I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, June 5, 2019


4 June 2019

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On the surface of things, many of us aren’t aware we’re living two lives. The outer life we respond to in our conscious interior and the second life of the soul Self. We struggle to understand our subterranean motives and choices and the relative fraction of conscious awareness we have of our outer lives. 
While the second life is having its own life experience governed by a different reference point – immersed in the ‘bigger picture’ of our existence.
We think we may be learning one thing, when something exactly the opposite might be revealed to us instead. Showing us we didn’t have much of a clue...

 Living lives with a consciousness not fully aligned to our God forces by buying into the illusory myth of seeming-separation from God produces this.
However… the grand blessing of being alive in body in this time-space  is that we are and have been, for the past few years, aided along by the force of the Wave. Arriving from Paradise in continuous cleansing cycles and impacting all consciousness on Earth, its transformational effects are working on and through us slowly and steadily –helping us return to our real Selves.

Now imagine that we were never anything except these real Selves. That never were we anything except our highest expression - as the God sparks of His we ever have been. Imagine we may have come from a ‘future’ timeline, where we were nothing but joy and peace. These were our hallmarks and we lived by the code of love.

 Everything we felt and thought and acted upon in that place were subject first to our own filters of self-love. For indeed  it was/is nigh impossible there to share in community love for collective benefit should you, yourself, not be able to feel it first in your very own Self. 

Perhaps we chose to return to this precarious ‘past’ timeline we now seemingly-occupy, for the purpose of changing it for the better. Except now we –in this ‘past’ are quickly catching up to we in the ‘future’. And shortly we will find ourSelves… back in that same [consciousness] place again!

We are all so much, beings of such substance. With so many aspects in other realities that it could seriously befuddle us if we all had instant recall, but weren't prepared within for it. Yet, on the other hand, for those of us emotionally mature enough to handle it, who we are ‘there’ and what we are doing and learning could serve as amazing grist for the learning mill if we had opportunity to be conscious of it.

The eternal journey experienced as an integrated being and consciously is exactly how it is done in higher vibrating galactic and other-planetary societies, as well as amongst our Inner Earth HUmans[Higher Universal].

While the Garden of Eden was once a real place on Earth and not a myth or legend, so was the story of Gulliver’s Travels. The latter was about a giant captured by little people. People in the IE are much taller than us and they were referred to as ‘giants’ by the few surface people that gained access to their cities and returned to surface Earth to share their experiences. Though the typical darkie parasite strategy of inverting truth to become the untruth of ‘fairytales’ was propagandised to divert the attention of the masses away from Truth.

The Inner Earth – who’s surface entrances are sealed to block the darkie parasites from invading to hijack their technology and crush the IE civil-isation – live a pure existence that demands protecting. The privilege of living a life in the IE will be an option for some surface dwellers after further cleansing events on the surface.

Due to the Inner Earth Sun [responsible for the Scandinavian Northern Lights phenomena where the Inner Sun’s rays reflect on Earth’s surface],  pure air, water, food, no gravity and the collective raised consciousness, regeneration and rejuvenation are IE inhabitants’ exclusive experiences.
 There is no ageing in the Inner Earth, though many choose to look between 30-40 years old, unless they have a special mission requiring them to look older.  Nor do they have dis-ease that their surface brethren suffer from. Humans there can stay in their bodies for thousands of years, depending on their respective learning requirements.

In the IE there are no limitations or ego illusions that block your experience with yourSelf and your relationship with God. In that space of eternity/the present/zero point or whatever you’d like to call it, there can only be the natural oneness in and with God.

Learning, expanding and evolving in a life in the IE  is a total joyous adventure. Before ideas, thoughts or feelings become action and inter-actions, impacting others, all is first sounded out and discerned over - within. Including challenges or problems. That is, first it is taken unto each one’s God within in order that the best and highest action/solution in everyone’s best interest can be found or solved. And what we who choose it are trying to practise on the surface right now.

A fully integrated God-sovereign IE being is also in a position of great personal power. Following the laws of God in your living experience is a natural part of that. You also have response-ability in service to all life around you. A few hours a day are spent doing community ‘work’ of your own choosing, as a contributor to society. Yet, the majority of time is spent freely exploring avenues you are passionate about. 

 Because everyone is given beautiful free  housing,  food [fresh produce is grown hydroponically] and power, etc, time and energy can be almost exclusively focused on that  which gives pleasure and joy. 

