I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, October 13, 2017

Creator's Creations

12 October 2017

Wherefore cometh the sun, the moon and the stars?

Wherefore flows the great rivers of the earth as they meet with the mighty oceans?

And wherefore originates the majestic mountain ranges of the world’s terrain?

All have been molded, have been forged by time, but mostly due to the design and the nurturing of the hand of God.

All and every single drop (and body of) water and every grain of sand – desert, mountain or beach – is of the body of the Creator God, of His creation. Serving His ultimate purpose.
Soon to be restructured into a new form; something else that serves His ever-changing purpose. As so with each and every one of His human creations. All exist but to serve His purpose, for His growth, learning experience and ultimately His fulfillment.

This is what the Creator God mirrors to his creation and what must likewise be mirrored in return. Creation does not hesitate for the Creator God when he deems something be done. Creation does his bidding for this is Creator God’s will.

Now shall ye all see Creator God’s will in grand action. The action that has been long stalled, which has only served to gather momentum. With the results of the spectacular action to follow will ye all be well-pleased.
The might of His power and His glory will arrive by seeming-surprise and be quite unbridled in its manifest passion. It will knock your socks off, you might say *smiling*.

Meanwhile the world holds its collective breath. Amongst some individuals this building tension is quite a conscious sensation or feeling. Amongst others there is a vaguer sense of this, while for the majority there is no conscious perception.

Yet it is the reason for the magnificent tension building around the planet in human consciousness. This tension is meant to build so that it can be stretched and then...be snapped apart, like an elastic band. This ‘stretching’ phase you are in is vital to the entire plan. In the ever-increasing tautness creating the necessary tension within are you being forced to deal with yourselves; to see yourselves.
It is what is helping the release of all that which is no longer needed within you.

All is ever a gift unto thee. It is but for you to perceive it as such.
And with this I take my leave.

Creator God/Source of Sources

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Building Solid Structures by TATA

3 October

When we were out walking the other day you mused upon how every living creature has purpose. Down to the tiniest of insects and bugs, and even the wind. And you revelled in the Life that they all are; their unique contributions to your world and human consciousness.

Somehow the parasitic ones – fleas and mosquitoes included – you are rather less tolerant of. You are not fond of these for their purpose is that which takes of another’s blood and life force in order to sustain its own.
Yet, such creatures, like all others, are perfect mirror images. They are reflections in one way or another and at one level or another, of humans and the human journey and its falls in consciousness over time.

As with all life everywhere, each enters the realm of earth in order to learn and grow, as well as contribute or serve the greater good and humanity. Sadly, it is only the human family themselves that have forgotten who they are and thus, that they too are in service to each other and all life, and having the earth journey to learn and grow into their God Selves.

Do you remember a time in your own history as a young child when you were in that state of pure beingness? Enjoying blowing dandelion seedlings from its stalk and watching the various places they would land? How magical an experience that was for you. Or building moats and castles with beach sand and a bucket? How glorious it was to eventually topple the sand castle over, to stamp on it and then to re-create it all over again a short time later.

This has been humanity’s journey, you could say, in very simplified terms. A journey of building, having your creation toppled and then rebuilding once more. Marking era upon era upon era on earth. Now we enter a new juncture in the game. One in which we build – not sandcastles in sand that have no or little basis in strong, solid foundations – but strong, solid structures made from entirely new materials.
Those materials are your own inner attributes of God. Each of you are specialist builders, architects and engineers, you might say. Ones who have learned all the pitfalls of the building plans and how to discern both the land type and thus the appropriate building materials required.

You have learned through trial and error what materials will work best in which types of ground. You have learned also the importance of how a structure is built – from the ground up, and not from the roof down, as it were. You have learned that mistakes can be costly if you attempt to take shortcuts in building your structure and have learned that decoration and painting of your structure comes when all else is solid. And not before. For a pretty home with a leaking roof is, sooner or later, bound to create a damp and unpleasant home to live in.

You have been busy building your respective structures, finding their weaknesses and renovating or repairing as has been necessary. Of course, this has been a personal journey for each and no one structure will be the same as the next. Perhaps some are already in the decorating phase, while others may well still be dealing with unstably-built walls or leaking roofs.
It matters not.
Only that a safe house be built from the foundations up. That this time each may stand strong, no matter what the weather outside is. For your structures will be wind, hurricane, earthquake and storm proof. Each providing a safe haven to all seeking shelter, warmth and comfort.

I paint this metaphorical picture for you that you may see and understand and accept the value of the period you have just been in and which you leave now.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Overcoming Fear

For everyone of you that is courageously dealing with your own personal challenges from a lack of of wholeness within. It's not easy to face long-suppressed and ignored aspects of our little selves. In whichever way, shape or form this manifest for you causing suffering, pain, limitation or discomfort. The dichotomy is that we largely continue to misidentify with our real Selves, our God Selves. When we are not in God/Love, we are automatically living in fear (false evidence appearing real). And why this month's newsletter from Lisa Renee is particularly profound to me. And maybe some others of you out there...?

Read here or listen to the audio on her site:

On my 'Weekly Pearly Of Wisdom' is a bit of TATA inspiration celebrating (with gratitude)
those of you who are already living your Oneness with God; who have risen.
As well as for those of us who's aspiration of same is yet to be.

Blessings of self-awareness and expansion in God


Overcoming Fear

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

To Overcome Fear, we must comprehend the real reasons we feel afraid and realize that our fears are pointing to the places within us that need attention. Many humans have taken on the fear based predator mind belief systems or alien mind control for the purpose of consciousness enslavement. All people that indulge in unrestrained and uncorrected negative emotional states of fear will attract demonic or dark spirits, which generate energetic blockages and cords in our lightbody. At this critical juncture during the bifurcation shift, each person is choosing if they want to exist in spiritual bondage or freedom. To support this process we look directly at Fear, to show us the spiritual lessons we have yet to master inside of ourselves, and where darkness is blocking us from finding harmony in our direct relationship with God.

As we travel through the pinnacle of the shifting timelines and trigger events, many people are breaking through amnesiac barriers to access the dark contents of the subconscious mind and pain body where collective fear programming has been stored. People are conditioned to hide from their fears, to avoid the darkness and where they feel pain, and to bury these bones deep beneath the walls of conscious perception to forget about them. These unaddressed places within us of hidden darkness, unhealed pain and fear are pushing through the internal barriers, into full view of the conscious mind. This can manifest as tremendous torrents of mental and emotional pressure that greatly increases the perceptions of fear and pain, anxiety and suffering that are being experienced in our lives. When we are clouded by the lens of fear we are easily overwhelmed and can feel mentally paralyzed as a result of the bombardment of fear, running its frequency throughout our nervous system.

During the Dark Night of the Soul, many people do not have clarity on the actual causal source of where their fear and pain impulses are coming from. Much of what is being experienced now is being greatly amplified through the hidden fear, buried trauma and emotional wounds from our past. We cannot run away from darkness and we cannot hide from our hidden and buried fears any longer. This month we study the perceptions of fear, so that we can see the macrocosm agenda of using the frequency of fear to increase darkness in our world and create mind control slaves. To reclaim our sanity and spiritual freedom, we must make the effort to Overcome Fear.

The frequency of fear represents physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bondage. It destroys the capacity for expanding light into our consciousness, while it produces slavery in the mind. Unrestrained fear is a destroyer; it destroys love, it destroys trust, it destroys life, it destroys relationships and it destroys people. For this purpose, spreading fear based mind control and dark spirits to hijack the subconscious thoughts and conscious belief systems of the masses, is the primary consciousness manipulation tool of the Negative Alien Agenda and the Controllers. All earth inhabitants have been conditioned to run fear-based thoughts as the default setting in the subconscious mind, in order to attract and grow even more darkness.

It takes personal will and commitment to understand how fear works in the hidden shadows of darkness, in order to find the strength to fully transform it into light. All of us have the internal power to transform darkness into light. Being courageous enough to face our deepest and darkest fears and be willing to put forth the effort to overcome them, is the path we all must take to secure our consciousness freedom during the Ascension Cycle. Overcoming Fears is an important spiritual lesson in higher consciousness development. We must address fears from the place of observation in order to demystify them and see where they are actually coming from. When we have the courage to address our hidden fears, we are facing the hidden places of darkness that have existed in parts of ourselves.

To Overcome Fear, we must comprehend the real reasons we feel afraid and realize that our fears are pointing to the places within us that need attention. Places that need unconditional love and spiritual understanding, in order for us to continue to evolve and grow. Fear stunts our forward progress and emotional growth, it blocks our interaction with our inner spirit and it generates disharmony in our relationship with God.

Right Thinking in Facing Fear

At this critical juncture during the bifurcation shift, each person chooses if they want to exist in spiritual bondage or freedom. This decision begins with gaining control over the mind, to remove blockages through the willingness to face darkness and Overcome Fear. This is the decision to commit to the process of organizing our lifestyle to prioritize our evolution towards developing a deeper connection with God, in our prayerful request to help us overcome darkness in order to achieve spiritual freedom. This comes with the necessity of reprogramming our mind into right effort and right thinking, and to remove all that fear content which obstructs the relationship with our spirit from fully bonding. Right thinking gives us the personal power to remove the state of our suffering. All judgments, fears and interpretations have to be suspended and when they occur, they are registered for observation and then let go and released.

