I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Soul Armageddon

By Shellee-Kim

There ain’t no fooling ourselves! The great Battle of Armegeddon is on. And the attack has been intensified in recent times.
 I’m talking about the war being waged on our psyches and very souls. Yet, few are aware that such a war even exists, let alone that they are unwittingly electing to either become a sovereign, co creative being or opting for the  Orwellian ‘1984’ slave. Determining this is down to the very choices each and every one of us is making right now.

We’ve delayed off-planetary assistance, collectively chosen our dumbed-down denial about what most  authorities and govern-ments really are and the real (hidden) role they play. And much as we do in our personal relationship responses, we’ve chosen an uncritical, accepting and trusting surrender to what (seemingly) is.
When we press things into the unconscious, choices made at that level are not nearly as personally fulfilling or evolution-enhancing. We therefore have been and are continuing to choose the lower road of our souls choices. Subsequently sacrificing the highest road and best  outcome of possibilities in our soul’s evolution.

The problem is this war is a quiet war. But no less deadly.   Some of it’s weapons? Mental confusion to help maintain our divisions within and without, keeping the low frequencies of fear rooted in the consciousness via a multitude of means and encouraging continuous distraction so we comfortably continue living in denial.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."’ said Edmund Burke.
 And  if we insist on a continued state of dishonesty within ourselves because it feels more comfortable to deny, it naturally translates into our external world view and how we react to that also.
Even though the original planetary controllers in the form of the Annunaki have long since left  us on earth alone  and have defected to the Light, we are still up against a small but potent group of dark, crazed cabal puppets. Puppets, because they too are being used by the etheric Dark Side, knowingly or not.  This group, the  Illuminati,  are the current war generals of sheeple, stealthily herding us to an unsuspecting slaughterhouse!

Yet, the one thing they are madly threatened by and cannot control is how and where we wish to place our personal energy.  Here, the battle ground is undoubtedly our consciousness. Our own war weapons - should we choose to defend ourselves – include needing to critically question everything including our own motives at every turn, examining the ‘wisdom’ of governments and spiritual gurus alike and reading between the lines of the onslaught of contradictory and repetitive messages put out and their influence on us. Keeping us confused=little chance of our conscious choosing.

These are  a few ways (affecting the mental body) in which we can start to take back our power. Winning this war and freeing ourselves completely ultimately means addressing all the levels of our being that have been infiltrated. Returning our personal power  into our own hands and minds is our most potent collective and personal weapon of Illuminati mass destruction.
And it is this reaction that threatens to undo their centuries of hard work of  human control.

Two tenets of the New Age are: focusing Light and Love on all that is dark to dissolve it. And avoiding anything deemed ‘negative’ like the plague because such thoughts can manifest that negative thing, right? Not exclusive to the New Age, the latter is also practiced by many people whose core values have little to do with any type of spiritual feeling.

Yet, just because a Lightworker practices a  New Age ritual, makes a religion over a product, spiritual path or the teachings of another does not mean you have taken steps to retrieving your own personal power. In fact, it often  means you have stepped back into the very same trap. Assuming you had left it in the first place. Albeit in the guise of greater inner freedom and in a more ‘spiritual’ arena.

 Judging by the many comments in forums across a range of alternative spirituality and  New Age websites,  folk still want someone outside of themselves to save them, someone outside of themselves to  adulate over and an-other to do the personal work for them. That way they can hold the ‘guru’ responsible rather than be responsible for their lives themselves.

So it looks as though a great many of us may just have swopped one set of values for another. But it is our choice in response to these that dictates our soul growth and unfoldment. Those who live by values devoid of spiritual thoughts or feeling may not be any better or worse off than those in the New Age club.  Just because you’ve aligned yourself with an emotionally or intellectually comforting set of spiritual beliefs that provide some measure of positivity in your life does not automatically mean you are further up the evolutionary chain. Scoring spiritual brownie points requires quite a bit more work than a passive acceptance of that which suits and a rejection of that which doesn't. 

