I AM Present

I AM Present

Monday, August 19, 2019


Though the bottom-feeding agents haven’t yet got the memo…apparently. And here I mean agents in the field - the cyber and phone surveillance-and-interference teams and the satellite agents tracking our physical moves. In addition to the ministry of puppets: the politicians, preachers, corporate CEO’s and media VIP. Because the show must at least appear to continue to go on in their final moments. These frontline folks [some clones; many psycopaths] have been groomed as society’s influencers, after all.
An elderly Finnish female doctor who spent years travelling the world lecturing and claiming that technology on planet was 500-700 years ahead of what has officially been released. She was eventually given cancer by the darkie’s remote tech. But thank God, it was a short illness and quick transition for this amazingly courageous being.
It stands to reason the tech the dp’s have used on human consciousness is centuries ahead. Research a handful or two of alternative media sites who’s own investigations are top notch and who stand in their integrity, show this repeatedly.
It’s also why one of the dp’s strategy on discovery by the ‘wrong’ people is to shut up shop and relocate elsewhere. Remaining undetected by mainstream society is a priority. However, you don’t need much brainpower for this when your bosses also control the media, academia and his-tory [the official darkie’s version in our school text books].
Their blatant misuse of tech includes suppressing the Lighted technology gifted to humankind decades ago in order to continue making money off us.
Despite this, more and more people now are awakening with more of the recent plasma Wave entering all of earth consciousness. I think this is also due to the natural dissolution or implosion of the seals and implants that previously made most people shy away from and deny the conspiracy truths of our world.
Energetic seals and implants of many descriptions were some of the deliberate interference and manipulation of human DNA. Installed millennia ago by those who relied heavily on limiting humanity’s consciousness for easier control and full planetary hijacking, the plan was to ensure humanity would never remember who we are or know the Truth of this world, who has been running it and why. Keeping humanity in the ‘sheeple pen’ was always their objective.
Until very recently, even the minority of people on planet who knew about seals and implants and were trying to find means to resolve and remove them, were engaged in a constant battle. As one web of control was identified and removed, so was another installed. Mostly out of our awareness.
But the wonderful news is all of this and so much more is quickly being relegated to the galactic trash can. During the past four months or so, the dp’s have slowly had their ‘reality’ crushed, dissolved and imploded before their very eyes.
Those at the top of the pyramid have been aware of this during this time, but some of the bottom-feeding agents and puppets [as above] and their zealously-loyal supervisors are yet to get the memo. Or perhaps it’s finally filtering through to them as we speak…
The darkies m.o. has always been to issue intel on a need-to-know basis only. Their bait is the promise of material goods or/and money to reel in often addicted, mentally/emotionally impaired types as their field agents. I guess the more vulnerable the person, the easier it is to manipulate, blackmail and control, if needs be. You can discern these recruitees all over YT’s – especially in the truther, ascension and new age communities.
I can vouch for this amongst my own group of agents who trail around after me, some of whom I made it my business to get to know a little. One was an acknowledged ADHD [but I also thought she was on another drug of some kind] and the other a self-confessed narcissist. While yet another in a more senior role who I feel came temporarily to my neck-of-the-woods from elsewhere to ‘deal’ with me, gave himself away. Probably deliberately.
In conversation over coffee, he said ‘ I might be programming your subconscious right now...’. On another occasion, I watched him throwing dice and checking some response on his phone. Each of the 4 or 5 times he came to the net café I was at, it was undoubtedly to engage me to attempt God-alone-knows-what. When I asked him what he did for a living, he mumbled off something saying he didn’t want to disclose.
I watched him from my table and later went up to him and asked ‘Why are you insistent on gambling away your eternal life when you could be choosing/playing for the other side that pays off in the long run’? Or words to that effect. He understood immediately, replying a bit melancholically: ‘Sometimes you find yourself in a situation in life and there’s no other way/nothing else you can do...’
All of them are loyal to the ‘cause’ first and foremost, not wanting to know they are being disloyal to their own. On the other hand, free will choice IS the right of every soul having a human experience here.
Considering that their dastardly plans have been in the making for millennium, what this primarily shows is that their tech was only tolerated by the Light. It had to be in accordance with that same law of free will - perhaps our Creator’s most important law for us here on planet. For this reason, the Light were only allowed to assist us within limitation.
This takedown of dark architecture which crosses, time, space, dimensions and other realities in which we humans dwell has been a lesson in discovery for all involved. While we lived through all this –often without having the faintest idea – with the grace and mercy of our Creator God, we are pulling through and beyond all of it.
Even as the energetic separation of consciousness groups becomes more evident, there remains one binding force that each heart can recognise. And this is the glue called Love. Along with compassion, kindness and Light, our Creator has decreed that we will have and know Unity consciousness.
Though the dp’s are dying a relatively fast death now, the past 2 weeks or so has been particularly intense. At least for me. Proof that we’re entering a powerful time in our lives –despite what we may see around us – as the sovereign and free God beings we are.
I was wacked with a body virus also during this time and now a second attempt’s been made, but won’t succeed *smile*
The good news: There’s no or hardly any more remote-controlled ‘passenger planes’ flying at illegally low levels to spew their bio-engineered weapons, the ‘cell phone’ towers are now largely out of commission here and battery operated devices have been blocked from being interfered with. So it seems many environmental ills have been taken down.
On a physical level for me: biological manipulations and inorganic invasions I’ve faintly been aware of for so long but didn’t know how to properly identify or remove are no longer there, in the main.
During the past 2 weeks [and presumably as I clear inner stuff and my frequency rises} I’m experiencing way more laptop interference, though. It’s like being in the middle, watching a game of cat-and-mouse play out. I make my requests to my Lighted team of experts on the latest attacks [currently I can’t even access anything other than Word docs]. Tricks change almost daily to block my use – all while my machine is offline. After requesting and handing the problem over, I sit back and watch what unfolds. There is no frustration, anxiety, anger or anything else. I leave all that for the dp’s to experience now, as all comes full circle.
In truth and despite all this nonsense, I’m incredibly excited for our and our Creator’s plans to come. So all the dp’s attempts to mark what they’ve erroneously believed is their territory is water off a duck’s back.
May you discern well to know the truth of things

