I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, March 23, 2013

YOUR Cash Belongs To YOU!

Dear Friends

An urgent message from me to you...

In the light of what has just occurred in Cyprus as the fifth country to 'sink' and needing financial bailing out, it is time for each of us - no matter which country we live in - to get very real.

What has happened is an orchestrated takeover by the globalists to steal private wealth from EU citizens.

As Nigel Farage of the United Kingdom Independence party said :
'Never did I think...that they (the EU bosses) would...resort to stealing money from people's bank accounts.'
Once one country goes, the whole deck of cards will come tumbling down...'
It's believed Spain, Ireland, Portugal and Italy will be next to fall. Farage said: 'Get your money out while you can'.

Part of the globalists continued insane plan to enslave billions of humans starts now with the stealing of your hard-earned cash. With all sorts of justifications of a seemingly-related national financial crises nature that are being given as to why banks are closing; why you cannot make withdrawals.

Therefore, after doing your own research right now to verify this, there is no possible reason why you would NOT prepare yourselves/your families by withdrawing as much as you can from your bank accounts today. Making sure you have smaller bills on hand also.
Things are about to get very tough - and quickly.

And, as we're not informed at this moment as to how far our celestial and galactic friends wish to allow these events to unfold - for the purpose of our individual and collective awakening and learning, always - we cannot afford to forget that for now, we are still here on Planet Earth. And the galactic intervention and removal of the globalists has still not occurred!

Please have the vision to see this not as fear-mongering, but as one of several very necessary practical prep steps that must be taken.

We have repeatedly been told by numerous messengers about these coming times, repeatedly been warned by the celestial hierarchy, our concerned galactic friends and many earth-born wise ones on this planet about what is occurring globally and why.

Let's take heed and take action while we still can. And let all those compassionate sharings with us, for US, not have been in vain.

In addition, I also found this:

President Putin has sent a memo to ALL embassy’s world wide today advising both Russian citizens and companies to remove deposits out of ALL Westearn banks immediatly or risk losing your wealth.

NICOSIA – A web site on Friday claims to have seen an urgent bulletin from the Russian Foreign Ministry sent to its embassies all over the world advising both Russian citizens and companies to begin divesting their assets from Western banking and financial instutions“immediately”.
The site said the Kremlin feared grow that both the European Union and United States were preparing for the largest theft of private wealth in modern history.

Russian ...Putin apparently sent out a memo to all Russian Embassies worldwide and all Russian corporates, urging them to withdraw their monies in Western bank accounts as soon as possible.

Posted on beforeitsnews.com on Friday 22 March.

Equally take note of this found at


Just received a call from a highly agitated bank manager who stated that within 60 days, banks will be greatly reducing their hours, days of operation, amount of withdrawals and a requirement to fill out "paperwork" if the amount is questioned by bank officials. Unless the form is completed, money will not be disbursed. What really irritated this manager is that after hearing our statements on the air, and receiving years of assurance that our positions and contacts were so much bravo sierra, now he hears from corporate people that it is apparently true after all. He said, "screw them, grab the money while you can." The parameters given were banks open two days a week for four to five hours with below minimum staffs, increased security and greatly reduced amounts of actual cash in the vault. Amount of withdrawal will be held to $500-2000 per day per customer account--not customer. So my account could only have either my wife or I withdraw, not both. That level could change at ANY time. There is no plan (at least known) for automatic confiscation from accounts--yet, and he said that the banks hold the "ownership" authority and final disposition of any items found in safety deposit boxes. (surprise, surprise!) Withholding mortgage payments could result in expedited (30) day foreclosures and 15 day Sheriff's locks on your front door.
The Federal Reserve could and will initiate other more draconian restrictions on all aspects of "private" banking and access to any property held by banks. It could include forfeiture of your primary (paid for) residence if your summer cottage has a mortgage and you fail to pony up to keeping it current or any forthcoming restrictions on your accounts.
Clearly, the only option is to close accounts or only keep funds that can be paid instantly to keep electric, water, or other critical accounts paid. Cash will be drying up---so, unless people hold precious metals, bullets (the new currency) or medicines, etc., you are screwed. Barter will be king. As the Colonel said yesterday, "the universe is contracting into the black hole. There is no way to escape its pull." (Political/economic/social order black hole) Received at 1545 hours

20 March 2013
The Lawman

For United States folks, see Greg Mannarino's perspective here in a short video:


Stay connected to your source

In magic, madness and mystery

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Matrix and Spirituality - Soren Dreier

The Matrix and Spirituality
Posted on March 11, 2013 by Soren Dreier

Author: Soren Dreier

Spiritually engaged people still find a contradiction between discovering the Matrix and their Spirituality.

