I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, November 28, 2015


The mechanisms of mind control are designed to keep thoughts, feelings and desires shallow and rooted in this world of materialism.
And vibrating at as low a frequency as possible - meaning to be rooted in FEAR-based emotions.

And that’s just what a small percentage of us on this planet are aware of…by way of what we’ve researched and experienced. But everything, including awareness, is relative. And this, by our own conscious choices to make it so or not in our respective realities.

False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR) is what the darkies thrive on. It’s the means by which the off-planetary Archons and their on-world minions, the Khazarian Zionists (whether born Jews or not) have used to suspend and prevent the planet and her peoples from growth, Light and Life. And a relationship with God.

As these beings, the KZ’s, come apart at the very seams of what remains of their consciousness – manifested in all manner of mental and physical illness – what’s left of their apparent control cannot thwart the plan of Creator Source of Sources for this world and her people. Nothing can.

And why attempts on the lives of those wayshowers-to-be remain protected, even if a little harassed for some. Because those ones have the natural protection of the highest Light on their side due to the work they’ve chosen to do for this planet and her peoples.

It must be as frustrating as hell, from the darkies perspective, repeatedly not being able to reach those ones who have chosen Ascension and Service and God. This, after millenia of feeling they were going to succeed…
Well, I guess all good things must come to an end. But they had a damn good innings while they were around, I reckon the galactic elders might say.

Anyway, none of that stops the myriad choices by those committed HU-man beings who will fulfill themselves in God - that the ripple effect will spread like a contagion of the most positive kind throughout all humanity.

In these final moments in the run-up to this earth cycle’s close, the mechanisms used to limit and mind control the globe’s majority populace continues on until the last. And then there’s the more subtle mind control mechanisms at work in the quiet war on consciousness as well.

Such as psychotronic warfare involving a multitude of programmes aimed at Targeted Individuals (TI’s). These are ones often in the ‘awakened’ category. And in some or many ways share a passion for bringing forth Truth, whether whistleblowers, activists or those who can have spiritual impact. It’s how the darkies were attracted to them and what made them appealing as TI’s in the first place.

But much more importantly than all these chosen and different individual experiences we are having en route to our sovereignty is what there is to learn from it all as the God sparks we are. And to acknowledge how such limitations can actually help our progress towards Oneness with God. Contradictory as that may sound.

If this period for humanity’s growth is about recognizing and owning the vagaries of the human mind and its vulnerabilities, then there is no greater lesson towards becoming sovereign.

For it has been the buying into the lies of the world and programmed negative responses to Self that opened such doors to these limitations initially. And what followed resulted in the inner and outer destruction we find ourselves in. What a supreme last lesson!

If we’re experiencing this in whichever ways or forms, we must also acknowledge our agreement to such an experience - at some level of our being.

Working it through to tame our undisciplined minds is where it’s at. And sifting the wheat from the chaff – psychotronic warfare, thoughts and responses that aren’t your own versus your own God mind at work – is part of the discerning process.

It’s a peculiar thing, but when you’re caught up in that, for some (depending on their spiritual state to begin with ) there’s a seemingly-greater knowingness in your relationship with and to God. I know that also sounds contradictory.

Over the past years, TI’s have been enlightened on all manner of info as to the range of mind control methods, programmes, their effects and solutions by numerous folk, including one Simon Parkes. He’s brought much disclosure on the subject of chips and implants, as has Henning Witte (Witte TV) and has apparently helped many people through his seminars and lectures.

Some of Parkes' info ties in closely with what spiritual scientist, Lisa Renee says. But while he, it seems, has only part of the total picture, she has a much broader galactic, all-encompassing perspective on the same. While he offers up a physical solution, Lisa Renee knows the war on consciousness and humanity occurs on every level. And she offers a wide range of spiritual ‘tools’ to help combat the darkies at their own game/s.

See how you feel about Simon Parkes using your own discernment. In my estimation, the very fact he’s alive and lecturing, just like David Icke is, is suspect to me. This means he very likely has the protection of the KZ’s. And there’s a purpose in that – THEIR purpose.
As we know, the KZ's either murder and clone, mind control or blackmail those they perceive as a threat.

Having said all this, it doesn't necessarily mean dismissing what Parkes says about etheric implants, in particular.

Parkes has a wide range of ‘insider’ knowledge having purportedly been born into an Illuminati family. His mother apparently worked for M15 and his grandfather was a Freemason, a member of M16 and a British diplomat.

But then, from my point of view, and knowing the darkies often put out a mix of lies and Truth through their puppets, I cannot accept what he’s been quoted as saying about taking down the Illuminati’s plan to release ‘hell’ and destroy humanity through the Large Hadron Collider. That's pure fantasy and smacks as someone being blackmailed/cloned to put out such disinfo.


While an over-the-top piece of pure sensationalism on his purported past alien abduction experiences leaves me even colder.


So…you be the judge!

This leaves me with just one question: is Simon Parkes’ mind control speciality (and all the rest) just a part of his own mind control as a victim?

He wouldn’t, by any stretch of the imagination be the first, but just one of the more recent subjects used by the KZ’s to influence the minds of a certain sector of the populace.