We need to dissect the frequency of fear in all the ways it impacts our subconscious attitudes and behaviors, by paying attention to how we think and interpret our world through the inner dialogue we have with ourselves. Fear programs must be extracted from out of our body and cleared from controlling our consciousness, by paying attention to what we must learn from the lessons that come from the fear. Fear shows us the spiritual lessons we have yet to master inside of ourselves, as it demonstrates where darkness is blocking us, in finding harmony in our direct relationship with God. How much effort will you place on learning how to face fears and stop them from controlling your mind and controlling your life, in order to be free?

When our minds can only think about surviving perceived threats, we are easily controlled and manipulated through blind spots created from our own fears. This defines the state of mental bondage and suffering. Through perpetual states of feeling fear and anxiety, our critical thinking, executive function and emotional self-regulation skills that help us to resolve problems in our life are essentially eliminated. We are unable to face challenges and solve problems effectively when fear lives in our mind. Overcoming Fear is the main lesson, we have to regain control over our mind and be able to accurately assess ourselves in our surroundings. Overcoming Fear also contains vital keys in becoming the director of our own lives, as well as leading us to achieve mental, emotional and spiritual freedom, or a life without suffering.

When we Overcome Fear we can break free from impulsive reactions that are triggered from domination based tactics used in the everyday world, and from manipulators that use aggression and intimidation in order to take control over our mental perceptions and emotional reactions. From this awareness, we can see these interactions as lessons for mastering our personal growth, which we gain incredible spiritual strength from. We live in a mind controlled world that uses fear based perceptions to socially engineer slavery. What steps can you take now to begin to free yourself from the patterns of mental bondage and personal suffering, forming strong mental skills for recontextualizing fear and improving your ability to emotionally self-regulate? What spiritual lessons does fear reveal to you now?

Frequency of Fear and Feeling Unsafe

The frequency of fear is what makes people feel threatened and unsafe in the world, as well as feel disconnected and separated from other people, which generates disunity in the world. Disunity breeds self-deception, false perceptions and many negative ego character flaws that generate relationally unsafe people. People with a lack of empathy or ethical conduct have a tendency to deeply criticize, blame or judge others. When fear rules us, darkness rules us. It also rules our relationships, which extinguishes the possibility for sharing deep human heart connections and forming empathic and loving bonds. Please take note of how fear is rooted in darkness and can destroy ethical conduct, respect and empathy for others very easily. Fear destroys the hope for unified cooperation to exist between people which breaks down compassionate communication, that could be directed towards problem solving greater issues that impact all of humanity. One controller type person that uses fear to manipulate others for power can easily destroy the accumulated unity, positivity and trust earned in an entire organization or community, in one fell swoop. Thus, fear is the main manipulation tool of the controller archetype that is designed to generate perceptions of being threatened and feeling unsafe in the company of others and in any kind of social setting. It also produces relationally unsafe people, who are generally unethical, disrespectful people that lack empathy for others.

Essentially, unsafe people have weak character qualities that tend to spread fear and disunity, which make other people feel unsafe while in their presence. Many unsafe people have developed walls to distance themselves from others because of their hidden fears, that stem from unhealed personal trauma. All of us have been in the company of an unsafe person and noticed how uncomfortable and tense we may feel while in their presence. When we cannot be authentic and truthful in the presence of another because we fear they will judge, persecute or attack us for revealing ourselves, we feel deeply uncomfortable, drained and unsafe when we are in their presence. Many relationally unsafe people are ruled by their fears and many of their reactions and impulses are made unconsciously, through their unhealed mental or emotional triggers.

Let’s bring to mind some fear based negative ego qualities that create relationally unsafe people, people we cannot be completely truthful around without fearing we will suffer some kind of repercussion, attack or punishment. Unsafe people can be judgmental, blaming, manipulative, dishonest, narcissistic, emotionally unstable, irresponsible, gossips, Gaslighters, control freaks, back-stabbers, demanding, and entitled with superior attitudes. Sounds like a lot of darkness is present in those behaviors, doesn’t it? When in the company of people that demonstrate these fear based negative ego qualities, we may need to create strong boundaries and set the terms of our interaction with them. In some cases we may need to sever the connection entirely. There is generally nothing positive that will come from continually feeding destructive, harmful or abusive relationship patterns that refuse to heal or evolve. We have to plant seeds where there is fertile soil, if we want a garden to grow. And to shift out of the negative polarity of fear, one may need to pull weeds, or walk away from that relationship pattern as an act of self-love and self-preservation.

However, if we habitually feel unsafe with others, it may be we need to demystify the reasons we feel afraid, and discern the difference between people that demonstrate unsafe behaviors, and those who demonstrate responsible and safe behaviors. This also means that if we feel unsafe, it is our spiritual duty to build safety within ourselves by developing inner strength, based in the higher qualities that make us a safe person to be around. Strong spiritual foundation is built upon the cornerstone of moral character development and building trust inside and outside for ourselves. Trust is built upon the consistent ethical behaviors of moral conduct where people are treated with equal respect and kindness, and allowed to be who they are without repercussion. As much as you may feel unsafe with others, are you yourself a safe person for others to be around? Many times what we fear in others is the hidden unconscious behavior that we have not cleared from within our own deepest selves. Until we are willing to look at these hidden fears, we can also easily project or transfer these fears onto other people.

As a basic guideline for extracting fears by replacing negative qualities with positive qualities, is monitoring day-to-day thoughts and behaviors. We can look to GSF Behavior or simply adhere to the Golden Rule. Treat others' as you would like to be treated, and intend to build self-esteem through esteeming actions.

At some point it is helpful to realize that the current accepted reality of negative ego behaviors and the frequency of fear, has been used against people of the earth as a psychological weapon to weaken them. Fear is broadcasted everywhere in our environment and this has produced relationally unsafe people all around us. Fear weakens moral character and it stunts the higher attributes of generosity, kindness and tolerance for others. The manufacture of endless enemies in the mainstream media maintains the mass perception of continual threats, which condition more fears and learned helplessness into the unconscious mind and pain body of humanity. The fear broadcast drills down into our personal lives, infecting our thoughts, behaviors and relationships with the frequency of fear. The frequency of fear produces feelings and perceptions that we are unsafe, unsafe with others, unsafe inside ourselves. Knowing that we live on a planet imprisoned through the mass broadcast of the frequency of fear, can be helpful to disentangle us from the mainstream fear broadcasts and fear based reactions of people around us. Refuse to take on and wear the frequency of fear running in the exterior. When we can see the fear agendas operating in the external, we can go within and sift through what is sourcing from within. Becoming aware of what fears may have been taken on through being with fear based people, as well as noting the outer agendas that use forms of electronic harassment and media based mind control.

Establishing Safety to Overcome Fear

If we are to begin to recognize the qualities that define safe people and safe relationships, we need to first understand what a safe person is and why we need that kind of safety to overcome fear. We need people in our life that will be honest with us, telling us where we are creating harm and potentially where we may need to change, in order to improve ourselves. We need friends that walk according to the truth and are accepting of us, yet they are honest about our weaknesses and faults without condemning us. Relationships in which people use shame, guilt or condemn us for our actions are ultimately destructive and traumatizing, which does not produce emotional or spiritual growth. These are the unsafe people that require us to be different than who we are, in order to be accepted and conditionally loved by them. Conditional love that must be earned is useless, it is a made up projection from the negative ego demands and is not real love. If we do not have this kind of safe person around us yet, we can become that person for our selves and others. As we intend to clear fears and improve our character, we attract similar people.

Safe people can be fully present with others, connecting at deep and intimate levels. Safe people can speak truth to one another, without being offended or taking things personally. Safe people give others the opportunity to grow and become their highest expression, for them as God intended. Safe people create loving and positive feelings and inspire good works, such as being in service to others. Safe people create relationships that allow people to be as they are, and draw us closer to feel unity and connection with all of life.

In order to heal our mental and emotional body to overcome deep fears, we must know how to establish safety within ourselves and recognize what makes us feel unsafe. Taking good care of our body, having a consistent meditation or spiritual practice to become more inner directed, avoiding exposure to self-harming behaviors, and learning how to manage fear or trauma reactions is essential to being safe within yourself. The first step is to identify what makes us feel safe and stable and to do those things every day. We must make an effort to identify what choices we do have, and make changes in our environment that can increase our sense of safety and comfort while in our physical space. Assess the physical and emotional safety of your environment, and realize it may be necessary to remove people or situations from your life who are entrenched in destructive and harmful behaviors, in order to make the necessary changes to your lifestyle. When we are more competent in emotional self-regulation our inner safety is enhanced, so that trust can be formed, as we discover that we really do have the resources inside of us for feeling comforted and safe.

Imposters Manipulate Fear Perception

An important part of improving our feeling of safety is improving our emotional competency to recognize that negative emotions in our selves and others, greatly cloud our discernment and interpretation of events. If people only see reality through the lens of fear, most of the time their interpretation is based on false evidence appearing real. Fear is the manipulation tool of Imposters. When we have the capability to emotionally self-regulate, appropriate communication is not avoided through unhealed fears triggering some unwanted emotion. We all can learn to free ourselves from fear based thoughts and emotions like anger, bitterness, resentment, retaliation, and other destructive emotions that cause hurt and pain. Yet everywhere we go in this world, we will get the opportunity to see that dark forces continually manipulate those same fears in others, in order to gain control over them.

