I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, April 18, 2010


by Esu through Shellee-Kim Gold

Goodday beloved, It is I, Esu.
SK: Are you of the Light?
Esu: I am indeed. I come in the name of the great Light that is about to pour forth across this planet in the form of change.

Humans have an adverse reaction to change, in general. Of course this is a generalization and there are exceptions to this. But by and large change is not a welcome experience on your planet or in your realm.

Why are people so afraid of change? It signifies the necessity to leave the old behind – whether thought forms, beliefs or practices –both of the physical and abstract variety.

There are many amongst you that believe that change will never happen to them. So when it does it is all the more shocking due to the mental resistance and non-acceptance to such.

And so it is that the tidal wave of change is now upon you. Even those with awareness of such changes in the making that are to occur in their lifetime, cannot fully prepare consciously for what is to come.
The changes are now to be global wide and we ask that you ones in the know ‘keep your head’. Many will be relying on your stability and balance to guide their own in the coming chaos.
We ask not that you preach unnecessarily about the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of what is occurring, but rather lend your emotional support by way of comfort to those who could gain from it.

There will be those, of course, who continue to deny what is happening, even while it is happening. In front of their very eyes, even. This will be a bid by ones committed to fear to return to the old, limited ways and the control of the Dark ones. Even then we do not see some of the Dark power mongers giving up or wishing to acknowledge their days of inauthentic power and rule are over.

During the chaos these ones will try to vilify those who come in truth to uplift and serve humanity. It will be a weak ploy that will not get them very far. Yet they will still try to destabilize the process of change in whichever ways possible.

The media is their most powerful ally and they will utilize this as far as possible to sow seeds of added confusion.

It will be important to remember those who came before. And the many warnings from the numerous prophets of your time. Not to lodge oneself into unnecessary fear, but to have an understanding and acceptance that all that is occurring has been a very long time in the making.

Those who stand up to speak words of truth must expect vilification from at least some quarters of the public. It is important to acknowledge these ones are so deep ‘inside the box’ that vilifying serves as their only sense of self-protection. Please do not take it personally, though it may be personally directed at you.

Too many amongst you suffer from a multitude of programmes designed to limit your faculties, keep you emotionally numb and continue on in states of denial.

Please be advised that you ones of the Light are to be as anchors in a stormy sea for the many vessels bobbing around directionless and at the mercy of the elements. We hope this analogy is a useful one.

Long preparations have been in the making for this time and those of you to be players are constantly updating yourselves in preparation during your sleep time. How and what you should be in order to serve others in the highest possible manner will therefore come to you at the moments you are needed to step forth. Be alert to and follow this inner guidance at all times.

If there is even a second of doubt, call on us of the Light for clarity and assistance. There are literal armies of Light gathered now in your atmosphere, at the ready and on standby.

These are the times you have been waiting for. And, as with this channel, there is great excitement and joyous anticipation for what is to come when the mists of confusion clear.
And so it should be, because there are many surprises in store that are to delight each of you. Indeed, it has been a job well done!

And each of you are deeply honoured, blessed and protected for your great service. It is time for you to also enjoy some of the fruits of your labour.

In deep gratitude
Your brother Esu/Sananda/Jesus the Christ