Love SK
P.S. It will be my pleasure, if called upon by the galactic Lighted judiciary tasked with deciding the fate of the dark ones, to speak as one of the witnesses to their many ploys and ways in which Lighted ones and Starseeds on planet have been abused as their targeted individuals of the dp’s.

A beautiful, happy tune to uplift your spirits from vocalist Zolani and group Freshly Ground.

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[Also, just seen what they did to the copy - highlighted in white NOT by me AND BLACKED OUT THE FIRST PARA, so read carefully also. No time here to try and get it right]

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Return

Hello all precious souls!

What a few weeks the past few have been...
Like going through a washing machine cycle...rinse, wash, pump, deep cleanse, spin...repeat [x 88 ]
It's all for a
magnificent cause though, I keep reminding myself: an opportunity of
many lifetimes to expand and move a few more rungs up the ladder of
eternity towards living the life of our Creator. For that I'm [mostly] grateful.

More realisations continue to dawn for me and thus, new ways of doing
things. Or better put, different and more constructive ways of responding to life.

When you feel joy and love naturally and spontaneously, you are much closer
to God because these ARE the God frequencies. Love and joy are companion states and some of the highest
frequencies we can experience in physical embodiment on this planet.And our natural state of resonance and being off planet, too.
Along with peace, humour/playfulness and harmony/balance.

Spontaneous joy erupts within sometimes - I know not what triggers it.
But I do know it when I'm in an obsessive moment with song and dance...because that easily takes me into that desirous state. Song and dance have always been a
vital aspect of my expression in this life and others.
Unfortunately, challenges of being in body amount to much inconsistency. So that state may be here today or for a
few days and then  it seemingly-evaporates, disappearing as
quickly as it arrived.

    Though it does require mental effort and constant awareness, staying in the awareness of His presence within always increases the chances of hearing Him speak, I've found. That's the ultimate for me,though I never exclude His myriad other methods and means of

More often than not, this is a definite workable way to bring Him back to me, along
with our closeness. Or rather return myself back to Him, more
accurately said. He's always there...it's me that strays from our

He has never failed to intrigue and overwhelm me with His miracles -
especially the in-your-face physical ones that I call for. I can't
refute or talk those away ever. Perhaps He's indulged me in these because of
my need for some kind of proof of Him working through my life. Whatever it is, it doesn't take away from the fact that it is He, the Creator of love, that is the
do-er in my/all of our lives.