All imposters and dark forces, human or nonhuman that have the primary interest in exerting power and control, or taking the superior position to rule over others, will attempt to manipulate our darkest and deepest fears, most of which are hidden from our conscious mind. This is how the 3D system works on planet earth, as long as it remains in the hands of the Controllers that desire to keep humanity in servitude. Many humans have subconsciously taken on the fear based predator mind belief systems that were given to them from alien mind control for the purpose of consciousness enslavement. As long as we allow fear to exert control over us, these dark forces that are visible and nonvisible, will use fear tactics at every opportunity to manipulate our mental perceptions into fear so that we remain in bondage and enslaved. This is why it is imperative that we do the self-inquiry process, to drill down and source our personal fears and anxieties, and to observe our surface thoughts and behaviors, because we hide what we fear the most. How we see our hidden fears is through our impulses, the things we blurt out or the inner dialogue we catch in our mind. What remains hidden and suppressed can manipulate us, without our knowing that we are being controlled by forces in the external. Dark forces manipulate all the content of our hidden fears, and we all are exposed to some level of this dark manipulation in the world.

Bondage Loops of Fear

When we break down the main causes of experiencing fear in our life, we must assess which side of the negative polarity we are in, and where we have the most vulnerability to be exploited. Fear is used to create victims and victimizers that exchange places with each other to form bondage loops within the same polarity. People live in fear feeling they are victims, when their perpetrators also live in fear as the victimizers. It is an interchangeable bondage loop that cannot be broken until you can see what side of the polarity that you play into. To break the cycle of fear based bondage loops, we have to stop playing out that pattern of the negative polarity based in fear and we must reach out for the unconditional love of God.

Many people that are living with unhealed subconscious fears vacillate between feeling threatened by fears and then lashing out at others, to regain the sensation of having personal control over their environment. Are we living with subconscious fears and perceptions of outer threats, so that we manipulate and control the environment and others in order to feel more secure? Do we experience sensations of fear and mental paralysis often in our day-to-day thoughts and emotions? When do we react and use fear to get what we want from other people or situations? What are the causal events and the real reasons that we feel triggered in fear or feel threatened?

The first step is recognizing where fear has bondage loops in the exchanges we make that have some kind of control over us. By taking an honest inventory of what places inside of us are feeling fear, we can then study the reasons why we feel this fear and how we react to it. To overcome fear we must study ourselves, witness our mental thoughts and emotional reactions to other people, places and things. The negative polarity in the frequency of fear matches the vibration that attaches to black energy and dark spirits. All people that indulge in unrestrained and uncorrected negative emotional states of fear will attract demonic or dark spirits, and these negative spirits generate energetic blockages and cords in our lightbody. This can greatly amplify sensations of chaos and anxiety internally within the body, because there are hitchhikers hanging on.

The Spirits of Mental Bondage

All of us must learn how to overcome our fears, which dissolves the darkness that exists within the layers of our mind so that we can become free of mental bondage. When we are no longer controlled by fear based belief systems and reactions, we can stop allowing fear bondage loops and the dark spirits they attract, to make an internal dwelling inside our bodies, minds, and emotions. When we have cleaned out these internal dark dwellings, the spaces where there was darkness are now filled with light. In this state there is a tangible experience of mental and emotional freedom, there are no more automatic impulse that internalize the frequency of fear or darkness. You know that you are not that. The most common fear bondage loops take root in the pain body from places where fear generated walls of separation. Behind these walls are the most common core fears and dark spirit attachments that produce great suffering in the mind and emotions of human beings. It’s time to tell the hitchhikers to take a hike!

The Spirit of Unworthiness is a lack of self-love and self-acceptance that is the result of an internal battle with one’s own personal image. When we feel unworthy, we are hiding beliefs that we are not good enough, fears of inadequacy and failure, powerlessness, which are the result of false mental images of perfection or holding to standards that are not realistic. We may harbor hidden feelings of unworthiness because we feel separate and that we do not belong, and that we did not rise to achieve goals that were thrust upon us by other people.

The Spirit of Self-Entitlement isto compensate for unworthiness and feeling powerlessness, the other side of unworthiness is self-entitlement. It is the belief that you deserve special privileges or to be given something without personal effort or having to earn it. Imposing unrealistic demands onto others and feeling sorry for yourself when you don’t get what you want.

Healing Focus: Practicing Self-Love and Self-Acceptance. Calling upon the Spirit of Unconditional Love and Humility.

The Spirit of Guilt is the feeling of responsibility or remorse for doing something that is believed to be bad, such as a perceived offense, crime, wrongdoing, whether it is real or imagined.

The Spirit of Shame is the painful feeling that we are a bad person arising from the consciousness of something that happened and that we believe is disgraceful, wrong, or evil, that could been carried out by oneself or another person. Guilt and shame usually interchange together with the fear based beliefs that somehow we are bad, or we did something that made us a bad person. We may believe God is punishing us.

The Spirit of Self-Righteousness defends hidden fears of guilt and shame, generally justifying actions or believing that what you did was morally right and justifiable even when it generated harm. Self-righteous people are intolerant of others, and take a morally superior attitude to defend their ego position in regard to their belief systems. They may feel so guilty about something they did, that they preach to others about the evils of their own offenses, without disclosing it, making them a hypocrite.

Healing Focus: Practicing Self-Forgiveness, Self-Compassion and holding the Observer Point. We must find ways to let go of the painful past and know that right now in this moment, we can draw on our inner power by being fully present. Call upon the Spirits of Christ.

The Spirit of Lack of Trust is not believing or trusting in ourselves, that we lack something that we need and lack confidence in our own abilities to make it through life’s challenges.

The Spirit of Self-doubt isfrom the chronic lack of confidence that holds us back from leading our life and sensing opportunities where we can be more authentic people.Lack of trust and self-doubt are both poison to the mind, and related to emotional issues that hide problems with self-esteem and self-respect.

The Spirit of Arrogance is the other side that makes up for hidden self-doubt and lack of self-esteem. The quality of being a know it all, or believing that you know more than everyone else, and that you are capable of something that you really are not. Arrogance is incredibly selfish and it tends to generate tremendous amounts of destruction and harm in the world without having a conscience that feels remorse.

Healing Focus: Building Safety, Trustworthiness and Empathy within the Self. Call upon the Spirit of Purity and the Spirit of Humility.

The Spirit of Betrayal is a deeply painful fear hidden in the collective consciousness, it is the pain felt when being deceived, and then betrayed by those you trusted and loved the most. It is a violation of trust and bond. Spiritual betrayal is one of the most toxic and emotionally damaging fears based on being betrayed by that which had represented God, spirit or holiness in the belief systems of that person.

The Spirit of Abandonment is the fear of being deserted and left alone to fend for yourself, suffering with a great loss and the pain of grieving. It can be the consequence of betrayal, many people continue to play out sides of betrayal and abandonment with each other in the sexual misery programming. Abandonment stems from our deepest subconscious fears that we have been totally abandoned by our real parent, our God parent, who left us here alone to face the darkness.

The Spirit of Fear in Intimacy is the defense mechanism that avoids emotional closeness and vulnerability with other people as a result of the fear of emotional demands that may be required and hidden fears that once invested, the relationship may cycle into patterns of betrayal and abandonment.

Healing Focus: Building a strong core with Self-care, Compassionate Communication for requesting emotional needs and resolving intimate relationship conflicts, while setting healthy boundaries. Call upon the Spirits of Christ and the Spirit of Unconditional Love and Kindness.

The Spirit of Anger is a strong emotional reaction that may occur when people feel violated, victimized or their personal boundaries have been crossed, or they suffered losses. Anger commonly leads to toxic feelings of resentment and bitterness.

The Spirit of Rage is an intense and growing anger in which people lose control over their impulses and act out destructively. Many times in expressing anger and rage people have short term or partial entity possessions that continue to feed the destructive impulses that lead to violence. Rage is the most dangerous risk for full satanic possession.

The Spirit of Contempt is the result of anger that forms the belief that something or someone is beneath consideration and having disdain and disgust for them. Not letting go of past anger and resentments, can breed contempt and bitterness towards others, believing they are subhuman or of lower status.

Healing Focus: Pay attention to reactions and instead make the choice to respond with higher emotion. Dedicate to find ways to create calmness and stillness daily to relieve angry emotions, focus on Impulse Control. Call upon the Spirits of Christ and the Spirit of Kindness, Patience, and Forbearance.

The Spirit of Fear is the feeling of being afraid of some kind of threat or danger, real or imagined. Many people are numb from feelings of fear through freeze reactions, which is activated in the nervous system when fight-flight responses are exhausted. The fear response in our sympathetic nervous system initiates a physiological reaction in response to a perceived harmful event, attack or threat to survival.

The Spirit of Denial is used to escape the reality of the unpleasant fears or dangers, by stating they do not exist through the refusal to address them. Sometimes people may admit to the fear or danger but deny the responsibility to deal with the situation by blaming someone or something else. Transferring responsibility of your own emotional reactions to others is referred to as projection.

