I AM Present

I AM Present
It's here! The ascension times are upon us. And both a simple and complex choice is at hand for us all.

We can choose Love or Fear.
If we choose Love, we also commit to loving ourselves, owning all of us in the process. Without this energetic shift within, we cannot fully shine as co-creative human masters and walk free in our sovereignty. This is also a prerequisite for 5th Dimensional living.
If we choose Fear, we remain in the cosy confines of the 3 rd Dimensional matrix. Here we don't need to confront our shadow selves or take responsibility for all of us. This choice naturally means we will also need to wait for the next cycle of ascension opportunity to come around again for us.
Ascending in physical form isn't a given. And an intellectual or emotional desire alone won't take you there.
Subsequently 'heaven' and 'hell' are both states of being right here on earth, manifesting through our very own consciousness choices.
And because of current collapsing timelines all is unfolding in greater polarity right now.

What are you choosing...?

Expanding our consciousness to make the leap into the 5th Dimension is an energetic one. My experiences and path of personal growth have shown the many boulders on the road to success. Fact is, it's difficult to accept and integrate truth within, if you're not aware of the subtle forces that oppose it and the Light. Ones which subsequently block us from choosing our highest possible lives/outcomes. And most often, without our conscious awareness or consent.
Therefore, some of the related components I'll be exploring will include: understanding our slave mentality and how to break free; our galactic connection to both STO (service to other) extra-terrestrials and STS (service to self) ET's; the ongoing psy-ops programming by the Illuminati to keep us at war with self and each other; how lower thought form entities feed off our power, keeping us fragmented; our Inner Earth family and the Lemurian/Atlantean connection; relationship mirrors to Shadow/Inner Child healing on the road to wholeness.
All this ties in with the coming revelations to be disclosed to humanity - who we really are, where we came from and where we're going...

In magic, madness and mystery!

Sunday, December 29, 2013


27 December 2013


through Shellee-Kim

A good evening to you and all of our friends and family.

It is with much pleasure that we hereby announce our plans to move in to your world...seen and heard. Nothing can stop us now. And it will be a sight to behold.

When people look up and see the spectacle in the sky it will be as if their very worlds have changed in the twinkling of an eye.
And thereafter will there be no further misplacing amongst people of that which obligates and creates a sense of duty within and that which is unfulfilling in the life and in the minds of many.
These end times or moments are designed to stimulate on every level, in every way and affect every aspect of one's expression.

The timing of these events is quite synchronicitous and everything has been most carefully mapped out. Even within the ever-changing plan, or rather some of its pieces.
For the overall plan has remained the same throughout. It is only how it is to play out that has been changed - many times.

Now we stick to the scenario that we have chosen for you all to experience as much of yourselves as possible that will enable you to make grander choices. Ones which can accelerate your evolution, as you have already been informed.

Not all is as it seems for still the anti-life forces on this planet wish to take you down with them, although their every attempt fails. But this has not been enough to stop them from trying.
It is high time you ones now showed them who YOU are. We DO realise this has been difficult if not impossible for many, given the circumstances...
Their technology remains operational and... they will stop at nothing to try and take down any and all -if they had their way - who try to oppose their will for global control. And they have, which includes the many revolutionaries, inventors, thinkers and a wide array of grand souls who have already had their own/their family's lives taken from them. Or had their family members' lives negatively impacted on in some way.

And so it has been necessary that you ones have remained in quarantine of sorts; a protection for your own good. For we will not tolerate any amount of interference with YOU ones who have important jobs to do.

We are very pleased to say that the power of the ones who still perceive themselves as controllers is dwindling mightily fast. Particularly in the eyes of ones who have long been their most steadfast allies. This is a humiliating defeat in the Darkies' eyes (SK: Sa-Ra uses my term for them here). For they have lost respect in many an instance amongst their peers.

As you now move into your own activation of all that YOU are, you may now take centre stage without fear of retribution for your efforts. The Darkies are being rendered completely powerless as we speak.

No more shall you KNOW yourself to be limited and remaining in the shadows. For you were not designed nor have you CHOSEN to live your lives in shadow.
You are our glorious Starseeds of MAGNIFICENT LIGHT and LIGHT you shall BE, you shall HAVE and you shall DEMONSTRATE that all the world WILL KNOW IT.

That is all for this evening, but there is an urgency about (SK: Sa-Ra being cryptic and unwilling to elaborate further) which may tell you something...
And we will soon be with you. Celebrating in our reunion and working alongside you.

With all my Love

This is your beloved Sa-Ra

Saying goodbye

For now.