The more we can allow the do-er to do and allow ourselves to just be
the human beings we are, the easier it all becomes. But it's
definitely in those states of joy and playfulness that present an accelerated route to this. At least, in my own experience.

In those moments I open myself to easier hearing of Him - whether
that's a sagely answer to a question or a suggestion about how to
respond to a situation or person. Or I might receive some humorous
words of encouragement.

God's words reverberate through my heart, blood and consciousness in a
kind of telepathic, yet 'full body echo' transmission. Seemingly to come
from the core of my biology and physiology, yet simultaneously emanating from some
unlocateable point.

The words wash over me like a golden waterfall, like jewels and
treasures that softly and gently fall on me from the sky. I bathe in them; try to grasp
onto them and hold them to me. But they are ungraspeable, as is my
beloved Creator of love. They must be let go of, allowed to pass through me that I can
make the space - and be the place - for more to come as and when my
beloved sees fit to deliver unto me.

To Him that has ever known our union that only i
have forgotten:

You know my heart like no other, for you are my heart
You know the depths of me like no one else has, can or will
Because you are my deepest depths; our Oneness.

You under/innerstand my crazy assortment of thought and feeling.
Why? You are all the harmonious, constructive, loving, joyful, kind and compassionate ones.

In my memories of times past and times felt in the future, it is You/us and our
re-member-ances of endless journeys in infinity and time-spaces that are re-turned
to me for fleeting moments...

It is in such moments of clarity when the veiled mists of Earth limitation
are briefly parted that I know all this.

Mostly because I am not You – I never have been. But YOU have always
been ME. While life after life have I mistakenly bought wholesale into
illusion of separation of this little self from you, my true love.

What I have done is to choose this bodily vessel that you may
better express yourself through.

Thank you my beloved Creator of love for the opportunity of this
particular journey. And the return back into your loving arms...from
which I never truly left – only convinced myself I did.

Magic by Olivia Newton John -  not  music I usually like, but this was a definite impulse by the beloved. Listen to the lyrics:

UPDATE: Apologies but I've now seen youtube has also blocked me from accessing ALL music and everything else, so try getting there via this link:


Sunday, June 30, 2019


Hi dear people!

Have you ever felt both nothing and/or everything was happening in your life - of the most undesirable kinds...?

Well, I guess it's in the uncertainty and chaos that real growth through trust and surrender happens more easily. I love this very relate-able piece by Lisa Renee on the subject:


