I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Like a theme that runs through it all, how our life runs or doesn’t can often be tacked onto a single thread. The importance and meaning we attach to all that occurs within and in our worlds. Also known as our perspective.

What do I mean?

Everything we think and feel informs us. With a raised enough awareness, being able to neutrally witness a passing moment of experience without attaching meaning to it would be the ideal. And would go a way in helping us move a lot more unfettered into the next experience of thinking and feeling.

Instead, we often sit with that thought/feeling, ponder and immerse ourselves in it - attaching a meaning to it as a result of our perspective. We attach a mental note to the experience that says ‘good’ or ‘bad’, often reinforcing our be-lie-fs about ourself.
This seems to happen automatically, if we haven’t given the process due attention. During these moments, it often feels like we are getting sucked back into an old, destructive pattern of response through the triggering of a negative-associated feeling. This becomes or adds to our be-lie-fs that we ultimately hold about ourselves.

This is what ego does and how it operates. And we interpret each experience as only we, as individuals, can do.

On the other hand, it’s perfectly natural (and important) to sit and ponder how to resolve situations or relationships in our life in trying to decide on choices most in alignment with our healing and highest good. But that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Unless we’re part of the minority of the minority and have already found the secret to living lives of involved detachment or neutral witnessing or whatever other term you’d like to give it, most of us struggle along with this internal dilemma. It ultimately comes down to discerning and staying in our God mind rather than our ego mind.

At a very obvious and material level, I’m thinking about yet the latest in a series of fires at my neighbouring shanty suburb. I even heard the devastated wailing of women in the distance and heard the actual fire at work that night.

Built to house just a few thousand people, currently more than 35 000 people live there, mostly in shacks. And literally almost on top of one another.

All it ever usually takes to start a fire here which usually affects thousands is a single drunk person knocking over a candle or paraffin lamp. Sometimes this is also fuelled by this valley’s famous south easter winds.
The most recent fire on 30 November took two lives, displaced 8 000 people and destroyed 1 000 shacks in the process. This was the latest fire in that particular suburb alone. They happen on a regular basic across all of the country’s shanty towns that house the majority of our people.

How can I have hope’? is what one man asked. He lost everything materially valuable to him and that keeps reverberating in my mind. I know another who lost all his savings. Many folk there keep their savings hidden in their shacks because they can’t get approval for a bank account if they’re foreigners. And our local Xhosa population often don’t trust the gangster banksters with their savings – rightly so!

The instant and total loss of everything you materially hold dear, living in a material world is a shocking experience for most. And to NOT attach negative meaning to such a scenario is quite a feat. To be able to look at the physical nothingness of the remnants of your life scattered around you in the form of ash and remain internally neutral within has to be mastery. Perhaps after a heartbreak sob or similar first to express grief, which to me is healthy and part of the process of moving through such an experience.

But I don’t know any caught up in the fire that were able to respond in that way. There were many that had numbness kick in after the shock, followed by depression or suppression and that’s not the same thing as staying in neutral acceptance.

What usually kicks in, though, and did again here is the potent survival instincts of being a displaced person. And I guess, for most those ‘negative’ notes got quickly attached in the subconscious, adding to the ‘physical survival is hopeless’ or ‘no matter how hard I try, everything gets destroyed in the end’ be-lie-fs.
In the end and in survival mode, most rushed around trying to obtain building materials while keeping a family member on their tiny spot of land to secure it.

If you can remain open to yourself and trusting of and in your God essence and guidance that comes from that in such external circumstances, then I think you’re doing incredibly well.

However, there are far more subtle experiences most of us are having daily that challenge us similarly, though they may not be quite as dramatic. They occur in our quiet daily self-talk and in our interactions with others and a variety of situations in our lives. We are constantly interpreting from our perspectives and then attaching that meaning – good or bad – to the experience.

This meaning we attach to experience boils down to a single word – judgement. It is ultimately the judgement of ourselves, by ourselves. We, our ego mind, is constantly giving us personal backpats or brickbats.

So how is it we can be more present in our God mind/essence instead and less in our self-judgement?
By becoming aware of the source of thoughts and feelings that appear to come from you, but often just come through you. Self-judgement is like an open doorway for such thoughts and feelings to enter our minds.

As soon as a thought or feeling that feels ‘foreign’ and destructive to who you are comes in, command it such: ‘I reject and return to sender’ or ‘I uncreate, delete and destory this thought/feeling across all time, space, dimensions and realities now’. You can also command: ‘I choose to raise my consciousness out of ….. into the higher frequencies of God’s joy and Light’, asking your Guardian Angel to assist.

Much of the time, in fact, these thoughts and feelings and sensations use the ego mind. Though they sometimes may be cleverly disguised.
Mind programming of many kinds has been designed by the darkies (in and out of body; on and off planet) to keep humans separated from their God minds.
These can take the form of everything from distraction and losing focus when you attempt to do energetic protection for yourself – such as visualisations that become distorted; a heaviness in body and mind that allows depression in that lowers your frequency; repeat destructive thoughts and feelings that make you feel as though you’re caught in a loop, and a host of other symptoms.

As proof, if the thoughts and feelings are rooted in fear (false evidence appearing real) you can be certain these are not of the God mind/essence.

Taking your God essence and sovereignty back and reacting to resolve the symptoms, as above, is a short-term solution. But the permanent solution to the often self-judgemental meaning we give our experiences and ourselves is to work towards the full love and acceptance of ourSelves.

This is God in action within you. And when rooted fully in that state there’s simply just no opportunity or space for anything other than the God mind to operate.

Anyone at any level on the evolutionary path to Oneness with God can choose to do this. It’s not the exclusive domain of a select few. It does take the desire and commitment to grow towards full healing. Personal freedom and sovereignty in expressing yourself as the God essence you are is that next step on the journey.