I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, September 23, 2018


22 September 2018

[Couldn't post yesterday as fast overheats/laptop shutdowns]

Energies  have been building for months in and around us; have been helping to [re]build our consciousness for the purpose of activating crystalline/Christ consciousness/DNA.

 It’s as if we’re becoming His mansions of consciousness– and slowly have had to have extra wings, storeys and rooms built on to the original structure, while other rooms/quarters have had to be seriously renovated to allow for the new DNA alterations. In our Father’s house there are many mansions :-) ...

I have felt this increasing focus on knowing , seeing and feeling the heart energies growing to bypass the obstacle course that is the brain-mind-ego. As if each time I focus on the heart, every other part of me is suctioned into a golden vortex there.  And I heard something along these lines about that when I asked why it was feeling increasingly comfortable dissolving everything unwanted [like pesky thoughts!] into my heart and feeling my God Self qualities in greater proportion to the ego these days.  As has not previously been the case.

  I can’t remember verbatim but this was the gist of that chat:
“It’s as if your brain-mind and previous thought processing there[in the mind] is being rewired to your hearts that you will automatically be able to ‘think with your hearts’ and where the new processing centre is. Which is actually the original centre for processing…”

Something along those lines. It’s like a changeover; a ‘changing of the guards’. From the control centre having been in one vicinity of  our consciousness and now it's being moved to another, the heart.  And this new/original focus on and in the heart is from whence all internal action now takes place. 

I’ve also been constantly guided to walk through a huge, inner crystalline rainbow-hued diamond doorway of my heart in my contemplations. This is part of what is being activated in all who are able and willing to choose it now, as part of the ascension package. 

It seems I’ve anchored as much as I’m currently able to capacitate earlier this week. It was then I also went from 3 weeks of waking to feeling starving [needing food several times daily-unusual for me] to being quite put off food and down to a meal or so a day, as I am now.  But there’s more to come, so no resting on laurels or partying[just yet] for us.

Other weird symptoms include feeling like etheric ‘plasters’ were being placed at the base of my middle toes underneath and at my left knee. No clue about that but wondered whether that was to do with rebuilding Light structures that block the forcibly-placed energetic Seals on the left side of the body.
 Then there’s also been a new ‘relationship’ I seem to have with the sun. It’s as if some type of symbiosis is occurring in a way I’ve never previously experienced. I find myself really needing the sun’s energy on my face and body like never before - like an addict needing their ‘fix’. *smile* Anyone else?   

Sandra Walters’ take on this at the link below and the energy influx for today, it’s objectives and how we can maximise it. Though I’m certain many of us have been doing this anyway-as I instinctively have under HS/Lighted aspects’ guidance these past few intense weeks - and months, especially since May.

Blessings to every heart
My fave Cafe Del Mar album for it's sheer creativity. It's unusual that I love almost every track on an album.
My best and recommended: Track 2 & between Track 12 & 13 @  58:45