I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, March 19, 2010

A personal Q & A

...Continues from other personal Q & A's...
I have left out some serious chunks here, as some of it is not for the public (yet!). So, if it appears disjointed and not making sense...it is! ;-)

SK: I’m having numerous dreams about me dying, then giving birth. They’re always different babies, ages and at different stages in the birth process. Can you comment?

LN: A powerful time of purging and a literal dying of your old self, while the new is not fully birthed yet. And so we would advise only to allow this. You are processing much in your dream time, healing, integrating and releasing. You also have a new-fangled mechanism allowing you to ‘hear’ us more easily. And  at the start of this new energy cycle a couple of weeks ago, numerous beings all wished  to come upon you and communicate. As CM told you in your personal session with him, he was one of the first to test this out. It has since needed a few tweaks, which does not mean we cannot communicate.

SK: At one time a couple of years ago I heard Bohar’s ‘voice’ (my Inner Earth brother) so sharply and clearly and have since not been able to communicate with either him or K as well. Why is this?

LN: They have needed to step away, beloved. Just as I needed to for the period you felt I abandoned you in recently. There is never any abandoning, merely an allowance in utter respect of all your HS wishes to learn. Oftentimes it is felt (applicable to many of you ones on the earth plane) our direct communication can detract from that which needs to be integrated or learned. Bohar is very proud of you and cannot wait to hug the ‘cosmic hugger’.(a personal joke about me)

SK: *laughs*

LN: He knew that would get you going.

SK: Is B available for a direct chat here and now?

LN: He is most certainly. I will withdraw temporarily.

BOHAR: It is really I, coming to you from across the airwaves, brought to directly from the Inner Earth (*…jokes to imitate a radio advert*)

SK: *Uproarious laughter* Seriously, have you witnessed what’s been happening in my life recently? And what I’m calling my ‘manifestation freeze-up’?

BOHAR:  *Image of B swirling me around in a dance* Aah, it is the Golden sister! We would like to say how much we love and adore you and cannot wait to begin our celebrations. Not to mention our hugging. *I sense my IE Mom there and ask for her*

*I’m doing my nagging again about  my twin flame* We will only say there are many delights, joys and fulfillments that are shortly to be yours. We know you cannot abide by the word ‘soon’ but we say it is ‘soon’. We long for the day when we can celebrate all you have achieved on the surface in the most trying of circumstances with so many unexpected twists and turns which created so much deeper suffering for you than was necessary. Of course some of this wasn’t in the plan. But then things can and do change at a moment’s notice on the surface. Your responses have been impeccable. You have done us proud. Yes, at great cost to yourself and your ability to experience joy in your surface life. But we want you to know you are about to make up for this lost time in triplicate.

SK: I love you, P.
P: Your heart and mine are joined in the One Heart. Please call on me and us at any time or all the time if you wish *smile*.

*I get an image of her with long silvery hair*

P:I wear my age which shows my wisdom, although there is a timeless quality about me. Just like Z. My hair is silver, but I am capable, as mentioned, of taking on different forms. When we meet I will re-introduce you to all this.

SK: *I have a weird sense of something being placed in my heart centre, something that bonds me to P in some new and different way from before.

Are you still there Bro Bo?

BOHAR: Always and forever, dear sister.  *I make a comment about something which occurred between myself and my earth mother recently which, knowing her response in advance, would serve well in putting necessary space between us*
We know of all your doings. And yes, you needed to feel the death of your old world and relationships and the birthing of your new ones in a very tangible way. A way that would mark this rite of passage.
When we meet it will be dancing, hugging and the only tears you’ll be shedding will be ones of joy. Is this clear? *saying mock sternly*

SK: *All smiles* We bid each other farewell.

Anything else to share, LN?

LN: There is a new life to come, a wondrous new life filled with all sorts of delights.

SK: The last few months of 09 were filled with such intense feelings for a baby. And I even felt impulsed to a second child, or was it twins possibly? In any event, this all left suddenly in January. What happened?

LN: We have put this on hold until you are firmly ensconced in the new earth vibration where you’ll be practically able to do something about your urges.

You see, all that has been thus far lying hidden in the shadows can no longer and is now literally coming to light.  And this includes this collective web that has been  partly responsible for the limitations you have experienced.   This is occurring due to a light wave/s that is sweeping across the earth, happening on both a collective, institutional and personal level.

SK: Why does this dark energy appear to me (in dreams related to a specific issue) in a state of camp theatricality and masked?

LN: It is both a disguised and a trickster energy (*I get a picture of the masked guests at medieval balls*) with great con artistry that it has employed to keep it sustained these many eons. We wish you to know you are not the only one to fall foul of these ‘webs’. There are many amongst you, who have long been suffering in different arenas of their lives in much the same way. In limitation.

SK *Breaking into ‘Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead’ song from the Wizard of Oz that I’ve been singing all day and that my Icki (my inner child’s name) loves so much.

Thus ends a group (multiple personality disordered ;-)) session, which I don't have very often!