Illuminati infiltration into the New Age through subtle mind control programmes has worked like a dream for decades. Some say the peace, love and sexual freedom revolution of the 60’s  was merely the (successful) testing ground for the later infiltration of the Illuminati into the New Age.   In reality, the movement was a well-devised plan to step up both the Illuminati’s international drug trade and erode further freedoms, ironically.
Through mind-control and money-making music, a mass focus on freedom, Love and Light and a simultaneous repression of all things deemed negative, the recipe for further control in the name of 'freedom' was a success. Coupled with the encouragement to experiment with drugs and its subsequent widespread addiction, the hippy forerunners to the New Age were mostly unaware of the subliminal assault. What followed was becoming suitably dumbed down as addicts, buying into the promised bliss of hippy havens or spiritual paths and meditation. What would be interesting to explore are case histories of how a cross-section of devotees to that lifestyle then feel about it now.

Is not the New Age today also riddled with promises of peace, upliftment and enlightenment? And more importantly, hope? Working with hope is a serious ingredient in the new, post-millenial upgraded recipe of the Illuminati. As Obama’s oratorial skills showed in the successful sale of  this to the  public  in his pre-election day-ze. Do you know that in reversed speech the famously reverberated ‘Yes, We Can’ actually translates to ‘Thank You, Satan’? Reversed speech is an established technique used to study someone's speech directly from his/her subconscious, which is unable to  lie.

Hope for a better way, a brighter future is very human. And very exploitable because it is a state that drives the human spirit. And those offering it up are powerful beyond measure. It can therefore be used to positively or negatively affect and control us. Depending on the motives of the one spreading the hope. If hope is dished out by those lacking integrity and we hungrily lap it up, we willingly give up more of our personal power, especially in mass gatherings. Think the Illuminati's psy ops mind-controlled programmes that hypnotised masses in Hitler's rise to fame.
Those who are truly of the Light and are STO (service to other) beings rather than STS (service to self) types will not attempt to overtly or covertly strip you of your precious power. For these ones will not need to feed  off your power. They are in balance with enough of their own. Discerning between STO's and STS's are essential in this war. And something  which needs to be 'felt' to accurately assess.

However, there are no victims because we choose it all at some level. So saving ourselves first means knowing ourselves - the good, the bad and the ugly. Inside out and upside down. Only then can we know what we are or aren't being responsible for in our lives, where we lack, why and how to find our own balance within.
We are our own saviours and the Illuminati and off-planet Dark Side know this better than anyone.  Therefore, keeping us from knowing, trusting and accepting ourselves first so we don’t connect to this great power within is a major war weapon for them. And getting us to keep our soul frequencies at the energetic level of fear – False Evidence Appearing Real – keeps the light switches off in our dormant DNA, helping them keep us more easily under their control.
 Their greatest nightmare is that we would one day begin to perceive their fear programming at work within us, rise up and snap free their invisible shackles of limited consciousness, by snapping free from our own.

Yes, the final battle of the cycle in this psychic soul war is very much on.  And as long as we continue to buy undiscerningly into all the earlier-mentioned elements and avoid delving into our own personal darkness/shadow selves, we don’t get to heal or know what it is to begin living an empowered life of neutralized Light.

Repression or denial only pushes darkness down, but it still remains within us. No matter how much Light or Love we may focus on consciously. It is when we haul out that dark issue, review and release it that it may become integrated into neutralized Light within, freeing us. Thus, that particular issue can then no longer exist to provoke a negative charge, panic, depression or anxiety or other lower frequency thoughts or feelings within.  Or provide for the Dark Side parasites who etherically feed on our fears for their own sustenance, doing all they can to keep us in a unreleased state from our specific dark issues. It is all very entertwined.

If anything, I would say that there is far more to fear in not  taking steps to reclaim ourselves than any fear we may feel in delving into ourselves.
Now those that are extremely uncomfortable or threatened by looking at their inner conflicts and fears will probably feel it here. These ones often have the need to project, perhaps calling this piece itself a dark one. Be you a Lightworker, Christian or a materially-driven human, perhaps you’ll feel an inner discomfort, deeply offended or/and an urge to attack on reading this article. These are typical responses when something truthful mixes with fear within, but hasn’t been acknowledged, surfaced or integrated within the mind and heart yet. Thus often creating feelings of  denial and anger.  So be it.
Here’s to winning our wars both within and those without! Our Higher Selves, the spiritual hierarchy, our Inner Earth brethren and the planet are all depending on our success.

[PART TWO: Will include looking at practical ways to free ourselves further.]

Shellee-Kim Gold