Healing Focus: Be willing to admit fears and be honest with yourself. When you see the fear as lessons for personal growth without judgment, you can choose to heal the fear. Denial of fears or denying unpleasant situations will only make them worse. Commit to practice loving kindness meditations directed to yourself and others. Reconcile your relationship with God. Call upon the Spirits of Christ and the Spirits of Discipline, Kindness, Patience, and Truth.

The Spirit of Entrapment is to feel a sense of being caught in a trap, being tricked and deceived into something that has grave consequences. Feeling abandoned by God.

The Spirit of Enslavement is a system in which principles of property are applied to people, where individuals own, buy and sell other humans as a form of property. As we learn about the Negative Alien Agenda, it is clear that hidden in our collective subconscious and psyche, all of humanity is aware at some level we are not free beings on the earth, and that we live in a global system of slavery. Facing how we were enslaved and what really has happened in human history, and reclaiming our truth is the only path to liberate ourselves.

The Spirit of Deception is a vital part of perpetrating psychological warfare in denial and dishonesty to entrap and enslave. It is the act of propagating beliefs in things that are not true, or not the whole truth as in half-truths or omission. Deception can involve disguise, propaganda and sleight of hand, as well as distraction, camouflage, or concealment. There is also self-deception, as in actions that are duplicitous.

Healing Focus: Developing Courage to face the current terrain on planet earth as a system of world slavery and world suffering. Educate yourself on human trafficking, sex slavery and disaster economies built upon human suffering. We are in a spiritual war and we must find ways to reconcile our relationship with God and connect with our inner spirit. We find true freedom when we remove fear and disunity with God, and then can experience God ever-presently with us. Call upon the Spirits of Christ and the Spirit of Truth and Freedom to vanquish any areas where there may be dark deception in your life.

Fear Builds Demonic Houses

The Imposters attempt to increase the bondage loops of the spirits of fear in the minds of people who are building demonic houses, within their consciousness from their own mind and fear based thoughtforms. When the body, mind and heart are corrupted by repeated fear based thoughts, the internal structure to house these energies, these qualities of demonic spirits, will reside in the mind and consciousness body. These lower quality spirits manifest tremendous pain and suffering, and are also called Satanic or Luciferian forces. In severe cases of repeated destructive spiritual behavior this can evolve to a thought form possession around a certain theme, such as addiction.

The controllers know that in order to maintain a system of consciousness slavery, they must devise a control based society in which people will obey power structures without the ability to question authority or ensure accountability of actions. When people believe in the fear based programming set up as belief systems in the 3D world, they easily act as the border guards of the matrix. They are willing to self-enforce unethical laws on others, no matter how corrupt or tyrannical the society. The most important tool for any Controller being that desires to have total power over others in order to steal global resources is to manipulate fear in the minds of people. Whether that narrative of fear is real or imagined is of no consequence, as the mass perception of fear is the only thing that matters. Through the promotion of the mass perception of fear, a Controller may conquer nations, conquer territories and conquer an entire planet. We must see the fear based programming operating in the global scape and understand how it is used in the macrocosm for producing human slavery, in order to free ourselves of the personal fears that make us suffer, building demonic houses that block our highest spiritual expression.

Executive Function and Emotional Self-Regulation

While most of humanity is unaware of the darkness that exists in fear based perceptions that govern the decisions they make, it robs them of the executive function required in having the cognitive control that is needed to help them function more effectively in every area of their lives. If a person does not have self-discipline or control over their own mental processes and impulses, it impairs their ability to be an independent thinker, which allows for autonomy over the direction of their own life. This means their life is not their own, they are unable to emotionally self-regulate and assess the environment. They are weakened in their ability to monitor their thoughts and behaviors, that assist in the attainment of their personal goals. When a person refuses to be responsible for their thoughts and behaviors, they are run by their external perceptions and fears, and are generally being easily manipulated by other people or dominating forces.

Essentially, consistent fear based thoughts impair executive function and cognitive control, which weakens brain function and mental processes over time, and is similar to brain impairment from an injury. When fear based thinking is not corrected, it can lead to many mental disorders such as learning disabilities and attention deficit, as well as amplifications of psychic attack and dark interference. Learning disabilities impair people from adapting their behaviors in order to gain different results in their life situation. It is the inability to evaluate and organize information that allows a person to accurately assess their surroundings and respond to it effectively. The frequency of fear is a toxic stress that has damaging effects on behavior, as well as the nervous system and brain chemistry, weakening the frontal lobe and impairing a range of mental processes. It is important to understand that fear based thinking is highly toxic, and that wrong thinking and negative attitudes skew perceptions into common symptoms of classic learning disabilities. Fear damages the brains ability to receive and process information, it impairs perception and intuition. On the ascending roadmap to self-ownership, we must grasp the spiritual lessons of fear that we must overcome.

In overcoming fear, we can improve our brain function and mental processes that enable positive behaviors that help us to make healthy and balanced choices for our selves and our families. When we can clear fear and instead focus attention, meditate and hold observer point, it strengthens our mental flexibility so that we can filter out distractions, retain information, prioritize tasks and control impulses. All people have the potential to develop these mental skills and improve their brain function, by being provided with support in growth promoting environments. This is how any person can regain strong executive function skills and emotional self-regulation, which increases coherent mental and emotional body integration.

Ego Annihilation and Fear of Death

The predator mind or negative ego is a mental fear program that runs on the frequency of fear, it stimulates the experience in the body that the personality is under some kind of threat, which surfaces emotional fears of personal annihilation or death. These many fears rise up from the subconscious and pain body, which generate automatic impulses and reactions when they are denied space to be neutrally witnessed in the conscious mind. When fears are denied or suppressed, they create mental barriers and emotional aberrance or places in our mental and emotional body that collect dead energy, which further generates more accumulated pain in the body. As a result of denial in facing deep fears, a false identity is assumed to defend its position, placed in the front of the conscious mind as a coping mechanism to continually deflect the fears on the surface. Ultimately every fear that we experience is hardwired into the negative ego program, which is designed to stimulate subconscious terror about perceived threats against our existence. If we better understand that negative ego fear programming is the design used to produce and manufacture slavery, then we are able to see that our personal fears are actually the mechanism used on planet earth to keep us trapped in bondage. If we allow fears to take us over, we are allowing ourselves to be trapped and enslaved by them. Essentially the fear program that is the negative ego, was manufactured by the Negative Aliens to capture souls and make them slaves through the continual feedback loop of broadcasting fear and death. The Negative Ego layers has autonomic trigger buttons in the pain body to release sensations of psychological-emotional terror throughout our nervous system, so that we feel so shocked and numbed out by the fears, that we refuse to face them. When we are identified with our mind as the source of individuality, we are disconnected from our spiritual source and authentic higher self, and as a consequence we will continually experience looping thoughts that trigger emotional fears and anxiety.

When we face our fears by making the pattern conscious in our awareness, we are able to neutrally witness them. In that moment you are disidentifying with that pattern of fear as “you”. In the neutral witness process, we bring the unconscious aspects of our darkest fears to the surface of our mind in order to shed light upon them, which many times will dissolve the negative pattern and the emotional charge associated with the fears. Ultimately, when we disidentify with our fears and we disidentify with the thoughts in our mind, we can express our thoughts and feelings with clarity and coherence, but there is no difference in what you have said impacting your sense of self. When we can express ourselves without believing the mind is what defines who we are, we can express ourselves fully, whether it’s labeled right or wrong, or whether others have judged what you have said. None of this has bearing upon your sense of self and your deeper connection.

In fully resolving our fears, we will need to make peace in our beliefs and feelings around death. The conflicts we have with death are deeply connected to our unresolved spiritual conflicts and our relationship with God.

We all encounter transition phases in life that are similar to enduring the death process. These are defined through the cycles that deeply transform us, marking our stages of spiritual development that show up as milestone events along our life path. All of us will undergo the transition phase of death and it is important that we prepare ourselves for that inevitable next stage of our consciousness journey.

Addressing Fears of Death

There are many different ways to perceive the death passage, through the lens of many different belief systems. What is important is that you explore your own personal beliefs and experiential knowledge about the death process, and come to the place within yourself that you have made peace with death and dying, which is also the primary conflict to heal in order to overcome fears. One of the most paralyzing fears that humans have inherited from the process of NAA consciousness wiping is that we are terrified of the unknown and what happens after death. This is the result of having our real spiritual identity and history taken away, and not remembering who we are as multidimensional beings.

People that have suffered severe trauma or abuse have much more intense crisis of faith that fuel fears related to unresolved spiritual conflicts around the death process. If in the last year you have felt an intense rising of inner fears and anxiety that has become unmanageable and miserable, a helpful exercise will be to spend time resolving the source of fears as related to addressing personal fears related to death. When we prepare ourselves for the death process, we understand the death of the ego mind, and this is an important part of our commitment to developing our consciousness on the spiritual journey. Most people do not think of what they will experience or feel when they reflect on what they have done with their life on earth, when they have transitioned to the next dimension. When communicating with earth based humans that have passed their body, the most prevalent experience I found was regret. Regret that they did not do more with their life. Regret they did not unconditionally love everyone. Regret that fear stopped them from achieving important events that would have changed their timeline and improved the lives of future generations. Life goes on after we drop the physical body, and it is as real as you can feel yourself right now. It is even more real than our lifetimes spent on earth.

