I AM Present

I AM Present

Monday, August 19, 2019



...Though the bottom-feeding agents haven't yet go the memo...apparently. And here I mean agents in the field - the cyber and phone surveillance-and-interference teams and the satellite agents tracking our physical moves. 
This in addition to the ministry of puppets: the politicians, preachers, corporate CEO's and media VIP's. 
I guess because the show must at least appear to continue to go in the dp's final moments. These frontline folks [some clones; many psychopaths] have been groomed as society's influencers, after all.

An elderly Finnish female doctor who spent years travelling the world lecturing and claiming that technology on planet was 500-700 years ahead of what has officially been released. She was eventually given cancer by the darkie’s remote tech. But thank God, it was a short illness and quick transition for this amazingly courageous being.
It stands to reason the tech the dp’s have used on human consciousness is centuries ahead. Research a handful or two of alternative media sites who’s own investigations are top notch and who stand in their integrity, show this repeatedly.
It’s also why one of the dp’s strategy on discovery by the ‘wrong’ people is to shut up shop and relocate elsewhere. Remaining undetected by mainstream society is a priority. However, you don’t need much brainpower for this when your bosses also control the media, academia and his-tory [the official darkie’s version in our school text books].
Their blatant misuse of tech includes suppressing the Lighted technology gifted to humankind decades ago in order to continue making money off us.
Despite this, more and more people now are awakening with more of the recent plasma Wave entering all of earth consciousness. I think this is also due to the natural dissolution or implosion of the seals and implants that previously made most people shy away from and deny the conspiracy truths of our world.
Energetic seals and implants of many descriptions were some of the deliberate interference and manipulation of human DNA. Installed millennia ago by those who relied heavily on limiting humanity’s consciousness for easier control and full planetary hijacking, the plan was to ensure humanity would never remember who we are or know the Truth of this world, who has been running it and why. Keeping humanity in the ‘sheeple pen’ was always their objective.
Until very recently, even the minority of people on planet who knew about seals and implants and were trying to find means to resolve and remove them, were engaged in a constant battle. As one web of control was identified and removed, so was another installed. Mostly out of our awareness.
But the wonderful news is all of this and so much more is quickly being relegated to the galactic trash can. During the past four months or so, the dp’s have slowly had their ‘reality’ crushed, dissolved and imploded before their very eyes.
Those at the top of the pyramid have been aware of this during this time, but some of the bottom-feeding agents and puppets [as above] and their zealously-loyal supervisors are yet to get the memo. Or perhaps it’s finally filtering through to them as we speak…
The darkies m.o. has always been to issue intel on a need-to-know basis only. Their bait is the promise of material goods or/and money to reel in often addicted, mentally/emotionally impaired types as their field agents. I guess the more vulnerable the person, the easier it is to manipulate, blackmail and control, if needs be. You can discern these recruitees all over YT’s – especially in the truther, ascension and new age communities.
I can vouch for this amongst my own group of agents who trail around after me, some of whom I made it my business to get to know a little. One was an acknowledged ADHD [but I also thought she was on another drug of some kind] and the other a self-confessed narcissist. While yet another in a more senior role who I feel came temporarily to my neck-of-the-woods from elsewhere to ‘deal’ with me, gave himself away. Probably deliberately.
In conversation over coffee, he said ‘ I might be programming your subconscious right now...’. On another occasion, I watched him throwing dice and checking some response on his phone. Each of the 4 or 5 times he came to the net cafĂ© I was at, it was undoubtedly to engage me to attempt God-alone-knows-what. When I asked him what he did for a living, he mumbled off something saying he didn’t want to disclose.
I watched him from my table and later went up to him and asked ‘Why are you insistent on gambling away your eternal life when you could be choosing/playing for the other side that pays off in the long run’? Or words to that effect. He understood immediately, replying a bit melancholically: ‘Sometimes you find yourself in a situation in life and there’s no other way/nothing else you can do...’
All of them are loyal to the ‘cause’ first and foremost, not wanting to know they are being disloyal to their own. On the other hand, free will choice IS the right of every soul having a human experience here.
Considering that their dastardly plans have been in the making for millennium, what this primarily shows is that their tech was only tolerated by the Light. It had to be in accordance with that same law of free will - perhaps our Creator’s most important law for us here on planet. For this reason, the Light were only allowed to assist us within limitation.
This takedown of dark architecture which crosses, time, space, dimensions and other realities in which we humans dwell has been a lesson in discovery for all involved. While we lived through all this –often without having the faintest idea – with the grace and mercy of our Creator God, we are pulling through and beyond all of it.
Even as the energetic separation of consciousness groups becomes more evident, there remains one binding force that each heart can recognise. And this is the glue called Love. Along with compassion, kindness and Light, our Creator has decreed that we will have and know Unity consciousness.
Though the dp’s are dying a relatively fast death now, the past 2 weeks or so has been particularly intense. At least for me. Proof that we’re entering a powerful time in our lives –despite what we may see around us – as the sovereign and free God beings we are.
I was wacked with a body virus also during this time and now a second attempt’s been made, but won’t succeed *smile*
The good news: There’s no or hardly any more remote-controlled ‘passenger planes’ flying at illegally low levels to spew their bio-engineered weapons, the ‘cell phone’ towers are now largely out of commission here and battery operated devices have been blocked from being interfered with. So it seems many environmental ills have been taken down.
On a physical level for me: biological manipulations and inorganic invasions I’ve faintly been aware of for so long but didn’t know how to properly identify or remove are no longer there, in the main.
During the past 2 weeks [and presumably as I clear inner stuff and my frequency rises} I’m experiencing way more laptop interference, though. It’s like being in the middle, watching a game of cat-and-mouse play out. I make my requests to my Lighted team of experts on the latest attacks [currently I can’t even access anything other than Word docs]. Tricks change almost daily to block my use – all while my machine is offline. After requesting and handing the problem over, I sit back and watch what unfolds. There is no frustration, anxiety, anger or anything else. I leave all that for the dp’s to experience now, as all comes full circle.
In truth and despite all this nonsense, I’m incredibly excited for our and our Creator’s plans to come. So all the dp’s attempts to mark what they’ve erroneously believed is their territory is water off a duck’s back.
May you discern well to know the truth of things

Love SK

P.S. It will be my pleasure, if called upon by the galactic Lighted judiciary tasked with deciding the fate of the dark ones, to speak as one of the witnesses to their many ploys and ways in which Lighted ones and Starseeds on planet have been abused as their targeted individuals of the dp’s.

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