I AM Present

I AM Present

Monday, August 15, 2016



14 August 2016




Dear beloved citizens of planet earth:

It is with trepidation that I greet thee this day.

For what is to come now is an energetic avalanche that cannot be stopped, turned or manipulated into any forced path.
It cannot be subject to any other Law, other than My own; it cannot be replaced, pulled or pushed hither or thither to suit some of thine temperaments.
Nor can it exist to serve but a relative handful of you and your needs and desires exclusively.

You are to know the Truth of My creation and Me, to some extent, in what follows.
Some will like this greatly, others will fight it with all their might.

Ye ones have well learned how to create diversions, how to give the run around and how to twist nature until it bears little recognition to my Creation.
You have had your fun, played a myriad of your games and in general, created the havoc you have so wished for in your warring against your fellows upon planet with you.
Your fun is decidedly over.

I say these words to thee this day that you finally now will get to know and see WHO I AM and what I have been saving especially for YOU.

YOU have consistently dismissed all alerts, warnings, visitations, offers of co-operation and have laughed off, in your arrogance, the many dealings you have had with a myriad of players. These ones have directly or indirectly been sent by Me.

These children of Mine Light have walked down myriad roads with thee that ye might know what it is to capitulate. Yet, your immovable and destructive natures are what you remain still, even in your final moments of choice.

Ye will know now MY Way and it will blow ye away in its force. The force of mine Love for my Creation is nothing like you have ever known nor will it be like anything you have ever witnessed.

Morever, the pathway which opens to those ones that Love Me without condition will be some crash course in learning for thee.
Consider all that comes now as such and you will be showing yourself a measure of that same love. Or choose it not, as you so will. BUT IT WILL BE.

What matters now is My VISIBLE presence on your beleaguered planet that all might know Me, along with my Lighted ones.



Sunday, August 14, 2016



Before getting on to the next part of my story, I want to share with you of some of the interferences I’ve endured. Simply in trying to write this. Never doubt yourself or think it’s your ‘imagination’ if you experience any of the following.

Know that you are the enemy of the darkies. And, as such any sharing of the Truth – whether personal or not and in whichever sphere – will attract attempts by the darkies to clamp down on. That's increased exponentially during the past year. It’s why I believe many have remained quiet about their own experiences, until now.

But simultaneously, the darkies are also currently ‘being clamped down upon’ now in turn! Everything they touch is like sand or water running through their hands and is becoming ‘uncontrollable’. Courtesy our beloved God and galactic Big Bosses of earth and all who walk upon her.

In returning to these memories to write this, the amount of psychic/mental/emotional interference I had from the darkies told me a whole lot. I was attacked continuously for four to five days, starting 8 August – the Lion’s Gateway opening day. I only realised about the date afterwards.

As Lisa Renee says, there are always clues they provide to show us the way by showing what’s important to them. And their reactions to us internally and externally show what they fear the most.
I'm talking about the combination of both on and off planet darkies and their satanic slaves.Together they run both mind-control programmes as well as the anti-christ subtler etheric mechanisms. These attack chakras and the subtle body, the mind, feelings and spirit, amongst others, in a range of interferences.

Now it’s becoming increasingly-easy to identify and figure out when they are threatened, where and why. An example: As a Lightworker, one common way this could work is through your frustrations and failed strivings.
Do you you feel resistance or distraction in getting something off the ground you know you need to do or have a great desire to do?
You may be convinced the diversions or excuses you make to yourself come from you exclusively and are your creations alone. But, more often than not, this is also the more subtle anti-christ working through your mind and emotions and in your etheric field to create obstacles and blockages there. Thus affect your choice-making in that instance.
Chances are, if your intentions and potential creations are good and healing for you and others, you can expect such subtle backlashes.

Other than people who clearly know and see the workings of the ways of the darkies – such as those clairaudient/clairvoyant and people psychically-gifted at that level who do energy work – these mechanisms are not necessarily evident to the vast majority, including many Lightworkers.