Physiology of Fear

When we understand how fear is created in the body, it is helpful in releasing the grip of anxiety and fear patterns. Now, let’s discover how the body's physiology is affected by fear and trauma and how that is exploited by dark forces.

Hardware: Three Brains and Nervous System

Our biology has three distinctly different processors of energy and information, two conscious and one functioning below radar. We are aware of our thoughts and emotions, but we are less aware of what the survival brain is doing below our conscious radar, and how this is affecting the way we feel.

The survival brain is the one that takes your hand off the stove, before the other two brains realize that you have burned your hand. It is incredibly fast at responding to what is happening in our environment in order to keep the body safe. Each human body comes with a pre-loaded software program that says we are keeping this body alive. So what is going on in the lower brain, the subconscious areas below the conscious mind radar?

Software: Survival programs

The lower brain or subconscious mind basically runs in three modes: relaxed, fight-flight, and freeze. Again to keep it very simple, we are using a traffic stoplight as a model. (From Stephen Porges, Polyvagal Theory).

When we are in green, we are relaxed and our heart and respiration are slow, we can digest our food, we can nap, we enjoy being with loved ones and we can relate to them. The moment the lower brain feels there is danger; it moves the biology into yellow. The vagus nerve shuts down all the organs below the diaphragm, and speeds up the ones above the diaphragm. We get an immediate increase of available energy, or superhuman strength in order to escape danger. This is an amazing thing that the human body can do in a split second. Our bodies were designed to do this for very brief periods of time. We don’t want to get stuck in the danger zone of yellow, where we cannot digest our food, we cannot sleep, and we cannot enjoy or relate to our loved ones. There are usually two reasons we get stuck in fight-flight. We are living in an unsafe situation and the accurate assessment is that we are in danger or feeling threatened. Or we may have an unresolved trauma from the past, which the lower brain feels is happening now, in the present moment.

Being in the Red zone is more rare. This is where the lower brain perceives that the body is not going to survive the experience and shuts it down. The body becomes immobilized to play dead, and is anesthetized to minimize suffering. The consciousness or soul can actually leave the body, be separate or disassociated from it. Again, this is an amazing biological accomplishment as this happens in a split second. We see this with high impact trauma, with early and chronic abuse such as satanic ritual abuse (SRA), and in war and torture. The eyes are vacant the voice is monotone and the body is lifelessly still, meaning there is no fidgeting, gesturing or normal movement in the body.


Since our human family is now living in the yellow zone so much of the time, let’s look more closely at the spectrum of yellow, and the difference between the fight and flight side, or the victim-victimizer signals in the body. We are looking at increasing levels of activation, which means increased levels of available energy. Using a scale of 1-10, we can have low-level activation, which is a feeling of unease on the flight side and irritability on the fight side. In the mid-range, we have anxiety on the flight side and anger on the fight side. At the high end we have panic and rage, which are getting closer to the threshold where the body switches into freeze or red.

Creating Conditions

The issue with the survival brain is that we cannot fake it out. If we want to relax, we actually have to create the conditions for the physiology to move into green in order to relax. If we live with a predator, if we work under a predator, if we do not have our basics needs met, we are going to be in yellow. So part of being able to clear fear means making lifestyle choices that help the brain and nervous system register that we are safe.

Implicit Memory

Current estimates are that the lower brain is taking in about 40,000 data bits per moment. This is what we refer to as the hard drive, or our unconscious mind. It is recording everything, far too much material to push into our conscious awareness. We get an estimated 25-35 of these data bits registering on a conscious level. This is called implicit memory, rather than explicit or conscious memory. The hard drive records past threats in a special category, so that if a similar cluster of data bits arise that were present when something traumatizing happened, we get the jump on it and move into the yellow zone more quickly.

Shaping of Collective

In understanding implicit memory or the content which is recorded but not conscious, it is easy to see how this could be manipulated by those who would like to keep people in fear, and keep our physiology in the yellow zone. In the yellow zone we are less able to respond to the present moment, our bandwidth of awareness gets narrower, as we look for the external threat or reason for our tension and discomfort. We no longer see beauty, feel comfort, or experience balance in our life. It is as if looking for danger gets to go to the front of the line, skipping in front of all other perceptions coming in. It isn't difficult to see how our news and entertainment is purposely designed to keep us at a constant 6 or 7 in the levels of activation. They are getting more adept at reaching for our adrenal glands and giving them a squeeze. The culture of keeping people in the yellow zone has been in the making for a long while.

Traumatic memory

A woman who was sexually assaulted in a cedar room, may develop an aversion to the smell of cedar without making the connection. Whenever she smells cedar the survival brain will shift her into yellow, as a precaution. She may start to feel anxiety without knowing why, which changes how she moves through the rest of her day. Until this trauma is cleared from the hard drive, these triggers interfere with her ability to respond to the now moment. Trauma is not in the event, it is in the nervous system. The traumatic memory will keep showing up in the present, until it is cleared.


In a similar way, the NAA may try to activate or use the implicit-memory-packets we have of past personal traumas. They may also embed false memories in our hard drive, so that we have traumatic responses to things that should not trigger us at all. They also play on collective trauma that is in the planetary field memory. They may try to trigger a mass reaction, by activating a collective implicit-memory packet of the Lemurian Holocaust or Atlantian cataclysm. This works because we have no conscious memory of those events, so how could we possibly identify the source? The cellular memory of an exploding planet can be elicited at the end of the cycle, without the masses knowing where their anxiety of cataclysm is coming from. In the ego personality matrix of the first three dimensions (1D-2D-3D), this is the game being played in the nervous system. Broadcasting fear, promoting Service to Self, and keeping the survival brain running the show. Until we are able to clear fear, which often means clearing trauma, we are susceptible to triggers from these implicit-memory packets.

Soul and Monad

As we move into the soul matrix, (4D-5D-6D) fears have less influence, and even less in the monadic matrix, (7D-8D-9D). Now that the Transtime Continuum is opening our access into other timelines and dimensions that were not previously available to us, people who are starting to embody the monad may find themselves feeling deeply triggered. They may be dealing with new implicit-memory packets from other aspects of their identity, starting to be recollected and returned. Recently in the ES community there has been a group processing Lyran memories. If this happens, understand it for what it is. We are actually just hitting larger chunks of the traumatic memories from Timeline Trigger Events further out in the timelines.

During Stress, Back to the Basics

This information is shared from the perspective that if we can identify when our nervous system is tweaked and our physiology has shifted into fight-flight, we can take the necessary steps to shift out of it. Being better informed gives us more choice in how we respond. When we find ourselves stressed out it is important to slow down and create the conditions for the lower brain to assess that we are actually safe again. This releases the physiology from hyper stimulation and allows the body to get back to green and relax. Starseeds nervous systems are highly sensitive and run a lot of frequency and may benefit from some extra supplementation. When the nervous system is feeling fried, creating some peace and quiet in order to recharge is so helpful. If the body is stuck in yellow, it burns up the body's resources more quickly. So we are best served by taking some time out to deactivate our nervous system, rather than pushing through and over-riding the signals of stress. If you notice you are triggered or activated, slow down and ask yourself what just happened? What was the trigger? If you can’t connect it to something conscious, consider that it is connected to implicit-memory, possibly even from another timeline. Treat it the same, work to clear the associated fears, to help clear the pain and trauma from the subconscious hard drive.

Overcoming Fear Journaling

Overcoming our deep fears can be a hurdle as they tend to gain power when they are hidden inside our mind. We are not used to going deeper and having a conversation around them or addressing them, saying them out loud, writing them down and meditating upon them. When we can identify fear based thoughts, triggers and beliefs from out of our mind and put them on paper, then we have taken the first step in demystifying them, distancing from them and diminishing the emotional charge they have upon our body. Remember that darkness and fear hide in the shadows of our mind in order to stay in control. When we bring these fears into the light of day, much of the weight and burden they carry behind the scenes dissolves. There can be a miraculous alchemy that occurs when we shift perceptions of fear into the compassionate witness of unconditional love. Observing the mental idea of the fear as it is attached to a dark intelligent energy, and realizing that shadow fragment needs to be exposed to unconditional love and light. Don’t be afraid to face the dark spirit that resides inside the fear, as when you see what really created the fear, it is the moment you realize what was really hiding behind the curtain, like in the Wizard of Oz. All of these fears were running the grand illusion. Write down the list of fears how they manipulate and limit you and intend to shift them into the love vibration in order to create safety for yourself.

Now you may want to allow some space for meditation, to go deeper and ask where these fears have come from, where they have originated. Pay attention to what you may notice coming up that is not true. Many times our fears are based in deceptions, from misinterpretations, and what others have told us that is actually not true. When you sense other times you felt afraid and they are connected to the basis of current fears, send love to yourself in that timeline where you were feeling scared. Spend some time meditating on what lessons you can learn from that fear, and how you can transform this experience into light and wisdom, something positive for all involved. Acknowledge that everyone has fear and fear has purpose in our spiritual journey. It holds the most important spiritual lessons for our ultimate growth and liberation, if we are willing to let it go. Appreciate all that you have undergone in your life to get this far and acknowledge the unique parts that have made you the person that you are today, because you had the courage to face your fears.

