I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Treasure We Are


Sometimes I move into that beautiful child-like disbelieving kind of excitement. That this life of God’s within mine is so amazing it can hardly be true. A bit like winning a prize, the jackpot or being presented with a new car! That type of thrill and excitement.

Sometimes the recognition of His greatness within me is all too much and and I break down into tears of overwhelm.

Yet even on a cold winter’s day such as today, the golden sea of warmth, that inner sun, ever blasts through me; rushing through my inner waters, my bloodstream. It’s so loud I sometimes think I can hear it in the sensations of love, comfort, Oneness and the easing aside of myself for His Self to lead.

How glorious those moments are; when I step aside for Him that He can take me, make me, bake me to perfection. And then be the taster and the server both through me.

Sometimes it feels so excruciatingly sweet - the unbearable lightness and beauty of being - that I sense myself dissolving into fragments, dust, the nothingness that I AM into his Allness; the everything that He is. That disappearing of me is probably the best of all sensations.

It is then I am absorbed into the sea of golden life, light, love, nurturing, harmony and peace that is everywhere around me, as well as within me.
It is everywhere, all the time. This, my true identity.

As if it has only been waiting for me to acknowledge it’s presence. This is me merging with the sea of His presence. And I drink thirstily, as one who has come to an oasis in a desert after decades of wandering, of thirsting. Now I AM lit up from within and without…

Moments such as these are my most treasured; worth more than all and any material offerings made to me. Worth more than my very life, for without His life actively using mine, there can be no life for me.

I may not be able to feel the physical rays of the sun on my face and body today, yet that sun is ever present. Hiding behind the overcast skies. Just a few layers away, that again will shortly be pierced by the sun’s ever present rays.
Just the same as in my own vessel.

The layers within this form and consciousness are thinning  that He becomes increasingly-easier to reach. But this very body also belongs to Him; it's His conduit for action.

Here, within this vessel, and only slightly hidden from view now, is His glory, the warmth and radiance of His great comfort and love.
I come ever closer.

Here I AM, yet nearer again to You, penetrating more deeply to your heartbeat within mine; the rush of your life within mine and it is beyond exquisite.
Gifted am I with that which He has seeded that might bear the fruit of His will…for the benefit of all other humans we make contact with.

It is truly a deep, deep honour that I AM this fragment of You, as One with You, in this, my experience in form.
Again, I AM blown away by the enormity of it. It is as one who has been given the keys to infinite chambers of a golden palace overflowing with gold, coins, precious stones and priceless trinkets of enormous value to the earthly life.
Though in essence it is but one thing: the keys to heavenly wealth on earth; the treasures of His wealth within me.

And I AM here to share this with all.

It is so.



Apologies for the constant hum on the following song; I cannot erase it and it is ever-present, despite what I try.


[With thanks to singer Lira for the borrowed tune from ‘Soul In Mind’]


Sovereign beings of Light
Are we [X2]
Come to set our world free
We are the stars that rise by night
Quietly cloaked behind the Light
Now we come out to play
In broad daylight
Oh, so gay
Rising as One
In His glory
Now to sing the whole story

It’s time to come to the fore
It’s time to walk through
The open door
For on the other side
Will we find
The love and joy
We once left behind
It is ours as gifts
To bestow on the world
To let each know
That they’re God’s pearls
Rising by choice to His call

But first we must walk
Through the open door
As His emissaries re-found
In us it’s a rebirth; renowned

Across time and space
We’re the wandering human race
Here to begin again
Wearing a new face
As we walk here in heaven
With our Oneness intact
It is now we return
To that status as fact

And so for Him
We walk through
That wide, open door
That never again will
We close.
Never again will we close.


In God, I AM, WE are and WE RISE as one body
Upon the body of God in U-NI-TY
United so all the world can see
Who we be
In our grace and glory
That is nothing but Him within us
Expressed in his full might and power.
So it is [x3]
Let it be now.
I declare it so.