I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Praise-Prose: Rising As One, In The One/Message

23 November 2017

The moment to come has long been in the works. Of course, it’s time has been somewhat delayed as changes amongst you ones, collectively and individually, demanded of it. Now we are at the end of the cycle and come what may. For now we are all ‘out of time’, so to say.

As in, things need to be somewhat hurried along now so the ripple effects across the planet, this universe and others are managed in synche(ronicity).
For this planet’s outcome and ascension has always been part of a larger package, you could say, and not as a stand-alone experience. You, who would be joining her, your Mama Earth, are primed as best you can be – and continue preparing yourselves daily.

Of course, one can never really prepare enough for the unknown. And so you will find yourselves adapting and evolving to fit the circumstances and demands upon you – while ‘on the job’ in your immediate future. Perhaps for some, this coming period of chaos – as seen by the many – will prove to be the best training ground ever, with its innumerable challenges.

You will do well if you but remember to anchor yourselves as wholly as you are able in one place – your God Self/Higher Self within you. There shall ye overcome all. There will you find your answers and will you know your peace-filled/peaceful essence. There will you successfully also know the ease of resolution of your worldly affairs and of conflict with another.

This anchoring and trust within, above and beyond all else, is essential to your success, thus impacting upon those who come upon you and subsequently the world at large. Ripple effects count for they are energetically ‘contagious’.

We hope and pray that each of your emanations are of the highest and most positive order of contagion. :-)

The world awaits thee. You, God’s sons and daughters, whose journeys have been littered with some of the planet’s worst ‘rubbish’, energetically-speaking. Because of this will ye be well able to help others empty their own ‘garbage cans’.

It is upon thee now.

I AM TATA, as one with SK

Be ye blessed!


22 November 2017

I’ve got a lot to say and share with you of happenings of the past week or two. However, I’m tired of words. And I need to liberate myself with a new approach. So I’m starting with this God praise-prose.

Bear in mind I wasn’t gifted with any great voice in this incarnation, but I usually can sing to a tune and in tune mostly. More importantly, is what comes through me, when it comes. That takes priority.

I was debating not sharing this at all as a. the sound quality is beyond terrible due to ‘interference’. When I play ‘sensitive’ material – including personal past healing sessions I’ve had – my VLC and Windows Player both suddenly become incredibly distorted in sound.
I’ve had to record an already-nasty original recording due to all of this back onto my phone, as the file wouldn’t let me work with it. So had to attach it that way.

All of which could mean b. that this is NOT what God wants/is sanctioning me to do right now.

My deep apologies for the horrible quality again. I couldn't edit out the first blank 9 secs or so. I don't know how, so take this as a very amateur experiment.





Rising As One, In The One

He lives in me

He lives in thee

He lives in every growing tree

He is our One

We are His all

He is the one who birthed us all.

We are His grace, we are His joy

We are His way and we walk His talk

We walk His talk and we walk tall

For In Him we open doors as well

In Him we open doors as well

We walk His Talk, we walk His way

For all our brothers and sisters today

Today we start - we voice His will

So we may begin to know his soul

We walk in Him

So He can say:

The God within all

Is here now to stay

Recognise it

For you are me

And I am one with all of ye

Know this-it’s now. Here I AM

I come to show you that you are

Now…One with Me


Within thee


Here you are, here we are

As one we are

Here we are…as One

United are we – for ne’er have we been

Anything but in Unity

We are One, I say

We are One, this day

And we bring ourselves to

Bear upon this world

With our Light now

In God

We Rise as


[I AM done]