I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Change In The Air by Mother Mary

24 February 2014

Change In The Air

by Mother Mary

through Shellee-Kim

A very good day to you, One and All

We are most pleased to be with you again here and I come today with a full representation of the Sisters, as SK calls us.
We would speak to you this day of the changes in the air. Surely you can feel this now beloveds...?

Wave upon Wave has been released unto your shores and planet of late. And though its effects might be subtle as far as you are concerned, they have also been profound for those experiencing them.
As the metaphorical noose tightens up increasingly now, a further amount of discomfort will be clearly and visibly seen in the masses by you ones observing.

Take care and be vigilant at all times in preventing yourselves from being pulled in to the dramas of others. This is not your concern. And as you discern better with the passing of days, it will be easier to see 'what belongs to whom': who's drama's these are and why people are in need of creating them.
Take heed less of what others say than what they do - that you might discern better. This will always help further in clarifying.

Some of you have readied yourselves to the point where you are now able to embrace all of your Selves. In this totality of expression your service becomes profound. And each who strives towards this goal is rewarded with much help from our side.

Beloveds, we cherish each and every one of you that strives to serve in whatever the capacity. To stay on this path in the face of the onslaught of distractions and technology of the dark that plagues you is not an easy choice.

It is a bit like trying to swim, keeping afloat and finding something to anchor to in the middle of a whirlpool at sea.
While many factors are against your success, WE help to counteract as many of these moves as we can. That you might be consistently free-er to make your choices as you travel onwards.

Yes, by comparison life and the energies in the new world will seem and feel like a relative paradise. The removal of the onslaught of elements that the dark have stacked against you will feel as though you have broken through a concrete wall with your bare hands. And emerged to see the Light of Freedom on the other side.

By the same token, we do not wish to paint a picture of heaven and bliss exclusively without considering the practical reality of your situation-to-be. It WILL be difficult and you will be up against much.
YET the removal of the dark will be the removal of a massive burden. And it will have the effect of lifting, lightening and creating an ease within you and without. Making any future challenges all the easier to deal with.

We would leave this now with you.

Our love and support, as always, are here for you.

Wishing you well this day :-)

I AM Mother Mary

Thursday, February 27, 2014

What Is To Come - The Trinity/Triodity Sisters

What Is To Come

by the

Trinity/Triodity Sisters



24 February 2014

Sisters of Triodities/Trinity We Are (said 3 x in almost sing-song like fashion)

SK: We haven't spoken before - at least this way...

Trinity/Triodity Sisters: Indeed, we haven't. Well, not officially. But here we are with you today.
And this is indeed a public message. We come today with great joy in our hearts. For your realm is to begin to display the unfoldment of a show and tell that will leave your populace quite stunned.

SK: What does that mean exactly?

TS: It means, our beloved friend, we are to make our presence known in your dimension, amongst your people.
It also means the time for action is upon you. And please do not expect your dealings with others to necessarily be smooth...growth rarely is.

It is the time of the 'quickening'. And all that occurs from hereon out will be marked by very intense experiences, emotions and a great deal of change for everyone on every level.

We are most excited by these changes-to-be as they represent to us all, including those beyond your portals/world, a great shift and a wondrous opportunity. For it is this that heralds in the grand 'New Day'; where all have opportunity to graduate into their chosen new state.
We see this as a magnificent blessing; a bestowal of Source/God upon all life in this sector.

You, who have readied yourselves, for the great Gift of the ages, stand Tall now to both deliver of Truth and to Receive of it.
The support each one of you has is truly stupendous. You are surrounded by teams of Light beings, both those who are of a protective order as well as those who specialise in the fields you do.
[SK:experts in YOUR own area of speciality]
This will all serve to enhance your own offerings now. This is truly a co-creative effort of note and one which those from elsewhere watch with some degree of envy.

You are the major players in a class act to be. And your respective positions are a most privileged one.
Serving Source in this fashion through his son CMA is an opportunity for many as you observe this Creator Son's handiwork and his choices as he brings this planet into its own.

His has been no easy chore. And he is cheered on by those near and far for his innovative approach to a world that was at one time unlikely to ever see the Light of day again.
It has been a remarkable process to witness.

We stand by, ready to serve you and yours...

Thank you for allowing us the space to bring forth our message today.

We bless you and leave you now

We are the Sisters of Triodities/Trinity

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sa-Ra 22: Avarice

Sa-Ra 22: Avarice

through Shellee-Kim

24 February 2014
Sa-Ra : Shellee, it is a joy *taking my hands and smiling*

SK: *Getting a gorgeous etheric hug from S* Do you have a message for me, Sa-Ra?

Sa-Ra: Aah Shellee I do. It seems as though I'm last in the queue today :-) *There's been quite a list of IFS knocking at my door today for some reason.*

It is a pleasure as always to be with you All.
Well, today marks another special day. And why you have been in such demand. It is a day of some energetic significance - I will say that much. As in one of those 'breakthrough' types of days. And allows us to further our aims and ambitions on your and your planet's behalf. And you have found we all come to you in extra Joy today, have we not? :-)

SK: Yes, you have. But can't you stop beating around the bush and tell me exactly what it is you're talking about? I don't do cryptic well at all...