The story of facing our fears and overcoming them is deeply inspirational and supportive for everyone. Many enjoy and gain the benefits from the storyline on learning what others have done to gain the courage to overcome great challenges and fears in their life. Maybe you are one of those people who will share your inspiring story on how you faced darkness with courage, and were able to overcome fears while on the ascending path!

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa


Appropriate as per my intro. From a still free and inspired SA artist, Lira:

Monday, September 25, 2017

Your Number One Priority by TATA

25 September 2017

There is no OTHER. Yet still you compartmentalise our Oneness. I have used the word ‘unit’ before that you might feel the singular, the unity of who we are, as One being.

It is not easy, it seems, for you to NOT identify with your mind and its limitations. Yet this is what must be done for you to see yourself/us as who we truly are.

When you submit to your mind’s version of what you think and believe we are, you will automatically interpret in and through separation, ie, fragmentation, categorisation and compartmentalisation. It is the way the machine mind works. However, it (the mind) is not to be suppressed. Rather, it is for you to firmly disengage from any and all of its tricks – designed to keep you in IT, rather than in your heart, which is the location of Me.

Most of your day is spent being held hostage by the mind, its tricks, fears and needs for the upper hand. It is time to change this that you may know your Truth, the sovereignty of standing in your I AM.

Not just for some of the time as fleeting feelings and sensations that quickly seem to pass you by, but as a permanent experience. This is to be your new reference point; the new basis upon and from which your life, your real and True life, that is, will stem.

In this state all things are possible. It is in this state that your cup runneth over and that by doing nothing other than be-ing, you serve the world. For in this state you are in and living your Oneness with Me.

It is this changing of your reference point about yourselves that is priority now. It is this which is the necessary next step in your expansion/return to yourselves. However, this requires a good measure of awareness of your thoughts and feelings and the discipline to shift away from the mental chatter and subsequent emotional responses, and into the heart.

For those of you who still primarily live on autopilot, there is work to be done. This is not just for some, but for all those choosing the path of service to humanity. For how else can you serve if you stand not in your own Truth and power?

Yes, it is extremely difficult whilst you have habitually been interacting with yourselves, life and others for so long in auto-response fashion. Though the help now is all around thee, but for the asking. Reach out, extend yourselves and make daily effort and thus will ye receive the required help in your respective challenges.

Keep moving yourselves back to the heart with each challenging feeling or thought. Whether fear, anxiety, stress, feeling powerlessness, vulnerability, anger or any other such emotion and associated thoughts, take yourself instantly back to the heart. Then feel the Love, reassurance, support and comfort immediately overwhelm all those low-frequency feelings and thoughts that previously overwhelmed you.

It will take a little getting used to. But keep at it, daily and hourly if possible, and success will be yours before you know it. Make this your Number One priority, give it consistent attention and you will begin to know a different Life. The one you were destined to live.

Shellee-Kim’s TATA (God Within)

Friday, September 22, 2017

God's Will Be Done

I’m still energetically stuck on the wave theme. It completely feels as though we're in a non-time period. That’s the only way I can explain the apparent speed of it and snail-like pace simultaneously. In my personal perception, that is.

There’s something I can’t speak about that’s been happening right now. And it has to do with…letting go! Again!! How many times can a person ‘let go’ in any one lifetime? A rhetorical question, really. With the same answer.
As many times as life, circumstances, people or our very own selves reflect enough imbalanced actions, patterns, behaviour back to us to own, process and...let go of! Anyone that’s read here for a few years will know I’ve written loads of blogs on this – Vis-a-vis my own personal journey.

The past few days I’ve felt physically as though a truck has ridden over me. And have been sleeping 11 hrs per night. I’ve also had some first time peculiar symptoms. A very powerful heat radiating from my heart centre/chest and ongoing pain around the same region – at different times.
This truly feels as though I could have a heart attack at any time. Frankly, I long to just disappear into God; lose every aspect of every iota of my being at every level, including atomic and cellular, into Him. I guess that's why a part of me is not at all averse to having a heart attack, if that's what it means to realise dissolving my entire little self identity into Him.

I daydream that one morning when I awaken I will open my eyes and be seeing mySelf, life and others through the eyes of God. With all the grace, joy and love that I AM

Fuck the fake passenger planes overhead (there's been more of them recently). And the agent who calls twice a day and hangs up. And the black goo/AI nanotech on this very machine that suddenly appeared as a two cm vertical strip under the screen glass. Which has now made its way south, diminished in size to 1 mm as its sits over the clock area in the bottom right hand corner.


Selah - So be it!

And I wish the same for each one of you that desires the same.

Bless you all to the peace of God
From My God Within, TATA:

This life we live – it is One life; One heart; One will; One breath. For ours is Oneness. Never have we been anything but this Oneness.

Change is upon thee. For your time is now. You have been preparing for long enough. All of my blessed and most beloved children have most important roles to play. And play them they will. For, like you, all have been thusly prepared for such.

You may quake and quail in fear of what comes. Yet this becomes irrelevant as you move into that which you are and have ever been. Even as you return to thySelf, so shall ye know what it is that must be done. What it is you have chosen.

You have walked long and far; up mountain and across dale. You walked in mud, across the desert and in water. You have familiarised yourselves with ALL of Earth’s elements, her elementals and all of life’s elements in your very living conditions and experiences.

This has been your chosen and very personal experience for your expansion and subsequent return to yourself.
Have you had enough yet? Do you consider you have grown, learned and expanded that you might be ready to return unto your True Self?

Though you may know not the precise details of your lesson/s, know you have grown, as needs may be. And that you subsequently FEEL different, better about yourselves, first and foremost. For True growth is not real growth if you come not closer to yourSelves. Ever has this been the goal. To know first and foremost the love of yourSelf as God and God as yourSelf – one and the same.

Indeed, you are all tired. Some would say ‘exhausted’ from the journey for it has not been a pleasure park of fun rides, as per your interpretation of it. However, this has been part of the package you signed up for. And you could say the fun rides, the pleasure and joy-filled days are yet to start.

Of course, no pleasure park or any type of the best worldly adventures can measure up even an iota to what true joy, deep contentment and permanent peace will feel like.

Some might say it is as if they have been on the horror rides or the ghost train without end. As if one frightening trip ends and then repeats, seemingly without end and without allowing the rider to get off the car for a breather. Yes, for some this is how it may well feel.

I speak here not necessarily of the external life adventure alone, but the more significant inner consciousness journey – and that which drives the life.

Aaah, you would like nothing more than to sleep deeply for a long period or to have that long-awaited appointment at the spa to have your body pampered and rubbed for the deepest relaxation. You would like a break.

It comes. Know it is so.

For now, know we are One.

And so it is.

I AM your TATA


A hauntingly-beautiful track by Buddha Bar -continuing my water theme. Scroll down a bit for lyrics.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

What's Been Up

10 September 2017

The past month has possibly been the STRANGEST period of time I've experienced in the past couple of years. Strange in a hazy, crazy, mystical, mysterious, out-of-time/space kind of way.

I know I'm not being too coherent, but there's a sense – for me at least – of time both melting away speedily and simultaneously slowing down to snail's pace. I'm also repeatedly getting the image when I think about this of an ocean filled with static waves. As if everything's stopped, frozen and compacted into this moment in time.

For the purpose of? I don't know exactly, but there's a vague peripheral feeling of restitution, reconstruction and restoration work taking place on the inner realms and the outer realms of this manifested un-reality, including and particularly on our physical forms, our biology.

IF that's the case, it would tie in well with what Lisa Renee said a couple of newsletters ago. That our own ourganic DNA /blueprints – which were mangled, abused and manipulated at birth to the enth degree and in a multitude of ways largely unknown to most of us – is now being repaired and restored to us in all it's glorious God-like organic authenticity.
It's also because of this we have not been able to know ourSelves that we might stand easily in God's will. And to aid our brothers and sisters in their liberation and that of the planet's.

What I mentioned in my last couple of blogs about feeling graceful and periodically leaping around all over the place and doing my version of ballet dancing and feeling good, generally, has not disappeared. It comes and goes – also in waves. For a bit I also had the feeling of being so light in body, it felt as though I was floating/springing a bit above the ground. Some part of me clearly wants to 'take off'. When this hits, it often feels like a return to my 5 or 8 year old self again. Really delight-ful! Apparently, We [God Self/HS] 'sing' and dance God, another discovered aspect of my True Self.

If I asked you what you thought your real Self attributes were, how would you answer yourself? Do you equate what you know of your little self to be the qualities and characteristics of your True Self too? Or do you think the real You is vastly different?

I ask this as, in addition to discovering grace as a natural part of the real Me, which I would never previously have associated with the real Me, I also uncovered another attritube I AM – that of stillness, of serenity. That felt so foreign to the little me. But that one came and stayed for a few days or a week and hasn't revisited since.

Of course I need to add that all of the attributes and qualities that I AM – known about and not – are God using and being his creation called SK. So none of it is really me; it's all Him having opportunity to be and use me for his purposes in this life experience. Where this all goes or doesn't is anyone's guess, but that's kind of where I've been recently.

