I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Unleashing The Dragon by Zen Gardner

As anyone even half awake watching these world events unfold can see, there’s an abrupt acceleration that’s taking place. To me it’s clear the signal has been given that “the coast is clear, go for the jugular”. The most profound aspect of this is that they’ve apparently come to the conclusion that their social engineering programs have succeeded to such an extent they can now get away with virtually anything.

It is a sad statement as to the state of humanity but is clearly the case. There appears to be no recourse through any of the previous channels of legal challenges, popular resistance, never mind protests, be they political or otherwise. Most importantly the populace has been relegated to simply watching.

The flagrant disregard for any kind of consequence for the multitude of egregious offenses against the fundamental values of truth, honesty or justice keep piling on by the day. Viewing the seemingly limp reaction to the massive banking, NSA and now IRS scandals, to name just a few, has given them an unspoken imprimatur to open the floodgates, including massive unwarranted illegal immigration, on many fronts, while unveiling their latest Middle East “ISIS” offensive via an “unforeseen” massive army supposedly out of nowhere, efficiently dissolving national borders and now threatening the world with nuclear retaliation.

Did I fall asleep in class or something?
Dystopian Disconnects Abound – The Ride Has Just Become Wilder

They’ve been at this plan for a long time. We’re simply at the culmination. Pushing through the final phases has been hitting some opposition of late so it appears they’re going for a super-sized end run. Most of this has been in the works for years and decades, if not centuries, but executing it against an informed and awakened humanity was never in their cards.

That’s the fun part. For us.

We’re awake and informed and now pose the threat as the ultimate wild card. Despite that, they feel confident enough to push their program through, hoping our backlash of exposing truths will not deter their plans. That nothing makes sense in any sort of way is not a problem they worry about. It’s the reaction of a populace they’re busy subduing and reducing in potential and numbers.

The most frightening aspect of this is seeing how many cannot see or perceive the reality being foisted upon them, one that is virtually dyslexic yet appears to be rational and normally sequential.
How They Track and Predict Our Response

Not spoken about very much is the current capability of our self appointed overlords to not just track, but predict human response and overall societal behavior. Apparently there is a form of artificial semi-intelligence they’ve designed that has massive capabilities for these purposes that tracks humanity in real time, laying out options as they arise according to the grand scheme they’ve designed.

That technology is far beyond what we’re being told is not a stretch for anyone who has opened their eyes. We see with our hearts and can perceive these truths, which helps us connect to whatever information we can find to support our understandings.

Ample substantiation for such AI abilities can be found. At the least, their many furtive think tanks, foundations and subversive agencies have been busy for decades designing such forecasting and tracking mechanisms.
Knowing That They Know Is Still Knowing

We’re up against formidable foes, entities without compassion or empathy. Their desire is conquest and control. This couldn’t be any clearer. What’s amazing is how they’re directed by such a small faction of very sick, corrupt individuals. Of course they hide in secret and accuse others of being conspiracy freaks for pointing them out. That’s the nature of the game.

Those who wake up get this, those who don’t contribute to the problem.

The fact that so many are aware of these subversive, anti-human activities and where they come from is reason to be encouraged. We’re going to have to live out some of their designs from the looks of things, but as they implode we’ll be here to help rebuild the world this was meant to be.

Live in love and truth and make a difference. There is no other way.

The rest will play out on its own.

Never be discouraged. Their bravado is baloney.

Love always, Zen


Monday, June 23, 2014

Heavenletter: Life Is About Living It

Heavenletter #4958 Life Is About Living It, June 22, 2014

God said:

What is at play when you ask for advice? Sometimes you don’t really have to ask for advice. Sometimes you want support more than advice. It’s not a great idea to ask for advice that you don’t really desire. You may be playing games with yourself, you the asker and you the dissenter.

On the other hand, what makes you think that others always know better than you or may know better than you? What is this lack of belief in yourself you seem to carry around? Furthermore, you may think, so it seems, that anyone knows better than you what to do and when to do it and how to do it and what to say and how to say it and when to say it. It sometimes appears that a random saleslady in the department store may know what hat looks best on you, and she spends your money. And, of course, she may be correct. Is your life about living it or about your presentation of it?

Accuracy is not always the point of life. There is more to life than accuracy. Not everyone and his brother knows more than you. What is your clarion call to life, beloveds?

Life is not exactly about doing everything perfectly. Life is something you live, not exactly arbitrate. Yes, of course, you would love to do what is considered the right thing, right for you and right in the eyes of others. This is understandable, yet, if life were a math problem, getting the right answer isn’t the whole story. Going through the process of finding out an answer for yourself is more like it.

What if there were no such thing as asking for advice? What if everyone made his or her own decisions? What if your choices were not so camouflaged or complicated as the world seems to make them? In truth, no matter how many people you ask for advice, no matter how many suggestions you follow, ultimately you are your own soothsayer. Certainly, you are the one who acts according to your own will. You are the one who says yes or says no, or says sooner or later, or says, I can or I cannot make a decision without outside help. There is nothing you have to prove. You are here on Earth to live and love, not to be perfect in your eyes or another’s.

Become more confident in your own choices. You don’t have to hold on tight to the reins of your life nor do you have to give the reins to someone else. No matter what choice you make, you are the one who makes it. Contrary to what may be popular opinion, you are far more capable than you, and perhaps others, give you credit for.

What is at the core of your asking for a second opinion or third or fourth? Is it the idea that everyone else must know more than you? Or can it be that at the core is your fear or unwillingness to take responsibility for yourself? What makes you have to check with others?

How well you know what other people ought to do, how clear and obvious it is to you when it comes to other people, is that not true? One reason for this is that, when it comes to someone else, the responsibility isn’t yours. At the same time, no one else can bear responsibility for the route you take.

Ask Me, beloveds. Ask yourself. Perhaps you have dug yourself into a hole. Perhaps you have been one way all your life. Listen for an answer. There is always more than one possibility. Life is Infinite, and so are you.

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