I’ve long known they access my computer through my hard drive – and that’s been confirmed by other sources.
While writing Part 3 A for example, my hard drive went crazy again whirring up into an-almost overheated frenzy. Not once, but twice in short succession this time. That was unusual. Shortly after this happens my laptop usually shuts down, even when charged up. They want me to reboot for whatever their purposes.

While putting my work together offline and copying to one of my flash drives, they will name a doc before I get to it and do it myself; anything I copy and paste may have letters added/deleted from it at the end and sometimes chunks of work ‘go missing’.
While taking messages, I’m scrutinised too. In CM’s recent message given to me I passed out briefly (lol!) and woke to a line added in at the bottom which read ‘fear not if you get the sleepies’.

The level of interference you have will also indicate to you the potential importance of your work, sharing, whistleblowing, etc from the darkies perspective.

These are a few tips - not to induce fear - but that you may add to your awareness if you feel it resonates. I believe in knowing at least some of the darkies’ workings we can know what restricts our freedoms. Then we can identify and request the relevant help from our celestial and galactic invisible Light specialists.




Things were intensifying, breaking down and my life was again manifesting this at every turn. I was still delaying making that all-important decision to have my now 8 month pregnant-looking stomach operated on. The fibroids had grown uncontrollably in clusters everywhere and I was told nothing less than a full hysterectomy was what was needed now.

Car windows jammed, door handles came off in my hand and my Higher Self seemed to have vanished. I was resisting making the choice to be operated on – the one that would either save my body or hand it over to that unknown element. Or so I perceived it from my terror-filled experiences, little realizing then that feeling those feelings in and of themselves was a gateway to manifesting such terror in itself.

About those low frequency feelings: when we have doorways to unhealed emotional wounds and we have a fear-filled experience, it is these that are used against us. The anti-christ within opens to service to self entities in this fashion, working in concert to lower the individual’s vibration through a myriad of feelings and thoughts the individual has about him/herself.

These include feelings of anxiety, undeservedness, unworthiness, uncertainty/doubt, mental anguish and confusion and being hard (punishing) on the self, amongst many others to create the False Evidence Appearing Real – FEAR- syndrome. All being the opposite of loving the self as God and God as self.

As I’ve said, leaving my body – if I could be guaranteed it wouldn’t be interfered with while I was unconscious – was almost like yearning for an elusive dream.

Two people were brought into my life to help me in making my choice; one of whom was like a guardian angel in the flesh. I think my guardian angel was working overtime during that phase!
I’d refused two operation dates when they were offered within a few weeks of each other due to my fear of the unknown. I knew my guardian angel and invisible friends had helped arrange that, as the government hospital waiting list usually meant waiting for months.

If a third operation date was offered and I refused that, I knew there wouldn’t be another and that leaving my body would be the outcome there. But I came to my senses and eventually chose the one thing I’d been avoiding. My Guardian Angel arranged that too. I had no choice in the matter now but to trust my God Self with it all, as there was no one and nothing else I could trust.

Still, I had a sleepless night pacing the hospital corridors the night before the scheduled hysterectomy operation. Still so deep in self-punishment was I that I was certain that the worst was to come. I could perceive in no other way at that time. All this was, it had to be, paying my dues now for going awry, I was certain.

As I was being wheeled into the operating theatre the next morning I thanked God for this life and thought ‘This is it. The end of the road’.
You can imagine how shocked I was to wake up to the pain of my body and feeling freezing cold from the anaesthetics wearing off.

Taking two items a friend had bestowed on me from his online health store, I spent 11 days in hospital and made a good recovery there in that time.
Most of the post-operative women in the ward had been given blood transfusions: usually from the unsanitary, unsterilized environment and conditions that caused infections.
I was certain my amazing immune-building chaga drops and fulvic acid liquid that I began taking as soon as I was strong enough to reach for the bottles, had prevented that. I knew that it would have been extremely harmful to me, were I to have a blood transfusion.

