I AM Present

I AM Present

Monday, July 23, 2018

Essene Gospel Of Peace

Apologies once more for such a delay - my computer fan is being heated up almost as soon as I boot up and shuts down  a short time thereafter.

I have some things to share and will make a plan to somehow post in a couple of days. In the meanwhile, please take from these inspirational Essene and Yeshua/J(esu)s teachings that which talks to you. He speaks of healing, the presiding angels, laws of Nature, fasting and cleansing, worship and more. You get a real feel for some of what the Essenes were all about.
That which speaks to you is for you to hear.

I'm not the only one to feel that something's missing here. The so-called discovery of these scrolls still have  enormous chunks carefully hidden from the public. Which is anything and everything related to the Holy Mother and the Divine Feminine.
The vast majority of all pure teachings brought to this planet have been tampered with and manipulated. We must assume exactly the same with these  teachings, so you will need to use your own discernment. I've already spotted manipulations here. Which doesn't mean there's no Truth to be had in these scrolls.

 The Vatican, Black Pope and those who run religion on this world cannot afford to  have the missing link exposed -the Magdalene's words and wisdom as a representative of the Holy Mother. As this will have serious  positive impact for the healing of humanity.
 For it is her power to liberate others they are petrified of. Though what they think and feel matters not, for this is God's game, God's time and God's glorious  triumph!
So It Is [x3]

[PS. This  short intro & embedding videos heavily interfered with - my cursor was moved, text deleted and inserted all over every couple of words.]