I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, July 17, 2020


Hi dear beloveds!

A week or two ago when pondering the purpose of romantic love between two, it was crystal-clear to me how none of my own relationships had really served God directly.
Yet, on a level they ALL served Him...in serving what I needed for MY growth from them. Thus bringing me one...step ....closer to God (as Christina Perri sings in her A Thousand Years).

And very likely this is the way for most of us who choose or have chosen in our past to engage in love relationships with others. I mean to contextualise this also in terms of the eternal life: how many lifetimes of personal love relationship with others does it take to prepare for that ulti-mate relationship?

I'm speaking about that relationship that people will feel inspired to know intimately in the new world coming. The one  which goes beyond the taking from another,the filling up on, by and through the energy of another to feel whole, complete and loved.

The love that goes beyond, that expands us is the one that requires us first to marry our inner feminine & masculine. Then we have found & created our own wholeness. Meaning we no longer need to seek an external other to give us what belongs to their field. Instead, as  whole beings we are now also better placed to attract the same frequency partner.

Excerpt from Lisa Renee (energeticsynthesis.com ) :

"Men and women of this earth, you are both genders and influenced by these forces and archetypes through the Law of Gender. By seeking inner balance through the perfect union made between the masculine and feminine forces, the consciousness is made into the image of God through the hierogamic union of the inner Christos-Sophia. This is represented in the spiritual alchemy of unified polarities, the hierogamic union of a god and goddess, a perfected being. The perfect balance and union between masculine and feminine principles, united as One is our true destiny."

Or as LR describes, this hierogamic inner union could also be one of the contract types some of those travelling the ascension timelines could choose.

"The Hieros Gamos is the Wedded Garment of God, wearing the White Robes of the One. Hieros Gamos refers to the Risen Christos-Sophia, as the embodiment of the inner hiero-gamic union between the human being and the divine. Hieros Gamos is the full resurrection of the body to the eternal light of Christos, Cosmic Christ Consciousness. In the bodies return to energetic balance, neutral in the Unity Field or Zero Point), the lightbody being is One with God, and the Christos body is glorified in its perfection as representative of God’s eternal light image.

In Hieros Gamos Couplings, the genetic equal of the Monad unites with its counterpart to embody the sacred marriage of Krystic equals, to merge into One spiritual body to hold the Spirits of Christ. A Krystic male and a Krystic Female unite in a Hieros Gamos or Rod and Staff Union as the Christos-Sophia, to be of service within God’s Eternal Light divine plan to correct the Sophianic Body and to restore liberation of Ascension upon the earth. Hieros Gamos is the embodiment of the new Cosmic Ray Frequencies of Mother Arc Aquamarine and Father Arc Emerald Green hues and their DNA Lens being introduced to this Universe. These frequency colors represent the Aurora Body Guardian consciousness of the United Krystic Forms embodied in the future sovereignty timeline of GSF  (God, Sovereign,Free)."

Beyond this, there are prototype Couplings also apparently which exist to embody new ways of relationship in the collective. As with  the Aeonic pairs, according to LR:

"The Aeons are always born in male-female pairs, each of which is in itself a divine principle, yet, at the same time represent one aspect of the Godhead. These Aeonic pairs comprise the totality of the Godhead as the two divine principles which merge and unite as the third principle, becoming the Three in One. This heavenly prototype must be embodied, as above, so below, and will come to be the spiritual embodiment process of the ascending human experience. The spiritual completion which unites the Aeonic pair is the resulting state of Krystal hierogamic union or sacred marriage between the male and female principle with the Godhead. The stairway to heaven through the Krystal Star is embodied through inner and outer sacred marriage..."

The Aeons sound so very sublime and partners would have to be utterly devoted to the Godly cause of bringing a holy heavenly 'trinity' to the Earth through their union.

Whatever these types of Couplings will look and feel  like, I'm certain they are amongst the first building blocks that the crux on which future humanity's success hangs.

We have learned (and many still are) why so many relationships don't and can't work. Of course,  we can't mention this without bringing the dp's (darkie parasites)in.

During my ponderings it also came to me in a heartbreaking sob or three, how everything good, pure and true, including love between two, has been so badly manipulated in the human experience during this past 26 000 year cycle.

The dp's use all means at their disposal to invert, reverse and/or corrupt anything and everything that could liberate humanity or create authentic loving between people. This includes continuing to encourage 'split' humans dependent on external sources rather than their inner God complex for fulfillment.

So it makes sense that most on the planet be-lie-ve that adopting certain  values & morals are ways to make their  love partnerships work; religious  & cultural influences  notwithstanding.

Nontheless,  isn't it way more common for manipulation, deception by ommission (ie not daring to share honestly with one another) & emotional blackmail to set into the vast majority of relationships? Once the first couple of years of the honeymoon and setting up safety phases are established, that is.

Here's what I've experienced and observed.  If you have a love for each other as best friends at the core of your relationship also, there's a way better chance of longer term survival.
Mainly because your liking for each other can outweigh the above limitations.

But while we're still practising relationships of 'separation'(from self), it's inevitable that resentments will set in when we feel we're not being given adequately by the other or due to co-dependency.

The source of all of this in my opinion is the constantly required feeding frenzy generated by the ego for its survival, usually based on fear/need to control. Romantic novels, movies & related reality TV shows simply reinforce this.

Considering all of this, we are so very ripe for the development of these amazing sounding new relationships types based in our God Selves. They can and will serve all of humanity greatly and those choosing/who have chosen such contracts are deeply privileged.

With love


All that I AM Is the liquid gold of God's love
Flying on the wings of a dove
Seeking to  ever know more of Him
Moving & grooving  to the sounds of light
Like a star studded sky
flashing in the middle of the night

Blessed is the morning sun rising with (bird)song
Preparing to take and spread
Feather-light blessings along
To one & all who are ready for change
The news abounds that God has exchanged
His heavenly abode from on high
To live, walk & talk amongst the people
So that all may grow their wings and fly

Not north or south for the summer or spring
But stand still exactly where they are
And only keep listening within
To the sounds of Godly silence
From where knowingness begins
Then can one & all find their own
Praiseworthy voices to sing...
Unto Him...

So doth joy begin!