That God wasn’t finished with me on earth and I wasn’t finished with myself was a miracle enough for me to realize. As the months passed, though I recovered fine from the op, I simultaneously felt my body breaking down in other ways. I knew this but didn’t have the cash to deal with it.
I had allowed another repetitive negative thought form in. It said: ‘you’ve got another few months until your next operation’. Some might say that the worry would open to the create the manifestation, as I described above.

However, this was not the case here.
Because, you see, this is what a chip installed in the human body or etheric field does – amongst many other destructive things. It’s designed to interfere with body and mind at many levels and in concert with the myriad of other darkie mind programming. Nano particle spraying (as in aerial hidden-in-chemical spraying from aircraft) over masses of people does similar.

Chips and implants create all manner of physiological havoc in the body. Partly what they’re designed to do. This includes massive interference with the digestive, respiratory and other systems/organs alike in the body.
This often manifests in the form of a multitude of parasites which can be seen or identified in the blood, which in turn create other symptoms and illness or dis-ease, ultimately.

If you have parasites causing illnesses within you and can find no real environmental reason (apart from our poisoned water, soil, food, etc), look again. These parasites are where almost all illness begins. A healthy immune system is reflected through the condition of the stomach. When that collapses, so does everything else.
And the poor health of my digestive system, amongst others, was clear proof to me I was at the point of manifesting something else.

Alongside all this I was also no longer able to reach the Lighted realm. That was really devastating for me. But on the plus side and in its place I had, by force of these circumstances, been developing a far greater reliance on and stronger connection with my Guardian Angel. Which I may not have done without this experience.
This and the equally-growing reliance and budding relationship with my God spark within was what kept me going from day to day of this almost six month nightmare.

While I continued to ponder how and why I’d arrived in this space, I knew I needed to take practical action to get out of it. And the only way was to raise my consciousness up once more. As long as I was in a (kind of) functioning body I had to at least do this much for myself.

This began with starting to become aware of and then owning my thoughts and feelings in a totally new and more responsible manner and changing them where I could. Instead of allowing my ego to fight against the chip and it’s mental, emotional and physical symptoms, I now chose instead to know myself as the God within me with each new thought and feeling about myself. The rest I would just compassionately witness or dump in the trash can of my consciousness.
This part of the entire experience to date has been – and continues to be – the most powerful and the crux of the whole journey. That journey is towards knowing the self as a means to total acceptance and self-love.

As I let go of the control of efforting to achieve a particular outcome - which I had erroneously through my deceptive ego called ‘working on myself’ – I began to experience increased relief at the higher level.

By the end of the year and by the grace of God/my God complex, I was guided to a bioresonance therapist which proved to be my body’s saving grace. It was yet another miracle and came on the back of the first one, occurring between my birthday and Christmas last year.

One morning during this period I woke up to the greatest miracle in six months!
The dark shroud that had covered me and locked me up had been removed – shackles and all. I WAS FREE to be me again! The sheer joy of that day and the days that followed were indescribable.

I cried and cried...tears of gratitude to God/my GodSelf for the grace of such a gift.
For the first weeks I was sure it was all just temporary – I couldn’t quite believe that this great gift had been given to me – and that it was here to stay permanently.
My destructive self-talk kicked in, telling me that at some point it would all vanish again. This was an ego defence mechanism used to prepare and protect me against future disappointment and one I used in many situations.

It took me a while to realize that this way of behaving and responding to myself was what led to all this shit in the first instance. All of my experiences above clearly show that which we most fear, we manifest. Whether or not this is conscious.

I've been through much, but the journey to living in the fullness of mySelf continues on.

I’ve shared all this publicly less to cleanse myself than to point out some of the pitfalls of the ego/anti-christ/mind-control programming/satanics at work in concert within us through my own extreme creations. I have been impulsed to do so.