There is a significant phase that occurs in the process of initiation for many lightworkers that I refer to as "The Spiritual Nomad". Often, when one reaches this transition phase of spiritual evolution, it can be so painfully unnerving to the personality/ego that it not only devastates one's self esteem, it also severely undermines our confidence to manifest even the most basic needs for our survival. It is precisely our "root" fears of survival that are being shaken to the core and unpeeled from us during this process. We are being prompted to work toward clearing these fears and perfecting our trust and surrender. So it is extremely important to understand the dynamics of why this occurs and actually how entirely common it is!
This will help you avoid the pitfall of allowing yourself to dwell in feelings of humiliation, shame and embarrassment by this externalization of forces that transform your world in to what appears to be a great "sacrifice".
This is a crucial part of some of our Light Family's development and I want you to realize that you indeed have many family members that either have already undergone, or are currently working through this phase of spiritual development.
I promise you this is a TEMPORARY phase. So if you know anyone who is presently working through this, do be sure to acknowledge their courage, strength and bravery to surrender to divine order and align to their soul's purpose. Send them love. This is the TRUTH of what they are doing and it is to be honored and acknowledged. 
We need to be more conscious of supporting those being recruited (The Newbies) and the new additions (Child Indigos, Crystals and Aliens) awakening to reinforce our divine purposes of bringing higher consciousness to this planet. We are moving incredibly swiftly - forward! 
What is the Spiritual Nomad?
Some questions to define "The Spiritual Nomad":
Are you currently jobless, juggling jobs, possibly homeless and relationship-less... much to your own bewilderment because you are an incredibly talented, skilled and loving being? You may even have an L.A.c, Ph.d, M.H.T and other assorted credentials after your name.
Do you feel invisible - like no one will hire you, love you or even recognize you? And, really, for no apparent reason (it feels like you have a mark on your forehead)? 
Are you unable to do anything as you did in the past to earn a living or live as you once did? 
Are you a healer or working in the healing arts, running around trying to find a way to translate this into cash or a means of support? 
Do you seem to travel a lot, drive or go long distances, or sleep in several different places in short periods of time, perhaps even on your ex's couch? 
Do you feel confused about your purpose and identity in the world? 
Are there people, such as your biological family or friends, who are completely shocked or troubled by your life, attempting to offer their advice of what went wrong with you? 
Oh my dear one, welcome to "The Spiritual Nomad". Fun, isn't it? The rest of this article is for you!
THIS IS THE TIME in one's life where every aspect of perceived "security" in the structure of the human world is completely unstable, unknown and unforeseen. Your life in all major areas, such as relationship, money, career, residence is all abruptly halted, changed and/or terminated. You are left feeling isolated and standing in a place of total bewilderment, wondering what happened to your life, the people in it and your former identity. This sets off every fear button you have because there is absolutely no sign of what is going on, what is coming or why it's happening. There is only a sense that some force came in, picked you up out of your hologram and placed you into someone else's life. For a while, you may not recognize whose life it is! It is very much like the sensation captured in the Talking Heads song lyrics, "Once in a Lifetime"... Where does that highway go?
And you may ask yourself
Am I right? Am I wrong?
And you may tell yourself
I have included the full lyrics for your amusement at the end of this article just to remind you that there are many others walking this path, and feeling just the same way you are! 
In the process of our unraveling consciousness in this human drama setting, this is one of the experiences that we have set up as "spirit" to create the experience of learning to FULLY surrender to divine forces. It is a complete dismantling of our ego and ego defenses. This is the crossroads where we start to leave the world of human order and align to the Divine Order. To many of our earthly cohorts, biological families and old energy friends, it will appear as if we have stepped off the edge of a chasm into a realm of insanity. 
Groups will stand around shaking their heads, whispering how you have gone off your rocker and offer lots of advice and theories to your problems and issues. As unsolicited advice starts mounting - generally suggesting that you are incompetent, "less than", unrealistic, ungrounded, living in the clouds or just purely strange - your subconscious fear programs get triggered. Maybe, just maybe, could they be right? Internal pressures increase and you feel extremely conflicted about who you really ARE and what the heck you are doing with your life. This sets you off on a tangent of extreme inner examination and the re-evaluation of every goal, dream, thought and idea that you have had about your role in the world. Will I EVER make it? Will I ever become self actualized? Will I have the ability to create abundance in my life? 
This process is designed to cultivate the incredible inner strength needed to face yourself and your deepest fears of survival. You then become intimate with the universal Law of Abundance and learn how generous the universe really is, even if it's not all manifested in order of your personal preference. You find that somehow, someway, all your base needs are being met, even though you have not the foggiest clue how it's happening or who some of the strangers are that have appeared in your life to support you - in ways you would never imagine! You learn how to receive from total strangers (an illusion, as everyone is Family) or from new sources, and learn how to acknowledge and receive these new ideas of abundance of which you were not formerly aware. 
So, most commonly, one is feeling a type of embarrassment at being in the situation one is in; yet, simultaneously, feeling gratitude at these blessings being demonstrated at the most mundane levels (or even incredibly opulent levels) of existence. Finally, at about this time, you begin to Trust and realize that you REALLY are divinely protected and supported! You can relax now (at least a little)! 
Here's an example of my own experience: I was classified as "homeless" (as the Spiritual Nomad) and, yet, found myself staying and living in multi-million dollar mansions... and actually more than one at a time! The juxtaposition of having $20 to my name and hanging out in sprawling acreages with koi ponds was really quite bewildering to my brain/ego. I began to experience a new level of universal abundance and had to release my attachment to my ego's desire/need to create it as coming from me. That illusion was a tricky one to dispel! I spent many bemused moments pondering the circumstances in which I found myself. It cultivated in me a trust that my needs would be met and that my spiritual path and mission was indeed supported in the physical world. 
These experiences DO cultivate a level of deep faith and trust in the Divine Order, even when you do not have any external validation of "safety" - and that safety could be monetary, emotional support or a place to call "home" with a bed in it. Even when you are feeling blind and disconnected, to face this uncertainty and to find yourself 'okay' with it all is a major revelation. When you realize that your deepest fears (so many of them!) did not happen anyway, and, if they did... well, it really was not as bad as you once imagined it! My God! You can face just about anything! Your personal power begins to increase and your inner light glows ever more radiantly! 
Well, my little darlings, if you find yourself smack dab in the center of this process, know that Spirit has many designs and great plans for you! It is important to work through all your fear, worry and obsessions. Then work to allow guidance, support and the light to shine on your path, even when it makes absolutely NO logical sense. You are learning to work your new Higher Sensory Perceptions and these antennae within you are being finely tuned for your new task and mission in the world. 
You cannot "make" anything happen while you are in this process. So, you must relax as best you can. You are in transition to your greater destiny. When relaxing, you are expanding, not constricting, and the divine forces can more easily work through you and for you. Know that transformational forces are working magic in your life in ways you cannot comprehend. There really IS a Divine Order to what is happening to you. Know that it is okay not to know. Get more comfortable with uncertainty and external chaos while you cultivate that impenetrable core of divine essence to show the way for you and others. Finally, know that your Family is out here. We get it; we know what it's like and we love you for walking the path with US! 
Until next time, stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path! We are here as One! 
Lisa Renee
 "Once in a Lifetime"
by Talking Heads
And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack
And you may find yourself in another part of the world
And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife...
 And you may ask yourself "Well, how did I get here?"
 Refrain 1:
Letting the days go by / let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by / water flowing underground
Into the blue again / after the money's gone
Once in a lifetime / water flowing underground.
 And you may ask yourself "How do I work this?"
And you may ask yourself "Where is that large automobile?"
And you may tell yourself "This is not my beautiful house!"
And you may tell yourself "This is not my beautiful wife!"
 Repeat Refrain 1, once
 Refrain 2:
Same as it ever was... Same as it ever was... Same as it ever was...
Same as it ever was... Same as it ever was... Same as it ever was...
Same as it ever was... Same as it ever was...
 Water dissolving, and water removing
There is water at the bottom of the ocean
Carry the water at the bottom of the ocean
Remove the water at the bottom of the ocean!
 And you may ask yourself "What is that beautiful house?"
And you may ask yourself "Where does that highway go?"
And you may ask yourself "Am I right? Am I wrong?"
And you may tell yourself "MY GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE?"

© 2006 Lisa Renee, www.EnergeticSynthesis.com


P.S. Re my erroneous comment about the dp's last time:
In some situations,there's been definite relief from dp [darkie parasite] attacks - in the takeodown of some of their systems and architecture. But I was wrong about the total, permanent killing of their 'cell phone' towers and their emissions. It appeared as if they had been permanently halted, like certain of their AI systems.
  But that was either temporary or they've pulled out more tricks in their arsenal to get the towers operational.
There was another attempted helicopter attack on me last Wednesday. This time their psychotronic weapons/nanotech was aimed at me from an unmarked white helicopter. They tried to surprise me -coming at me while I was driving around a corner-just a few metres above my head. They love corner surprises...now I've had enough experience to observe :-). Then they tried to finish the job a couple of minutes later when I stopped at lights.
It's actually all starting to get a bit boringly predictable.
In some situations, I'm receiving more help. But less in others. I've given up trying to work out what determines any of it. 

But may you all remain safe within and in your lives without; ever protected and held by your loving and mega-powerful friends and family of the Light, ever in service to you.

To all those known and unknown of the Lighted realms that come when we call for help and when we don't: bless you a thousandfold for your most precious and welcome service in these trying times!

SK/Rakael/Zsohara/and all other dimensional me's...:-)


Listen closely to these beautiful lyrics:

Wednesday, June 5, 2019


4 June 2019

[Can't get italics off here and my other two pieces were removed from file...while OFFLINE]

On the surface of things, many of us aren’t aware we’re living two lives. The outer life we respond to in our conscious interior and the second life of the soul Self. We struggle to understand our subterranean motives and choices and the relative fraction of conscious awareness we have of our outer lives. 
While the second life is having its own life experience governed by a different reference point – immersed in the ‘bigger picture’ of our existence.
We think we may be learning one thing, when something exactly the opposite might be revealed to us instead. Showing us we didn’t have much of a clue...

