I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, May 20, 2017



All ev/devolution and growth appears to be taking place through the manifestation of its opposite currently -destruction. Destruction of the human mind. Currently in this beautiful land, the related 'carelessness' that promotes the death culture through lack of empathy which Lisa Renee spoke of in a recent blog is easily seen here. Individual and collective social mores have seemingly been flushed down the toilet and replaced with the negative alien agenda's implanting of this into the collective mind.

One of the visible forms of this over the past few months here is in the absolute disregard of human life by other human life forms. In South Africa there have been no less than 19 girl children that have been murdered -mostly after being raped - since January this year. And that's just the reported figures. In this country due to deep mistrust of the police force who have been exposed as serving themselves and not the community, many crimes of this nature go unreported.

Basically, whatever this NAA latest download is, it is misogynistic in nature. As we know, misogyny is a hallmark to globally maintaining the rule of patriarchy on this planet.
Creating or/and keeping men in a state of rage from childhood is necessary to fuelling this gory state of affairs.
The upside of this phase is that I've heard and seen an equal amount of empathy, kindness and compassion here of late collectively, and in spaces that one would least likely expect. So I'm thinking this is also the natural gravitation of people towards their own consciousness 'grouping'.

Here's what came through me while crying and musing over this further stripping of human-ity:



To those my beautiful brothers:

Lost in the dark consequences
Of their urges that compelled them
To violate and shatter the souls of
helpless and terrorised girl children

To you my brother in God
I know who you are
You could easily be my brother
My father
My son or my lover

To you, beloved heart of God's
You who were coerced
Into believing you
Were on the planet
To protect your womankind
You who believed it was your
Role and duty to do so

Now look again...
You took it upon yourself
To accept this, doing so (in part)
Yet feeling ill-equipped
Or you didn't do so
And chose instead to violate the ones
You and they thought you loved.

How, dear brother, can rape and murder
Of a 14 month old girl toddler
Be an expression of any kind of Love?

Did you not have it in your mind to be kind
To your 4 year old niece when you saw her
After a lengthy absence?

Instead your 'kindness' was demonstrated
In the pain you inflicted upon her
And now she tries to navigate
Through the shards left in your wake
Suppressing her suffering and pushing away
Anyone and everyone that tries to get close.

Did you think, beloved brother, that it was
All harmless fun (for you)...
None of which means anything –
Except for the fulfillment
Of your own animal urges in that moment?

Where and how, dear brother, did you get
To understand and accept your action would
Be meaningless and have no impact...on
The lives of many?
The lives of the many that radiate
From that damaged girl child

Was it easier violating the 10 year old who
Seemingly-responded to your 'games'?
Her rape will ever be invisible blood
Stained on your soul
Until you are taken to
Empathetically re-live
Her very woundedness as your own

That concealed blood is smeared across your
Mind, sometimes so you can't think straight

Reminding you of your own fragmented
Memories, harbouring the deep secret
You've been keeping – especially from yourself

Of the shame of those powerless days and nights
When you were brutally and unthinkingly
Sexually violated.
Even as your own soul
Fragmented and shattered into a thousand pieces

Taken you were, quietly in the night. Or
Roughly - depending on your tormentor's
state of mind at the time

Sometimes it was a deliberately violent act
impulsed by deep-seated rage and easy
To act out on society's most vulnerable

Much like the world's male people
Have been plundering
Other sentient life birthed to bless
Them with companionship
Unconditional love and protection
Or their sacrificial offering
Of sustenance

Appetites of men grow ever
Hungrier as the generations
Between boys and men are
Birthed, die and are re-birthed

It matters nothing other than to
Fulfill bestial itches in
The opportunities provide

Your secret's safe with me.
Will you share the pain of your
Own violation that compelled
You to prey on the powerless...
That you could feel more

The many hurting, missing and
Dead young innocents call
Upon you.
Pleading with you to share
Your own pain, your guilt, your shame...
YOUR own dark secrets you find
Too unbearable to face.

Their lives are shaped by how
And what you do with your own.

Another generation of young
Adults-in-the-making await your
Awareness and action.

Your experiences, dear brother,
And the subsequent tattered lives you
Have left in your wake is far
More common than you may
Think or believe.

For some of you, though, it was a
Real or perceived rejection
Rather than one form or
Another of the abuse perpetrated by the
Adult male 'god ' who's attention
And approval you sought
In your young life.

Whichever it is
Your experience has created
A self-hatred resulting in
A world of disempowered

Time now to change the repetitious
Cycle of destruction that
Relationships may know healing -
No matter the gender.

Time to right the wrongs by
Acknowledging the pain that
Silently eats at you because you
Give it no voice. You give it no
Allowance to be...and thus to free you.
And then all others your life
Impacts upon.

Dear brothers: your sisters have
The power – the authentic power – to
help you free yourselves.
Are you willing to allow them?
Are you brave enough to expose yourselves
To the nurturing wisdom of the womb?
The support and soothing of the Mother
Lies within you, as well as without.

Are you willing to help your sisters help you
To break the false power that has
Enchained and enraged you?

The same rage which compelled
your sordid, sexual violations
Of the ones that looked to you
For the protection you yourself


Sammy Jay, a British busker may just be Janis Joplin reincarnated. This jazzy blues and her voice is exactly my kind of fix. Enjoy!