I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, January 28, 2017


26 January 2017

Good evening dear friends.
Or afternoon or morning, wherever you may be.

I come to share a little more on a subject of great interest to many of you. And this is the question of loyalty and what loyalty actually means at the level of soul.

Of course all of you understand loyalty as a state and emotion slightly differently. And this will depend on your religious, cultural and social backgrounds and environments.

Yet, there is one thing in common that all people share on this subject, which is that no matter these apparent differences, all people understand intrinsically and quite automatically what they have chosen to be loyal to within themselves.
I speak here of the higher dimensional choices made for each life, even if most are not consciously aware of this.

For loyalty is that which can also lead to feelings of obligation and guilt which can close the life off to other possibilities.
Perhaps it is a case, for example, where one person in a couple believes with all their heart that they MUST raise their child in a two-parent home as that is what will bring the child stability. Yet, we know that that this ‘stability’ is not necessarily going to be the result experienced by the child.

However, this sense of loyalty that the partner/s have toward each other has bypassed everything and anything else. Even though they may no longer be in love with each other, this includes other possibilities that one or both of these parents may have had as alternative life choices.
Many perceive this expression of loyalty as something that is quite a noble achievement in the world. That it is to be praised somehow due to the ‘sacrifices’ that one or both made.

Yet, the true sacrifice has been the fact that the couple wouldn’t or couldn’t look down any other avenues and so stifled growth on these levels and in whichever areas the expansion could have come forth.
But there are many ways to kill a cat, as the expression goes. Meaning growth/evolution are always possible in other ways.

For many this is a case of choosing the familiar; the known versus the unknown.
Yet, true loyalty at the higher level is the following of the path as set by your Higher Self/You before you incarnated onto the earth plane. That would be loyalty from a higher perspective.
However, it’s also acknowledged that as free will beings on earth, there are as many pathways that open up with the various choices made.

It is more often than not that one reacts to one’s background and upbringing that ends up dictating the person’s values. Mostly it is these value that become the choices for a life, which could be universes away from the person’s Higher Self and its wishes.

Loyalty’s ultimate success is determined by how much or how little the person has been able to free themselves from the limitations of their past. It is this that ensures how closely or not the person is able to be loyal to their Higher Self.

It has been my pleasure to bring this forward that you may think upon it.

I bring it with the great Love of God that burns within me. It is my intention that each of you will, in due course, know exactly the same.

I am SK’s HS, loving you all deeply.

Thursday, January 26, 2017


26 January 2017



People of earth, my beloved Children and all Dark brethren:

It is with some consternation I watch the games being played on earth at this point. For even though the veil has been lifted and increasing amounts of people are daily seeing life anew, the dark brethren continue on, as if the end hadn’t arrived.

Of course that is their freewill choice. But a rather fruitless expending of such energy must continue, so their minds tell them – even if they are to end up saving nothing but face. Or so they think.

For in truth there is not a single thing of their most un-precious creations that they will be ‘saving’. All they are and have done along with the monstrosities of their creations are to be flushed down the cosmic toilet in the annals of time and space.
It is so!

What of their current efforts then? Aah, you may call these their dying splutters and gasps. Nothing more than much hot air being expelled.

The earth populace’s reaction to truth comes next. For truth is being broadcast in numerous fashions as we speak. And ye all know the adage ‘The Truth Will Out” – And so it is.

It starts as a rumble, turns into a slide and then becomes a mammoth avalanche that sweeps everything and everyone not aligned with it, away in its debris.

Global media exposure tactics of late has resulted in a new wave of questioning amongst the many once-devoted supporters. This is but the first step.
More, much more is to follow, sparking increasing public debate, which in turn, will inspire a wave of whistleblowers to step forward.

Be on the alert for the Grand Show and further revelations to follow.



The lyrics of I Get Out by Lauryn Hill are my dream for all of humanity...which has just started happening by all accounts! Obviously before she was murdered, cloned and turned into another of a long list of cloned-satanic KZ puppets.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


24 January 2017


Once again I come upon you all, my beloved brethren of Earth.

As always in and with great love and upliftment and in the vibration of harmony and peace that I share with you all.

These are great last days you are living in – fraught with both danger and unimaginable grand opportunity for all. Though most know this not. Yet, at the deeper levels of each soul on planet choosing the eternal journey it IS known. And this is what matters.

Doing the dance of life may well appear to the being in it, as two quite entirely separate existences. For as you make your daily choices which take you down this road or that, so you are choosing your next placement – and thus your destiny, if you like.

So called ‘destiny’ has never been a FIXED affair for any of you. But rather a process of choices made or not made that take you to it, or away from it.
Simple from our standpoint, but far more complex from yours where your true natures are hidden from you and thus your objectives as soul having the human, physical experience upon your plane.

Spontaneity is key to living the fullness and richness of all life has to offer each of you. For it is in this moment by moment jumping to life that you may find the greater fulfillment ultimately, rather than the measuring of each opportunity before you decide to act upon it. Whether for or against that particular opportunity.

Now opportunities for growth and expansion and thus evolution come in many and varied guises. So there is little point in trying to know and understand these, as most will remain hidden from conscious view.

Yet it remains for you to know and live one thing – and that is to TRUST the life you are living. To TRUST in your invisible Lighted families that walk your journey with you that you may receive of their help and guidance. And mostly to TRUST in your God within you/your HS that even if you don’t – IT knows what it is doing.

This issue of trust is something that the vast majority of you have struggled with at some level or another. Suffice it to say that when you have mastered trust/ surrendered to it, the flow in your life increases as you are open to God and His will for your life.
Surrendering to trusting is surrendering to God.
Resisting trust is resisting God. Here you remain in ‘control’ of your life, or rather surrender to your ego that then holds the reigns of your existence and your more limited life experience and thus, your expression.

Living spontaneously, in openness and trust is living the true adventure of the consciousness journey called life on earth. Therefore, choose each day carefully, yet without being so careful about it that you eliminate spontaneity.

This is what I would leave you with this day.

May you all continue to be blessed and the blessings you all are.

My love goes with you all.


Sunday, January 22, 2017


21 January 2017

Beloved planetary people

It is my great honour to share with you the following: your ‘prison sentence’ - courtesy of the dark ones has now officially expired and you are free to rise and shine for one another. You are free to now be your OWN selves – unshackled from the agendas of others.
God has set you free with the great grace and glory that He is and with infinite and eternal mercy shown to all.

Is God, our Creator, not the greatest magnificence you have ever known?
And even then, of course, there is so much about His workings within you which you don’t know...
There is much yet to be revealed to you in this regard-and all of it quite wonderful.

For now and with this great gifting working through you, you are expected to rise in God’s will that His plan might be accomplished through each of you.

‘Are you willing?’

Yes, this has been asked of you before. I ask again now:

‘Are you willing?’

Having the willingness and acting upon that are two different things. Being a person of good will is all good and well. But rising requires more than just willingness. It requires courage and it requires your trust in yourSelf, being a spokesperson for God. Do you have this within you?

The truth is that each of you incarnated here as a unique key. Each key (you) fits into a grandly-designed lock that, when turned (your rising) helps all the other keys to turn simultaneously. And in so doing ‘unlock’ God’s complete plan to liberate mass human consciousness.

As walking, living keys of God consciousness, you go forward and take this next step that your brothers and sisters may now equally begin to know their own inner freedom through the Truth you will reveal to them.

Each one of you has wondrous gifts from God to bring forth. Allow this unfoldment and choose to step up to the plate. You will not be sorry. You, who have come to serve Him and do His will.
Let it be done then, I say!

We, your Light families, are holding you and supporting you. We love you beyond measure.



This is dedicated to God for giving me this life here on earth...whatever it is, was and will be.