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I AM Present

Friday, October 27, 2017


17 October 2017

A great spiritually transforming opportunity is here - and not only for women - with the recent public exposures about the alleged perverse sexual predilections of movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein.

Since more than 50 allegations of rape and other sexual violations against Weinstein have come forth, equally high profile Hollywood female celebrities have found new courage to speak out.

Following in the footsteps of his fallen associates, filmmaker-turned-alleged rapist and sexual molester, Roman Polanski, and the United Kingdom’s late radio and television personality, paedophile Jimmy Sa-vile, it’s clear that Weinstein’s public burning is by design by those he serves further up the food chain. Who knows what he did to pee them off.

But as this and last year have seen globally, it may now just be Weinstein’s turn to be mangled and devoured by the parasitic machine-minded 'god' the film producer and Hollywood serves. This ‘god’ routinely enjoys turning on its own most ardent devotees, relishing in the humiliation it brings its victims through such public thrashings.
This is part of the nature of the machine mind, aka the psychopathic mind - devoid of organic life and God.

Whatever the reason, this particular can of worms is triggering numerous others in turn, as more women accuse other male movie stars and media men of similar sexual violations.

Regular women have been inspired to share their own personal stories of sexual victimisation publicly - helped along in no small measure, no doubt, by the 'Me Too' campaign. Clearly its time for women to voice their pain and outrage as the campaign went viral and received more than 12 million comments on its FaceBook page in a week.

Whether commenting in the ‘Me Too’ campaign or doing so privately, there’s a chain reaction going on globalwide. It’s led to more women talking about the associated ‘shame’ in our own private experience/s of sexual harassment or being sexually-violated.
And in a multitude of countries countries, it seems, the vast majority of women responders all have at least one such experience to report. What does this say about how men really feel about women? That they are ‘wired’ that way and therefore that type of behaviour towards women is acceptable? Because being in tacit agreement with Weinstein would go some ways in explaining the almost-frightening male silence in Hollywood since this scandal broke.

However, this is a grand opening for men and women globalwide to recognise and raise personal awareness about the roots of paedophilia, sexual trauma, rape and misogyny for what they truly are – mind control programmes used to ensnare and enslave humanity.

Shame borne by women on the receiving end of sexual harassment or violations is a particular type of programming. Designed to hold women in a kind of emotional-psychic-spiritual terror preventing and paralysing them for talking out about it. It is during the act of violating the woman that this programming is activated, responsible for that fearful paralysed feeling many of us experience in such an encounter.

The bedfellow of shame is guilt. And why, I believe, so many women struggle to understand why WE feel the shame (and guilt) for sometimes decades after the actual event. Even when we acknowledge to ourselves or another that it was not of our doing.
Yet these feelings are the reality of how most women and girls feel after being sexually violated.

Like paedophilia, the trangender agenda (where most high-level actors, musicians and even world leaders are the opposite gender to what they publicly portray!) and the portrayal of women as sex slaves (the US leads the way, imo), the culture of rape/sexual violations is yet another engineered agenda. Paedophilia, the transgender agenda and rape, amongst others, all have one thing in common: they exist to paralyse humanity and pander to the dark parasites’ anti-God practises.

Paedophilia provides them with a feasting ground of ‘loosh’, a chemical emitted by the victims during the terror felt in the energy-stealing sexual violation. Because they have no authentic power of their own, the parasites have to steal energy and this is one of many ways to achieve this.
The transgender agenda is cocking a snook at God by inverting His natural, untampered beauty of life in the genders he created. Inverting, mimicking and stealing are the dark parasites’ main attributes and therefore, also, those whom they are in possession of.

Ditto misogyny. God’s life and world is about bringing harmony through balance – and now through the divine feminine. And why the dark parasite off-worlders have turned this world upside down to create a patriarchal-dominating society globalwide.
Misogyny born of a deep fear of women and the divine feminine potential has resulted in the debasing of women so all-pervasively and for so long, it’s become ‘normal’. Part of that education has been to encourage women to flaunt themselves and give themselves away by sexualising themselves, all the while tricking them (women)into be-lie-ving they hold true power.

All these sub-programmess constitute what spiritual scientist, Lisa Renee, calls the Sexual Misery programming. In reference to misogyny, see the broader galactic reasons here: http://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Misogyny

And here for the invisible entities, Golums (it reminds me of the Harry Potter Death Eaters) and how they harvest the sexual energies off sexual predator types – a vast majority of men on this planet. http://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Golum

Erroneously believing themselves to be the rulers of this realm and its inhabitants, manipulating and abusing sexual energies of humanity is therefore, very important, to maintaining the control over humanity for the parasites.
Also why they work so hard to persuade us to hold to the predator mind that we may keep all negative feelings we have and hold about ourselves alive! Like those childhood traumas we experienced, including those sexual violations.

I can’t remember where, but more than a decade ago I read that around 80% of all men on planet had had their biology manipulated by this dark agenda so as to produce the sexual predatory/lust-driven nature that many accept as a natural part of ‘being a man’.

Yet, the amount of men that have been sexually-violated, molested or raped is enormous. Whether as children or adults. While shame has prevented women from speaking out about their respective ordeals until now, shame and guilt are locked away so tight in men as paralysing fear that many can’t even contemplate or acknowledge the incident to themselves. While women victims often tend to blame themselves also for what occurred, men may feel the same but often turn that blame outwards. And onto who?

A few years ago I met three men in one year who shared their stories with me. One had been gang-raped by men as an adult. Another had been groomed by a paedophile as a vulnerable and fatherless tweenager before being molested. While the third lived with a series of foster families – after being raped by his uncle – and was then raped and molested by numerous of his foster mothers.

These guys were all pretty shattered and two of the three had never shared their pain with anyone, including the wife of one of the men. I can’t even begin to think just how many men out there may have a similar story. I suspect a huge amount. Which all makes senses in terms of the Sexual Misery programme.

If men are also kept emotionally-paralysed, traumatised and power-less from their own sexually-traumatised past experiences, it’s easier in turn to keep women subjugated. How to do that? Through men’s own unhealed and undealt with rage and anger as abuse victims – now projected onto the women around them.

The thing is, while this latest scandal may have been calculated, it presents an opportunity for all of us to feel more open and speak about what we previously felt shamed about. I can tell you it was pretty liberating for me to phone in to a radio discussion last week with my comments related to the ‘Me Too’ campaign. I mentioned that I had had two older men in my family sexually interfere with me as I grew up and that it was men we women should be holding the space for that they (men) could ‘come out’. You can still hold space for someone else if you're keeping your own secrets. But it's a bit hypocritical.
I mainly wanted to highlight how equally painful it is for men to carry suppressed shame-guilt-fear and how it potentially translates to the abuse of women. I wasn't there to condone men's abuse of women, though some may have misunderstood.

However, whether we experienced this as children, adults, women or men, we walk this earth together and in a state of fractured numbness. Split off from that aspect of ourselves taken from us during our sexual violation, we can know no wholeness within. Unless and until we heal or are gifted by the grace of God.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and I feel each coming revelation will offer a further gift for us all to take advantage of to grow, let go and heal ourselves some more. And join together as the One that we are.

More about galactic history and the related Moon races/Sexual Misery programme from Lisa Renee here: