I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, January 22, 2010

DIARY OF A CRAZED ASCENSIONIST: Cracking Codes, Catching Babies.

by Shellee-Kim

Dear Diary
I’ve been behaving like a rabied bitch of late. Dropping everything in car parks, at meetings or wherever else I find myself to scratch whichever body part is itching and singeing. And that’s all of them!
Been walking around doing what looks like some kind of contorted, spastic dance from the Big Itch! No, I don’t have lupus, excema or psoriasis! But have had this particularly-hideous ascension symptom numerous times before.

It’s like a literal shedding of a skin, a shucking off of the old. All of this for me was preceded by several intense weeks of what felt like the very marrow of life being suctioned drop-by-drop from my bones, muscles and joints. My state of mind and emotions is one of desperation during one of these spells. Well, wouldn’t you be? When what feels like ant armies carrying mini toothpicks are partying it up on different parts of your skin.
Thank the goddess this never lasts longer than three days.

All this between my hunt for a sperm donor (more about that down the track), my re-entry into scriptwriting and my foray into the world of the unworthiness code within. This is one I’m told – after the massive inner house cleanse for many of us recently – that is currently up for clearing for the same group.  And I’m working mighty hard at it.
It’s truly amazing how I’ve allowed this specific issue related to my manifesting (dis)ability to have hampered my existence for more years than I want to share with you. 

And it’s taken me down that road – once again – of looking at parasitic attachments, dendrites and other vampirish entities.
It’s a kind of revisitation similar to the one experienced in December regarding self-forgiveness and subsequent forgiveness of others that I thought I had cleared!?!
Basically, these are either negative programmes or parasites, needing us to sustain their very existence. Firstly, though, you need to do a bit of detective work in identifying where and how these critters are surviving in your energy fields that relates to your particular problem/issue.  The top of their list of daily achievements is to help keep our ‘issues’ inflamed. While we are in limitation we remain unhealed-and vice versa. No threat to them while we remain unhealed, but a total threat to our own evolution and sovereignty!
Anyway, I’ll delve into this one more seriously and in greater detail in Part Two of ‘The Soul Armageddon’. And why I decided to write this first – to give me a friggin’ break from the heavies!

For those of us who’ve been around for eons I’m told the unworthiness code was programmed through our blood lines as another default mechanism to keep us from breaking free from our limitations at such a time of opportunity on the planet as this.  But…the silly Darkies didn’t account for the current countermeasures of the Light and the dissolving of the Fear Matrix, did they? Or maybe they did and still arrogantly believed they’d actually conquer the Light. But I suppose that’s what you get when you’ve been programmed for eons to believe you can rape, pillage and plunder ad nauseum and without consequence. Wouldn’t I love to be a fly on the wall of their camp on the Void Planet – their new home-to-be, apparently. And by all accounts a first order nightmare existence!

 So now more than ever before we have extra help and more Christic Light beings at our service (we just have to remember to keep calling them. They will not intervene otherwise, as per a major law of the universe).
Being a greedy ground crew member, I’ve gone mad recently-calling on everyone from Metatron to etheric medical teams, friends of Ashtar and ‘specialists’ from the highest dimensions I’m capable of attracting help from.
Is it helping, you want to know?
Ummm….about 20% so far. On the other side of the veil they think it’s a huge joke that I’m fixated on gauging my success during a transmutation process I’m in with percentages. But no jokes for me! This is what helps give me a handle on whether I’m barking up the wrong tree or not. So, yes, I’m 20% or so into dissolving the unworthiness code, I’m told.

Now the other thing I want to share with you is this. Sometime during October I became very aware of my new skin responses. It happened on me quite suddenly.  Whatever would normally cause lingering pain before on skin contact– ie hot frying oil, boiling water, peroxide, insect bites, thorns – is now causing only momentary pain for a second or two. The pain vanishes and by the next morning there’s not the slightest evidence of the trauma ever having existed. Unlike before where I’d have blotches, blisters, pain, swellings and sore skin.

Along with it, although it started happening a while before this began, are my ‘new, improved’ reflex responses to catching things, babies, etc, before a potential accident occurs. During that second, it’s as if I suddenly speed up or am energetically able to go faster than this time-space reality, but with no effort in the action. Or perhaps I've  'seen' what will happen in the next second and  can therefore  anticipate it. Or a mixture of both.
Yet, ironically, since the start of the skin story my eyesight has suddenly deteriorated to the point where I need reading glasses for the first time. Anyone else experiencing this? And my skin has also aged by another few years during this period. No exaggeration either.

So, all in all, it looks like we’re moving on to early grannyhood. But I’ll literally be flying in the face of conventional grannies. Although I’m not physically fit I’ll still be able to help catch other grans and gramps (and the odd flying baby!) before they fall due to my new super-speedy reflexes.  Quite a satisfying thought that I’ll be good for something in old age. And yes, I will be able to see them. It’s only words in books I’m having trouble with.
Forgive me repeating myself, if I am, but short-term memory loss is still part of the package deal, too, it seems.

Frankly, I can barely remember the last two months. So that includes long term memory also, I suppose.
But even though my waking life may be as dreary and dull as dishwater with me horizontal much of the time, I do know for sure my astral life has been vivid, if my dreams are anything to go by. I’ve been a super busy bee on those etheric highways and byways. I know it by the way I wake up feeling…almost every single day!

A memorable recent dream was me standing at this large bay window with its velvety, wine-coloured curtains. I was watching this enormous full moon that seemed like it was directly outside due to its size. It hovered over this fresh-water lake surrounded by mountains. There were family-unit clusters of people dotted around it. They were all sitting, chatting and picnicking harmoniously. At exactly the same time as if responding to a call, they all got up, walked into and then on to the surface of the water, away into the distance. The feeling was one of such serenity and all I wanted was to go with them, but couldn’t *sigh*. Do you blame me for not wanting to wake up?

On that inspiring note....until next time.

In magic, madness and mystery