I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sa-Ra 12: Self Confidence

[Together with Nada]

4 December 2013

through Shellee-Kim

Goodday One and All

It is indeed a pleasure to be with you here again.

Today we would speak of an issue many of you go through very often, it seems. That issue known as lack of confidence within.

Lack of self-confidence, beloved ones, is derived from a poor sense of Self. It exists for numerous reasons.
It can exist as a result of the many lies and self-deceptions ones continue to talk them Selves into and it can exist due to lingering doubts of one's own abilities in Self (therefore lack of trust in Self).
And it can exist as a result of general feelings of inadequacy and constant comparisons to others, creating self-judgement in an ongoing self-destructive cycle.
These are some reasons for the existence of lack of confidence in Self. And thus the lack of the full expression of the glories of the True Self.

It is not necessary at this time to divulge further details as to WHY each might be sitting with this problem and its results. You will know if you ask within - and most sincerely from your Heart - where this stems from within YOU.

What is important this day is to know how to get to grips with the fact that it does live within you, to accept rather than fight it and to surrender it; to let it go.

And you can do this by calling in a higher power, by calling in the Source to assist you in removing it from you.
You can do this by surrendering it to your Higher Self and asking that this be removed or transmuted from your field.
And you can do this by dissolving this energy - that comes often as a false thought form and belief - in any other number of ways.
Whatever form or technique is most resonant for you, will be what will work for you.

Being and standing in your own authority is diametrically opposed to a state of poor self-confidence. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum, as it were. You are not in full authority and in your sovereignty if you still have remaining doubts about yourself.

Thus we encourage each one of you who feels held back or are holding themselves back, to ask that the causes of this issue are brought up to the surface of your mind, that you might release them with the help available to you.

It is an imperative next step as you journey towards reclaiming yourSelf.

Good leaders and those who will guide others without thinking twice are ones who are confident in themselves and their abilities. They do not look back and do not look sideways.

So it is extremely important, crucial even - that now in light of what is required - you are able and willing in the process of taking other parts of yourself back and activating all of you, that you also activate a healthy and well rounded sense of Self. Thus expressing yourself with confidence - naturally and easily.

Those who will be leading and guiding others will need their wits about them all of the time. Self confidence and trust in who you are and what you are doing and perhaps the most important, what you are hearing within, is essential as you go forward hour by hour, day by day.
And as you embrace the many challenges that will confront you on the road.

You are not expected, as with everything else, to go this alone. And as we have stated, you have all manner of experts and specialists ready to be called on from our side to guide you towards letting go of your perceived lack and filling up the space with a Knowingness of who and what you are.

That Knowingness then becomes the rock, the anchor from which all springs forth through your mind and your heart.
That Knowingness can and does and will counteract any lack of self-confidence.
But it is equally necessary for you to take the initial steps.

Remember, as you take the steps with your intent, your will and desire to heal something within or/let it go, so does extra help from the invisible realms rush forward to assist you and respond to that Act-ion.

And so be it.

Beloveds, it's been our pleasure one more time to be with you.

It is I, Sa-Ra and Nada that have come forth together this day.

Loving you All very much

And wishing you further success

Until the next...

We bid you farewell.