I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


29 August 2017

No more will we subjugate ourselves to the Untruths of OurSelves

No more do we bow to the manipulated little self and ego

No more shall we do the bidding of that which is contrary to our Higher Nature

No more shall we allow ourselves to be governed by that which seeks to keep us limited

No more shall we try to be our Greater Selves and our Oneness with God, for we already ARE!

This too has been a ploy of sorts, a diversionary tactic that has ensured we move away from – rather than towards – that which we ARE ALREADY.
This can be described as a type of looping in the consciousness, even as we endeavour to be-come. And this looping has been used against us in these very efforts to know ourSelves as God and God as ourSelves.

For we are and ever have been much more than we think ourSelves to be. We are the mighty force of God made manifest as His sons and daughters.

We pick up the baton now as One Unified Whole that moves forward unto a world in great need who hunger and thirst for that which they too are and can become. Our brothers and sisters yearn for Truth, as all ensouled beings do. They yearn to grow, to expand and to have greater choices for such afore them. It is our God-given duty and blessing to bring our True Selves to all with hearts that seek to find greater meaning in this life upon Earth and beyond.

We are done with our Game playing – the Game we played with ourselves that we might lose ourSelves so thoroughly in, in order to once again find OurSelves. Our playtime is over. Though most may see the Game as having been a time of great battle, of war and of great personal ongoing discomfort and conflict. It was all of those things too, even as all of the unreality of the Game was bought into.

Now you stop, quite abruptly, in your play. And give way once more to the emerging You, the Real and True Self who knows only balance within. The Real and True Self who is harmonious and overflows with the Love of God and all beings everywhere.

It is to you I speak- for do you not know now that your strivings are done? Do you not know we are finished? Do you not understand you are now playing the Game on overtime and that you need expend no further energy?

It is time to relax into yourSelf, allow yourSelf to steer the wheel of your ship that you might rest and let go of all burdens that you have unendingly piled up upon yourself. YourSelf awaits and longs to be given your burdens that you may restore and regenerate and reinvigorate yourselves.

It is God's will that you do so. And then can an entirely new game begin. One which consists of pure joy, peace and Love abounding for One and All. This is the Game of God.

Blessings of peace in God to you
A tonic of joy here from one who is naturally gifted, should you be in need: