I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Shellee-Kim Gold

A few weeks ago I was hijacked again. Psycho-spiritually speaking.
I unconsciously allowed a parasitic life form to hijack me without my knowledge or awareness of it at the time. It took several days, a strange body rash, body pain and other uneasy feelings for me to finally twig. It had entered my field via an old re-opened cord of love and affection that I had had for someone I was once close to. That previous bond, emotional openness and vulnerability was all that was needed for it to successfully enter me.

A few days later of feeling decidedly strange, I identified and located the critter that had mistakenly thought its frequency-feeding fest off me was guaranteed. During those few days though, I began feeling those feelings that characterize parasitic forms. I knew those waves of panic, anxiety and fear I was feeling were not emanating from my core, from me. Although they were most definitely coming through me. It had been discovered and was none too happy! With that, I ordered it gone from my energy field. I then actually felt it being pushed up from the base of my spine in very physical waves of heat, as it shifted up and up and finally…exited out of me at my nape. With a loud pop, to boot!

The person from whom this had come had decided on a very different life path from mine in the intervening years. She had sold herself - with the influence of another with a dark agenda - to the forces of dark. And as a committed worker for the Light, I was her/their biggest threat. To have her protect and defend her current choices (from which these parasites greatly benefited), they naturally needed to keep us as far apart as often as possible in order that she be prevented from being open to any ‘light’ influence. Therefore, the physical contact often resulted, as it did that day, in bizarre and unrelated verbal attacks by her (or should I say ‘through’ her), coming seemingly out of the blue. The object, I believe, being always to get her feeling justifiably angry enough at me with the dark parasites distorting and twisting her mind with misperceptions during our conversation. She remains willfully and completely unconscious as to all that occurs within her regarding me on this count.

For the following day and a half I found myself thinking about her intensely, almost involuntarily. Not realizing these were the ‘cursing’ thoughts emanating from her/her parasites. Because I’m such an empath, I still find it tough to discern the difference between feelings that emanate from me at core, feelings and thoughts coming from others that I’m psychically and telepathically attuned to, and the auric after-effects that produce similar feelings after close contact with someone etherically/in dream time.
This is how subtle and easy the manipulation of our fields by the invisible dark parasitics can be.

In my observation, this year seems to have been subject to an even more massive orchestrated event of even greater attempts to enslave increasing numbers of humanity through these means. And we wonder why depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

Some of the low-frequency feelings and conditions we think may belong to us could include chronic or recent emotional states that have descended into various conditions over time. Such as panic attacks, anxiety, suicidal compulsions, addictions, obsessive-compulsive disorders, amongst others. And while these may now be firmly lodged within us, causing us to feel constantly in battle with ourselves, these states may never have come from us in the first place. Yet, on some level, we did ‘invite’ the dark parasitic critters in via some means or another. Whether knowingly or not. And it is our shattered personal energy or unwholeness that attracts and keeps them there. After all, this and the accompanying low-frequency emotions are their major food source.

Perhaps it happened initially as a result of our inability to let go of a destructive or harmful pattern, a person or an event from our past. It could be that as a result of that experience we felt so bad about ourselves, our feelings then transformed into self-blame and unforgiveness. And holding onto those emotions is like an open invitation at a caviar and champagne banquet for these entities and their psychic feeding frenzy.

Now more than ever, if we truly wish to consider ourselves in service to this earth, our family of humanity and other sentient species it’s imperative we’re able to discern such subtleties, boot out that which feeds off us and heal that which needs it, if we are to do so successfully.

So how do we discern what belongs to us at origin and what’s been offloaded onto us by another? And what do we do about it, more importantly?
Fear-inducing thoughts and feelings and will-weakening tactics are major specialities of service-to-self energy parasitics.

As an example, one of my clients experienced childhood sexual abuse by several people. For her, it all became self-hatred, misogyny and an eating disorder as symptoms. Her parasites were also entertwined with her partner’s, who she had been trying to leave. As he had no intention of this happening and as a master manipulator, he worked her at the level of her deepest fears as he witnessed her progress with me. And because she was still re-acting to her childhood pain, patterns just continued repeating. As long as the parasites could continue aiding her in justifying her 'victim' feelings, they had won. But they also worked through a decades-old food addiction each time she made a potential breakthrough in this and her relationship issues. Finally she chose to return to the limiting comfort of being her partner's adult-child emotional prisoner. The energetic thought forms, fears and compulsions had overwhelmed her.

Unfortunately, my dealings with her occurred just prior to my introducing parasitic cord-cutting sessions to clients. And had we done just a few of these first I'm certain she would have felt very differently and been far stronger, which could have led to different choices. I now recommend for practically every person I see to first have identified and removed whatever parasitic attachments might be blocking their desire to change and heal a condition or situation.

I use Meg Hoopes’s very potent replicator and programme removal approach. http://www.spiritedclearings.com/replicatorremoval.html
It’s work done in partnership with all sorts of etheric and celestial service-to-other ‘experts’ on identifying and clearing out these destructive energies. It’s only then we can begin some real work, knowing that what’s coming up is in actual fact your own, originally-created stuff.

Bear in mind, parasitic attachments come in the form of collective programmes, individual/collective entities and even actual thought forms, amongst others. And these life forms are now well aware that their time for feasting off surface human food sources is ending.

We’ve discussed how the past can hold us through these energy parasites. But what about identifying them in the present?
You know how there are some people you instinctively back away from when they hone in to hug or touch you? That’s probably because you sense they are either out to steal some of your precious energy or having an energetic ‘dump’ on you.

Humans are unconsciously constantly dumping energy onto and stealing from each other. This is because we come from a genetically very sliced up and tampered with collective history. With so much of our total selves missing in action (and apparently why we have so many parallel lives playing themselves out across other times and spaces), it’s clear we are fragmented beings. And the reasons why we are constantly needing to feel whole in our expression and living. How often do you see profiles on dating sites mention: ‘…looking for my other half’ and ‘…looking for someone to complete me’. And when we’re not doing it in relationship quests, we’re trying to get there through the energy of others in various ways.

This can include feeling ‘inspired’ by a book author or a website channelling, being motivated by a ‘charismatic’ leader or having an uplifting/enlightening/powerful experience with a guru of some kind. Just be aware that perhaps any or all of these experiences can also involve the giving away of your precious power (in unconscious agreement) to these folk - in exchange for those positive feelings. These are instances when yet another unwanted energy cord can bind between you and subtlely affect your energy field and personal power down the line and in ways you don't know about. It would especially happen if such folk are fragmented themselves. Chances of them then harboring parasitic attachments of their own are greater. Meaning they're likely also looking to steal or dump. And the parasitics that work through gurus (including politicians,celebrities,royals; any who are worshipped by the public including music groups) are particularly well versed at harnessing collective energy off the masses.

In a state of wholeness we can read a book or channelling or listen to an inspiring speaker as just that. We can even get excited speaking about them. But how we re-act to them energetically is determined by how much or little of ourselves we have already retrieved and subsequently filled ourselves up with inside. And staying out of energetic harm’s way while we continue healing and figuring ourselves out means daily doses of self-vigilance in all our interactions and emotional responses with others.