I AM Present

I AM Present

Monday, March 22, 2010

DIARY OF A CRAZED ASCENSIONIST: Death, the Unveiling and Resurrection

[But for my blog problems, this would have been posted almost two weeks ago - before the more-recently posted group Q & A channelling!]

Death, the Unveiling and Resurrection

Dear Diary

A lot’s happened since we last chatted. From the middle of February the wave upon wave of high frequency photonic light blasting my brain and body via an increasingly higher pitch in my ears have caused me to be in an excited buzz of anticipation. That’s in between the interspersing waves of anxiety, frustration, my alternating floaty-apathetic state and general flatlining. I've become an expert on survivng my multiple ascension personalities!

My small garden has become a literal killing field. And I’ve had to bury no less than six small, innocent creatures since the end of December. They all died at the paws of my feline family members. Or one in particular. No names mentioned!

On that other all-important level, all this death and decay around me have been a continuous series of messages to me that all that belongs to the old world, including relationships, are dying within me. And therefore without. The new cannot properly be birthed until it does. If the birds, moles and mice weren’t enough for me to get the message, then the incessant dreams of me dying, others telling me in dreams I was and all other similar signs around me certainly was.

Not to mention the fact that, in addition, my modem and computer died, leaving me stranded and unable to access the internet for a week! The latter’s still not sorted and keeps freezing up on me, but I’m just kind of managing to keep it going. And don't even get me started on car wires burning out...

I've also been having a few lengthy chats with big boss of earth, Christ Michael, and a couple of other new energies lately (and some old ones I thought had permanently left me). They've mostly been on personal stuff about me and where this crazy life of mine's moving!

CM said all that is now occurring in my consciousness is part of the programme to reveal me to me. 'You have made this contract with your source self a long time ago. Now it is finally time for its unveiling'. Sounds like some work of art that I'm now allowed to know something of and see. Maybe the time of being a work in progress is over...
But on the other hand, I know in the long term it never really is. As we are constantly re-shaping, shifting, growing and expanding ourselves. Even, the invisibles say, as we move ahead into other dimensions (in whatever form we choose). And growing through service to others is the ultimate. And why so many beings are at our disposal so often.

I have to tell you I could hardly sleep from excitement a few nights ago when Lady Nada painstakingly explained dissolving timelines so I could get more of a grip on a state she was trying to convey to me about this future life to come. This involved understanding the complexity of something which has always befuddled me – getting my head around concepts of time and space and how our decisions dissolve or create other lifelines/timelines. She used the movie ‘The Butterfly Effect’ to illustrate some points, as I really relate to that. Success at last! I think I finally get it after all this time.

After experiencing a kind of telepathic lockdown, since last month communication has felt like a frequency band explosion of communication. And it's mostly been personal so far.

I have been told in no uncertain terms I am being introduced to mySelf, incrementally, so I don’t become overwhelmed or too shocked. But the fact is I AM. Tonight, for instance, I pieced something unbelievable together about how past painful life events regarding a relationship get to be some of my future life’s greatest joys. Still to be experienced in this very (hopefully regenerated) body.

LN was trying to help me understand how such memories would begin seeming like a very distant dream/nightmare, as the new 'reality' settled in, becoming my true point of reference in my living experience to come. Almost like an energetically reversed experience from this one currently being lived and experienced.It sounds and feels just so trippy, sci-fi and time traveller-ish. Hope that doesn't come off as too cryptic and confusing. I'll be able to speak about the actual situation shortly which will hopefully help put this into better perspective and properly illustrate how this works.

I was later given an in depth explanation and experience by LN of the new relationship we are to have as our future selves with the very food we eat. How the act of consuming a vegetable or fruit involves total recognition of that life force inside of the very molecules you are consuming and that which is giving itself to you in service and love. This sharing centred around my recent overwhelming feelings of all the life forces around me – and my subsequent movement to being in greater gratitude for more, more often.

The gratitude I am feeling and the love for all life forces-be it in a grain of rice, a human, a fruit, a tree, a blossoming flower or an animal/insect - as a result has been surging into and out of me in waves of sacred appreciation. It’s been this way intermittently since mid February.

There’s also a strange poetic swirling around my thoughts more often, for want of a better description. Unrecognisable as being from me, yet it is coming through me. It's not quite sticking to me consistently or enough yet-as in a compulsion to actually sit down and write more of my book! But I feel this welcome new creativity arriving in a whole new and different way. May it become a permanent fixture.

Without doubt, these are the last of the last days. I keep hearing this over and over. Along with the word 'resurrection'. We're at both the end and the beginning. I've been waiting for the end for decades.Knowing it would herald bright beginnings...

I, for one, cannot wait!

In magic, madness & mystery