I AM Present

I AM Present
It's here! The ascension times are upon us. And both a simple and complex choice is at hand for us all.

We can choose Love or Fear.
If we choose Love, we also commit to loving ourselves, owning all of us in the process. Without this energetic shift within, we cannot fully shine as co-creative human masters and walk free in our sovereignty. This is also a prerequisite for 5th Dimensional living.
If we choose Fear, we remain in the cosy confines of the 3 rd Dimensional matrix. Here we don't need to confront our shadow selves or take responsibility for all of us. This choice naturally means we will also need to wait for the next cycle of ascension opportunity to come around again for us.
Ascending in physical form isn't a given. And an intellectual or emotional desire alone won't take you there.
Subsequently 'heaven' and 'hell' are both states of being right here on earth, manifesting through our very own consciousness choices.
And because of current collapsing timelines all is unfolding in greater polarity right now.

What are you choosing...?

Expanding our consciousness to make the leap into the 5th Dimension is an energetic one. My experiences and path of personal growth have shown the many boulders on the road to success. Fact is, it's difficult to accept and integrate truth within, if you're not aware of the subtle forces that oppose it and the Light. Ones which subsequently block us from choosing our highest possible lives/outcomes. And most often, without our conscious awareness or consent.
Therefore, some of the related components I'll be exploring will include: understanding our slave mentality and how to break free; our galactic connection to both STO (service to other) extra-terrestrials and STS (service to self) ET's; the ongoing psy-ops programming by the Illuminati to keep us at war with self and each other; how lower thought form entities feed off our power, keeping us fragmented; our Inner Earth family and the Lemurian/Atlantean connection; relationship mirrors to Shadow/Inner Child healing on the road to wholeness.
All this ties in with the coming revelations to be disclosed to humanity - who we really are, where we came from and where we're going...

In magic, madness and mystery!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sa-Ra 14: The Meaning Of Life

16 December 2013

Sa-Ra 14: The Meaning Of Life

Through Shellee-Kim

Goodday one and all.

And a very good day it is. *big smile*
We are all having and experiencing breakthroughs, are we not?

Today, beloved friends, I would like to speak of the meaning of Life.
Of course, this is and ever has been one of the most bandied about questions since humanity began its quest on your plane.

Although this quest-ion is not one reserved for humanity on earth alone. In your unconsciousness and mass amnesia and in battling the forces of duality, the earth plane is rife with difficulty and most challenging lessons. And one of the reasons you all chose to be here at this time.

The choice to be on earth at this time allows you far closer to the answer to this question. Because beloveds, the meaning of Life is to be found in your relationship with God and the God within.

It is in becoming a Co-creator with Him that all things are possible. And all things are KNOWN. It is in the development of yourSelf as a conscious and willing instrument of God that YOU are able to help others answer the big Questions, including this one.

It is in your ability to demonstrate the answers also that others will know you KNOW them, rather than just speak OF them. Being able to answer such questions is one thing, but living the answers to demonstrate 'proof' of KNOWING is another. And one that is far more convincing to those that will come upon you seeking guidance and answers of their own.

Beloved ones, age-old questions such as these encompass all of the lifestream's desires, dreams, fears, fulfillments and so much more.
The meaning of Life is an utterly simple but simultaneously most complex question - and answer.

Simple in that when the entire being has been aligned with complete Self love and Self acceptance, it is also automatically aligned with the allowance of the Higher Self into expression through you.
Or as Shellee now calls it, EM/Expanded Me, which we like very much as this is what the entirety of YOU in full expression IS.

And complex due to the very nature of duality playing out in every facet of your thinking and feeling world while you experience. And more importantly, how you choose to process that which you experience in your daily living. All of which takes you further towards joining with your EM or moving further away from it, moment by moment, day by day.

So, in short beloveds, 'What is the meaning of Life' as a question cannot be asked/answered unless accompanied by 'Who and What Am I?' You are Life and Life is You.

You could not exist here without a physical form as you've chosen it on earth at this time - and therefore there would be no experience of Life as you've wished for it right here, right now. This also answers, in part, the question of what is Life.
As Life is a vehicle for expression, for growth and evolution of the Soul, for the fulfillment of dreams of Co-Creation and for tying up loose ends within (including the experience of cause and effect or karma, as some call it) in order to have all this.

The ultimate and most-sought after expression in physicality is in the joining of all aspects within - of yourSelf. It is then you have reached a profound goal as one who has taken a physical human form on such a world as this.

And this beloveds, is the answer to the lives you seek and the lives you live.
It is also the completion within the experience of a Life in duality; an ending and an arrival point both. Thus it is a gateway to a new consciousness.

And many of you reading here now are inching ever closer to this gateway. And we are overjoyed at the accelerated progress we are seeing.

It is truly our pleasure and our privilege to be able to have a hand in supporting you through all of this as you figure out further the answer to the meaning of your Life.

In awe of you all...

In gratitude and with my heart-felt appreciation for your efforts.

I Am your Sa-Ra

Bidding you 'Adieu' until the next.