I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, October 3, 2019



If there's nothing else I'm aware of, I'm aware of my real job on this planet, in this time and space.
My real work and job on this planet is helping to clear, anchor and raise the collective vibration. Amongst other sometimes rather nasty sub-missions I choose to do in service to all. It's what I've been doing for years...quietly, invisibly and at levels mostly unknown to me. Except what's given to me through dreams and in daydream messages and mind movies I'm impulsed with.

Others are doing similarly; given their own specialities.

I could have done this work differently  for always are there different ways of achieving the same end. But there has been too much manipulation of fears/history/other timelines; too much interference for my organic Self to have risen beyond...
So this is the way it's being done. This is the way the raising of earth and humanity is taking place.

It's taken everything I have to give, it often feels. And recently I've observed myself responding very differently to old, stuck, limiting ways and behaviours. As, I'm sure, have many of you. This is worthy of celebrating, clinging to and re-membering, especially when faced with external challenges that come from others.

What it means is that there IS progress, there IS growth and that means there is IS expansion, thus expansion and healing for ALL on earth. As we each and collectively undertake such work, it can only always be of benefit to everyone.  Even though it may be all very quiet, subtle and invisible to Self and others.
Due to the subtle nature of this work, we can sometimes forget to appreciate the momentous steps up the ladder of consciousness we HAVE taken.

  The main  'event' that those of us who have chosen to do so are participating in is the healing of the crystal [rose and lotus] heart and the resurrection of the Michael-Mary solar body  consciousness body. It is part of how we are reclaiming the 12 sacred tribes here on Earth [of which the Cathar-Essene lineage is one] and thus helping to free humanity.

And we are doing all this amidst the dp's continued consciousness war and their myriad of  [largely unseen] tech.
A couple of weeks ago, my personal progress must have reached some critical level again. Two agents were sent to  the net cafe in an attempt to programme me once more.
I know their 'trademarks' by now. The first was a man - but I'm pretty sure he was a reptilian disguised as one. He tried, unsuccessfully, to draw me into the lower frequencies of fear, outrage, anger, etc [presumably easier for programming].
He had a powerfully condescending way of talking AT me which he could only barely conceal. I later realized this was misogyny at work. He carried a backpack of 'files', he said. 10 or 12 kgs of the stuff. Some were stuffed inside his jacket. But I'm pretty sure these were the programming devices they were trying on me this time.

He practically told me he was fitted out with a telepathic tool linked to someone somewhere else who was 'reading' me while he was busy.
I'd had a bit of tummy trouble so wasn't my usual discerning self initially, though I was suspect about him from the outset. As soon as he'd  'outed' himself and I'd confirmed this in my thoughts, it was relayed back to him by the telepath elsewhere and he packed up shop and left.

A few days later it was the middle aged, emotionally-frenetic female agent. Unlike previously, she interrogated me with questions she showed no capacity for on a previous occasion. I get she was fitted out with similar tech and someone was giving her moment-by-moment instructions. Also offered me a glass of wine several times. That session was a bit more amusing for me...

I'm often impulsed with very quick discernment these days...about much. This way, much of my energy can be expended in the right ways and on and with the right people. Those I'm drawn to assist in ways that are beneficial to them and to me too. Where we both get something  out of the experience.

I again say: Thanks to  Father Mother God we have [largely unseen] help from so many specialists groups and orders we can call upon.

Bless your ever-expanding crystal heart for the benefit of all you touch.- especially you, Michael family members and Starseeds for pulling your weight [on all levels] so magnanimously!

Love SK/R/Z


I drew this Heavenletter today on the Cosmic Generator:

The Day You’ve Been Waiting For

God said:
Wake up, little ones. The day you’ve been waiting for is here. All that is missing is your waking up to it. The sun is out, only you are still a little sleepyhead.
Rub your eyes, and you will see a new world before you, yours for the asking. That is, you did ask for it, and now it is here. Your desires for the Universe are awaiting you. Now you wake up, and now you enjoy the fruits of your life and work.
You have not been just a body hanging out on Earth. You have been a soul imaging Me, reflecting Me, acting as My advocate, My sponsor, My love. Yes, you have. You have been responding to My pleas for the raising of the world. Only you could raise it. It needed you. The new world called to you, and you answered. Even though at the time, you didn’t know who you really are, you answered. You came to the fore. You see, all My desires are fulfilled. You fulfill them.
You think it is I Who fulfills your desires. You are the fulfiller. I do My utmost. I can do nothing else but My utmost. My utmost is Love, and, so, you My love, took on service to Me, and you have been victorious in blessing the Earth and all those within it and beyond it.
You are the savior of My Will and Desire. You who are My desire came into existence for the upliftment of the world. You raised Me on High by the virtue of Our love. We invested in each other, and this is how dreams come true. This is how blessings come. Never forget that you are a blessing to Me, and that you serve more than Me. You serve the Universe. You serve your neighbor. You serve in the name of love, and so We are love, one immense Vast unconquerable love, love immersed in love and Being and goodness and mercy. Despite what your individuality may appear to you, you are Love Incarnate and you are on Earth to bless the entire Unity of Life here or there and everywhere, even when space does not exist, even when time does not exist. You are the blessing We have all been waiting for. You have hastened to My side. You bowed down to Me in your heart, and you, even if unbeknownst to you, asked:
“Father, how can I serve You? What can I do for You? Tell me what I can do to fulfill Your Will, not mine?”
I boomed the Word, “Love.”
You said: “If I only knew how.”
I replied: “By living in the world.”
You said: “That’s it?”
I said, “Yes, that’s it. By your grace, love and peace will overtake the whole wide world. Because of you, My Will is done.”
Then you are speechless. Your heart asks: “Thy Will is done? Where, O God, is Thy Will done? Where is it? I still see a heartbroken world.”
I answer you silently: “When you open your eyes, you will see. And as you see, the whole world sees its own majesty. You will see with your heart, beloved. Within your desire is the crowning of your desire which is Mine, the self-same desire. This is Our Unity. This day all that We yearned for has come to pass. All is done, and now you begin to live the joy I made you for. Brotherhood has arrived. That is all that has been missing. Now you enjoy the fruits of a job well done. You spread this joy before all. Now what is remaining for you is to enjoy the feast that you say I put before you, yet it was you who prepared the feast, and in your name, I thank you.”