This new gateway opening period is really a gateway unto ourSelves, I feel, and further opportunity to find our way back to our true Selves. Primarily by having these Lighted specialist beings remove yet more of the until-recently hidden trauma-causing layers of cording (visual here of a total mess of dark-coloured cords smothering our aura/field that our essence could hardly 'breathe').
These counteractive moves by the benevolent guardian races serving earth, obviously are doing so at God's behest. And all the more reason why the darkie parasites on and off planet are in such a flat spin of a panic.

Imagine all your carefully thought out and planned destructive 'works' over millenia suddenly starting to malfunction. Apart from the human popping corns of human-ity's kernel of God within coming alive with increasing rapidity. I got that metaphor from an archangel Gabriel message I read.

A personal aside: I must have grown recently because I found myself loving the darkies equally to everyone else the other night in my spontaneous commands. It took me by surprise. :-)

Nontheless, nine days ago I was blindsided in an attack. My car's out of action, so I've been walking everywhere recently and am grateful to move the energy and be able to move my body more. I was walking back home from the nearby mall. I'd just rounded the corner from a busy street, constantly filled with pedestrians and cars.

As I rounded the corner,entering the quieter street, suddenly and seeming out of nowhere came a VERY low-flying helicopter, making right for me. It was so low I could plainly see it's military design and colours. I stopped to discern and simultaneously felt the anxiety and mission-motive from those within the craft. I was given additional info from my guidance and it suddenly, too late, dawned on me that this was an attack ! The copter flew low over my head and then immediately rose up to the usual required flight level, disappearing behind me. That happened in all of 5-10 seconds or so.

It took a further day or two to confirm what had happened. I felt weird within later that day, but the next day - when my neighbour's ultra sensitive cat to human subtle body changes wouldn't come anywhere near me - I realised what had occurred. And this was followed by those familiar sensations of my nervous system under attack.
It starts with that. Once the nervous system is infiltrated via the brain/neurons, the smart dust/black goo nanotech is programmed to begin destroying the digestive, thyroid, respiratory and elimination organs/system. At least one type does. They have multiple programmes with names like Christ and Gabriel, amongst others, all created to destroy in various way.

But the CIA/NSA's 'slow kill' approach aka SATAN programme– Silent Assassination Through Amplified Neurons - also works at the mind level by using 'impulse injections' activated at will by the attackers. This also interferes with your memory and thought processes and restricts behaviour. Then there's the terror-inducing mechanisms – including their mind parasites, all executed to overwrite organic processes.

By the anxiety I felt coming from the copter inhabitants, I believe this was an important mission to accomplish successfully for the darkies. My home is protected, as well as the space around it. And I'm constantly requesting all sorts of galactic lighted tech help. So they couldn't pull the op off there.

Which all goes to prove to me the import of this period of Hu-man restoration and repair, courtesy God's Lighted specialists, as mentioned earlier. And how the previous few days/weeks of my personal opening and experience was clearly a massive threat to them.
The darkies are trying to counter every positive move we make for our personal and collective healing, but failing. After all, these moves and the whole darkie tragi-comedy of millenia takes no more effort for our Creator than flicking off a blood-sucking tic from His body, so to speak.

If I had Brian Tew's (ex DOD whistleblowing agent working in psychotronic warfare; pretty certain he's been murdered and replaced now. Recent youtubes of him are just not 'him'), Harald Vela-Kautz and others' perspectives on the workings of this 'slow kill' approach to targeted individuals, I'm sure I would have handled my attack two years ago far better. But that wasn't given to me to know about then.

Basically, this smart dust, as Tew calls it, is sprayed over the person/population or is forced upon them through introducing it to an individual's home through the water, food or air supply. Or it's implemented through implants/chips. The latter is what happened to me two years ago.

Since the attack I've also had THE most peculiar body symptoms. Whether that's my team working to helping me fix myself and bring me back into balance or something else, I'm not certain. There's finely-focused and what feel like laser-sharp heat directed at certain points (not unpleasant) including to the heart and beserk twitching, amongst others. But somehow it all feels brain-related. My digestive system and thyroid was messed for a few days, but seems back on track now.

A couple of weeks before the attack and after wondering why we never saw planes spewing chemtrails here in my area, I came across someone who explained it. It could well have been Harald Vela-Kautz. He said he was 'shown' bases with thousands of passenger planes with blacked out sides, where the passenger windows would be. Easy to hide in plain sight, these were apparently being used now to do the nanotech chemtrailing. Whether remotely controlled or not, I don't know. I pondered over this for a while after hearing that.

And voila! Shortly after that and for the first time ever TWO (in the space of 7-10 days) seeming-passenger planes flew right over my house.

They were, quite large in size and SO LOW that I knew these were no ordinary passenger jets.
Usually, there's a bit of air traffic of passenger planes near my home that I can see in the distance. I know their routes and the height they're required to fly at. These two flew over my house in a strange north-west to south-east direction, which regular ones never do. I could actually see their jet details and sides, they were flying so low. And yes, they WERE blacked out! Spewing what could easily have been mistaken for jet fuel being burned. I knew it wasn't.

Did I bring these planes into my reality by pondering over the concept for a week? You bet I did. How's that for proof of manifesting thoughts – pretty fast!

Now I'm going to manifest a bit of chosen childlike behaviour on this absolutely gorgeous, wind free spring day here with a bit of leaping on my walk.

May Oneness, Open Heartedness and Freedom in God be ours...24/7.

Bless you all to the peace of God


Tuesday, August 29, 2017


29 August 2017

No more will we subjugate ourselves to the Untruths of OurSelves

No more do we bow to the manipulated little self and ego

No more shall we do the bidding of that which is contrary to our Higher Nature

No more shall we allow ourselves to be governed by that which seeks to keep us limited

No more shall we try to be our Greater Selves and our Oneness with God, for we already ARE!

This too has been a ploy of sorts, a diversionary tactic that has ensured we move away from – rather than towards – that which we ARE ALREADY.
This can be described as a type of looping in the consciousness, even as we endeavour to be-come. And this looping has been used against us in these very efforts to know ourSelves as God and God as ourSelves.

For we are and ever have been much more than we think ourSelves to be. We are the mighty force of God made manifest as His sons and daughters.

We pick up the baton now as One Unified Whole that moves forward unto a world in great need who hunger and thirst for that which they too are and can become. Our brothers and sisters yearn for Truth, as all ensouled beings do. They yearn to grow, to expand and to have greater choices for such afore them. It is our God-given duty and blessing to bring our True Selves to all with hearts that seek to find greater meaning in this life upon Earth and beyond.

We are done with our Game playing – the Game we played with ourselves that we might lose ourSelves so thoroughly in, in order to once again find OurSelves. Our playtime is over. Though most may see the Game as having been a time of great battle, of war and of great personal ongoing discomfort and conflict. It was all of those things too, even as all of the unreality of the Game was bought into.

Now you stop, quite abruptly, in your play. And give way once more to the emerging You, the Real and True Self who knows only balance within. The Real and True Self who is harmonious and overflows with the Love of God and all beings everywhere.

It is to you I speak- for do you not know now that your strivings are done? Do you not know we are finished? Do you not understand you are now playing the Game on overtime and that you need expend no further energy?

It is time to relax into yourSelf, allow yourSelf to steer the wheel of your ship that you might rest and let go of all burdens that you have unendingly piled up upon yourself. YourSelf awaits and longs to be given your burdens that you may restore and regenerate and reinvigorate yourselves.

It is God's will that you do so. And then can an entirely new game begin. One which consists of pure joy, peace and Love abounding for One and All. This is the Game of God.

Blessings of peace in God to you
A tonic of joy here from one who is naturally gifted, should you be in need:

Thursday, August 24, 2017


The past few days have been good...very good! From last week and building to the stargate opening on 21 August, it feels as if further veils are being pulled away; pulled down.
And I'm no longer doing anything to try to heal myself or grow. There's no need for that now - other than daily protection practises. This feels more like a period of re-acqaintanceship with the Self and integration than anything else.
When I say I'm 'not doing anything' I'm referring to my previous endless rituals, prayers, trying too hard to connect with my EM/HS, TATA/God Father within, etc.

I'm finally just be-ing...reaching within to the Kingdom of Heaven and opening those massive and beckoning golden gateways of my God heart.

I'm feeling somehow like a cat who's got the cream. And the deliciousness of this spiritual taste is just making me greedy for more...and more...and more...

Since last Friday/Saturday the 18 or 19 August, a great beauty seemed to take hold within and begin blossoming there. I heard one of my sisters, Estevia of the DDD's (Divine Dancing Daughter) say earlier in a chat we had that this was the blossoming and opening of my heart (finally!!!) and I was given a visual of a rose opening in speedy animation style. The other sisters were there too, coming forward with various coloured roses/rose bouquets for me.

The DDD's are called that for good reason because they dance God into being...or He dances them in His being, more like :-) They are beautiful beings.

And the thing is, I, myself, have been in dancing, prancing and sometimes even galloping mode in a big way recently. Yesterday I got the urge to do a gallop jump in a spacious mall parking area. It's true to say that whenever I've had good days, weeks or months, I'm automatically given to dancing and singing. It just is how it is and has always been for me. EM explained why recently.

