I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, November 5, 2017


2 November 2017

Since yesterday it’s felt like Friday to me…you know, that upbeat pre-weekend feeling. Not that whether it’s a week day or a weekend one matters all that much to me. Yet, I’ve always been sensitive to energetic changes.

Whether momentarily, temporarily or permanently – there feels as if there’s been a gear change. When a music radio station presenter said the same thing this morning, that it felt like a Friday (on a Thursday), I knew it wasn’t my perception/feelings alone and I felt validated in my perceptions.

I’m in a kind of driven state currently about death and to give each day my all. For all I know, which is nothing, any given day may be my last in body. No, I’m not in fear about separating from it, but rather want to give each day as much as I can in God, that His will and not mine be done.

Yes, I’m practising each day as if it IS my last on planet in this physical shell. Or at least striving daily to do so. Because if it is and I find myself back in my real Light body, I do not at all want to have regrets about anything. Least of all not loving as much as I could have, not doing what I came here to do but mostly, not fulfilling God’s will for me. Because mostly I desire Him to fulfil Himself through me in whichever ways He sees fit.

It’s appropriate, therefore, that I’m currently writing a piece about death. Whether this turns out to be death of the little self as it dissolves and disappears in God – my greatest dream - or the death of the physical shell that houses this little identity I/others call SK.

The truth is I would give up my total little self in less than a heartbeat if I knew of all that was holding me back. And if I knew how to reprogramme my subconscious mind. It does far more damage than we real-eyes. But I am increasingly discovering just how intricate is the trickery and deception that is the little mind/ego mind. Particularly if parts/aspects of ourselves are yet in need of integration, as I’ve mentioned numerously before.

What is currently occurring is that I’m starting, very subtly and only sometimes, to feel the ebb and flow and the ins and outs of this more authentic consciousness journey we’re all on. That is the personal energetic one. It has dawned on me just what this ad-venture in em-bodi-ment is. It is nothing we do, per se. Uunless the doing/action is as a direct result of listening to and acting upon God’s word/will within.

Rather, it is more about re-member-ing ourselves, our true Selves, our Self in Him, that IS Him. It’s been a slow and often painful process, with a multitude of pitfalls en route. But I’ve realised that being devoted, intending to do His will and even the exclusive desire to serve all His children Is just not enough on this plane. At least, not for whatever I chose. Everyone has a different agreement, challenges and opportunities. But being fully re-member-ed for each of us is the objective here.

The thing is I’m becoming more aware of when I move closer to God within and when I move away from Him. This hasn’t been the case so keenly before now. I’m not talking about having conscious thoughts or feelings about Him or not. Or meditating consciously on /with Him, for that matter. I’m talking about feeling/sensing your own soul fluctuations beyond that and feeling and Knowing more of the truth of Him/your I AM.

Becoming more aware of what my real Self IS automatically allows me to perceive that which does not belong to me, that which is not of my creation versus that which is of my true nature, my I AM. This more conscious Knowing is a grand help as I can now immediately collect my self/aspects that go AWOL or are manipulated, inverted or stolen and command they return to me/God. It makes the entire self-discernment process easier.

If we’re not permanently anchored in God, remember, we have open doorways to the parasitic forces. So having greater discernment on these movements within is a literal Godsend. I can then see what may be potentially manipulated within me at the time and can instantly reclaim it and my sovereign power in God.

It’s a little like that flashlight beam in the darkened room that was my previous perception has now had its lense and thus its focus widened just a bit. But the slightly expanded vision makes a whole lot of difference in the perception of this room. With the ‘real’ journey increasingly coming to (flash)light, as it were. While the mundane world recedes further into the true dream it is. As similarly stated in today’s/yesterday’s HeavenLetter.

The true energetic journey on this plane – metaphorically climbing the heights of 90 degree angled mountains or wading through swampland for many of us – hasn’t been as consciously accessible to most of our knowing until now. It’s been hidden from view a whole lot more. Though we obviously know our Lightness, our joy and generally feeling good and connected to and in God when we are!

In this contracting/expanding period, though, everything and everyone are beginning to be seen for who and what they are . Including this even greater gift of being able to see ourselves more clearly.

I know we are all being ‘used’ by God; all serving in the experimenting of His will and for His experiencing here. Depending on our responses to life and thus choices, we allow Him to fulfill Himself to a greater or lesser degree through us. And the more consistently we can live in Him within us, the greater will His fulfillment be through us, his conduits; his instruments. This question of His fulfillment and His satisfaction is a big one for me, as this is the be all and end all of my own personal fulfillment.

If all possibilities and thus outcomes were known from the start of time, then are we not merely playing out our respective chosen outcomes? And therefore making a big personal hullabaloo over the emotional investment into this ill-us-ion of a reality? Or is it really important in the grand scheme of galactic things as a unique period of time in which the cleansing of humanity from the darkie parasites is unparalled?

Unique to earth this cleansing time may well be, but not necessarily to elsewhere in this/another Verse (I’ve replaced the word ‘Universe’ –research its life-negating meaning). If the latter, then how do our choices here impact on our future Selves? Because I feel some of us came back from the so-called future time to try to change this past - we’re now living in.

Personally, I think my uber-confident I AM/future Self bit off more than I/we could chew, so to speak. But right in this now, most of us don’t and won’t know…until we do. We will either know it in Oneness with God on this plane or out of this material form and back in our true consciousness home, ie via death of the body. Or we may be one of those gifted by His grace to Know, fully and consistently in this here and now.

If there are any other options, I don’t know about them.


TATA on time: [I've removed what I posted yesterday as TATA's quote here. I'm usually careful in attributing quotes to the correct person. In this instance I may have confused a HeavenLetter/someone else's quote with being TATA'S. If so, my humblest apologies.]

'Our life together in no-tme is an expansive one. It is one in which we fit in everything we wish to do together. It is one where we create what we wish to do and when. We create or uncreate time, as we see fit. And that applies to everything else we do together.
As we think up, dream and scheme our plans, so we create them.

Dedicated to the beloved within and without: