I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, July 5, 2009

You Are Your Brothers Keepers - Channelled 24 May

Through Shellee-Kim Gold

Goodday beloved people of earth. I trust you are flowing well with the changes now starting to make their presence felt in your world.
Today I would like to address the qualities of integrity, ethics and morality in human expression.

We have noted that there is much consternation about the state of your world. When you have those at the top of the food chain on your world encouraging the qualities of greed and dishonesty, its not really much to wonder about.
Yet, away from the grasp of the Dark controllers of your world, it is still within your own power to shift your consciousness.

Many have been sent to your realm to help you with the beginnings of this great vibrational change and time. Yet there is much work for you to accomplish, which we are unable to do for you.
I am talking here of what it means to be a truly upstanding citizen and human being.

What is the point of working yourself out, as you are all doing, if you do not consider your brothers and sisters in the process? I’m particularly speaking of those many less fortunate, ill, vulnerable and those without a voice.

How much or little do you feel that your fellow man is your responsibility? Why is it that so few continue to do the work of so many – as in the work of charitable practices and causes? Your personal upliftment is not only about you, after all. You are a single society, a single humanity. And while the Dark has instigated numerous measures to continue to poison you with prejudices against each other, it is time to see through this also.

You cannot be a spiritual being having a successful human experience without the morals and ethics that go along with that. And many of the voiceless need your assistance. This is not to say: go rushing off to join the next movement for or against some cause, become an activist or turn into a guilt-riddled individual and open your purse at every turn and without discernment. Or to accept someone’s energy into your space if they’re soliciting against your will.
This is to say: the more you are aligned to your soul selves, the more naturally and equally these qualities will manifest through you. Opening yourself to the needs of others becomes exactly how you would like others to open to you in your own hour of need. As sensitivity is needed to view your life by outsiders to truly empathise with it, so this is the exact quality needed for you to view the lives of others.

It is no good preaching heaven on earth to others or being inspired in listening to others speak of this, when it is not accompanied by an honest desire to be of service to others. And not just in the way that you have perceived your service should be. I’m speaking here not only of those who are involved in healing work of one type or another. Or those who see themselves as Lightworkers in whichever manner they practice expressing this.

I’m speaking here of opening to and activating one of the most essential and natural parts of yourself. Not practiced or contrived, but being truly aware of the needs of others.

Giving unconditionally has often been confused with giving as a means of bartering. ‘If I do or give that then such-and-such will come back to me because I’m creating ‘good karma’, you might say to yourself. Or you might long ago have set up an associated belief with this and so do it rather automatically now. Or you might restrict this type of interaction to certain situations and people. And perhaps outside of such contexts, empathizing and being sensitive to the needs of others might cease to exist for you.

I would rather draw your attention to truly trying to put yourself in the person’s shoes who’s standing in front of you and addressing you – whoever they might be, wherever it may be and whenever. It matters not whether they’re an individual clothed in business garments or a ragged, homeless one. What is it they’re feeling? Without defensively rejecting it outright, can you try to be there with them in that, without taking on what belongs to them? Or developing a judgement about them?
This is the art of true empathy. It is not driven by anything except the desire to be of service and of help to other humans, outside of your regular sphere.

It, like much else in the human understanding and expression, becomes complicated due to humans’ fragmented selves. And so we compartmentalize and assist others where and when it suits us and depending on whether they fit into the boxes of our definition of deservedness.

To care for others in the way you look out for yourself is the way forward. And what all societies and civilization wishing to go forward into a state of collective harmony do do.

It is unfortunate that many feel that their brand of giving leads to a more spiritually-rewarded life. True ethics, morality and integrity lived from the (whole) heart of humankind has the power to be an infectious force for such collective good.

As you grow into this natural state of being and expressing, by your interactions and re-actions with those in need can you monitor your own abilities at being in a state of authentic empathy.

Living true ethics, morality and integrity are as much a natural part of your soul self’s expression as breathing to survive in the physical body is.