 Living lives with a consciousness not fully aligned to our God forces by buying into the illusory myth of seeming-separation from God produces this.
However… the grand blessing of being alive in body in this time-space  is that we are and have been, for the past few years, aided along by the force of the Wave. Arriving from Paradise in continuous cleansing cycles and impacting all consciousness on Earth, its transformational effects are working on and through us slowly and steadily –helping us return to our real Selves.

Now imagine that we were never anything except these real Selves. That never were we anything except our highest expression - as the God sparks of His we ever have been. Imagine we may have come from a ‘future’ timeline, where we were nothing but joy and peace. These were our hallmarks and we lived by the code of love.

 Everything we felt and thought and acted upon in that place were subject first to our own filters of self-love. For indeed  it was/is nigh impossible there to share in community love for collective benefit should you, yourself, not be able to feel it first in your very own Self. 

Perhaps we chose to return to this precarious ‘past’ timeline we now seemingly-occupy, for the purpose of changing it for the better. Except now we –in this ‘past’ are quickly catching up to we in the ‘future’. And shortly we will find ourSelves… back in that same [consciousness] place again!

We are all so much, beings of such substance. With so many aspects in other realities that it could seriously befuddle us if we all had instant recall, but weren't prepared within for it. Yet, on the other hand, for those of us emotionally mature enough to handle it, who we are ‘there’ and what we are doing and learning could serve as amazing grist for the learning mill if we had opportunity to be conscious of it.

The eternal journey experienced as an integrated being and consciously is exactly how it is done in higher vibrating galactic and other-planetary societies, as well as amongst our Inner Earth HUmans[Higher Universal].

While the Garden of Eden was once a real place on Earth and not a myth or legend, so was the story of Gulliver’s Travels. The latter was about a giant captured by little people. People in the IE are much taller than us and they were referred to as ‘giants’ by the few surface people that gained access to their cities and returned to surface Earth to share their experiences. Though the typical darkie parasite strategy of inverting truth to become the untruth of ‘fairytales’ was propagandised to divert the attention of the masses away from Truth.

The Inner Earth – who’s surface entrances are sealed to block the darkie parasites from invading to hijack their technology and crush the IE civil-isation – live a pure existence that demands protecting. The privilege of living a life in the IE will be an option for some surface dwellers after further cleansing events on the surface.

Due to the Inner Earth Sun [responsible for the Scandinavian Northern Lights phenomena where the Inner Sun’s rays reflect on Earth’s surface],  pure air, water, food, no gravity and the collective raised consciousness, regeneration and rejuvenation are IE inhabitants’ exclusive experiences.
 There is no ageing in the Inner Earth, though many choose to look between 30-40 years old, unless they have a special mission requiring them to look older.  Nor do they have dis-ease that their surface brethren suffer from. Humans there can stay in their bodies for thousands of years, depending on their respective learning requirements.

In the IE there are no limitations or ego illusions that block your experience with yourSelf and your relationship with God. In that space of eternity/the present/zero point or whatever you’d like to call it, there can only be the natural oneness in and with God.

Learning, expanding and evolving in a life in the IE  is a total joyous adventure. Before ideas, thoughts or feelings become action and inter-actions, impacting others, all is first sounded out and discerned over - within. Including challenges or problems. That is, first it is taken unto each one’s God within in order that the best and highest action/solution in everyone’s best interest can be found or solved. And what we who choose it are trying to practise on the surface right now.

A fully integrated God-sovereign IE being is also in a position of great personal power. Following the laws of God in your living experience is a natural part of that. You also have response-ability in service to all life around you. A few hours a day are spent doing community ‘work’ of your own choosing, as a contributor to society. Yet, the majority of time is spent freely exploring avenues you are passionate about. 

 Because everyone is given beautiful free  housing,  food [fresh produce is grown hydroponically] and power, etc, time and energy can be almost exclusively focused on that  which gives pleasure and joy. 

