I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Departments of Fantasy and Aberrant Fiction - by Les Visible

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The truth is at right angles to everything else.

Some things should be obvious. Some of these obvious things demand public action, given what the intention of these obvious things are. Since at least the turning of the calendar into 2000 and counting, there has been a steady erosion of human rights, not just in the Dis-United States but internationally. Of course, it's been going on longer than that but it hasn't been so obvious.

Political correctness is all about the promotion and celebration of mediocrity. It is also about mainstreaming tiny demographics, as if they were mainstream and giving them so much press that they appear to be just that, when they are not. You know that you have entered the cultural badlands when banks and corporations control the governments, the press and the entertainment industries. When that happens, all policy is geared toward systematic control, at every level of society, for the profit of those implementing the controls. Because they are thieves and monsters, there is no parity at any level. Because they are thieves and monsters, they know that fascism and a dictatorship, over the hearts and minds of the public, through fear and false information, is critical. Otherwise they would not be allowed to continue as they have.

If you look at everything in a material sense, according to the laws of the material sphere, insofar as we know what they are, or understand them, it looks grim. It looks grim due to the intention that is afoot and made exponentially grimmer due to the general reaction looking uncannily like over cooked spaghetti. It really looks like these people shipped in from cosmic central casting, precisely for this effect; a cast of millions!!!!

If you look at everything in a spiritual sense, according to the laws of the spiritual spheres, insofar as we know what they are and understand them, it is no longer grim. It becomes instead like a timeless, rainbow hued waterfall that pours the impetus of eternal change into the boiling cauldron of foam and mist so far below where the manifest occurs. Because of the constrictions of time, we do not see the far reach of it all. We just see the circumstances and conditions that lead to it... up the way.

The consideration is time and appearances. Time is the barrel, or the continuum if you wish and appearances are the kaleidoscope created in the lens. The colors are generated by the planetary influences as they are empowered, according to the will of the ineffable, through the stationary intents of the archetypes in a particular period of performance. These remain as they are during their time of tenure but... when the age of their operation changes, the nature and kind of their influence changes because the whole of existence is for the purpose of demonstration. All that demonstration is a series of teaching moments and some learn and some don't and so it repeats on and on and on. Every aspect of what happens is all about awakening; awake sleeper!

We have mentioned the stationary intents of the seemingly fixed archetypes, expressed in all the features of manifest existence. They are the spiritual infrastructure that materializes around us in the manifest infrastructure. Because the weight of time increases based on the density of material being (physical or consciousness wise... like the passage of time in a prison as opposed to a day at the beach), it can seem that change is slow and therefore that which orchestrates it is also. Sometimes that is the case but it is not the case in an apocalypse, as we can see in these moments we are passing through. It is still a blind because it can seem that nothing is changing still, especially when we are not changing. Things are changing though and the in your face awareness of it comes at specific times, seemingly out of nowhere but it was there all along. Certain genuine psychics, of which there are very few, see these things ahead of time and other prescient types from prophets to idiot savants see them as well.

Like they say, even a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day. What that means is that the guy in the trench-coat with the big sign that says, 'repent! The end is near.' is also going to be right one of these days.

Truth is a truly elusive thing because one's ability to see or comprehend the truth, is directly relevant to the amount of truth resident in the one perceiving it; not to mention that like attracts like. Here we come upon one of the most profound magics of the mind. It shows you want you want to see. Magicians from three card monte scammers and 'find the pea' players, to grand illusionists... know how to work misdirection and certainly many another con artist knows about this sort of thing, from the short con to the long con. It's a little like that old saw about how you can't cheat an honest man. You also can't entrap someone into an illusion who is not, in some way, attracted to the existence of it.

They say if you look into the sun for too long you will go blind. I imagine that there's some truth to that and there is also a way of understanding it apart from having to look into the physical sun. There is a sun that resides in the human heart and which is covered by degrees of darkness, depending on the heart. If you look directly into that sun, it will burn the world of form from your eyes. It will activate the same sun in your mind... or... perhaps it will enter a state of quietude and bring on a full moon that will forever reflect the light of the sun in the heart. After all... the mind is a mirror.

It's hard not to be filled with contempt for those who are so relentlessly engaged in the corruptions of our time and who manipulate the false doctrines of political correctness for the confusion and enslavement of their fellows. In some cases, they know very well what they are doing and that makes them dark indeed. In many another case they are driven by particular forms of hysteria and acquisitiveness. Other pathologies apply as well. It's not my job to delineate the specifics of any of it. My job is to become free of it. After that, I'm sure I will get further marching orders. I am of the opinion that one should not aspire to exist, or perform, or present themselves as something above or beyond their actual capacity, or what they are deserving of. I believe that one should fight against these opportunities if they are not a true expression of what is real. Surely one can aspire to what is beyond one's abilities. The time may well come when one has achieved that status. What I mean... is to pretend to be what you are not, to accept titles and ranks of which you are unworthy. It goes without saying that it is even worse to accept such titles and positions and then to use them to the detriment of others, or for nothing more than crass personal gain at the expense of others.

In this world of the moment, it is considered okay to screw over other people, as long as it conforms to certain guidelines... or you got enough money to make any problems go away... or you know the right people... or any of the states of being that conform to one being entitled at a particular level above the constraints of ordinary justice which... itself doesn't exist all that much any more. Everything is breaking down. The governments are no longer governments; they are strong arm gangs of be-suited thugs. The various major faiths are splintered into hundreds of departures from the forgotten original, or non existent in the lives of the majority. Everything that was is crumbling, even as it reaches for the skies in absurd parodies of the Tower of Babel. The more out of wack everything gets, the more the predator monkeys are oblivious to what should be the obvious warnings of the times. When all you can see is what you are after, it becomes harder and harder to see what is after you.

Despite the premonitory admonitions of all of the great art and literature of the past and the statements of avatars and teachers, the world continues on its course and those swept up in the glitter and glamour of it continue as well. It is as if this is what is real, when it is most definitely not real and what is real is relegated to The Department of Fantasy and Aberrant Fiction; the land of outcasts and those considered mad, due to a lack of conformity with the general scheme of things. You have to know your place and when you don't, you are a threat to the system. Most people accept this. It gets brought to their attention and so does the alternative. Peer pressure and the terrifying uncertainty of the howling unknown takes care of the directions taken by most people.

I can't make up anyone's mind for them. I can make up my own.

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