Learning and growth is perceived as play and adventure there for good reason. Such is their technology there that you are able to visit and interact with a whole range of time periods on Earth and elsewhere and also enjoy access to all other aspects of yourSelf. Which include visiting other of your life experiences as part of your personal learning.
I remember the bitter-sweet memories of my IE life and family around my bed on my departure. Besides my Sirian Feline family and home, I have a particular affinity with my Inner Earth one. The IE family were saying goodbye to me as I chose to come into this life on the surface. My father’s a priest there and my brother’s like a twin - or is my twin. He’s also hysterically funny; like a higher dimensional comedian  :-). He has dry, witty humour and is constantly playing with words. His SOH is one of his special gifts.  Our past telepathic chats would often leave me crying from hysterical laughter and almost wetting my pants! 

In fact, I’ve been privileged enough to ‘meet’ him here on the surface. Over breakfast in a cafĂ© one Saturday morning years ago, a man who looked preppy-ish and ageless came in and ordered a salad. I kept trying to start a conversation as he was super ‘familiar’ to me and I was really drawn to him. Instead, a telepathic conversation begun between us, separated by only a few tables! But he remained elusive and wouldn’t give any of his real identity away.

Later I learned that he was indeed familia-r. to me!  My brother Bohar had been forbidden to speak directly to me that day in the cafe because it would apparently interfere with my growth. I felt desolate when I received this information and that I hadn't had the opportunity to talk with him directly. But how right his and my team were: I would have glued myself to him or nagged the living daylights out of him to take me back with him to my city of  Shamballah in the Inner Earth!

Lately I'm really missing him and the entire Inner Earth a lot. This may be because I/we are a lot closer to our entire Self, our families, our Lighted teams, etc. Either way, I'm feeling it all quite keenly.

I’m not sure if the Inner Earth inhabitants have currently been evacuated to ships already/again in preparation of the Earth’s upcoming magnetic pole shift. But even if they have, they’ll be returning to IE once our Mama Earth is done and has been restored.

PS. Darkie parasite update: The low frequency vibrations in the ‘cell phone towers’ which proliferate everywhere have all but been destroyed by the Light now. At least here in SA. Partly due to that and to maintain their  reign of terror amongst the mass populace globally, the dp’s new tricks have taken the form of new black operations.  One of their main agendas has always been to maintain  and increase fear, anger and despair in the collective.They're especially petrified  after each new high-vibrating cleansing wave from Paradise arrives. Then they attack willy-nilly.

So there's been an upswing in terror tactics to attempt to counter that, in addition to attempts to replace their imploding and dissolving tech/weaponry/dying parasitic systems/. Locally  [and perhaps in your neck of the woods too?], this has included sending armed mercenaries to open fire on innocent passengers on public trains and buses [separate incident on the same day – to create extra loosh?]. And then to idiotically have a media blackout on these incidents, while everyone else around the city and on social media speak of little else. Talk about deliberately exposing themselves!

 There’s also been a tremendous uptick in now getting even more people addicted to anything and everything –including elderly pensioners to street gambling. Open doorways to ease the way for invisible parasitic hijackers and easier consciousness control are created through addiction. 

Personally, they’ve delivered another dose of pestilence, dousing my feline family again in inorganic fleas and their eggs [unheard of in the natural world in the wintry month of May], they’ve sent a hippy stalker to attempt to charm and hijack me  [fail!] and other stalkers at net cafes to block every site I try to access, while they sit a few tables away with their remote toys.
  Attempting to kill every battery-operated device I own such as a pocket radio, portable CD player is another, while my best proof to date of their dead/dying AI is this: while trying to listen to an audio CD on my laptop, I actually heard  keys manually being banged via my speakers.  Their objective was to try to freeze the CD from playing. Never heard that before as I'm guessing it's previously been their AI that silently did all that [judging from my very vast experience using my laptop while OFFLINE]. It went on for hours and I could literally feel the fury and frustration  the keyboard basher/agent was experiencing!
Rather than my own previous frustration,  I’m quite exhilarated at what’s to come now that I  see proof of their remote-controlled weapons and tech dying/dissolving/imploding almost every single day!
 To the many who’ve experienced similarly: can you just  imagine how free a life without interference will once again feel, especially when years-long interference has become the ‘norm’?

Here’s to our individual and collective freedom to finally live and be the beautiful beings we are!
My  deepest gratitude and thanks – Father/Mother God and all the Lighted experts tasked with this mission and providing the necessary assistance in taking down the dp’s and their intricate web of insanity. 

Blessings of peace and joy to all


From the late great Lebo Mathosa - Brand New Day