I AM Present

I AM Present

Monday, May 14, 2018


11 May 2018

How do we become aware of the Oneness that we are already with and within God?

Because seeking and striving by its very nature implies we feel a lack within us. And it’s that which drives us to continually seek Him. A Catch 22. Whether we choose to do it without first and then turn our attention within or seek to do it from the inside out – the more direct route.

Knowing that we are already One, means there’s nothing to strive for. On one level. All that’s to be ‘done’ is to accept that we are. And then to discover more of Him, using our awareness and imagination. We also need to discover where and why we don’t accept Oneness, as some of us have strong self-saboteuring aspects. Essentially, it all only means to effectively be able to get out of our God/HS’s way.
And therein lies the rub.

Remove all seeming-obstacles from our perception and our awareness shifts into the present moment, the eternal now of Oneness. This is all – and everything.
I’ve said it before – attachment, perception and awareness about ourselves is and means everything. It means everything in how we choose our paths and our futures, from one day to the next.

It’s a big deal and no deal at all. It is simple in its complexity and complex in its simplicity.
Remove/have removed the obstacles of and in our perception and it’s like cleaning and polishing filthy windows. Which eventually turn out to be not mere glass windows when cleansed [visual given here] –but beautiful stained glass artworks, emanating rainbow-coloured rays. Exactly what we are: rainbow warriors of God light.

That’s the theory. In practise, the dichotomy is how the body/mind experience separates us from this naturalness. Often through our ego filters of [mis]interpretation. That’s its job, after all. In addition to the darkies' mass population programming of our consciousness in a multitude of ways, most of us defer most of the time to our ego response first, rather than to our more subtle inner God calling. Because we're here to learn how to live this Oneness, that we may better serve others.

We do this quite automatically, born of hundreds/thousands of years in physical incarnations. It’s a frigging bad habit! That’s mostly all it is. Were we to re-member to call Him in first in our every conflictual, hurtful, anger or victim-provoking situation to possess our thoughts and feelings in that instance, we would all be living Paradise on earth already  *smile*

Practically, remembering to say in advance of your response to another: ‘I choose to respond here as the Lady Master/Masters do’ can be incredibly helpful, in the first instance. In the second: immediately surround the person you believe’s victimising you with God’s white light –and repeatedly, until you feel a positive change within you. Whether you’re with them or doing it alone later.
In the third instance: bless your ego for drawing your attention to it, the ego, and its wiley ways. I’m sharing these methods as they’re all workable ways to take yourself out of an emotionally negatively-charged situation and give it to God; realigning yourSelf with Him in the process.

I find doing the white lighting of another incredibly potent. Any negative emotions you may have been feeling towards someone/something seem to vanish pretty quickly when you do that. For you are reclaiming your own power again this way.

I’m going to liken the bad habit of allowing ego the first response in all scenarios to that of a recovering alcoholic. ‘Hi. My name is SK/Z/R/whatever and I’m a recovering ego addict’. While I’ve never been an alcoholic in this lifetime, I can definitely relate to the process and cause. It’s the same for all addicts. You're 'clean' for a bit, happy and upbeat and then you have a slip up. You go on a binge and regret it in the morning. OK. You made a mistake. So what. You'll do better during the next challenge.

In my teens and my 20’s I was a compulsive overeater - a food addict. I ate when I wasn’t hungry, ate when I was, ate when I was in emotional pain and ate when I was happy. Food was my substitute for generally suppressing any and all e-motions then. It was my comfort, my sanctuary of sorts, that would stop any emotion from coming up that sought my attention/needed releasing.
Even while travelling on a shoestring budget to many foreign countries on my 7 year sojourn, I’d find ways to continue feeding that addiction. Even if it meant I then didn’t have the cash to see some of a country’s sights.

I was around 10kgs overweight for years. It wasn’t at all comfortable as I’m a small person. It was also damn expensive – spending so much on food.
Letting go of the core issue and pain that had prevented me from allowing myself to feel, happened quite naturally. Actually, it happened very unconsciously – I wasn’t working on it or watching it as I was way too busy in traveller survival mode.

I was shocked to get on a scale while travelling through Turkey and saw that after so many years, I was 10kg lighter. I thought the scale was in error. But no - it wasn't. And without weight-watching or caring, I've maintained roughly the same weight for around 25 years. Except for a couple of patches. Wouldn’t it be amazing if all change we desired could happen so easily? [Ironically, I’m currently 3/4 kgs heavier since the end of March. Very uncomfortable, but it has nothing to do with addiction this time. It happened over a week or two while hardly eating].

If you can identify yourself as, like me, having been addicted to food or cigarettes, ganja, alcohol, gym, porn or gaming, amongst others, it’s a great basis for dealing with the ego. Then you can see that every time you falter in response or are not standing in your God shoes, you have allowed the ego-addict to have its way. When our attention is on Him instead of the worries and fears we focus on in our lives, He makes miracles. I've experienced this, albeit inconsistently.

So, to get back to the Oneness with God which I started writing this piece about.
We came to the planet at this point in time to re-experience ourSelves in Oneness with God in the world of matter. And ego.

Depending on your contract or choices made/not, Oneness is either guaranteed or a possibility. Some people have a contract and therefore, warrant more help from the Lighted invisibles, no matter what they get into or how ego may overrun them. For others, nothing’s set in stone as it’s all about choice. I thought I was one of those contracted people for a very long time, but that turns out to be an inaccurate assumption.

I/my God/HS were over-ambitious in what we set out to achieve, all things considered for this personality and its strong subconscious. Or perhaps we didn’t quite realise the potency and impact of the dp’s tech and weaponry. Or both.

Though I was protected by my Lighted family for many, many years, I’m not consciously aware of why I lost that in 2015. But it resulted in this, as described in Lisa Renee’s April newsletter:

Abaddon is described as the Destroyer, the Angel of the Abyss, the King of Plague of Locusts, resembling horses with crowned human faces, women’s hair, lion’s teeth, wings, iron breastplates, and a tail with a scorpion’s stinger, that torments for five months anyone who does not have the Seal of God on his forehead. It is clear that this is a Demon, Fallen God or Black Star, that is directly connected to powering up the Armageddon Software through the Yahweh matrix.

Some PTSD from that experience still remain. What’s that got to do with Oneness, you might ask? It’s got everything to do with separation – Oneness’s opposite. The part of me that still buys into the ego-illusory hell I found myself in then, perfectly reflects separation to me.
That’s the way of the relative world to find your way back to Oneness – through the illusion of separation, often creating the opposite of what we want or think we are. And shit happens to teach us!

The mercy through it all? There is still choice every single day while we breathe to live in gratitude, to choose each moment towards Oneness with Him, rather than ego separation, and to see what we perceive as successes or failures to be nothing more than [mis]perceptions and attachments. Both of which get in the way constantly of Oneness.

If permanent Oneness can only come when we are raised into it when we leave our body-shell, that too is God's blessing for the majority of humankind. The living presence of God within us remains an experience open for all of us. One way or the other.