It hasn't been every day, but increasing days since the start of August that my more familiar free dancing - from disco to traditional African to my made-up/remembered Arabic belly-dancing etc in flavour - has taken quite a different turn.
Into being a ballerina!
Every kind of ballet I've ever witnessed live or not and all the requisite moves seem to take over. I've always appreciated ballet as an art, but wouldn't say I've ever been a huge fan. So I'm extra curious about where all this comes from as soon as I put on a piece of classical music. But oftentimes it just streams forth from me, no matter what the music type that's playing.

I really don't think I'm about to start a career as a middle aged ballet dancer with two left feet.

The underlying sensation is I'm needing to express a kind of grace through this dance form - and so none other will do or gets close enough to that. Yes, this is the beauty of grace or grace-filled beauty at work. And I've discovered that grace from that place is affected not at all by any bodily shortcomings.

It's all pretty ironic, really. As a little girl of four or five I was forced into doing ballet classes by my mother.I didn't want to and it bred a lot of anxiety within me. My little spatial-development challenged body struggled with it and lack of co-ordination followed me from then, all the way through my life.
Ditto any formal dance sequence, sewing fancy stitches and even cycling, to name a few affected areas in my life. I think my clumsiness is sourced there.

So this grace - which is the exact opposite of who I AM in body - is an aspect/expression of my GodSelf making itself felt. And I'm incredibly curious to know more, much more about who and what I AM.
This is what this time is all about, though, isn't it? We need to know who we are, to know what we are. And THAT has to be beyond any riches or rewards of this world, for any of us!
That IS the richness...of be-ing. Whether expressed in this world or any other. Though we came to know and express it here and now.

During my four phases of joy experienced over the past few years, they were so powerful in their exhilirating effect on me it literally left me feeling breathless and in a kind of berserk, crazy state every day, 24/7. I didn't know what to do to properly channel that joy energy and I was all over the place. And very enthusiastically-loud with it. Sometimes I would even just cry from joy...it was a kind of agony-ecstasy. I call those the greatest blessings bestowed upon me in this lifetime so far. No doubt about it.

But this expression of grace is rather a more quiet and 'still' joy - a more centred and balanced kind of joy, that's no less satisfying than that other type. It's also not a 24/7 thing. It comes and goes.

On the subject of physical bodies and movement and such, I'm wondering how many folk have been experiencing this also. When I go walking outside it feels either as though I'm walking slightly above ground level or the ground is pushing me up off of it. I'm not talking about feeling ungrounded here. I know all too well what that sensation feels like. This is different. It's feels solidly-floaty, if that contradiction makes any sense to you? It feels like I'm 'here' and also not here; I feel like a semi-etheric being actually.
I don't whether that's another passing 'symptom' of this period or not. Time will tell.

I can't remember which came first: the above or the sensation of feeling flooded with God in my very cells, at the molecular and atomic levels. As if God's slowly turning up the inner Light dimmer that He might shine more strongly from within.

Other symptoms I've recently experienced are veering between hardly eating anything all day - making do with a single smallish meal. Or alternatively not being able to stop eating. There hasn't been much of the latter lately though.

Blessings of peace in God to each one of you.


Dedicated to our beloved Christ Michael Aton - I know he loves this:

Monday, August 14, 2017


14 August 2017

So you want to serve others and help humanity to awaken and heal and have better choices before them?

But how will it impact others if you’re still not 100% clear and anchored in your own God self? Can you still serve and, if so, will you have any of the desired positive impact that God requires of us?

I asked this question again recently, being one who falls into this exact category myself and heard:

‘You were born to serve others and serve them ye shall. Whether ye are currently experiencing your own self-imposed woundedness or not, there comes a time where all will rise together as One, that all may feel the impact. There will be no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ about it, but rather a rising which feels somewhat automatic. Though there will be nothing automatic or mechanised about it, it will feel as though a switch in you has been turned on and you will feel compelled to do and be what you came to the planet to do and be.

Hard as it might be for some of you to envision this, based on where and how you currently perceive yourselves or don’t in terms of your consciousness, your true Selves know all and will guide you accordingly. Even as you struggle in your day-to-day existence twixt your True [God/Higher] Selves and your little selves - with all manner of scenarios and seemingly endless inner looping in your mental and emotional landscape.

There is much work yet to do, though some may have convinced themselves it is all over (for them) even before it’s all begun. Not the case, of course.

All reach the collective and personal pinnacle shortly.”

What I was musing over initially…again, was how it would be possible to reach the hearts of people when we’re not yet fully anchored in our own. Oh the irony and contradictory nature of life in duality! That’s no new question to
me, either, over the many years of my own inner journeying and seeking.

Seekers seek. It’s what we do. But a time must come when we stop the seeking and step into the finding; the Beingness of our GodSelves, the Truth of who we already are. We have spent all these years seeking and preparing just so we could re-member ourselves again…and reunite.

If I use the word seeker in conversation now, even as I did way back when all this began for me, I still find that whether they’re of traditional religious stock or New Age, folk are largely still attempting to ‘sell’ me their spiritual wares. They still seem determined to convince me their guide, guru, teachings or latest techniques discovered ARE the answer/s to what I seek. It doesn't bother me anymore as I have a comfortable way of dealing with it now. It seems everyone seeking has the keys to enlightenment, or so they would like us to believe. Without any hypocrisy, I used to do the exact same thing!

When I lived in Japan for a short time, a German guy had just taken me to meet someone at his spiritual group. He kept repeating: ‘Now that’s what true enlightenment looks like’, referring to the foreign woman friend and facilitator of the Zen Buddhist group. I’d only just met him and was debating with myself whether I wanted to connect with them again or not while living in Japan. Frankly, I couldn’t see what he was talking about regarding the ‘enlightened’ woman...

But that was many years ago. And what does 'greatness' or 'enlightenment' mean to me now? Nothing more or less than one who walks with their inner God 24/7.

More importantly, can I and we acknowledge that WE are ALL great and wondrous beings in terms of our origins to even have made it here on planet, in the first instance? We must be to have been selected to come here, even though the agreement was to remain in a state of amnesia (for most of us).

But that act or state of enlightenment/Oneness needs us to accelerate it - through our ever changing perception. Starting with how we perceive ourSelves. The more we see ourSelves as gods and goddesses, the more we identify with our God Self and the more we see ourSelves, others and things for what they truly are.

So I may have a perception or judgement (never to be confused with what I previously wrote about doing the essential assessing for discernment purposes) about what I think the act of becoming One with God or becoming enlightened is all about. Because it's not been within my realm of experience in this body or life, my perceptions of it remains a mixture of speculation and some memory of the 3/4 experiences I've been blessed with the past few years. In these 24/7 joy-infused permanent states, one of which lasted nearly two months, I thought I came very close to knowing Oneness.

But a couple of decades ago and in my New Age Neurotic days :-), it was a much hazier, distant concept. And all in my head, really. The thing is, even then in my flitting from one new teaching/group/product/therapy flower to another, I could quickly tell who wasn't enlightened. If I had some emotional investment or an attachment there, then it still never usually took longer than a month or two to reveal to me. Basically, my HS must have been working very hard. There were subsequently a few dangerous situations and narrow escapes from numerous of the self-proclaimed enlightened.

The New Age and I had a permanent parting of the ways, though, in my early 30's. Eventually I was kicked out of yet another group for challenging the facilitator. Nobody wanted to hear about our multidimensional nature, our galactic brethren then or the inhabitants of Agartha, the Inner Earth communities. They wanted to sit and stew in blaming past lives for their current one and sacrifice Truth for being ‘positive’ exclusively. And they definitely didn't want to talk about God.

I've understood more about what Oneness/enlightenment is by knowing what it's not. That's the story of how my life's unfolded - learning more about who I am through experience by discovering what I'm not. This process of elimination started young. I knew what I didn’t want to do after school and knew I didn’t want relationships/family in the ‘regular’ way. I realise now those choices and others like it were merely to open me to other more important choices on my path that my HS was impulsing me to.

While my inner knowing has grown over the years, it seems like my actual growth may have stood still recently, though God would probably beg to differ. Except I don’t think he begs, as such, at all. I’d say the last few years for me have felt more like the movie, Groundhog Day, than anything else.

So if this grand ad-venture has been a failure and I’m going to know Oneness only through shrugging off this fleshly outfit, then I can be at peace with that. On the other hand, if by some miracle of mercy and wonder I am to know this state permanently while still in this form, then I re-joy-ce!

We intend. We consciously desire to reach Him within us. Our intentions and goodwill and efforting apparently do count for something. The thing is, do any of us really know for certain what we are choosing at the deeper levels of our being? And how aware are we of the predatory mind's hidden unconscious be-lie-fs that conflict with and hinder the moves we make to let go, heal, grow and expand daily?
And therein lies the rub…or does it?

Either way, this Oneness is God's great gift to us all; something very beautiful and special that we can all look forward to experiencing. Whether we're conscious seekers of Enlightenment/Oneness or not.

Music comes in the form of Tashi’s theme, from the movie Samsara.

Samsara is really recommended viewing if you like epic foreign culture movies and dont mind subs. It's got a minimalist script and expansive cinematography and it has a kind of poetic wistfulness that permeates, aided by spectacular mountain scenery. Besides, the chief character Tashi, who goes off in search of life experience after growing up as a monastery monk, has such an alluringly pure, childlike innocence about him. It was a joy to watch this film and days later it still lingers. Here it is with English subs: