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I AM Present

Monday, February 10, 2020



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10 February 2020

The line in the sand has started to become obvious as of a couple of weeks ago. It feels as if the Earth/human consciousness has split off into two realities [although I believe there's more consciousness 'groups'] Or is in the process of doing so.
I've especially felt this as from the last week or so in January.

It's like there are two major groiupings of people, separating from one another: the ones who have chosen an organic-driven, life-giving, service-orientated life and those who are gravitating toward [without their conscious knowledge, understanding or permission in many instances], the inorganic, life-taking, artificial intelligence-parasitic hijacking of their lives.

Whatever the major 'cataclysm' was that the dp's planned to take out humanity and the Earth, it was a major  failure. Our Creator would not allow that. So now they try other methods, because they have to be consciously aware by now that they have lost the game they long intended and assumed they'd  win= the complete hijacking of Earth and all life upon her.
 Their psychopathic mentality is that if they can't have their 'toy' [the Earth and humanity], then they will attempt to destroy her/us so no one else can, either.
Except that's not how it's going to play out for them and they must have a painful awareness of this now. So there'll be other things they're going to be trying to exterminate humanity.

Except some of it may just be in the highest and best interests of everyone's eternal soul journey, anyway. Whether mass deaths occur through the problem-reaction-solution formula they've already enacted through the so-called Corona virus or/and other things, I believe global  mass deaths are what we will all be facing globally is coming up into our manifested reality very shortly.

It's taken me a long time to accept and understand that not everyone who's opted to play the game of finding the Creator/our own and others' true identities on Earth currently, has chosen to ascend at this time. Many may only be able to do this by leaving their body behind, while others may not be choosing ascension at all at this time.

And that's fine, as we all can only do what we can do in attempts and efforts to learn, expand and grow. This Earth is just one playing field, after all. Granted, a most sought-after one for learning for many.

I have felt this latest separation quite keenly – and I don't mean here me personally and deliberately separating myself from others for personal protection or suchlike. It's as if folk I was associated with personally and on my weekly radio show have just gone MIA-as if they've drifted out of my orbit, or I theirs.

Even old friends/family members with  previously-erratic tech troubles in accessing me, now seem suddenly more permanent on the cellular/cyber/airwaves [and consciousness waves]. They can currently hardly 'access' me at all. While I have little feeling to 'access' them, either.

I realise life is fragile, mostly because we are. We have all mostly been playing this holographic game clothed as humans on Earth in a largely unequal playing field. We have mostly been engaged via our subconscious.
I guess only our Creator knew things would pan out this way...or perhaps He didn't. Either way, I can only hope that we have learned what we wanted to and that He has, too.
This is the year when we get to find out of what/who we are truly made.
And that may well turn out to be surprising - pleasantly or unpleasantly - for many.

We're coming to the end of a massive journey; we're winding up the game now. Even as the death/rebirth scenario, on any/all levels, comes into manifestation shortly.

We cannot have the new free era on Earth without the sinking and dissolving of all enslaving systems and structures first. Meaning all of the very foundations of these creations and their creators walking this planet in human form will also have to be dissolved or removed in one way or another.
So be it.

Let us do our best in this upcoming period to support those who suffer pain as a result of such chaos,  as best we can.
In and with compassion, kindness and with a shoulder to cry on, where needs  be.

Blessing everyone as we forge on ahead for the grand finale
SK aka Rakael

I wiill update with my Zone Radio Show lineup for this coming Sunday at the end of this week.There has been a bit interest.
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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

White Magic or Black Magic - Lisa Renee

In the proper context for comprehending that everything is made of energy, all energy is intelligent and conscious and this energy influences the world around us. This helps us to easily identify the difference between what is referred to as white magic, positive energy or black magic, negative energy. Those that have knowledge of energy and are practicing meditation rituals to focus their consciousness with positive intentions, that are loving, kind and compassionate and seeking to truly do no harm or evil to themselves and others, are referred to as white magicians or Maji. White magic has traditionally been referred to in the use of supernatural powers or consciousness magic for selfless purposes, such as healings, blessings, prayers, clearings and planetary gridwork. Acquiring knowledge of the mechanics of consciousness and practicing ritual in itself is not evil, as the church has stated or those that have been mind controlled to fear these practices.

To truly practice the positive application of directing our consciousness energy in Service to Others, we must purify our consciousness and our body of negative ego desires, and allow ourselves to be a clear conduit of genuine heart-based intentions to serve our inner spirit or God’s divine will. Through the pursuit of spiritual dedication to develop unconditional love, virtue ethics, goodness and communing with the Spirits of Christ, one allows themselves to become a white magician. By allowing the forces of goodness to flow through our physical vessel and circulate the inner light, while blessing the world around us. This is the natural result of spiritual ascension and expanding consciousness towards achieving spiritual freedom. It is not the ego identity that accomplishes this, it is the spark of God that transforms and heals the darkness, from the perfection of the Universal Krystal light that may flow through us.

The opposing energy of goodness, those with negative ego and ill will seeking advancement of their own selfish desires at the expense of others, spreading hateful aspects that are destructive, are those that conjure black forces and black magic.

In respect to using black magic to manipulate the planetary grid, the NAA and Power elite have accessed knowledge to gather collective conscious energy from the ley lines to power up their agendas. The planetary grid is a living ancient mapping system of multiple energy spectrums of consciousness organized intelligently into layers of geomantic blueprints, which perform specific functions within a precise layer of multiple webbings of energy. The NAA have given them information to interact with this living field of energy, and through the use of black magic sorcery and human blood sacrifice, they have been able to use it to maintain their control up until this point. During the Ascension Cycle, these forces are warring over what they feel are their conquered territories in the planet, including the use of humans as consciousness slaves.

Service to Self is Black Magic

As a collective society we have been fed disinformation and conditioned towards believing in these mass deceptions and lies about the absolute nature of 3D material reality, as the only reality that matters in existence. With a material and consumer orientated reality based upon accumulation, people tend to default into Service to Self behaviors and death culture vibrations. As individuals, we also have been predominately conditioned by the cultural environment to respond to others around us with misleading information and dishonesty, in order to achieve personal goals or desires that are based solely on this consumer-material value system. In the Service to Self value system, the socially engineered death culture rewards those who act as the impersonators, essentially as predatory liars and bad actors, people that intentionally deceive others that are more vulnerable for their own strategic advantage. In the current reality, if a human reinforces the controller agenda and plays Service to Self games, is a predatorial liar and disinformation agent to gain advantage over others, he or she will be greatly rewarded on the material plane. The only way to stop rewarding liars in one’s life is to see them in action and commit to banish the lies, possibly confronting or evicting the people and dark entities that continue to spread lies and disinformation in order to serve themselves.

Service to Others is White Magic

Service to Others consciousness is intrinsically integrated with the Cosmic Sovereign Law of God, or the Law of One and is the fifth practice of the Law.
Upon firmly loving yourself and honoring your path, find methods to be of service to others that do not overstep personal boundaries of discernment. Being of Service to Others does not include consumptive modeling, such as perpetuating the destructive exchanges of Victim-Victimizer archetypes, parasitism or emotional vampirism. Being of service does not hold an ego perspective of entitlement, expectation or attachment. Practice being of service with unconditional love, and naturally flowing in the present moment. The energy exchange made between participants being of service to others, amplifies and expands consciousness growth like no other method. The more you amplify the energetic field of being in service to others, the more joy, harmony and spiritual gifts will be brought into your life. The more service you dedicate to Gods plan, the Law of One, the more spiritual support and spiritual presence one can exchange with God Force.

Right Relationship towards Others as Self

When we find ourselves uncomfortable with the actions of others, we can relieve ourselves by remembering to cultivate the right attitude towards self. The Law of One is the Universal Truth that All Is One. Thus, one who practices this understanding of the Law of One acts and makes decisions based upon his or her awareness that every action has a consequence to the self and to others. Furthermore, one who exemplifies the Law of One understands that when one person suffers, all people suffer (whether they realize it or not). As One Self-God Self, to be “Compassion in Action” towards others is then to be in harmony and right relationship to Self.
The basic principles of Service to Others include:
• Individuals perceive the connection of love in all things and give unconditional love and compassion towards others,
• Individuals are dedicated to their spiritual Consciousness growth and to help others with their spiritual development,
• Individuals are dedicated to transforming Negative Ego thoughts through developing GSF Behavior modeling,
• Individuals share information and knowledge with others as open source in unified cooperation,
• Individuals have a complete lack of concern for primarily satisfying their materialistic ego needs or focusing upon satisfying the drives of the houses of ego,
• Individuals acknowledge that every person is a spiritual being on their own personal path of spiritual growth and discovery,
• Individuals are committed to experiencing a shared positive reality of World Humanism with others on the Earth.

Spiritual Principles to Remember
  • There are many paths that lead to God (All-One), and every person will have a unique path to connect with God Source.
  • When we concentrate our ultimate focus on the Oneness, rather than the self, we expand our spiritual power and effectiveness in the world.
  • Our spiritual practice should feel right for us, and be at our personal capacity and spiritual level.
  • Our spiritual practice should be relative to current times.
  • The new spiritual adept will start to move their focus from physical actions and matter, to focus upon the subtle energies and forces around us.
  • All resources are given by God (All-One), and we should use these resources to serve God (All-One) as part of our spiritual practice.
These are the necessary principles of behavior, practices and belief systems that humanity is required to learn in order to achieve spiritual freedom and sovereignty by committing to re-educate themselves to expand consciousness into higher frequency realities that allow them to progress into the future Timelines, during the Ascension Cycle.
(Source: ES News - Mainstreaming Satanism and Luciferianism, Ascension Glossary - Service to Self, Service to Others)