I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Pale Ibongi 3: We Are The Codes

When we come to earth we instantly 'unfriend' our true Selves and then
spend the rest of our lives-or most of it for most of us-reacting
to our symptoms of separation in order to learn how to 'befriend' our Self
once again. Returning full circle from whence we began our journey.


If I told you why I haven't posted this earlier you'd likely laugh. Or maybe you already are from my 'singing' :-)
That's okay too - I just need to do this praise-prose right now. Especially after what I was shown today. I'm extremely pissed off with the DP's (darkie parasites) and this anger must just surface and go. But of course, you have no idea what I'm raving about...better that you don't.

Someone far more coherent than me currently is Magenta Pixie. Please watch her very relevant messag after my ibongi action.

27 November 2017





Sing your Light for me now
Sing your Light through me now

We are all your living codes

Yes we are and now we know

We perceive the endless wait

Maybe part of our fate

That it all seems so very late

Yet we’ve failed to see

Who we awaited

Has only ever been

You and me
Yes, you and me

Awaiting us in the sky

Our galactic friends

From on high

Foggy are our memories lapsed

Superimposed mind control

That caused a neuron crash

Cushioned in amnesia

Our destinies delayed

Only subtly stirring

Now and then

Yet always through that haze

Back from the moment

We return to the daze

And now you remind us:
Jog those memories free of fluff

Clean minds and hearts to know

That the red light’s turned to ‘go’

Never were we apart

From the glory of our grace
Wisdom of ages past

Our real Selves so true

All of it lying within you

So we wait upon your

Actions no more

Rising now to heed your call

Already are we opening doors

The door to you within

Our hearts, our true essential being

We are your living Light codes

Your sparks of joyous song and dance

Or whatever the prance

Our songs of Love and Light

That all humans who choose

May also take flight

These are the codes

That signal the start

Of all who are gathered

To unify these parts

Your magic codes we sing

Your Love-Light we bring

Now we begin


Magenta Pixie message:

Magenta Pixie –Rainbow Portal, Silver Ray & the Two World Split