I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, November 27, 2011


27 November 2011


Shellee-Kim Gold

Just in case you put my latest temporary disappearance down to thinking the (Inner) earth might have swallowed me up…no such luck, I’m afraid!
In fact, it appears there won’t be any visitation rights for me to my city of Shamballah in the Agartha network in the foreseeable earth-changing future. And not just for me...but for everyone else, too. Due to the fact that our Inner Earth brothers and sisters won’t be there either…they’re apparently in the process of evacuating from their beloved homes, as we speak, all due to the pending earth shifts.
Yes, this Mother Earth so desperately needs to do her now-big shifting, in addition to the celestial VIP’s having changed their game plan…again. Meaning: there will apparently no longer be the mini-stasis allowing for a ‘humanity wake up call’ teaching period before the longer stasis, as previously planned.

And all this is verified in my dream messages of the past couple of weeks, too. I can’t remember how many dreams I’ve had about ‘almost’ missing my train (sometimes plane), while I’ve been assisting or encouraging others to board. And then almost at the last moment, I myself have needed the assistance of others in turn to make sure I catch my own connection! Phew…no wonder I’ve felt like I’ve been steam-rolled over by day. I’ve also been recovering from a psychic attack by a (ex) ‘friend’. But that’s another story for another time.

Two or three mornings ago, I had another telling dream. In it I had a home quite high up on quaint, narrow, European-styled cobbled street in a seaside town. From the entrance at the street I had a beautiful view over the beach and sea. It was a clear, warm, blue sky day and there was just one large, single, concentrated mass of cloud or mist in the sky. Suddenly, it evaporated rapidly to reveal a huge silver, metallic, cylindrical-shaped craft hovering. I knew it was organic in nature and it was as if I was aware of hearing/feeling its essence vibrating. The cylinder–craft gently and unobtrusively settled over the beach and slowly released silver beings from its interior.

In the meanwhile, I was aware of the chaos this was causing around town. Someone offered to drive me around to see what was happening. Different pockets of people had gathered with others of like-mind. For instance, in one very exposed and hot, large, gravelly car park area, lots of questioning people had gathered. Under the auspices of a local artist (both very creative and nurturing), she was directing the meeting which was to deliberate and consider the motives of those from the cylinder. There was a slow, lazy pace about these deliberations. At one point, the artist-facilitator took off her tank top due to the heat to reveal large breasts, but no one batted an eyelid.

I then went up to another lookout point near my home. I gazed down to the sea and it had become very choppy due to a strong south easterly wind (typical of my area). I saw loads of similar-sized yachts all with different and brightly-coloured masts. At first I thought it was some type of regatta, but as they all continuously smashed into and destroyed each other in groups of yachts, I realised they were all in a state of deep panic and chaos, and had been trying to escape the town and the cylinder.

I woke up, went back to sleep and picked up where I left off. This rarely happens in my dreams. Next it was back to my dream home. I was so busy admiring the outside walls to the villa-style entrance of my house, that it took a while before I noticed a group of visitors waiting for me. The walls were of medium height and a gorgeous peachy-pink-brown colour. And they were curved over outwards at the very large, gateless entrance.

I am sometimes visited by a group of people (one of my off-world 'families'), have dreams about them and connect with them in alternate realities quite often. In the dream, there were three of them and I think they were members from the same team.

They were in quite an urgent state, asked who was leaving from my house, besides my feline family they were aware of, and said we had to pack things up very quickly now. I was a bit taken aback, as I hadn’t had a chance to pack things I wanted to take in my backpack or boxes properly. As I pointed to stuff I wanted to take, the men and woman picked these (sometimes very heavy) items up with the greatest of ease and walked out with them, returning a short time later for more. I knew we’d be able to make it out in good time, as their system was super-efficient. After they asked who was coming with me, I remember going to another bedroom, only to find three empty beds. They belonged to my daughter, my US-based brother and step-brother, but none of them were there.

Okay, so the dream and other stuff confirms for me a sense of an ‘emergency exit plan’ afoot for us. And also confirmed by my no longer feeling the urge to stock up on household necessities.

But the latter could also be indication of no longer panicking within from fear of the ‘not having enough’ syndrome. I do believe I’ve finally reconciled that one. In the most unlikely of ways.

During the past couple of months I’ve been through an interesting and fruitful practice run of sorts - in properly valuing myself. My Goldan (Golden Angel; Higher Self)guided me to stand true to what and how I value who I am and what I offer in the world. So, to stay true to this state I’ve been plonked (read: attracted) situations repeatedly where I was offered employment of varied types. But where I was blatantly being undervalued in exchange for my talents/services/skills offered.
I’ve then found myself in a state of choice: should I take that chance and tell the potential employer what to do with her/his job offer and wait (in the middle of a recession) for an offer where I am being honoured and valued for my offerings? Or shall I allow fear to rule the roost, not take that chance and gratefully accept the work being offered - at whatever cost to mySelf?

Each time I chose to take the risk, trust and go with the former option. If ever there was another inner test, this was surely one. But deal with the dichotomy I have. Which has meant facing those final fears within head-on. And it’s paid off. It’s meant that no matter where I find myself in the exterior world, I’m learning how to hold and express my appreciation and value for myself and my offerings. Regardless of whether I’m monetarily on Skid Street or rolling in it. Although I’m not at either of these extremes, actually. Or regardless of what others may believe, think or state about me and my offerings.

I feel the essence of the lesson has been about holding my own power fully; which is really another way and level of loving, honouring and accepting Self more fully, isn’t it? And somehow I had to ‘get’ this now, in prep for something around the corner. And although, like all of us, I’ve had to keep on surviving in our money-driven world, I am also not attaching to the results of what this has brought, as it’s all very shortly due to change in the twinkling of an eye. And then all we’ll be left with are the lessons learned/not from all our experiences here.

However, I do feel successful in this and that has been reflected to me at every turn. I am manifesting my needs and wants (just not yet the ways I’ve dreamed of being in service to others!) in no uncertain manner – and it feels like a good deal of progress has been made. Feeling used, sacrificed and exploited seem to be things of the past. And in committing to being firm with others(not inflexible, as in previous times), in turn I’m now attracting those who are happy to have my contributions based more on my terms (ie COD). It’s been a hugely busy and validating period for me.

But now, on to the Real Work, the Real Mission. They say best is kept for last. Or perhaps that should be first...in the new beginnings of a new world it will be.