I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bringing Light Into The Darkness Of Mind - Les Visible

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Psychopath Tribe activity is redlining of late. Here we have Tribe member and media flunky, Lisa Wahl, grandstanding her ‘off in a huff’ exit from RT News and Abby Martin has been outed as a disinfo shill who bites the hand that feeds her. This self righteous bimbo objects to ‘military intervention in sovereign nations’ affairs’. What about that very thing being the cause of the whole debacle to begin with? What about Central Banker financed insurgency in The Ukraine, Israeli soldiers on the ground, professional snipers hired to fire into the crowd at police and demonstrators and a duly elected president being driven from office? What about that Abby?

Putin didn't actually do anything and the loss of Crimea would be a devastating strategic blow. He has to have a presence there, otherwise Zio-bot, Banker canon fodder waltzes, takes over and sets up various defensive conditions and it is a much more difficult feat to for Putin to manage after the fact. Martin has to know what’s what so... she collaborated with her real masters and through the clever ministrations of Mr. Apocalypse; she’s been outed as a dual loyalist. I wonder what they offered her, or threatened her with? She painted quite a persona for herself up to that point and typical of her previous way of operating, she should have been exposing what caused the whole affair, instead, she turned on her employers.

People can think what they like about Vladimir Putin, I like him. I like all kinds of things about him and I don’t generally like political types. He walks the talk; everyone else is talking out of both sides of their mouth. Vladimir? You make me wish I was a Russian.

Here is what you get from the forces that actually employ Abby while she pretends to work for RT lovely, huh? This is what you get from the Israeli, Satanic Banker owned and controlled nations of the west and their Zionist Atlantic Treaty Organization stormtroopers and hired terrorists, who eat people’s hearts and strangle young girls on video. This is some seriously disgusting and vile behavior; Hillary Clinton approved.

Putin isn’t stupid; he’s got a way to deal with the oligarch funded aggressions against him.

These are strange days and, apropos of that you get interesting creations popping up for the public view. For some reason this video wants to start at 2.29. Use your mouse to bring it back to the beginning. This appears to be a new kind of vaudeville.

Last night I watched a truly epic piece of shit called “The Monument’s Men”. I shut it off near the end. I couldn't bear it any longer. Of course there was a beautiful airbrushed hero named Epstein. They also discuss The Rothschild art collection while painting Rothschild as a poor victim of those nasty Nazis. This film is so bad... how bad? You won’t believe it till you see it. I am surprised that the celluloid didn't spontaneously combust from the tinder dry lies recorded on it. There is one execrable moment after another. Were they not all totally sold out whores, the actors should have died of embarrassment during the filming of this crap. Heh heh, the comments at the bottom tell the story and don’t miss the ‘Did You Know?’ section.

Truly, one absurdity follows another. The air of desperation is leaking out of the back rooms, as Mr. Apocalypse just keeps winding the crank. Lie after lie is being exposed. I used to have some vague and fabricated idea of how it might work out or not work out. These days I know that I don’t know. Anything can happen but what I want is for things to happen inside the minds of these bloodthirsty weasels. I would love it if something like what happened at the end of the movie “Ghost”, happened in real life, although I’m still pissed that they didn't drag Whoopi Goldberg down through the grate while they were at it.

Want to know how bad it’s getting on The Left Coast?. At first, when I read the headline, I thought it said Washington D.C. and it immediately made sense but... this is happening in Washington State. Speaking of people born without a brain, this fellow definitely qualifies.

The time is coming for some level of bunker mentality and you may be sure that by this coming Fall, the writing on the wall is going to be grim indeed, when it comes to foodstuffs and related things. I’m going to be in a seldom traveled rural location and looking to the basic needs of getting through what is sure to prove to be an epic struggle for survival. God help the people in urban locations. The thing is, circumstances can change very, very swiftly. Overnight the world can descend into turmoil and it is the intention of the bankers and those they manipulate that this should happen but really... it is the intention of Mr. Apocalypse.

You are familiar (maybe) with that phrase, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” As with ‘turn away’, here we have another secreted phrase, “for his purpose”. So it is that both evil and good were created to this purpose. Otherwise you have no contrast. This certainly annoys many and proves a stumbling block as well but... but... what this should do is harden your faith, knowing... knowing that there is a purpose to it all and it is up to you how you handle your place in the mix. You can go in any direction. You can go against the wind of the one mind and live in resistance and at the mercy of the reactive mind, or... you can let the wind of unbridled optimism fill your sails and make your way across the ocean of birth and death.

