I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, September 14, 2012


29 August 2012

by Machiventa Melchizedek

A channeled chat with Shellee-Kim

It is I, Melchizedek Machiventa come forward this evening.
(SK: Some personal stuff for me first)

Let us speak this night of what it means to act in accordance with your highest intentions.
Regarding your populations: Firstly, there are none so blind as those who cannot see. What do I mean by this?
I mean those who can not/will not see what is right in front of their noses are so deep in denial, that they are best left unattended to, in many instances. Sometimes to meddle with the minds and emotions of these ones by ruffling their attitudinal feathers can easily backfire on one’s efforts.

You will all soon become greater discerners in separating the wheat from the chaff amongst your populace. You will come to quickly know who sits on the fence and is therefore potentially open to what you bring forth. Then there are those whose eyes, ears and hearts are so tightly closed there are invisible ‘no entry’ signs everywhere around them. In addition to the smaller portion of people who will be palpably open to new ways of looking at old things and different ways of adventuring forward in life.

There are numerous ways in which you will become discerners that might best help you in knowing exactly what support to give and how much, or not to give at all and to just walk away.

You may call on us at all times for assistance as we are always just a thought away. And your mental and telepathic communication abilities will so have increased by then that you will constantly feel part of a larger group that is both walking with you and helping you in decision-making.

Now, there is also the question going forward of who’s staying and who’s going. This is a source of great concern to most all of you. And we wish to say it need not be so. If you could but make just the slightest of inner adjustments to that place of acceptance within, this would cease to be a concern in the manner it has been and rather be something you openly honour as the choice of another soul – whether they are (family) related to you or not.

[Continued 11 September 2012]

SK: But remember, Mac, lots of people on this earth are very biologically and emotionally deeply attached to their children, parents, siblings. In a way you perhaps aren’t in your realm, or even those of Starfleet aren’t.

M: Indeed. You personally have managed this through lots of stress, pain, anxiety and traumas.

SK: I have – involuntarily. But I probably wouldn’t naturally have gone to that place and I wouldn’t be able to be in this place…of compassionate detachment that I feel myself to be in with my daughter and family at the moment, if it wasn’t as a result of my suffering and hardships with them.
So what about those who have wonderful, loving relationships with their family members?

M: Indeed. The adjustment we ask you to make is one which can better serve all family members, whatever the relationship you have with them is. It is an adjustment that will see you also in better stead. For if you can get into this place of compassionate detachment, you will be able to manage this with everyone outside of your family also. Which will serve all far better in the short and long run.

There will be some of you that will have special training where you will be able to impart certain skills, techniques, methods, if you like, in ways which you may more effectively deal with your populations. You will find these to be most useful in any situations that will arise.
One prerequisite being: that you constantly refer to your inner voice and the help available through that, for it is there that you will find the answers needed on the spur of the moment. And know then at short notice how to deal with any given situation and what of the training should be utilized where.

SK: Yes. Is it true that while we are going to be responding to others, to be helping in these spontaneous situations, this period is also a big initiation for each of us (Lightbearers)?

M: It is most true that this phase can be seen as a further test of your mettle and will determine, at least part of the way, in establishing your next position, your next destination, as it were. You are all expected to pass with flying colours.

We sense there is much anxiety amongst a number of you about your perceived upcoming performances. But once you have seen and understood the help that will be available to you, you will not be quite so anxious. What is important - and this has been said oft times before and no doubt will be said many times again - is that you maintain your centre, your balance at all times. If you feel you’re not, then please call out and ask for the help, for it is there.

This is to be a grand adventure. A journey that you hardiest of souls chose to experience and serve in at this time. It is one to be embraced, for there are many wonders ahead of you, for you who have chosen this path. Which will, for many of you, have made your many variations on suffering in this lifetime quite worthwhile.

And so we leave this with you today. And say it is our pleasure to be able now to come forward in full force to assist you, as, where and when it is required.
There are huge numbers of beings available here for this.

And so it is.
We bid you a most wonderful day further.
And wish you every success.
We know you will fulfill your roles wonderfully.

Machiventa Melchizedek