I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Shellee-Kim Gold

Feasting on the flesh of raw and fallen human e-motion
Is sustenance to the lives of the great parasitic ones
Silently they go about their business
Hissing dis-eased feelings, thoughts and words
Into the minds of the lost, confused, innocent and angry alike
Subtly eroding the soul of higher, healing emotions
Carefully injecting the emotional muck and mire in a slow-release poison
That is the downfall of the psyche of Hu-man kind
Aligning with Darkness, like Light, is a choice after all
Yet the ignorant ones know not the power they possess, given away so freely
It turns swiftly and soundlessly to imprison them
Swelling the life force and ranks of the Dark Ones
And all without Hu-man consent or knowledge
Until the day when they sit face to face with themselves in review of a life
Less than lived
A life that they chose to live in denial, pressed into unconsciousness
In favour of the freedom that was sought before the start of the earth walk
And so it is to begin again
In new beginnings comes fresh hope for a better lived life in unfettered Light.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Mother Earth's To Birth

...and we ain't gonna know what's hit us when she does! Yes, I believe the Earth Mother is finally to unleash all she has been holding back on with some giant movements global wide.

For the past week, I've been waking up with belly nausea in the middle of the night as well as bad sweats. During the day, I have to steady myself when walking anywhere...it literally feels like I'm walking on a ship as it navigates stormy waters. That same kind of heaving and unbalanced motion is what I'm feeling. Watching me weave, someone even asked me whether I was drunk the other day- at 11am in the mall!
I've also been going momentarily deaf in one ear, with balance returning after a few minutes. And I can't stop sneezing at night.

Like others reporting similar symptoms around the world, I'm one of those sensitives who are psychically plugged into where the Mother is at during this time. And feeling her lack of balance now in full force.

I'm of the understanding that evacuation craft are on standby to assist when the biggies begin occurring. But I don't believe Starfleet will be making advance announcements about this or the coming movements to the public.
And as usual, the Elite-controlled media who the majority of the world population still mistakenly put their trust into for 'accurate' world news, are just not telling!
They are NOT going to give warnings so people can make informed choices to save themselves and they are NOT allowing for accurate earthquake movements to be commonly made known on the Internet(even removing those quakes on sites such as USGS).
The crazy agenda: They want sleeping slaves to remain sound asleep till the bitter end!

Some may see what's just ahead as our moment or day of judgement. I see it as an opportunity to start afresh, free of the Dark's doings (or should that be undoings?)and all its detrimental effects on the body of humanity.

I see it as a time to put aside our petty differences, including philosophical ones, coming to the aid of those in our path who will be needing it in such a crisis.

I see it is a time to put into practise all I've been preparing my various bodies for for so long. A time to rise to the challenges that this unique, exciting and shocking time is to present to us all. And most importantly, a time to stay calm and centred when the fit hits the shan so I can be of use to others.
It seems I've been through the full spectrum of emotions during the past days, so hopefully when the times comes I will be exorcised of all but a sense of calm.

And the cherry on the top: I also see it as a time of joyful celebration and reunion with our galactic family, once the immediate geophysical crises have been tackled. Am I looking forward to that cosmic glass of carrot juice with my brother, sister n all!
Mostly I want to be able to sit with them and say: In that final hour of chaos I behaved and responded to others in the manner that was most aligned with the Christ within.
That is my deepest intention.

Remember, you will know Starfleet are with you/nearby if you see a coloured beam coming down (red, green, other) from above. Or if you don't, you can telepathically call for a beam. Apparently, being in one is like riding in an elevator.
If you go into fear, please ask the human-looking ET whether they are of the Light. According to Universal Law they have to reply. Also ask for their identity.
But, as I understand it, no Dark beings will be allowed anywhere near earth during evacuation.

I've probably been the most anxious about my four cats, but recently heard our pets are to be taken care of. One less thing to worry about.

See you on board! What a celebration it will be!
Love SK

Sunday, May 23, 2010

PREPARATION & WHAT'S TO COME through Shellee-Kim Gold

This is my first conscious contact with a being who works closesly with Christ Michael, is very up on the antics of the Dark and only wants to be identified by a number - S333 - for now.

19 May 2010

SK: *Laughing as I tell him how excited I am for the pending events*.
Do you have a message for me?
S333: *Smiling* I do.
There are many who now need to prepare themselves on the suface of your planet. Big movement – on all levels – are about to occur. We would like those who sense or feel the slightest bit of intuition regarding these great changes to please listen within. You will be able to trust that what you hear is accurate. Perhaps you can also ask others in your lives whether they have been having the same dreams or feelings as you. This should give such feelings that extra validation needed to be taken seriously enough to prepare yourselves.

We would ask that preparation at the physical level be minimal. (SK:Apart from keeping yourselves well stocked with dried/tinned foods and water provisions, should water and electricity be disconnected in the upheavals). You will be leaving your world behind as you know it. And be entering a brand new one. It is advisable therefore to not cling to that which is already redundant, both emotionally, materially and physically. Your basic needs are to be taken care of more than adequately.

SK: Is there anything more you would like to say?
S333: Plenty more.
SK:Please go ahead.

S333: After the changes begin there are to be those from our side that will acquaint themselves with some of you. This serves two purposes. The first is to (re)introduce themselves to you. The second is for you to receive an instruction of sorts. Each of you playing a role will need to acquaint yourselves with its respective requirements.

There are some on earth who will be given tools with which to assist others, as well as yourselves. These ones will be the most trustworthy amongst you who have the best interests of the planet and its people at heart. And they will conduct themselves in integrity at all times. It is a question of whether and how these tools are received and used that makes them effective or not. Planet crises such as these never pass us by without us offering some assistance to those affected.

There are those amongst you also who will be invited to go on board the starships for a briefing pertaining to this. Yes, comprising some of the same individuals as above. And then there will be others who will continue to be worked with during the sleep states. It makes little difference which of these groups, if any, you are from. The fact of the matter is your roles are about to begin – in earnest. And there is not a second to be wasted. Our starting time for all this is a little earlier than expected, as you have already seen CM say. One of the reasons for this being that the Dark Ones have very little of substance behind their houses of cards and they are easily toppled. Even these recalcitrant ones will be taken with the least effort on our part. All the more fool them for not knowing who we are. They will learn in time. For that is one thing they will have much of in their upcoming future.

Back to the subject at hand: Some of you who are ready and able will be given certain abilities. Or rather have your own natural abilities returned to you in order that you may assist others. You are not to fear these, but rather embrace them wholeheartedly for they are indeed a part of who and what you essentially are.

As regards the earth upheavals. All of you need to know that we will be doing all we can to assist as many of you as possible. But soul choices have been made and many will be dropping their bodies. We ask you ones assisting to bear this in mind at all times so you may help in the most efficient and compassionate ways necessary.
And then there will be those who have last minute changes of heart. Their bodies may or may not be prepared for what is to occur. These ones will need your help also, although of a different type. Exactly what it is you need to do will become apparent at the time.
As already mentioned, please rely on your inner voice where you will also find ours, and this will be your greatest guidance in the times just ahead.
That is all for tonight.

I thank this one most humbly for availing herself of her time. For she is showing what she can do if she puts her mind to it.
Good night beloved sister.
This is S333 signing out.