Learning and growth is perceived as play and adventure there for good reason. Such is their technology there that you are able to visit and interact with a whole range of time periods on Earth and elsewhere and also enjoy access to all other aspects of yourSelf. Which include visiting other of your life experiences as part of your personal learning.
I remember the bitter-sweet memories of my IE life and family around my bed on my departure. Besides my Sirian Feline family and home, I have a particular affinity with my Inner Earth one. The IE family were saying goodbye to me as I chose to come into this life on the surface. My father’s a priest there and my brother’s like a twin - or is my twin. He’s also hysterically funny; like a higher dimensional comedian  :-). He has dry, witty humour and is constantly playing with words. His SOH is one of his special gifts.  Our past telepathic chats would often leave me crying from hysterical laughter and almost wetting my pants! 

In fact, I’ve been privileged enough to ‘meet’ him here on the surface. Over breakfast in a café one Saturday morning years ago, a man who looked preppy-ish and ageless came in and ordered a salad. I kept trying to start a conversation as he was super ‘familiar’ to me and I was really drawn to him. Instead, a telepathic conversation begun between us, separated by only a few tables! But he remained elusive and wouldn’t give any of his real identity away.

Later I learned that he was indeed familia-r. to me!  My brother Bohar had been forbidden to speak directly to me that day in the cafe because it would apparently interfere with my growth. I felt desolate when I received this information and that I hadn't had the opportunity to talk with him directly. But how right his and my team were: I would have glued myself to him or nagged the living daylights out of him to take me back with him to my city of  Shamballah in the Inner Earth!

Lately I'm really missing him and the entire Inner Earth a lot. This may be because I/we are a lot closer to our entire Self, our families, our Lighted teams, etc. Either way, I'm feeling it all quite keenly.

I’m not sure if the Inner Earth inhabitants have currently been evacuated to ships already/again in preparation of the Earth’s upcoming magnetic pole shift. But even if they have, they’ll be returning to IE once our Mama Earth is done and has been restored.

PS. Darkie parasite update: The low frequency vibrations in the ‘cell phone towers’ which proliferate everywhere have all but been destroyed by the Light now. At least here in SA. Partly due to that and to maintain their  reign of terror amongst the mass populace globally, the dp’s new tricks have taken the form of new black operations.  One of their main agendas has always been to maintain  and increase fear, anger and despair in the collective.They're especially petrified  after each new high-vibrating cleansing wave from Paradise arrives. Then they attack willy-nilly.

So there's been an upswing in terror tactics to attempt to counter that, in addition to attempts to replace their imploding and dissolving tech/weaponry/dying parasitic systems/. Locally  [and perhaps in your neck of the woods too?], this has included sending armed mercenaries to open fire on innocent passengers on public trains and buses [separate incident on the same day – to create extra loosh?]. And then to idiotically have a media blackout on these incidents, while everyone else around the city and on social media speak of little else. Talk about deliberately exposing themselves!

 There’s also been a tremendous uptick in now getting even more people addicted to anything and everything –including elderly pensioners to street gambling. Open doorways to ease the way for invisible parasitic hijackers and easier consciousness control are created through addiction. 

Personally, they’ve delivered another dose of pestilence, dousing my feline family again in inorganic fleas and their eggs [unheard of in the natural world in the wintry month of May], they’ve sent a hippy stalker to attempt to charm and hijack me  [fail!] and other stalkers at net cafes to block every site I try to access, while they sit a few tables away with their remote toys.
  Attempting to kill every battery-operated device I own such as a pocket radio, portable CD player is another, while my best proof to date of their dead/dying AI is this: while trying to listen to an audio CD on my laptop, I actually heard  keys manually being banged via my speakers.  Their objective was to try to freeze the CD from playing. Never heard that before as I'm guessing it's previously been their AI that silently did all that [judging from my very vast experience using my laptop while OFFLINE]. It went on for hours and I could literally feel the fury and frustration  the keyboard basher/agent was experiencing!
Rather than my own previous frustration,  I’m quite exhilarated at what’s to come now that I  see proof of their remote-controlled weapons and tech dying/dissolving/imploding almost every single day!
 To the many who’ve experienced similarly: can you just  imagine how free a life without interference will once again feel, especially when years-long interference has become the ‘norm’?

Here’s to our individual and collective freedom to finally live and be the beautiful beings we are!
My  deepest gratitude and thanks – Father/Mother God and all the Lighted experts tasked with this mission and providing the necessary assistance in taking down the dp’s and their intricate web of insanity. 

Blessings of peace and joy to all


From the late great Lebo Mathosa - Brand New Day