I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Another Crossroads by the Trinity/Triodity Sisters

4 June 2015

through Shellee-Kim

SK: I ask them to identify themselves.

T/T Sisters: Will this do?
Shall we begin?

Firstly, we would say how overjoyed we are once more to be working with this one, SK. Oh, and what a ride it has been. Even watching from the sidelines – with some of us more or less involved and affected – it has been nothng short of a spectacle to witness.

[ a very personal paragraph for me, about me...]

Well here we are beloved ones. At yet another crossroads upon your respective journeys and upon the earth. It has been a long time coming, this particular brand of truth now making itself felt and heard. Finally it will be seen and known to all. But in the meantime you ones are up against yet another challenge at this crossroads. And how to know, if you don’t, what this particular challenge is about?

A Crossroad is a juncture that has four points; four directions you can go in and choose from. Here we would say: these are four distinct directions or paths, each with its own highs and lows. Your personal crossroad is but one of many en route. You have crossed many already in this single lifetime.

Which one is ‘better’ than the other, we hear you ask?
In fact, all are different choices made, but there is one direction that holds the highest potential for fulfilment. And that would be the one that your Higher Selves would hope you would choose. This would take you further than the others upon your soul path and lessons you wished to learn and service you wished to offer.

So you see, none of these directions are ‘wrong’ per se. Yet one is more ‘right’ than the others.
How to ensure you take the ‘right’ road/direction?
This is quite simple. It is a question of such alignment with your Higher Selves that it is, as this one likes to describe it, a choiceless choice. It would feel then so ‘right’ that it would be the automatic choice you feel compelled to make.

However, things can and do take different turns in your lives. And you are not always aware of the multi layers that live within you; that can and do make those choices for you, dictating to you the way in which you go. Yet, ultimately, a choice is a choice. And the path chosen opens up a whole other set of possibilities, unique to that direction. Much of the confusion in life, with personal progress, rests on such decisions and choices.

It is the fulcrum upon which many a life advancement or failure both can be attributed. And many of your helpers and experts from our realms watch such moments in (your)time with great interest and fascination. These are the certain ‘turning’ points in your lives.

Now here you are once more. Know that the best you can give yourself is that which your Higher Self wishes for your life. This is the certain proof to choosing the best path ahead.

We love you and wish you well

And ask you call upon us and our own expertise, which can benefit you all greatly.

Be you richly blessed, beloveds of earth

We are the Trinity/Triodity Sisters.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Leaders or Followers by Mother Mary

1 June 2015

through Shellee-Kim

[Some personal chat with her first here...]

SK:I’ve felt utterly bereft of the loss of you all…*I just ask for and get a huge etheric hug from her*…and I’ve missed all of you sisters so very much.

MM:Let the past be the past now, beloved one. And let us together with you move on into the new times and your healing and your success.

There are things I would like to share going forward. And the first to address is one of great consternation to me. It is around the feelings of inadequacy that many of you Lighted ones still feel within and about yourselves.

Being Sovereign and feeling inadequate, beloveds, are polarised experiences and thus conflictual ones. You cannot be both. You are either aligned to one or the other. It is extremely important at this time to choose which you wish to be and reflect.

Are you a sovereign being or will you become a follower through your feelings of inadequacy? Will you reach for the stars within yourself, that ALL of you may open up to both yourselves and others? Or will you settle for less? This is the question I pose to you this day.
Yes, things are always more complicated than they seem. But they are also simpler than they may appear. It is always a question of your perspective on any given issue.

You all (Lighted ones) came into this world to stand tall, to be as Gods walking this plane that you might teach others to do the same, to be the same. But there has been much floundering by many during all of this lengthy preparation period. There is no more time now and your choice is at hand. What will it be?

There are many who wait upon your wisdom. But first you need to fully acknowledge all you hold within you as the Sovereign being you are. Then all can pour forth from you and your service will be replete.

This is what I ask you, beloveds, to work with and focus upon this day. Things could change at any moment and you will be expected to go into the action you have long prepared for.

Wait no more. Take these words into your heart and see the manner in which they could benefit both you and all others.

My love and support to all on Earth

I AM Mother Mary, delighted to once again be speaking through SK.

Bless you all.