Why is that so? Did they forget how they got it?

The focus point of any free spirituality has always been an awakening.
And I am not advocating that one awakening is better than another, its spiritual elitism and the world has seen enough of that.

Maybe you awoke from atheism to “happy-go-lucky-with- the-elves”, or if you did the ashram in India routine, or became Christian or Muslim.
It´s your belief system and the most private room one can have.
Let’s respect that. The world won’t.

We are, as every living thing on this planet on a journey.
I know it´s a cliché, but sometimes even clichés offers the truth, if they are fully understood.
There are enough in this world with salvation in the right hand and damnation in the other.
So do what pleases your soul.
Bring it together, it was separated and now there’s a hunger to: Connect again.

Maybe the old belief system was a kind of auto system, where the soul went on autopilot GPS-coordinates and maybe the term Soul, isn’t the right term, its more an Ego thing imposed by others.
The soul needs your heart in it. The Ego doesn’t.

Maybe we feel trapped, without the gift of: True discovery, having our heart in it or similar.
It´s our right to fight our way out because we did not choose it.
When that emotion finds us like an inner tidal wave we start to rebel.
Starting out on our spiritual quest.

That has consequences: we will get socially banned, people will start to punish us, bad talk us and the spiritual control mechanism will show its face.
No matter what we may turn to.
It seems to be a challenge looking for ways to connect to: The Divine; also within.

Interpretation of: “The Divine” comes in many forms.
There´s divinity in a bug’s life and in a cornfield and in a church and in nature, its everywhere. And we are all embodiments of: The Divine.
The problem is when somebody hijacks it and holds it for ransom.

Spiritual freedom is not granted, we will have to fight for it.

The journey often starts with a spark ignited from the feeling of emptiness or the feeling that something is missing, which drives us into the mystery of spirituality. Something has to ignite it.
The path is beautiful, full of wonders and offers a state of “ Being Self “, instead of: “Being Me”. It´s also turmoil. It´s like a flip of a coin, there´s two sides to it.

We often forget that the emotion of : “Being Self “ comes before the feeling of: “Unity“.
Often we seem to get stuck there with some confusion regarding: is spiritual development an Ego issue? Am I being selfish here?
To be frank: Yes, but “You” comes first. Find yourself first. It´s okay.

The inner tide hopefully draws us deeper than that.

For so many, this journey plays out on a pathway with very few allies.
They will come, when we reach the: “Get sober – but stay cosmic point”.
People of the same inner vibrational states attract each other and become the emotional strongholds of a heart and mind once in turmoil. Good.
Until the next tidal wave manifests itself. As it should.

This mechanism is very much on the table now in these so troubled times.

People are removing the shackles and the matrix of externally controlled belief systems and discovering their own path, what ever that may be! We found truth and we found out, that we were not alone. And hopefully that ”truth” will continue evolving, bringing us even closer to the source code of the mystery.

We awoke as we do many times.
When we awake, we see the world with new eyes. For every awakening we have another reality replacing the one we just left behind.
Lovely: A shift.

And a crucial point here is:
Should we leave the world alone, participate in the turning away, or take that journey too?


It´s a spiritual vortex point and this planet is not a waiting room.

So frankly I don’t like the belief system that says:
“I won’t get my spiritual hands in the muddy waters of the world as we know it” or:
” That’s bad for me, the world will judge me once again”.

Sorry, the world already does that! No matter what your belief.

“It´s negative, they attack the powers and pinpoints its contradictions and lies“.

Yes. So did Ghandi.

So did you. But that was when you wanted your spiritual freedom. Or another job, left a partner, found a new. Or what ever. Same mechanism.

Tell me: The difference.

The path is the same as the spiritual one, exactly the same. It becomes spiritual along the way, if it wasn’t from the start, since it will engage us more and more on a soul level as we find our way through life.

