I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sa-Ra 10: Battle Victorious

27 November 2013

Goodday to One and All on the earth plane!
[SK: I typed ‘Godday’ first…perhaps God’s day officially starts today? It sure feels that way :-)]

Things are indeed heating up…can you feel it, beloveds? And we are overjoyed as this mean our work with you is to start. All you who make the daily effort to heal, clear and bring disparate parts within to balance are to know the great fruits of your labour. Make no mistake about this…Your toiling and endeavours count for everything. And this work does not continue on interminably. There is a point at which everything stops, turns. You are so very close to this point.

Beloveds, today I would speak a little on conflict and inner turmoil. I have covered this before. But today I relate these inner struggles in the context of that which currently occurs on your planet and in the invisible world within and around you.

Let it be known that those who would wish to see you fail in your endeavours are meeting a most sticky end, of their own creation of course. Much like the insect caught in the web of a spider. The more they try to struggle to free themselves, the stickier and more bound in the web they become.

And this is how inner conflict and turmoil can feel: the more you try to fight that which threatens to overwhelm you, the more you feel as if you are losing the battle. Would you, beloved ones, at this point, ask your Higher Selves to step in and remove from your being all that is not of your own creation. The Violet Flame of Transmutation is most useful for this.

In this last moment of darkness before the dawn, the inner and outer battleground is rife with dangers, surprise attacks and all manner of secret artillery that seemingly pop out from nowhere. And YOU are the enemy, in the perception of the Dark ones.

Confront these forces head on by shining your inner shields so brightly within that they are blinded by its brilliance and can take no further steps in advancing upon you. When you feel yourselves spiraling down into fear within, call upon our Armies of Light to send you extra backup that you might both have added power, in addition to greater discernment that you might know what is occurring within or without. You ones have for too long been at a decided disadvantage in very often not knowing the source of such attacks. Or even that one is occurring at all. The time of spiritual inequality now ends. You are to know clearly who your enemies are and how to deal with them quickly and effectively. The coming period will require it of you.

Beloveds, we are in immense joy as the veil now comes down. This would be simultaneously the veil to both yourselves and thusly your inner and outer world. This is what was meant previously in one of Shellee’s messages where it was described that you are to know and have your True Essence returned to you. In this whole and returned state shall all be much easier within, that you might step forth to win this last and final Battle before your imminent Victory.

And we can assure you: Victory is most certainly imminent.

Will you take these words as my gift of encouragement to you as you go forth?

Our brave and strong and true Warriors of the Light: we applaud you and stand by at the finish line, waiting to welcome you warmly to your hearts and our world.

With all my love along with the Sisters.

I AM your Sa-Ra

Signing off for now.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sa-Ra 9: The Road To Exposure

Sa-Ra 9: The Road To Exposure

24 November 2013

through Shellee-Kim

Beloved friends and all my family members on the Earth:
It is with great pleasure and delight I AM RETURNED once more!

Here we all are in these days of the End and the New beginnings. It is indeed a most propitious time to be on the Earth and taking advantage of all that that brings.

For now, it is a great time of secrets that have dwelled long in the hearts and minds of mankind to be revealed. To both himself and the world. This is already happening and happens at many levels. All that is hidden is to be made known; to be exposed that all might know what hides in the depths beneath.

And this applies equally to the individual as it does governments, corporations, the military and more besides. All are to encounter themselves finally, whether they like what they see or not. This is what drives the revelations of the End Times, as many of you ones have come to call it.

And so let it be known that no more lies and deceptions of your world and your very selves are to be tolerated. There can be no growth without this occurrence. And all your millennia spent endlessly incarnating here will have been for nought.

This is to be a profound experience for you all and one which you cannot do without for further progress of your soul. Together we will be helping and supporting you along each inch of this road. And when you reach it’s end you will, if you allow yourself, be profoundly changed from the experience. This will further your soul goals immensely.

Following on from a discussion we had with Shellee-Kim recently, it is also to be known that many of you are to be subject to great confusion through all this. Again, WE will be offering our assistance here for your greater clarity and inner peace. This is not a road exclusively open to some and not others. It is one that is for all of humanity at this time.

And those already at the end of this road or walking upon a new one are to lend a hand to those behind them; those that may have become stuck amongst boulders or other items obstructing their walkway.For all those that are willing and able to reach the end of the road that they may choose anew at the crossroads, great rewards of choice await. Which can ultimately lead to a massive acceleration in your spiritual evolution in the longer term. This is how crucially important choices are during this period.

We will leave this with you now to mull over. And to hopefully RE-MEMBER when the time is upon you.

With my great love and gratitude to you all for the work you are doing within.

Its importance cannot be underestimated.

This is your ever-loving Sa-Ra

Saying goodbye for now.