I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Q & A: Star Ships, First Contact by Ashtar- May 2009

Channelled through Shellee-Kim Gold

This is Ashtar of the Ashtar Command Fleet of Starships.
You on earth are what motivates many on my side: to see all of you on Earth raised in vibration to our level.

There are thousands of ships working with me and under me. Each with their own speciality. Although some have a similar speciality, no two are identical. Like the beings that work and live upon them. Our ships also are living ‘beings’, each with their own ‘personality’. They are of our creation and so a little of the essence of us creators would naturally permeate them. And we subsequently treat our ships with honour and respect, as we do each other.
They are made from a sophisticated material your people have not yet had much exposure to (except for certain government’s employees. It is light weight and impermeable at the same time. Life within our ships operate according to frequency bands.

Certain activities promote a particular frequency to match particular activities which puts the participant in complete harmony with the operation/leisure type being experienced. This promotes maximum efficiency and experience.
Although we do not work within the space-time constraints you do in linear time, although we do also like to work, live and rest in cycles. We find this has a beneficial effect on our temperaments.


We are aware of your recent investigation and subsequent confusion. Such is a great lesson in discernment. For there are wolves in sheep’s clothing still chancing their luck. The ship in question is a renegade vessel in your solar system.

Yes, this is so but there are some who are ‘contracted’ to play out a role with earth humans and so we’ve not been able to remove such ones. Having said that, we have been able to bar the entry of those who recently wished to force themselves upon you, to their benefit and not necessarily to yours.

Well, the preparations for this have been underway for a very long time as you measure it, but only recently have we stepped up activity, much of which you’re not conscious of.
Our involvement is to ensure your smooth transition to full consciousness, in order for you to begin building your global society anew. All changes will begin from within you.

While our many ships will be bringing forth gifts that will assist you in the smoother functioning of your world, it is up to you to implement these changes. It will also be your responsibility to root out those who would wish to use these for ill-gotten gains.

We would again like to remind you: the grand upliftment known to you as Ascension is not a single event resulting in a ‘perfect’ expression of all individuals in an instant. It is a most gradual process and one where the wheat from the chaff on your planet will continue to separate.

Ascension is not designed to shift matter overnight. For what would the purpose of the many lessons that abound during such times then be? Having said that, there will most certainly be the removal of the big players whose commitment to the dark has caused the reign of terror on earth. This will mean an enormous obstacle in your path will be removed. Then your decisions can be made in a far freer environment. In this space nothing can hold you back, if you so choose it.

This is not to say there will not be mischief-makers that would wish to claim certain powers for their own. But these ones will eventually not be able to withstand the ever-increasing vibration on earth. And intentions will become the very thing that both sustain and causes the downfall of surface earth humans.

There will be a surge of interest between us and the people of earth - activity and interaction to promote the ideas of humanity and earth as galactic members and what it means to you all.
This will be followed by the introduction of ‘galactic’ gifts, we will impart some training and more personal interactions with numerous ones, including those ‘family’ members amongst you. Then there will be some of our crew who will wish to remain amongst you for their own learning and growth as the frequencies/abilities to sustain them grow more favourable on earth.

Yes. But that is just the start. We wish to state for the record that we are not here to ‘save’ you or do the work for you. There is to be no magical solution that many hold fast to the idea of. We will be making contact to offer assistance and aid to a dying world. And to give you a leg-up, so to speak.

There will be many amongst you that will work consciously with us to bring forth great wisdom to your world and its people. This year of 2009 marks a turning point, and one from which there will be no return.
Many illusions will continue to be shattered on the surface –personally and collectively- and this is most certainly in the best interests of your various soul path choices.

In every sphere of human endeavour will there be revelations about the ‘truth’ behind things. For example, who really pulls the strings in global economics, governments and politics and why.
And why your world’s history has been so manipulated over time as to present a very different picture than that which actually occurred. And, very importantly, your off-planet genetic origins, amongst many others.

Also, you’ll be educated about the real contents of the foods you eat and how the health/medical industry (and related pharmaceutical companies) can really be called the ‘death’ industry, as their vested interests have been in keeping as many as possible ill and therefore dependant on their drugs in order to maintain some functionality in the world. We would like to say this is certainly not promoting true health for the masses.
It is unfortunate that many currently do not think for themselves sufficiently to understand the manipulation taking place. Instead most buy in blindly to what is being told them by the media.

In fact, your planet has already been given many technologies towards your healing and health. However, this been stolen and suppressed by certain governments for their own gain and to meet requirements for their own agenda.

Now is the time once again for you on earth to be given the opportunity to reclaim your personal power. But you must rise up to receive this.

There is a world awaiting such as you’ve never known, even in your wildest imaginings. One which opens up a whole new vista of experience for you of the most adventurous kind. Exciting times are almost upon you.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Self-Determination by Krishnamurti - April 2009

Channelled by Shellee-Kim Gold

When we speak of self-determination we speak also of choices made on all the levels of your being. We speak of desired choices, but those not yet made. Those dreamed about that never really find that satisfactory outlet of and for expression.

