I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, October 21, 2018

October Month's Story...by Desiree Campher


  Oct 15, 2018
We are all aware of the amazing, frightening, challenging energies and changes we are facing at this very moment. Hanging on and pushing through was the old way of conducting our spiritual business…. BUT NO LONGER.!
With the massive challenges we are facing within the “New Shift” we have come to understand that all is energy, that we through our conditioning and belief structures have allowed 3D construct to solidify into form and by so doing have cemented the reality into what it is today. It seems all so REAL!
The main story:
As we each travel along our journey of life searching for the answers to our questions we are faced with opposition . What is this opposition that seems to stop us in our tracks and divert us back to the old paradigms of actions and feelings? What is this opposition that keeps us chasing our tails so to speak… Going round and round it seems in the same circle of learning.. This opposition is actually the Matrix drawing us back into the web of illusion “3D” tactics.
As we set our intentions of working through the challenges of the Matrix, the illusion, and we attempt to step out of the system, DARE to reclaim our true selves, we find we are judging and judge everything so harshly. To understand that this judgement is actually a mirror reflecting back to us because we are challenging the most powerful energy we have created and allowed to control us, “The Matrix”. It will fight a good fight to reclaim us being dumbed down , it will attempt to keep distracting us from our true missions.
We have been in total darkness for millenniums, we have been asleep. So now to step into the light with the speed Cosmos is demanding due to the “New Shift”, can be blinding. we need to give our system time to adjust, adapt to the blinding light now shining through every aspect of our souls. We are awakening to the truth that this is an illusion.
This can be frighteningly fearful and we can ourselves resist, but when others not yet in the process of awakening see this they do not understand the new Light. The fear of the new can cause them to be the biggest judges and resistance of all- Judgement can cause them to want to stop the development and growth unknowingly. It takes immense courage to step back, breathe and look openly- non-judgmentally- at all the energies playing these important roles of awakening right now.
When the energies of judgement and projection come a calling- the first inbreed reaction is to revert to our core wound- The “Original Sin”- This being we were born sinners and imperfect and thus we must strive to improve, better and fix ourselves and the world. In the “New Shift” we are called to step away from judgement and projection by evaluating our “Original Sin” Belief.
The “New Shift” is guiding us to the truth of the original sin… And That Is: We are born in the image of the Creator with all its abilities, gifts, strengths and knowledge. We are born perfect and unique. We need to come to terms with this and accept it NOW. We need to convert the old construct of belief into the new construct of belief and realize this amazing truth that we are perfect already. We are not sinful nor are we broken we just have been and have allowed ourselves to come to believe this through the Matrix.
If we realize the we originate from the Original Creation: We are particles of God: We awaken to the belief we are here to learn only one lesson. Yes! Only One Lesson… We are one with the One. Then only can we begin to release discordant energies, loosen the grip of the Matrix and let go of self-judgement and projection and desist from outward judgments too!
We have all asked the same question? I have tried everything to release- fear, anger, pain, judgement, hate, self-judgment……. but it still keeps coming back like a Merry-go-Round.
Here is the KEY:- ALL Emotions, All Actions, All Feeling, All Pain, All Judgement- all of the challenging energies originate from the “Original Sin” Belief pattern.
We have been conditioned to judge and be judged. We use phrases like- healthy competition- We look at betting others in sport becoming No 1- we look at being better than other companies in business and making sure we are the only survivor- This people is judgement and projection……
So what can we do to overcome this:
Be brutally lovingly honest with yourself
Open up to seeking who you really are
Soften into every moment of every moments in life challenges
Be Still and Listen
Look Inward not outward
Accept your are a particle of God
You can be the change.. You can be the bright light that tips the balance
The truth is judgement only occurs on a personal level. Cosmos has no concept of good and bad, negative and positive-only realigning back into balance.
To heal we must stop lying to ourselves, stop avoiding the truth, and become aware that all we need to do is align to the Original Creation. When we shut off the noise of the external projections and judgement and allow then to fade into the distance, we give ourselves a clear view of our own Inner-verse. So we can see ourselves as we truly are, have been and always will be PERFECT.
This is not an easy journey. It takes honesty and courage on a level we have never been on before, to win through, to transverse our inner-deep water, our dark sides, our beauty and our power. But we must empty ourselves  of all that no longer serve us, we need to clear space to download the energies available to us right now!  Perseverance, courage and boldness is what is required now! Are you ready to take the first Step?

Extract from Open
“When you step purposefully forwards, when you commit to making true and lasting change that’s real and authentic, one that’s aligning with the flow, then you become a reflection to all around you. They see your light, which challenges then to step out of their own box too. If they are anxious or fearful about what they’re being invited to do, then the knee jerk reaction is often to shoot the messenger, rather than have to deal with an inconvenient message. that’s exactly when judgement and projection will come calling”

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