Best behavior…and you should be fine…

The Weather will turn, changes will come…
Suddenly…as they always do.

The difference is now the stakes are much higher…
The dangers greater…and the effects on a
Much larger scale.
People will wake up over the next few months,
Like it or not, believe me…life won’t give them a choice.
Many won’t like it…steer clear of them,
You don’t need excess baggage now.

I've decided to go into some detail regarding
Re-occurring questions I get in email…
About Soulmates…Alien Contact…
Perhaps, Hopefully if I do this it will help
You find your own individual answers
More easily. So I’ll try to help by telling you
What I know.

Soulmates…The What, The When, The How, The Who…
If you have to ask if someone is your soulmate,
Then obviously…They aren't.
With Soulmates…there is no doubt or questions.
You simply know.
Like a Spark, A Fanning Flame…
Soulmates are unpredictable, yet unstoppable…
We’re born to find them, however a challenge
It may be…but when we do…
That’s when the magic happens.
It’s not a question of love, or lover…
They can be a true best friend or life partner…
The connection between Soulmates is unbreakable…
No distance can split them up…
They are a true gift and possibly the goal
And true wealth of life.
If only to find them…be with them.
I always believed that to find a soulmate
If everyone did, then it would solve all problems…
Cure the world…
Which is why I strived to perfect line designs
To do such a thing…
Now if only I had a league of helpers and
Computer geniuses to help me organize and scan
Thousands of drawings…
We might be able to make that magic happen…
And more…
If only there were time.

As for Ascension…the goal of raising
This will most likely happen naturally for those
Already on the right path…
A cleaning, clearing, of the consciousness and
Aspects of ones life…by choice, again naturally.
Craving more natural things, foods, etc…purity
A strong control over ones’ mind and mood…
Strong meditations…
A strong distaste for all negative aspects
Of life…example: horror movies, porn…
All things of a cynical nature…
A growing inner Peace, even if you’re sick…
Your spiritual side will naturally grow…
These are some of the starting symptoms…
Psychic gifts will come in time.

As for Ascending to another plane, that only
Happens in death…sorry.
It’s more important to raise your vibration
In this state anyway.

As for Aliens…Contact, etc…
Maybe I’m jaded from the visits, and the
Constant questions…and their obsession
Though with great respect
Of seeing the Angel I met that gave me the gift…
When communicating with Aliens…
Do not do this with eyes glazed over in
All reverent awe as if they’re superior or perfect.
They aren't. Just think of them as coming
From a fancier land and driving fancier vehicles.
Treat them with respect and kindness
The way you want to be treated.
To get their attention…
Think of what higher aspects you can
Bring to the table, that’s what gets their attention.
Don’t be offended if they don’t contact
Everyone…The have things to do and will
Most likely only contact those whose paths
They happen to cross…
And trust me, they better get busy…
Time isn't growing any shorter.

September will make a mark…
Don’t trust the news….
Expect sudden changes…

Dear Mr. Spaceman…You said I impressed you…
I believe I’d like to see you impress me now…
Or rather They would…And you know how
Hard that is.

That’s all for now.

Monday, September 1, 2014

ANOTHER OPENING by Infinite Mother Spirit

29 August 2014



Infinite Mother Spirit

through Shellee-Kim

Beloved family of Light and all members of the human race upon Earth.
We are delighted to announce further headway towards more of the imminent Victory of the Light upon your plane.

This (SK:past) week of your time has again been one of great significance. There has been an opening within the time-space matrix that holds great promise in the re-alignment of much that was once lost to the Earth.
And this was another further victory for us all. As I said previously in a message, there would be many. However, this one allows us ( on this side of the veil) to help re-arrange certain systems and structures upon your plane. And which will benefit so many more people than originally conceived.
By turning certain structures inside out, as it were, consciousness amongst you all can potentially climb higher and faster now.

Do remember, in all workings, that the final plane of manifestation in your 3D/4D existence is that through which the physical body, mind, emotions may tangibly feel and experience. And ultimately assess as to how it wishes to use such new incoming data. As well as new routes it may wish to take, as a result.

The time we are all entering into now is one of profound shifts...that will literally shake people into an awakening (SK:she wont say what that means exactly--but I thought I got a glimpse of the very earth shaking under and around us; I read it elsewhere also). All that happens now is exactly what has been asked for; what is needed for this to occur.
Being in fear automatically eliminates you from being able to assist others, in whichever ways. Do remember this. This path is and never has been one for the faint-hearted. And you (ones of the Light) will know exactly who you are very soon. A few of you already do.
SK: I beg of you *half jokingly, half pleading* --anything but the word 'soon', Mother.
IMS: I am limited by your English language expression as to how I am able to express myself. But truly: 'soon' and 'shortly' ARE applicable words here.
SK-you mentioned this realignment earlier...can you elaborate?
IMS: What was said earlier should be enough as I do not wish, for our purposes here, to be too technical. But suffice it to say, what is occurring now is just one in a series of grand bestowals upon you and the Earth by the Father.

[Continued 30 August ]

It is also our pleasure to welcome your new friends- to -be upon your plane.
SK: Huh?
IMS: I will explain.
These ones of the Light have long been in hiding --involuntarily; they come in a variety of forms but essentially have been around all the time. Now you will know and see them.

This may sound somewhat cryptic to you. But essentially we have a convergence of timelines occurring, which will manifest by bringing that which surrounds you into your 'world' and vision.

The beings which occupy the space around you in parallel reality can now begin to merge with your own, as a result of this convergence. The 'arrival' of these ones in itself will produce much excitement and debate. We see all of this and that which is still to come as valued steps en route to ever expanding your consciousness . And it all happens due to the opening and broadening of mind, thoughts, possibilities, experiences.
We are well pleased.

It is only left for me to say: allow yourself to know the wonders and the glories of God. Open yourself to Him; allow Him to be liberated within you. That you may know and have the ultimate experience any being on earth could wish for.
THIS is truly the crowning glory of one's life. Choose well.

It is with great joy and in tremendous anticipation that I shower you all with my blessings.

I love you all.

This is your IMS
Saying goodbye for now.