What are we talking about here? We are talking about the ability to expand and explore consciousness via constantly making the choice to choose the high road. The high road as far as your soul’s concerned, that is.
The high road is always the soul/Higher Self/soul group’s greatest life objective and achievement.

Now it may bear no relation whatsoever to the human personality with all its frail ego shortcomings. Because the personality’s ‘high road’ may be a version vastly removed. So how does one know whether one is aligned to the soul’s high road? By asking yourself certain vital questions, my friends. Let’s start with: Is doing this work, being in this relationship giving me that deep, inner satisfaction I desire and providing contentment?
And how do I extricate myself, what steps do I take, if this is not creating these feelings of contentment within?

Of course, I am not including those whose suffering in such situations is brought about by their own past creations. I am talking here of karma. In this case, until the agreed upon time is up or the lesson learned and integrated, no amount of conscious pulling away will assist or change your circumstances.
And granted, it is extraordinarily difficult to discern the difference between the two (fear and karma) when you haven’t done much exploring in the first place.

But it can be done- and must. The former denotes a place of ‘stuckness’ if you are not feeling contentment. Yet, it is not one where you are caught up in a web that becomes stickier if you try to move. Quite the opposite – it is one where if you placed just a little energy into it, would come clear apart.
However, the latter is a rather stickier web. One which becomes stickier as you try to free yourself from it. Unless your karmic contract is over.

Tonight I am not speaking to those who find themselves in contract with another, a group or relationship of any kind. These ones cannot be considered free entirely. And therefore not altogether able to freely choose and self-determine.
I am speaking to these one who have ensured their own ‘stuckness’. Those ones for whom the comfort zone of the relationship/job has become more like the comforter. That which provides a nice, warm and cosy feeling of protection when you go to sleep with it.

But, beloved friends, it is also one that can keep you in a drugged and drowsy state of acceptance also. Are you with me here? It is to these many people who’s fear of moving forward acts as the anchor in life.

By not exercising self-determination, this is not freeing you or accelerating your life’s objectives in any way. Do you realize this? Do you realize you will leave your bodies and will have one main wish? That you took that opportunity when it came around to better advance yourself, or seized that moment which could have provided you with deep fulfillment. But there was always risk involved, as your personality, ego and subconscious perceived it, and so you stopped yourself.

Now, let me tell you. The most ardent desire of most souls who have left the earth plane after a lifetime, usually possess regrets and a desire to do it ‘all over again’. And so we do –over and over and over…

But why should this be? When all we need do to determine ourselves is face who we really are. And do what we, our souls/higher selves, set out to have us do in this lifetime.

Yes, easier said than done. For the human mind and psyche is a complex affair.
What can we do to better acquaint ourselves with its trickery? We can begin by observing our reactions, firstly, to anything new or different that life throws at us. We can watch our emotional responses and begin to familiarize ourselves with how we feel about change.

This is an excellent starting place. Another thing pertinent to how you feel about change is to see how comfortable or not you are about changing your mind on a particular belief or subject.
Watch to see exactly how your body re-acts and the emotional responses your conversations with others brings. If you are capable of continuing the topic in a manner where you feel contained (nor surpressed) within, you are not threatened. If you feel yourself to experience an emotional charge of the negative variety – be it anger, fear, outrage or any other type of resistance – you will obviously be re-acting as one who is threatened by the exchange. Now it is up to you to explore exactly what it was that upset you, and why.

All this should begin to give you some idea of your level of flexibility and oppenness or not when it comes to shifting your personal limiting patterns.

Evolution is not a race, beloved people. Yet, lifetime after lifetime is spent running around in circles regularly, chasing your own tail. And, upon reviewing the life, it is most often FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) that is the major setback for not having fulfilled upon the soul self’s intentions. You see, this can mess all plans up for the life.

Shellee-Kim Gold works with the process of EmoAlchemy as a tool to resolving personal obstacles, activating DNA codes and accelerating personal integration to survive the current Earth times. Using this to help transform her life for the past decade, she is assisted in helping others with channeled information from the Ascended Masters, galactic embodied beings and those dwelling in the Inner Earth.

Email: goldalchemy@gr8.co.za

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Shifting Sands of Drifting Time(lines)


I was in my garden contemplating the stars one evening at the end of January, when one of my Gags (galactic ascension guides) began giving me the following info: ‘Because you have chosen a particular timeline, other timelines will start collapsing around you now’. Whaaaat? I wanted to know. ‘Although it doesn’t make much sense right now, you will begin feeling as if the past 17 years have been little more than a dream (or a nightmare) as you begin your journey on this new timeline’.

And while I’m not aware of any new timeline, what I was aware of even before January is a sense of time both speeding up and slowing down alternately. Depending on my own states of perception, life since the start of this year has felt both like a year has already passed in some instances, as well as just a single month in other instances.