You MUST break the hypnotic spell of belief in appearances, not to mention granting them control over your mind. The way things look and the way things are is different. It takes a concerted and relentless effort to accomplish what’s needed. It’s said that:”all magic is in the will”. That would be, THE WILL, which is channeled. The common soul is divided against itself because that is what those who rule over them want. It is for the same reason that the sexual nature is not only constantly titillated but also intentionally bent so as to compromise one’s basic nature. This also sets you at odds with yourself because then the conscious and subconscious minds are not in that state demonstrated in the Sixth Trump, unity between the two leads directly to Triumph in the Mind and that leads to a state of control over all the subhuman forces seeking to prevail over our humanity AND THAT leads to the state of being apart from the uproar and confusion of the crowd, bearing the inner light for the illumination and healing of humanity, according to the willing. Once one is in this state they are simultaneously, directly in contact with that state in everyone else and can do wonders but usually along the lines of, “who was that masked man?”

No other work is as important as this and that is why it is called “The Great Work.” That is a superficial vignette on it but it serves for a general outline. No other work is as important. How do you engage in and accomplish it when you have to do all of these other things, or think you do? You convince yourself that this is what you are doing, no matter what it might appear that you are doing. When I used to work at Paradise Fruits in Kihei, Maui, I always told myself that I was in the music business, even though I was known as the Deli Lama there, in my mind I was in the music business but really, I was engaged in The Great Work. It took some changes for me to get back around to seeing that. I had it wired in earlier years but living took its toll and robbed me of the clarity of my former perspective. Still... if, regardless of your status and your actions, you love the ineffable and though you be tossed in a maelstrom and in a seemingly rudderless spin, you will come through the wash and rinse cycle and you will hang on the cosmic laundry line in the brilliant light of the spiritual sun... and then some.

Be unflaggingly optimistic. Be ever grateful and know that you will be given reason to feel that way. We fail from a lack of effort and a paucity of faith. Here is yet one more example of the power of Love. When you Love, your way will be made before you. Make it so. Life is all about finding out who you are and gleaming... shining with that recognition.

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Source: http://www.smoking-mirrors.com/2014/03/bringing-light-into-darkness-of-mind.html

Monday, March 3, 2014

Quelling Curiousity by Siraya

through Shellee-Kim

25 February 2014

Today I come forth. I AM the one known as Siraya. Brought through by this most beloved daughter who comes motivated only by joy in service.
[*Personal SK stuff here] No untruths will you find in these words...

[*More personal stuff here*] Today beloved people of the earth plane many things come together for all of you and the masses.

You have waited far too long, with increasingly precarious conditions presented upon your plane - both man made and not.

Time is short for the movements of your Mother (Earth) are to begin. And by this we mean major movements, the like of which have not yet been seen.

This will be the prelude along with another feature (SK:???) which will get the ball rolling, so to speak. As it does so, the opportunities presented for all of humankind will be ones for the accelerated growth of those who so choose it. [*Personal SK stuff here*]

We ask here that you, the guides and wayshowers, are alert to our call as and when it comes. There will be a repeated series of flyovers across your skies that will leave the minds of the masses in no doubt as to the fact that planet Earth and her people are NOT alone in this system.

This should not come as shocking news as you are familiar with this possibility. It is the start of the final scenario that allows for the further chain of events that follows and which will begin to open the eyes of the public at large.

Some of you are due to be 'beamed up' for further instruction during this phase.

SK: Who are 'some of you'?

Siraya: Those who have readied themselves and are contracted with specific roles to play on the larger stage. Or/and those who carry specific energy of an 'activation' kind for others. [*More SK personal here*]

But nor is any of this news to you either as you have been told of this before. Consider this just a gentle reminder here.

[SK:I'm given a visual of flyovers/ships in the skies simultaneously to Mamma Earth moving strongly and creating havoc and another unknown Divine revelation/element that is being blocked from my vision - added to that scenario]

This will all serve to have people know there is much more beyond their reality and real help is available, should they be open to choosing it.

There is not much more I can say and I have said enough to quell curiosity at this point. And so we leave it here for now.

Be blessed.

I AM Siraya signing off and out.