Sa-Ra: Shellee, we know you don't do cryptic; we know you like it straight up. However, some things are best left unsaid or NOT spelled out, as in this case.

SK: And some days I feel more beserk than others (today being one) - with me feeling my sanity from all this day and night etheric work is hanging by a very fine thread...not that I ever really FELT sane (whatever THAT is)...

Sa-Ra: Are you ready to continue on Shellee? As today I'd like to talk to you about avarice.

Avarice is a state of being that brings to the fore in the human mind and heart a hungering and a constant, hovering feeling of lack amongst those who are addicted to and practise this.

If it lives within them, avarice is not something most people will willingly acknowledge to others. For it is frowned upon in most societies, and indeed many around the world with religious/traditional beliefs battle daily with the inner conflict this produces.

Many of the African and Asian cultures in particular have, as a tenet of their traditions and culture, to share what they have (in South Africa this is called ubuntu) with others and their communities. And this giving and sharing is, therefore, in stark contrast to the very cultivated and perceived need for avarice.

Avarice has been within humanity's consciousness as long as humanity has walked on this plane. And is the very reason for wars and mass destruction of a people, as well as having been the motivator for slavery and the conquering of much that was good in your history.

Today in your modern world avarice is seen almost as a desirable quality to possess. And is perceived to be a hallmark associated with one who is considered 'ambitious, dynamic and successful', particularly in your western societies. In fact, the leading country in the world when it comes to avarice today would have to be within the people of the United States of America.

The experimentation done upon the consciousness of the people here has ensured that most see the accumulation of material things as being a healthy pastime.
Yet, this dis-ease has produced nothing healthy in those who are unquestioningly addicted to it. And in this society, perhaps it is but a fraction of the populace that feels it is right to share what they have with others. Though this may have been 'earned' at the expense of and exploitation of others to begin with.

Avarice, you see, gives rise to other qualities and ego states/feelings within. When another has convinced you or you have convinced yourself that you need something , much else creeps in.

In the first instance, you believe yourself to be lacking in something. This often comes as a result of feeling badly about yourself, especially when you compare yourself to others. This essentially produces a sense of competition with others. You see your fellow brothers and sisters then as 'having' and you as 'lacking'. This is the basis for much of your advertising in western countries. Again, with the most success being in the USA, particularly as regards consumer programming.

In addition to lack, producing feelings of inadequacy, competition and envy between people, avarice also produces and encourages an innate selfishness. For self-centredness and selfishness is the opposite of sharing and caring. Thus producing even further separation between people and communities in such a 'me' encouraged culture.

Shellee is thinking here about the ego manipulation in the movie The Devil's Advocate, which is a good example of how the implanting of avarice within can lead to one's eventual self-destruction. Even when there's seeming justification in being initially motivated to do something for 'a good cause'.

You may be asking how avarice can be avoided, living in a consumer-driven world? Or how it is you can prevent your children being infected by this dis-ease of life on your plane?

Well beloveds, there is a really simple answer to all this. And that is to ensure that within yourself YOU are first and foremost filled with a strong enough sense of your own God self. Having your own strong and unique identity at the earliest point in your life means you will no longer succumb to the pressures of your society(whatever those may be). For it is the 'holes' within that produces the symptoms above. Yet the success of this is also reliant on parents' examples who themselves need to come from that place of their own God-identity within, first and foremost.

Your children, of course, will want to 'fit in' and gain acceptance from their peers. And this can be another source of division and separation within, exacerbated by the media. How do you handle this?
Beloveds, this is where very big decisions are sometimes made within families who wish to escape the dangers of this. And while it is not always practical to make a permanent escape to a desert island or a like-minded community, counteractive steps can be taken wherever you are.

It is most important to DEMONSTRATE in your living and interaction with others that you are perfectly comfortable and at ease with WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU HAVE. And that while your child's friend's household may encourage material ambition as a worthy life goal, you can consistently show your child how satisfying having what you NEED alone is. And that the goals of the soul are the ones really worthy of ambition.

Demonstrate this along with the pleasure and satisfaction that can be derived in creating of material items yourselves, rather than purchasing them. The effort and energy of encouraging creativity from a young age adds greatly to the value of such in the young mind.
To avoid being trapped by avarice, the important thing here is both you and your family FIRST need to develop the inner satisfaction of a God-conscious led identity and life.
Much that has motivated humanity has been its keepers' needs for control. And avarice works at the level of the ego as a great separating mechanism from the Higher Mind, producing in turn, much else that separates ones from the spirit within. And each other, subsequently.

I hope this has provided you with some food for thought as to where and what in your own thinking and living may need changing, beloveds.

Each one of you beloved people are most dear to my heart.

And your every bit of growth and success is also our success.

Loving you, as always

Until the next

I AM your beloved Sa-Ra