But since I returned from a travel assignment at the end of the first week in June, things have been getting and feeling a whole lot stranger. Going alone (and I usually travel with a partner) was profound in itself until I realized there was an entire inner journeying that was to accompany me on this solo outer one! And that’s why all my regular travel companions had seemingly let me down.
In short, I was to have one enormous release through a very physical experience and in complete solitude, I was told after the fact. And apparently one which my HS (Higher Self) needed to have me offload very far away – like 450 kms - from my own home! Well, mission accomplished…

Yet, a few days after arriving home and in the early hours, I was woken by an urgent masculine voice practically shouting at me (to get my attention?): ‘You have left the 3rd dimension’.

Two or three friends were concerned about me and my physical? Safety during that week, but didn’t know why. It also then made sense as to why I had been so freaked out by the possibility of dying on our permanently-crazy roads on that trip. I had even instructed my cat-hating mother about what to do with feline family, should I be leaving this dimension, I told her. I seriously felt like I was about to leave, but perceived it as we so often do, as a physical death. When, in fact, it was a dimensional departure.

Several days after that dream, I came across confirmation via someone else’s channeling on how we, collectively, were leaving or had left this dimension! Always an enormous relief and affirmation when this kind of synchronicity happens. And it does – often.

I’ve just never been able to get my head around the concept of timelines, but something’s now starting to gel within. I’ve long understood how we humans have ‘cut up’ time into past/present/future for our own ease of living in this dimension, to the point where we’ve shot ourselves in our collective foot, by so doing. And subsequently limited ourselves in so many ways, as a result.

So here’s how I’m starting to understand timelines: you energise a particular path/timeline by feeding it energy, passion/desire and intention. Once you stop feeding it and no longer focus on it or outgrow it, that timeline can fade out, bringing forward another one. And yes, one that may not contain that tall, dark stranger who the psychic you saw last year predicted. Probably because she/he was seeing a timeline that you no longer needed or stopped feeding energy to.

Remember that movie The Butterfly Effect? And how many timelines and subsequently different outcomes each story/person possessed? Everything seemed to depend on which person’s choices dominated in the group that determined all of these. I would add that each of our ever-changing choices is what does or doesn’t shift our own personal timelines.

Anyway, suffice it to say, my inner landscape has been feeling both moggy and muggy since my trip. However, this sinking-in-a-consciousness-of-quicksand feeling, with a sense of nothing to hang on to, has escalated in intensity during the past few days.

On Saturday (day before the Solstice) I switched on my computer at 2.22! But..and here’s the weird part, the clock reversed back in time by a minute the next time I glanced up. And then innocently proceeded forward as usual. Or how about receiving text messages (many) minutes before they’re supposedly sent? Or this? When I looked at the time this morning it said 9.43 am. Great, I thought, I’ve got 15 minutes to prep for my call, happening at 10am. When I glanced up at it again it was…9.20am!!

This has happened to me before – 12 years ago. A whole other story, but the gist of it was this: I was on a trip on a particularly notorious stretch of road with an ex partner. And time literally disappeared, got gobbled up into some black hole for 45 minutes. When we 'returned', two songs on our tape had passed – the equivalent of 10 or 12 minutes - we resumed our chat and signboards continued announcing how many miles remaining to the nearest town. It was like we had left that dimension temporarily while we were still chatting. We both immediately felt completely ‘spaced out’ and needed to stop and ground ourselves with a drink. The spaced out feeling continued well into the evening for me, with a long hot soak not even properly restoring me.

That night at the hotel we were eerily served confirmation of our extraordinary experience. There had been an enormous car accident earlier, we were told, involving a pile up of numerous vehicles. And it involved the very spot and time we should have passed it. We would have been caught up in the middle of this mega-accident had we not expanded/contracted our time-space experience on that bit of road at that specific time. Albeit unconsciously and with the help of a team of IF's (invisible friends). Assuming the entire incident wasn't orchestrated by them in the first place. We were both shocked to the core, yet also unsurprised.

So, if time-space as we know it is in the process of collapsing, I suppose the following would also stand to reason. I’m having increasing difficulty (the past couple of weeks) in identifying where the majority of my thoughts/emotions/psychic feelings/sensations are coming from. I ask myself: Was that feeling one I received in a dream or somewhere else? Was that thought one I heard coming from my guides? Did I read that somewhere or did I think that myself in one of my many daydreams?

What I’m saying is I’m starting to feel that the whole mish-mash of my once separately-identifiable energetic bodies is being suctioned into this current quicksand consciousness of mine, like one indiscernible blob. Scary, but exciting stuff! Mostly because I know this moggy, murky state can’t stay this way, but has to be becoming something else…
Either that, or I have it all wrong and this really is the first sign of early dementia.
Well, I’m off to my photographic club meeting. And guess what tonight’s theme is? Departure!

Happy riding those stellar waves