And we sure will find ourselves between a rock and a hard place but: That can be very transforming, if we know exactly that it is where we are.
And we know that! Because we feel it.
It is when we don´t know where we are; it really hurts.

We survived the first rounds. We will certainly survive the next of: Bringing together what is separated: A truly free spirituality radiating into a truly free society.

The only real obstacle here is the sniper in our brain, that tells us: We can’t do this.

Of course we can do this.

This world offers a lot of exotic travels.

The most exotic is very short: From the head to the heart.

Yet so difficult.

The heart would hold no snipers……..

©2013 Soren Dreier

Edit: Lala Rukh

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Action Is Yet To Begin

Hi All
This is a bit late as I was guilty of ignoring the recording on my cell phone for a bit and before finally transcribing it.

Wed 6 March

Monjoronson through Shellee-Kim

M: Are you ready for me, beloved? We had a commitment and I have a message to deliver through you.

It is with great pleasure that those of you who have made it through are now on the receiving end of many hearty congratulations by the celestials, your friends in invisible realms and those who dwell on starships. Of course, the action hasn’t really started yet. But those of you who have made it through at this point are indeed to be congratulated on a job well done. You are the forerunners and the ones upon whom great responsibility will rest in the upcoming days of your time.

There are to be many new and unusual events now that will be very evident for all to see - of both a natural and a man made type.
How many amongst you can say, at this stage, that you know what is about to occur with certainty? We would say exactly none! And therefore you can and must expect to be surprised. We have promised much over the years and little, if anything, has manifested in your realm that is obvious and blatant due to extremely heavy constraints and restraints that are placed on you ones and what you are allowed to receive by your soon-to-be ex planetary controllers.

Nonetheless, the time is now. There will be no more dilly-dallying. It is ‘game over’ no matter how much ruling parties try to stall further for time or continue to believe that they are immune to what is about to hit them in no uncertain terms.

Too much time has passed in the interim. With many opportunities being given to these ones to make a shift in their stance. However, they have stood firm in their beliefs, or as this one calls it their ‘be-lie-fs’, and are now to face the consequences of those choices. As are all else on the planet at this time. So be it. It is indeed ‘game over’.

Now you are all to get into your respective places and ready yourselves to receive further instructions. For you are all about to get busy very quickly.

SK: (A long pause) Is there more Monjo?

M: Oh, there is more. We shall move onto another matter of great importance.
There are many amongst you who are being very closely watched.

SK: You mean like the TruWoman or the Truman Show? (SK: This is a long-standing personal joke of mine. When I'm aware my every word and action is under galactic surveillance in a situation I say aloud or to Self 'There they go again, tuning into the TruWoman Show').

M: Well, yes, something like that.

SK: Are we being watched by you?
M: Well, yes, those who are able to monitor you are. There is a purpose in this always. It is not to invade your privacy and personal space. But to make sure you are kept safe and to watch your general abilities in the world and your dealings with people around you in your daily encounters. There are those amongst you who have been put through rigorous tests in recent times. This is both a test of discernment as much as for your abilities to respond in terms of the best outcome for all involved.

This is a rather delicate scenario as it requires one to constantly be listening to your Higher Self. To constantly be going within while you are still existing in the world without. Very important for when you will be dealing with groups of people vying for your attention - all wishing, wanting and needing different things of you. And so you will experience then a diffusing of your energy.

However, if you remain constantly connected to the core of your source and you defer to it in those moments of doubt, confusion and feelings of being overwhelmed, you cannot go far wrong. In fact, then you will be responding in the highest possible way and with the highest and best outcome of all at heart and in mind.
[? A further short comment here from M I couldn’t clearly hear on audio]

Many now are to begin leaving the planet in great numbers and those loved one left behind will be traumatized, as a result. The skills that serve the bereaved are now fully needed. There is much to be said for any of you reading this to step forward and serve these ones by comforting them in their time of need.

Let us remember at this time what our commitment for this lifetime was and now rise to the challenges that come before us. And let us remember how it was that we chose to be here for others and the planet in service to all. It is the time of the return of memories of who you truly are so there can be no mistaking, therefore, of what it is you came here to do.

Peace be upon you all and dwell within the spirit of the One Heart. Let that be your safety and security as you go forward into these tumultuous times.